Silk Panties for You


Big Tits

I do this all for you. In front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom, I slowly unbutton my silk blouse, revealing a pretty white bra edged with pink lace. It has a little pink bow in the center, nestled between my large breasts. I softly caress the tops of my tits, then unzip my skirt, kicking it to one side. My panties match the bra, with the ribbon in front. I’m wearing thigh-high stockings, again with pink ribbons. I reach behind me and unfasten the bra. My breasts are free, and I admire them in the mirror, with their perky, dark nipples. I slip out of the panties just as the rotating fan swings past me. The breeze feels good on my bare pussy. I put my right foot up onto the velvet ottoman at the foot of my bed and roll the stocking down and off. Then the same with the other leg. I stand in front of the mirror, naked, preparing for you. I turn and look over my shoulder at the reflection of my firm, smooth ass. My luscious dark hair hangs halfway down to my slender waist. I walk into the bathroom and start the shower. Whilst the water begins to heat up, I twist my hair up and fix altyazılı porno it on top of my head, then I step into the shower. I back into the hot water, letting it wet my back and ass, then it flows over my shoulders and down over my breasts, down my belly and between my legs. I turn and let it spray directly on my tits, making my nipples tingle. I turn again and grab the bottle of shower gel. I squirt some directly onto my breasts, and imagine it’s your cum as I massage it in. I squeeze and rub and stroke it down to the nipples, working up a lather. I hold my breasts up and push them together, imagining it’s you holding me from behind. I can almost feel your hard cock against my lower back. I pump more gel into my hand, and press it between my legs. For an instant if feels deliciously cold, before my hot cunt warms it up. I rub it in, caressing my lips, stroking up and around my clit, then down, pushing two fingers inside myself. I reach around and wash my ass, slipping a soapy finger deep inside. Oh, God, I wish that was you! I take the can of shaving foam and zenci porno squirt some into my hand. I put my right leg up onto the marble stool in the corner, and rub the cream luxuriously into my pussy. I shaved two days ago, but this is what you want, so this is what I do. I take a brand-new razor and begin to pull the steel across my silky-soft pussy, carefully pinching and pulling aside my clit and lips. It feels so good, and I take care to do a good job for you. Once done, I run my fingers up and down every little fold and crease to be sure. I’d rather you checked me with your tongue, but you’re not here. I begin to rhythmically rub my clit with one hand, whilst fucking myself with the fingers of the other, the hot water running down my naked body. I already feel an orgasm approaching, so I stop. When I cum, it must be for you, not for me. I turn off the shower and sluice the water off my tits, ass and legs with my hands. I step out and wrap a huge cotton towel around myself. I imagine you drying me, and once again my hand drifts between my legs, aldatma porno and I feel the slick wetness no towel can have a hope against. Once dry, I walk naked out into the living room and over to my desk. I let my hair down again, because I know that’s how you like it. I pick up the package from you and open it. As I tip it up, a USB stick falls out, and I plug it into my laptop. I fire up the webcam software, and start it recording straight to the stick. It’s on the front edge of my desk, pointing directly at my pussy as I stand there. I adjust the two table lamps to make sure you get the best image possible. I step back and hold up the padded envelope, then pull out the panties you sent. It’s a silk, deep red, g-string. I kneel in front of the camera so that you get a perfect view of my tits. In your email, you told me you kissed the crotch of the panties, so I rub that part against my nipples for you, making them nice and hard. I stand and turn around. I step into the panties, but before I pull them all the way up, I bend and part my cheeks, so you can see my tight little asshole. I know you’ll like that. I turn again. The silk panties look so pretty on me, and I move closer to the camera so you can see. My lips are clearly defined against the soft fabric. I pull my large leather office chair in front of the camera, and recline back into it.

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