Sibling Benefits Ch. 03



***Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.***


After showing Alyx around campus, I went to my afternoon classes. I found myself daydreaming quite a lot, imagining all sorts of lewd things I’d do to my little sister. Visions of her hot, tight pussy constantly floated around my mind and I found myself shifting my legs through the day as my dick awkwardly rose to attention.

It was half past four in the afternoon when I headed back home. As I passed by one of the university’s gyms, I stopped and thought about actively working out again. While I had been on the track team in high school, college life had made me a little more sedentary. Not that I was out of shape, my weight was just a little under 180 pounds and I was trim enough for my height. Still, I was beginning to lose some muscle definition. My six pack was pretty much a four now, for example. A bit of lifting and jogging would get me back to my ideal weight in the lower 170’s. Needless to say, I would never have given any of it a second thought if it wasn’t for Alyx. As it was, the only thought I had was of me pounding my little sister’s pussy, and wanting to be in the best shape of my life for that occasion.

Admittedly, my thought process was more than a little muddled with lust, but I was enjoying it. After looking around the gym a bit, I hurried back to my place. I would be happy with another handjob from Alyx, but I wondered how open she was to putting my cock in her mouth. I had gone down on her earlier in the day, maybe I could persuade her to just give it a few licks for starters.

With thoughts of soft lips moving up and down my shaft, I opened the door to the room and found… a note. It seemed Alyx had come back earlier than me, but had to leave soon after to keep gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan an appointment with her guidance counselor. She wrote she’d be back before six. Which left me with a rock hard cock for more than an hour.

I kicked off my shoes and socks and proceeded to lie down on my bed, a sigh of frustration escaping my lips. Well, I thought, this was as good a time as any to surf for some porn. As I propped myself up, my hands fell on something. A pair of black, cotton panties. Still warm. I leaned over the edge of the bed and found a matching bra on the floor. I shook my head. Alyx was still pretty careless with her clothes. On the other hand, she seemed to be comfortable enough here to treat my place just like her room. Which definitely had its benefits now, I thought, lying back down and admiring the tiny panties in my hands.

I’d never been that interested in my sister’s panties back in our younger days. We shared a bathroom on the second floor of our parent’s house, and it was a rare day when there wasn’t at least a bra carelessly strewn on the floor. Never mind her room, which she kept open for the most part. The most contact I’d ever had with her underwear was nudging them out of the way with my foot. Yeah, I occasionally looked a little longer at the lacier or more risque ones and I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit I checked her cup size as it grew over the years, but I’d never actually done stuff like masturbate with them or sniff them.

There’s a first time for everything.

I shucked off my pants and boxers and began stroking my rock hard cock with one hand, while lifting Alyx’s panties to my nose with the other. I took a good, deep sniff of the crotch and savored gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan that musky scent I had enjoyed earlier that morning. I closed my eyes and imagined my face buried deep between my little sister’s legs. I licked the crotch of her panties, bit them tenderly, sucked at them, hoping for some hint of pussy juice.

“Ohhhh, you little slut,” I whispered, my hand a blur as I wanked my cock. “You’ve been a bad little girl… unnnnnh…. big brother’s going to… punish you….”

I was on autopilot now, imagining my sister’s nervous face as I parted her legs and started lowering my cock to her moist opening. I lowered the little black panties and wrapped it around my shaft and positioning the crotch over my cockhead. It was such a very dirty thing, I was about to do, drop a load of warm sperm into my little sister’s tiny, black panties. And that thought pushed me over the edge as the soft cotton fabric engulfed my dick.

I softly gasped my sister’s name over and over in time with each spasm of my cock, with each spurt of cum. After a time, I finally laid back, arms outspread, utterly spent. I watched my cock go limp, the now very wet panties still wrapped around it. Just a pair of panties, and yet it had been one of the better orgasms I’d experienced.

The haze of lust had been lifted and as I glanced at the jizz stained panties a second time, some awkwardness began settling in. Alyx… probably would not care for her panties being a masturbatory aid for her little brother. Perhaps she would allow it, not having much of a choice, but there was no need to upset her needlessly.

“And what Alyx doesn’t know, won’t hurt her…” I muttered, wiping off as much cum as I could before oğuzeli escort bayan placing them in the laundry hamper along with her bra.

I took a quick shower and changed. I still had forty minutes before Alyx came back, so I decided to begin making dinner. While I can’t brag about my culinary skills, Alyx had always liked a couple of dishes I made, like stir fried noodles with bell peppers. And it happened to be one of my favorites as well, or I’d never have had the ingredients. My diet was mostly composed of instant meals and protein bars these days, but I still brought a couple of fruits and vegetables every week. Doubtless Alyx would have more of a say on that later and I half-dreaded the shopping that was ahead.

As I prepared it, I wondered. To be honest, I wasn’t just cooking this for Alyx’s sake. But it would also be a lie to say I was only doing this so she’d be a bit more persuadable later tonight. Yet, there it was. Mingled with that brotherly affection was a very perverted desire. I guess in that sober moment, I felt just a slight tug of hesitation. I took a deep breath and exhaled. Any and all doubts vanished.

I caught sight of something pink and white by my sister’s bags. A scented candle, apparently. She had brought quite a few. She definitely had designs on this room of mine… or ours now, rather. I thought about it, of taking a few candles that smelled especially heady and lighting them. But in the end, I simply picked up a couple and stashed them in one of my drawers. She wouldn’t miss them.

I’d use those candles eventually, but not tonight. It was too soon.

As I heard my little sister use her keys outside, I could feel my dick beginning to stir. No, tonight wouldn’t be the night, though it would be enjoyable enough if things went smoothly. But one day…

“Now that smells good!” Alyx chirped as she flung herself onto my bed.

I grinned a bit, remembering I had done quite a bit of smelling myself on that bed earlier. Even as I talked with Alyx about her day, I was imagining the feel of her lips on my cock. Figuring out sleeping arrangements tonight was only going to be part of the fun.


To be continued…

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