Signed, Sealed, Delivered…


I feel your kisses litter my body as your fingers plunge deep into me repeatedly, making my heart race. I feel your mouth grab hold of one of my nipples, your tongue warm on my cool flesh. I feel you tease my nipple with gentle licks with the very tip of your tongue before you engulf it with your mouth. My hands are in your hair by now encouraging you to continue and my moans fill the air wishing I could see your face…


I soon snap my eyes open. This girl has haunted my masturbation sessions lately. The problem is I never get a chance to see her face, with my fingers buried deep in my own pussy and tweaking my own nipple. Hearing the door soon snaps me out of my imagination fuelled pleasure. I lay still waiting for another knock. I assume if it is important that whoever it is will knock again. At that moment I hear the insistent knock again. I pull my fingers from my pussy and throw on my little dressing gown as I run down the stairs.

“I’m coming!” I shout “Just a tick!”

I smile a little devilish smile to myself and think well I was going to be…

I do up the gown and clean my fingers with my tongue which makes me moan softly into my mouth, I am so horny and oh boy I could taste it! I press my face against the door to look through the peep hole to see a delivery person standing on the other side. I kick myself wondering why I hadn’t thought ahead and put a note on the door to leave it with a neighbour or something. iInstead my morning is now disturbed for a parcel. I fiddle with the keys and pull open the door. I’m again greeted by quite a beauty holding my parcel. I say again because recently I’ve seen a lot of this woman coming to my house before I start work with an array of parcels, all different shapes and sizes.

She is approximately five feet seven inches. Her eyes are the most piercing set of blue eyes I think I’d ever laid eyes on which are complimented by her subtle make-up. She has shoulder length blonde hair that frames her face beautifully. I quickly scan her body up and down, and, despite wearing a work uniform, I was sure she had the most amazing body. Her breasts were the only part of her I could actually get a look at because they were pressing up against her fitted shirt. They seem pert and perfectly proportioned to her body. My gaze then meets hers.

“Sorry if I woke you,” she says coyly.

“Ah you didn’t. I was getting up anyway.” I lie, not wanting her to feel anymore awkward or sorry. It’s not like it was mega early or anything. I’d just decided to take advantage of my day off. Besides she was cute. I didn’t want to ruin her run by her thinking I had been disturbed.

“Need you to sign for this,” she says as she holds the parcel for me to grasp.

Taking quick notes I notice she isn’t wearing a ring of any sorts so I know that she isn’t engaged or married. Trying to remember what it was I bought, I take the parcel from her and quickly scan the box. Then I see a familiar label and my heart skips a beat as does my pussy. My body and I know exactly what is in this parcel.

“Something you’ve been waiting for?” she asks as she fiddles with her little device that I had to sign. She must have gauged my reaction to it.

“Yeah I think so. I’ll soon see” I answer, deciding to play it down.

Standing at the door was making me cold. My little nipples become hard to the cold air which I’m sure she notices, but I don’t care. She holds her device out which I sign. As I finish, I look up and decide to see where my luck might take me today. After all it is my day off.

“So you must be nearly finished,” I start. “You got any plans for your day after work?” I look straight at her and she appears to loosen up a little as I ask this question. She rolls her shoulders and pushes her sleeve up on her jacket to check the watch on her wrist.

“Yeah, I’m nearly finished. Got another hour to go and no I don’t have any plans… yet.” Her sexy eyes meet mine looking at her and she finishes her sentence. She has me hanging on her words I was a little excited at how this conversation might end.

“Well, I’ve no particular plans either. If you fancy arranging something this afternoon, you know where I live.” I reply. I give her a cheeky smile and we say our goodbyes. I don’t think she’ll come back, but I could be wrong.

I run upstairs with my parcel in hand, excited at what was within it. My fingers undo the collotype with ease. I open the box and pull out the packaging to find what I’ve been waiting for. It had been weeks and I was beginning to think it would never come back into stock. There lay a velvet box with a thin cardboard surround. I am so excited my eyes must be like saucers. Taking the velvet box from its outer carrier, I slip off the sleeve and open the box carefully. The box was like a giant ring box with hinges. As I open it and I see the metal of my new toy, my heart begins racing. Then snap, the box is open and there is my new toy lying on its bed of silk, my new metal butt plug!

It is the sexiest looking toy I’ve ever seen, more beautiful that the pictures bursa escort that made me buy it in the first place. Its a stainless steel butt plug. I run my fingers over the plugs body. It is cold and smooth. Then I find the best bit of it. It is so girly and sexy at the same time, the flower base which is made from brass. I shut my eyes as I finger the base, getting a feel for it, imagining me wearing this toy and no-one being aware of it. I shudder with the thought and snap the box shut and giggle to myself. I put my new toy in its new home and get ready deciding I’d wait to try it out and let my excitement grow.

I carry on about my day. My offer to the cute delivery woman is present in my mind, but I am beginning to think that it won’t happen. I am doing mundane things which unfortunately means the housework. I crank up the music and am singing proudly when I hear a tapping on the window on the front of the house. I jump out of my skin not expecting anyone to knock on the window. As I get nearer, I noticed her familiar face and eyes. Her simple make-up hasn’t changed, but her clothes have and they are much more fitted. She’s wearing a fitted t-shirt that is v-necked. It clings to her body so sexily along with a pair of hip and arse hugging jeans. She’s wearing heeled boots on under the jeans as far as I can tell and wow she looks stunning. She actually took me up on my invite.

“Well fancy seeing you again so soon. Another parcel for me, is it?” I say as I knock off the music and lean on the window sill, pushing the window out wider.

“Not at the moment,” she laughs and steps nearer. “But I got an invite today and thought I’d take you up on it.”

“Glad you did,” I smile. “Come to the door and I’ll let you in.”

Quickly pulling the window shut, I head towards the door. On the way through the hall, I jazz my hair and apply a little lip gloss and check my clothes. I wear a pair of my favourite jeans and my favourite fitted tank top with a scoop neckline. Typically she’d catch me out of my Sunday best but I decide not to change. I look laid back and casual and if I dare say it, sexy! I pull open the door to see her emerge around the corner. We just smile at one another, and I step aside to invite her in. As she brushes past me, I get a smell of her perfume and oh it tickles my senses. I shut the door and admire her body a little as she takes off her shoes before brushing back past her to show her in.

I allow her to enter the room first like the lady that I am. I quickly follow her and offer her a seat. She takes a step towards the sofa and then she turns on her heels pretty quickly. I damn near walk into her as she stands in front of me. We stand so close that I can feel her breathe on my face as we look into each others eyes. My heart starts to race as our eyes are locked onto each other. I can feel the heat of embarrassment rising up my body from my feet up to my neck, until finally blushing I look away, terrified I’d just given myself away, I wander into the kitchen.

“Drink?” I ask from the kitchen as a million thoughts race through my mind, not sure if it was just me who had felt the tension between us.

I shut my eyes for a second as I await her reply. I take a breath to speak again, and then I suddenly feel her hands on my waist from behind me. Her touch makes me jump. So much for calming myself down. As soon as she’s there again my heart carries on where it left off, like a bullet train. She doesn’t say anything but she has her body pressed close against me. Her hands slip further around my waist and her face feels really close to mine between my head and shoulder. Then she breathes, and I shudder as her breath caresses the skin on my neck. My eyes automatically fall shut and my head leans a little to the right baring my neck to her. I catch myself doing this and stop my head from tilting any further and consciously control my breathing, although I know it’s already too late. I’ve been caught out enjoying her being this close. I’m about to speak when I feel her skin touch mine, and I sigh a deep sigh which leads to a barely audible moan.

I feel the soft touch of her warm cheek against my neck and her hands tighten on my waist. I’m supporting my body by resting my hands on the bench edge in front of me. I dare not move in case I break this spell that we seem to be enchanted by. She moves her head and then I feel another part of her body touching my neck. It’s her lips. They feel plump and full and slightly sticky as if she’s wearing lip gloss. I feel my eyes roll under my eye lids and my body me. It’s as her lips don’t just kiss once but kiss me again in a slightly different place every few seconds. Her kisses climb my neck like a vine to my ear lobe. I can’t help but emit a very audible moan as her kisses linger on my skin. The next thing I hear is music to my ears and sends a pulse to my pussy. She moans back to me. Her hands are now moving up my stomach and are resting just below where my bra sits on my body.

I let go of the worktop and reach back finding her legs and bum with ease. At first they are bursa ucuz escort just soft touches, but then I firmly press my finger tips into her skin through her clothes simultaneously up each leg. With my hands I pull her as close as physically possible, letting them come to rest on her ass and hip. Her hands move again but not in a teasing slow motion like before but in more of a desperate grabbing mood to my chest. I feel her heavily massaging and groping my boobs. I rest my head on her shoulder and let her hands take advantage of me.

She changes her tactics and starts massaging the tops of my boobs. My chest is now heaving under her touch. I can feel how wet I am. The material of my panties inside my jeans is soaked. I’m so fucking hot. She roughly pushes her hand into my bra and starts squeezing my nipple. Her other hand stops groping and finds its way to my jeans, undoing the button and zipper on my jeans in seconds. She wastes no time either in pushing her hand between my legs, forcefully tracing my wet slit over the top of my panties with her fingers.

Her fingers expertly manipulate me through my panties, grazing my clit that was already hard and a little sensitive before she started touching me like this. My eyes are closed. My breathing is laboured and my heart is racing. I thrust my hips forward to meet her touch, and this was met by a moan in my hear from her and a little twist of my nipple on the boob she is grasping. I hook my fingers on my right hand through her belt loop so I can continue to hold her as close as possible. I want her and my left hand moves over hers inside my top, shadowing her gropes until she twists my nipple.

“You’ve always caught my eye” she whispers as she flicks her tongue up my neck and licks my ear lobe.

“I’ve often thought about fucking you.” I sigh deeply as she takes a sharp breath.

I am fighting for breath as she applies a little more pressure over my clit. My hips and her fingers move in perfect rhythm. My moans are coming thick and fast as I will be soon if we continue like this. She show no signs of letting up her onslaught on my pussy. She’s determined to make me cum. I can tell by her behaviour and her own moans at my arousal. I squeeze her hand that’s still in my top as I feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. My breathing is forgotten and I start holding my breath a little as my ecstasy powers towards its climax. My grip on your hand gets tighter, and as if you know, you speed up your fingers. Suddenly it’s not building anymore; it’s bubbling just under the surface. Panting, I suck in loads of air with every pant and moan that enters and leaves me body, and then it arrives like a bullet train.

I manage to muster the words, “I’m cumming…”

My body is writhing under her touch, my hips are bucking against her hand, and she moans along with me in my ear, gripping her body as I shudder an almighty orgasm right there in my kitchen. Her hand ceases movement and just holds me as I ride the wave of ecstasy. She pulls her hand from my top and holds me around the waist. As I start to come back down to earth and my body settles down, I hear her giggle a little over my shoulder and give me a little squeeze.

I spin in her grip so we are face to face for the first time since she entered the kitchen. My hands slide up her body as we just breathe into each other. My hands reach her neck, and I wait no longer. I pull her lips to mine and kiss her with the eagerness she has brought out in me. First it’s just our lips mashing together, and then, as if she knew, she parts her lips as my tongue flicks out of my mouth and licks her lip a little before forcing its way into her mouth.

I flick my tongue against hers and feel her push her tongue back against mine. I moan softly into our kiss, and we tongue wrestle mid kiss. My hands are in her hair. I take a chance and pull her head back from the kiss, leaving her neck open to my mouth. I lick and kiss up her neck and jaw line, and back to her mouth. I gently kiss her lower lip first and then her upper lip before kissing her hard and forcefully on the lips again. I slip my hands down her body to her hands which I grasp. I put my hands in hers at the base of her back. I break the kiss and look deep into her eyes. I let go of one of her hands and use the other one to lead her up the stairs.

Upstairs I pull her from behind me. I walk her back towards my bed. I give her a gentle push in the chest as her legs make contact with the bed frame so that she is sure to fall back. As she falls back, I fall on top of her. Crawling up her body, I kiss her over her clothes from her hips right up over her stomach, her midriff, her ample chest, her cleavage, and over her collar bones and neck until my face is level with hers. I sit up and pull my top over my head, tossing it carelessly to the floor. I lean back down over her. She reaches out to hold my face, and I take her hand away pinning it above her head. Then she tries her luck with her other hand and I do the same with a smile and a giggle. I kiss bursa elit escort her hard and jump up from her, letting her hands go as I slip my jeans off, leaving me in just my underwear.

“You’re far to dressed for my liking” I say looking over her body, lying in the middle of my bed.

“Do something about it then” she replies as I offer my hand to sit her up so we can change that situation.

I kiss her softly as I slip her arms from her jacket, freeing her from it. I throw it aside, and she pulls her top from her body.

“Wow!” I exclaim as she sits on my bed in her bra and trousers. Her chest is mesmerizing. My fingers quickly undo her jeans, and she lifts her bum to aid me in pulling them down her legs which I do so slowly. My lips kiss each thigh down to her knees and onto her shins. Each kiss is just enough to taste her skin as she slips her feet from the legs of her jeans. Our eyes lock as I start to run my hands up her supple legs caressing her skin. Standing before her, she then reaches out and pulls me to her by my waist. Her soft full lips caress my stomach just above my panties. I moan a soft moan, and my hands come to rest on her shoulders and the back of her head.

She leans away, and I take this opportunity to get her to lie back on the bed so I can continue to caress her. I put my knee between her slightly parted thighs and kiss her shoulder, pushing her back down on the bed. My other knee is resting on the other side of her thigh as I kiss her lips tenderly. My hands stroke down the soft skin of her arms to her hands. Our kiss becomes more intense with each passing minute, my fingers playing with hers. My fingers slip between each of her fingers, my palms pressing flat against her, and then I tighten my grip and slide our arms locked together above her head as my kisses litter her jaw and neck between pinching kisses from her wanting lips.

“Leave your arms up here,” I whisper in her ear, said with a wet lingering kiss. I feel her nod as I let go of her hands.

My fingers rake her skin, not as soft my previous touch. I dig my fingers into her skin, grazing her with my nails from her wrists up to her arm pits. I pull my knee higher until my knee brushes against the crotch of her panties. I sigh as I feel her distinct wetness. I lift my body up into a kneeling position now sitting on her thigh. My fingers continue their journey over her skin, leaving a slight mark as they pull down over her chest. She pushes up against my fingers with no effect. I pull my fingers down onto her midriff and I start to draw small and large circles, figures of eight, zigzags across her flesh that has become goose pimpled. I am watching her face as I do this. Her eyes close and lips slightly part. Her chest is heaving up and down as her breathing becomes laboured.

I run my hands back over her, flat to her skin, her body wiggling under me. My finger tips touch the material of her bra, and then I grope her full breast. She arches her back into my hands. I snap up this opportunity to get my hands around her back and unlatch her bra. She must sense what I am doing as she holds her arch just seconds longer than I need. Her body makes contact with the bed, and I gently hold her face and kiss her. My hands run up arms, taking her bra with them to her hands. I remove my knee from her now soaking wet crotch to meet my other knee. I invite her to get comfy as I get comfy too. She shimmies up the bed towards me.

“Lie on your stomach baby,” I say before she gets a chance to settle.

She rests her chin on her own hands and smiles up at me. I kiss her nose and then lie along side her. My hands cannot resist touching her all over her bare back, up into her hairline, tracing down over her shoulders and further down to the base of her back.

I get up and straddle her buttocks as I start to gently massage her back from the waist up to her shoulders. As my hands loop over her shoulders, I see the black and red strap of my bed straps and I get an idea. I shuffle up her body and reach past her hands and pull the strap from its hiding place. Her head turns beneath me, and I know she’s curious. I run the padded cuff over her hand and forearm. Without asking her, I slip the cuff over her hand and strap it up and pull the straps tight so that her arm becomes stretched out.

“Tell me if you want me to stop, and I will at any time baby,” I say as I strap up her other arm in the same way and kiss her to seal the deal.

I shuffle down her body again. I lick and kiss my way down to her body to her panties. I waste no time in hooking my fingers under the elastic band and begin to move them. She lifts her hips to help me remove them which I do in one movement, slipping her legs from them. I inhale her scent. I can feel how wet she is as the damp material touches my face. I toss them up the bed towards her hand as I kiss and molest her now bare bum. Her skin tastes amazing to my tongue and lips and the feel of her bum in my hands is full and firm. I roll her bum gently, parting her buttocks as I do. I can smell her arousal. I’m that close to her sopping wet pussy, and I can’t wait to taste her. I also keep getting glimpses of her tight little asshole. I lift her hips and help her to her knees with her ass in the air right in front of me teasing me. I hear her soft moans and her breathing, and I cant wait to turn up the volume.

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