Siblings Ch. 05



Tim looked like the epitome of masculinity to me just then – standing there, so handsome, so virile, totally pumped from working out. I felt my nipples grow hard and my pussy tingle. The scared look on his face only excited me more. He wasn’t afraid to show his emotions in front of me and I loved that about him more than his muscles.

I guided him over to the weight bench and had him sit down. I cradled his head to my chest, stroking his hair and rubbing his broad, chiseled and sweaty back. I fought back the physical desire trying to take me over and concentrated on the emotional strength I received from him, happy that I could channel some back to him for a time.

His strong arms circled my waist and held me close. “I can’t give you up, Sara. I don’t care what Mom or anyone else might think. You are all that is important to me. I want you, I love you, I need you.”

He was so straightforward, so matter of fact there was no escaping these were feelings from deep in his core.

I kissed the top of his head and held on tightly. “I love you, Tim,” I comforted him.

Normally, his words and being this close would turn us both on and lead to passionate, amazing sex. I noticed that Tim wasn’t even semi hard in his shorts. He wasn’t thinking of me sexually and our physical closeness wasn’t driving urges through his body. This was passion of a different sort. This was deep seated, true caring for another person.

“Mom’s staying here tonight and heading back to the lake in the morning. Let’s just play it cool tonight, OK?” I suggested.

He looked up at me and there was pain in his eyes. “One night I think I can do, but I’m not giving you up, I can’t give you up, Sara. I need you too much.”


It was weird sleeping alone in my own bed knowing Tim was only feet away in his room, alone as well. I tossed and turned, an extra pillow no substitute of having my man, my brother next to me, in my arms while I slept. I woke early in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so I went down to the kitchen.

Mom was already up and dressed. She was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. She looked up at me and smiled as I walked in. I just sat across from her, nervously waiting as I looked at her. She took a sip of coffee.

“You really do love each other, don’t you?” she began softly, looking down at her mug. “I saw you together again, in the workout room. I thought a run on the treadmill might help me clear my head. I saw you two in there and I watched as you held and comforted each other. I heard what you said to each other. I heard the pain and love in Tim’s voice.”

I reached across the table and lay my hand on hers. “We do, Mom. It’s just fantastic how connected we are. It’s not infatuation, it’s not just physical, we’re two halves of one whole,” I tried to explain.

“I see it. I can feel it. I wish it weren’t so, for both your sakes. But, while I don’t understand it and I haven’t quite come to grips with it, I can acknowledge how real it is. I love you both and a relationship with someone that you love, and who truly loves you, is a future that every parent hopes for their children. Unbelievably, from that standpoint I’m happy for both of you. But I …” she trailed off, unable to reconcile the reality with the taboo.

“You and Dad raised both Tim and me to be mature, level headed people. I know you feel that Tim is mature for his age and very responsible. I hope you feel the same about me. You also taught me to be a strong, independent woman, to think for myself and to make my own choices. Well, I choose Tim.”

“You’re right about all of those things, honey. Both your father and I are proud of you and your brother. We trust both of you to do the right thing and make good choices. You have both grown to be good, well grounded, caring people,” she agreed.

Nervously I broached a question I had thought a lot about during the night. “What will you tell Dad?”

“Nothing, for now. I’ve never kept secrets from your father, we’ve always been honest and truthful with each other. We’ve shared everything. I’m so torn, Sara. I can see how you two are, how you feel. Truthfully, it’s beautiful. But then I think about how what you are doing is viewed as wrong by the world at large. As your mother I fear what it could mean for the two of you.” She squeezed my hand. Her head jerked up. I turned and saw Tim walk into the room.

He walked over and kissed her on the head. Then he turned and did the same to me. “Hi Mom,” he said tentatively.

“Hello, sweetie,” she replied, a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

“Mom,” Tim stated, “I can’t imagine what this is like for you, especially finding out the way you did. I know you’ve had less than 24 hours to deal with this. I just want you to know, I truly, deeply love Sara. I have no concept of my life without her. I can’t describe the ache in me, the sense of missing, all night last night not having her next to me.”

He continued, “We’ve gaziantep olgun escort bayan grown up together. I’ve always loved her as my sister but somewhere along the line she transformed into this amazing woman who was so much more than my sister. Obviously, she’s physically beautiful and that, honestly, scared me and made me question whether all I felt for her was some form of sick lust, but it isn’t. She is so much more than her body to me. She does things to me that no other woman does. She makes me want to be the best person I can be, for her.”

Mom stood up and held out her arms to Tim. He moved to her and she embraced him. “I see all of that, Tim. I understand all of it, too. I just need to reconcile you two with the realities of the world. Give me a little time to work this through.”

They released each other. Looking into Mom’s eyes, Tim was succinct, “Of course, Mom.”

Mom said good bye and told us “Just stay here in the kitchen until I’m gone.” With that she was out the door and we heard her car pull away down the street.

Tim pulled me from the chair and crushed his lips to mine. “I missed you so much last night. It’s still early and you’ve got time to get ready for camp so come to my bed for a little while,” he pleaded.

“I will come to our bed with you,” I informed him and then sprinted away, peeling off my tshirt and panties in the hallway as I ran to his room.

Tim was right behind me, dropping his shorts and tshirt to the floor.

I pointed to his bed and told him, “Get in and roll on your side facing that way.”

“What’s the deal?” he asked.

“I want to spoon you for a change. That’s the deal. Any problem with that?” I challenged.

“None at all.”

Tim slid into the bed and rolled on his right side facing away from me. I slid in behind him. I scooched, wormed and snuggled my way as close to him as I could get. I molded my crotch to his smooth, muscular butt and pressed my breasts hard against his back feeling them smoosh and my rigid nipples compress. I draped my left arm over him and let my fingers idly explore his chest.

Tim gave a big sigh and I felt his body relax. “Man, you feel good, Sara. I missed you so much last night. It’s hard to believe we’ve only slept together two nights and I feel like my bed is empty without you for one night.”

“I know. I had a hard time sleeping last night knowing you were so near to me and I couldn’t be with you.”

We both lay there, relishing the contact of our bodies. Making my hand flat I roamed over Tim’s chest and his abs. “You know you’re a stud, right?” I told him.

He just snorted a bit of a laugh. “Heh, yeah, me a stud. You’re not seeing clearly, Sara. I’m no stud.”

I punched him on the arm. “Listen to me Timothy Galvin, I’m seeing you perfectly clearly and you are a stud. You are handsome, with a great smile, you’re body is fantastic, perfectly shaped and muscled, and you’re packing a fabulous hunk of man meat between your thighs. The two good things are you really know how to use your cock to please and you are my, and only my, stud!”

My hand had drifted lower until I was gently stroking his penis, feeling it swell in my hand as I spoke.

Tim started to roll over and I scooted away from him has he did. “Lay flat on your back, let me just gaze at my hunk,” I said.

Stretched out naked on the bed he was a sight to behold. No excess on him anywhere, no fat, no wasted bulk to his physique, even his dick, now standing proudly erect, everything about him was ‘just right’. I ran my hands all over his body, from his shoulders to his thighs just indulging in the feel of him. When I slid up his left thigh, over his hip to his abs my left arm brushed across the tip of his towering stalk and I felt the trail of wetness on my arm from the touch.

My mind went devilish right away. I slid my hands to his pecs and massaged them. Then I moved so that I could trace my fingernails back and forth across his nipples.

“Sara, stop that,” he protested.

“Doesn’t it feel good, don’t you like it?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had my nipples played with. It almost hurts a little but it’s a strange, exciting hurt. And it’s sending signals straight to my cock. We don’t have time to fool around. You’ve got to get ready for your counselor job.”

“Relax, I’ll be on time. And we’re not going to fool around. I’m just going to take care of my stud. I can’t leave him feeling backed up all day until I get home after work,” I informed him.

I moved between his legs, forcing his thighs apart. I raised my mouth over his swollen, pulsing helmet and looked up at him. Very slowly I slipped my lips over the tip and let them be pushed apart by his thickness. I took the head into my mouth and slowly sunk lower. It felt as though a blunt object were being forced into me when his head hit the entrance to my throat. I drooled all down the sides of his shaft gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan as I held him as deep as I could for a moment. I raised up and drew in a breath of air.

Once my mouth had surrounded his cock Tim just kept repeating my name in a groan, “Sara, Saarraa, Saaaarrrrraaaaa!”

I snared his dick in my right hand and began to slide up and down the top half. I took him to the edge of my throat again and then tried to swallow more. I was gagging and saliva almost cascaded from my lips. He was so thick and rigid that my esophagus needed to expand to take him since his flesh wasn’t going to compress very much. I felt his hand on my head trying to push me off and I swatted it away with my free hand.

When I was ready I raised up and looked at him. “Quit trying to make me stop. I want to try and take all of you. I know I’ll have to practice and work at it so just let me do it. Plus, I want lots of saliva to lube you so I can do this.”

I joined my left hand below my right and using all my slobber stroked both hands up and down his rod. I loved watching his abs and thighs tighten as he edged closer to cumming. On each upstroke my right hand flowed over the entire head to the tip and then back down. Once on the shaft I twisted my hands in opposite directions on the way down and then reversed them on the way up.

I pushed my face below his cock and licked his scrotum. Tim’s balls were big and they hung heavy below his penis. When he wasn’t hard his package looked awesome. When he was erect his balls looked heavy hanging below. They were about the size of ping pong balls, only not round. They were more egg shaped than round. I could just fit one in my mouth so I encircled one with my mouth and sucked it mildly while my tongue bathed it. I really liked that he shaved here and the skin was sleek. My hands stayed working his phallus. His legs began to quiver.

“Sara, I’m gonna shoot,” he gasped.

I sat up to watch. On the next down stroke a long, a thick stream of white cream fired high in the air. When it landed it hit my hair, my boobs and his thighs. The next stream was almost as voluminous and shot up to hit his chin and leave a trail down his neck to his chest. The third release was smaller and less forceful but still reached up one of my arms to the elbow. Before he could pump again I pressed my lips around the head and sucked on the slit. The next few pulses were much smaller but still I had a good teaspoonful or more in my mouth. I sucked hard to get the last drops from him until he blurted out, “Stop, too sensitive.”

I leaned back and stared at him. When he opened his eyes I showed him what I had in my mouth and then swallowed it down. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the taste, tolerable is how I would describe it. I wouldn’t say I wanted as much as I could get but I’d never refuse to take all that Tim would give me in my mouth.

“Fucking ay, Sara. How did you learn to give head like a porn star?” Tim praised, his eyes glued to my mouth.

“And how would you know what a porn star blow job is like? Hmmm?” I gibed.

“I’m a guy. I watch a lot of porn,” he retorted.

“Well, I’ll continue to work on my porn star skills some other time. I need to take a shower, alone!” I interjected before he could say anything, “And get to work at the camp.”

His cum was dripping between my boobs, as well as down my arm, as I walked to the shower. By the time I reached the bathroom I had sticky goo spread between both my breasts from them rubbing on each other as I walked.


When I arrived home Monday around 5:30 Tim greeted me at the door. I was perplexed to see him dressed in a suit. “What’s up?” I asked.

“We have a 7 o’clock dinner reservation for tonight,” he announced with pride. “You should change into something you feel good in.”

“Okay.” he had my interest piqued. “Where are we going?”

He smiled. “A new place. Somewhere you haven’t been before.”

I looked at him. He was so good-looking is his navy blue suit, blue and white striped dress shirt open at the neck with no tie and a pair of brown, dress tassel loafers on his feet.

“Right out of GQ, big, and I do mean big, bro. I’ll have to see if I have something glam to match your level.” I hoped the drool coming from the corner of my mouth didn’t show.

I tried to be as sexy as I could as I walked away and up the stairs to my room in my tank top, shorts and sneakers. Not exactly high on the list of most sexy attire. I took another shower to clean off the sweat, grime and stickiness that always accumulated during a day with 6, 7 & 8 year olds. The little monsters were particularly trying today. Or perhaps I just couldn’t wait to get back to Tim.

In the shower I shaved everything below my neck so that my underarms, pussy and legs were as sleek as they could get. After my shower I went back to my room and dropped my towel. gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan I moisturized every inch of skin I could reach so I would be as soft and silky as possible for Tim. Then I dried my hair and went about trying to style it. I pretty much gave up and just put it up in a loose braided bun at the back of my head.

I picked out a pair of sparkling, dangling silver earrings and slipped them into my pierced ears. I also put on a gold Claddagh ring my grandmother gave me. I rarely wore it. Tradition says that if a man or woman wears this ring with the hands and heart pointed toward the fingertips then they are single. If the hands and heart point toward the arm then they are married. I placed it on my left hand ring finger with the heart facing to me.

Then I went about putting on some make up. I don’t typically wear make up and so I don’t use much when I do. I was tan already from being outside so I didn’t need anything on my cheeks. I used a little eyeliner and eyeshadow to accent my eyes and then swiped a pink gloss over my lips.

I swung my closet door wide and peered in trying to find something that would match Tim’s level of attire. I looked at, and rejected, two things when I hit on a dress I wanted to wear. It was actually the dress I wore to my Junior Prom. Tim hadn’t seen me in it because he was away looking at colleges. The light blue dress had spaghetti straps over each shoulder and a scooped neckline that was not too revealing, but did show some cleavage. The fit was ideal, the top clung to the shape of my boobs, hugged my waist and then fell loosely to my feet making it easy to walk in. The slit up the side to my thigh didn’t hurt either.

When I went to the prom Mom made me wear a bra and you could see the band around my back and the seams of the cups in front. Tonight I decided to let the girls go free. Mom also made me wear a pair of bikini panties. They were nice, lace and silk instead of my typical cotton, but I think I had VPL (visible panty lines) even though Mom said I didn’t. In the back of my underwear drawer I had hidden a couple of pairs of more, shall we say, racy panties I bought at Victoria’s Secret one time on a dare. I chose a light pink lace thong that was little more than a G-string.

The final item to my ensemble was a pair of white, strappy sandals with a 5″ heel. I had planned to wear these with the dress to the prom but I would have been three or four inches taller than my date so I wore a pair of low 1″ heels. Tim was tall enough that I could wear these and he’d still be taller than me. Just another nice thing about him!

Tim was in the kitchen as I came down the stairs. I could feel my breasts jiggle a little bit with each step. My nipples were evident through the material and they weren’t even hard yet. “What time do we need to leave?” I called as I descended.

Tim seemed to pop out of the kitchen into the hall and strode to meet me as I came off the last stair.

“We have plenty of …” He stopped in mid-sentence when he saw me.

Most women I know want to be admired by their man when she has taken some time and effort to look her best. This isn’t some sexist, genderist, old school way of thinking. It’s just that most people like to be appreciated when they have taken someone else into consideration when they prepare. I was not disappointed.

“Wow, Sara,” Tim breathed, “Every time I think I’ve seen the most beautiful you can be, you one up yourself. You look like a dream, so perfect, so sexy, so gorgeous. Damn it, you are without a doubt the most drop dead, captivating woman in the world.”

I’ve always heard about ‘going weak in the knees’ as a reaction to some strong stimulus. My knees didn’t actually buckle but I sure did feel wonderful hearing Tim talk like that.

“You say things that make me feel amazing. I don’t know how you come up with them. Captivating, I’m pretty sure no one has ever called me that before!” I gushed.

I recovered enough to vamp a little, “We’ll be the stud and his captive when we go anywhere. Where are we going, by the way?”

Tim took my arm and we walked through the living room. “We are dining tonight at Chez Galvin,” he announced, his free arm swinging in front of him like a game show model displaying the prize as the dining room came into view. Tim had set two places at the table, with full place settings of Mom’s good china, flowers from the garden in the middle of the table, and two tall candles burning.

I was almost too moved to speak. “What have you done?”

“Well, since we can’t go out together on a real date here in town, and since we promised Mom we’d lay low, I thought we could have a nice dinner ‘out’ here at home. I’m cooking for both of us,” he declared proudly.

I caressed his face and leaned up to kiss him. (I was very happy I still had to rise a little on my toes to reach his lips even in the spike heels!) “I never would have guessed you are such a romantic. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it. It’s just a part of you that I never expected.”

“I’d never describe myself as a romantic, but you make me want to do things like this. I’m enthralled with you, Sara. Somehow since we put everything out in the open I feel things I never felt before. I mean, I love Mom and Dad, and I’ve always loved you but now, I love you on a totally new level. It’s like you matter more to me than I do to myself.”

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