Should’ve Taken the Plea Ch. 02


Completely naked and spread eagle on the mat, Martha laid there, absorbing the eerie calm that has settled around her.

“What now?” she asked herself between gasps for air.

“You’re her Bitch now… that’s what,” her inner voice dreadfully reminded her.

“So what happens next?” Martha pondered, her already weak spine turning to icy slush when she looked up through her squinted eyes to see the unquenched hunger dripping from Bella’s face.

“Flip her over Trina… get her up on her knees with her ass in the air,” Bella demanded.

Still winded from her orgasm moments earlier, Martha strained and grunted as Trina rolled her rickety body over 180 degrees until she was flat on her chest.

Feeling Trina’s hands scoop underneath her belly like a spatula, Martha held her breath and bit her tongue as she was propped up on all fours, like a tired old dog.

“Good,” Bella grinned from above. “Work your fingers around her pussy Trina… Keep that cunt slick until I’m ready!”

“What’s she going to do to me… she said earlier she had no use for me… that this was all for Trina,” Martha trembled, as if any promise Bella made was worth the breath it took to utter.

On her knees and face down, Martha couldn’t imagine being in a more compromising position as she waited for the sadistic woman above to make the next move. Unable to see what was happening behind her, she simply held her breath and waited.

“UURRGGHH,” Martha groaned loudly into the cushion below when she felt Trina’s snarling lips and tongue re-enter her snatch.

Unable to keep her hips from instinctively rocking back and forth against the young girl’s lapping mouth, Martha pressed her forehead harder against the mat and strained her hands out to each side to keep from toppling over.

The dread and anticipation over what Bella was preparing to do went on and on for Martha as she knelt there with Trina’s mouth deeply wedged against her vulva for the second time.

“GAWWWDDD… MMMPPPHH… GAWWWWD,” Martha cackled maniacally, disgusted by the way her body was betraying her yet again.

“How fucking easy is she?” Bella chuckled under her breath, standing patiently and waiting her turn as Trina took Martha right up to the point of release for a second time.

“OK… OK… that’s enough Trina… I’ll take it from here… good job… now you know what to do,” Bella gleamed, patting her young Cuban slave on the head for a chore well done before shooing her away.

Several moments after Trina’s eager oral embrace was removed from her cunt, Martha continued to languish there on her hands and knees, her mind and body in utter shambles as she mourned the loss of her second orgasm, taken away just as she was about to succumb to it.

Sensing, in her self imposed darkness, that Bella was on the verge pouncing, Martha trembled like a druggie experiencing DT’s, waiting for something to happen.

Finally, Martha felt Bella’s meaty fingers collide with her swollen vagina and as she grinded her head side to side on the mat, she just knew Bella’s mouth would soon take the same space Trina’s had just left.

Working her hips back and forth against Bella’s swirling digits, Martha swallowed hard wondering just how many other women had met a similar fate at Medford Prison.

“I know she’s gonna do more than just play with me,” Martha assumed, just knowing Bella had more in store than some simple, innocent petting.

Still, minute after minute passed and all Martha could do was work her ass backwards against Bella’s now greasy hand. Hearing Bella finally pull her pants down all the way and step out of them, Martha tensed with dreadful anticipation.

Unable bursa sınırsız escort to contain her curiosity, Martha shifted her knees slightly to get a clearer look at what was going on above. What she saw stopped her heart cold and would haunt her until her last dying breath.

“That’s a… That’s a… COCK,” Martha’s brain mumbled, her tongue feeling like a balled up sock in her mouth as she watched the throbbing shaft of flesh dance from Bella’s groin.

“It ain’t… it can’t… it just can’t be real… it’s a dildo… it’s a dildo… or something,” her rational mind tried explaining, but couldn’t.

“It’s real… OH GOD… IT’S REAL,” Martha was forced to accept as the rigid appendage twitched and jerked in Bella’s caressing hand. “And she’s got it right on top of me!”

“Oh… Good… you’ve seen it Martha,” Bella gleamed, noting the way the bent over woman’s body froze when she peeked between her parted legs.

“Didn’t expect that… did you?” Bella continued to taunt as she guided her girth up and down the crack of Martha’s ass, just to let her know it was alive.

* * * * *

The very ‘thing’ that was alive and slithering through the crevice of Martha’s ass had been both a blessing and a curse for Bella Siminou. Born and raised on the outskirts of New Orleans, she and her family had obviously suffered through a difficult ordeal coming to grips with her sexual abnormality. By the time Bella was confronted with the horrors and ridicule of school, she knew finishing her education would most likely be impossible.

Dropping out in the 8th grade, Bella gradually drifted away from home as well and by the time she was in her mid teens, she had found her way to the seedy and nonjudgmental streets of The Big Easy where her oddity didn’t seem so glaring compared to the never ending stream of kinks and fetishes flourishing there.

Making a living anyway she could, Bella learned to hustle; running drugs, pick pocketing and prostitution. In a roundabout way, it was the selling of her ‘gift’ that landed her at Medford.

Having developed quite a reputation in the New Orleans underground, Bella had carved out quite a niche for herself with a steady stream of men wanting an anonymous walk on the wild side. And she would have probably still been earning a living doing just that if it hadn’t been for a chance encounter with one of the members of the Louisiana state Legislature.

Always keen on maintaining discretion, especially with the higher profile customers she had as her reputation grew, Bella had gone about her job with that particular gentleman when he suddenly threatened to stiff her on the fee. Recognizing the man, Bella in turn threatened to ‘out’ him which led to a brief argument and the man leaving without compensating for her services.

Bella’s threats must have hit home with the gentleman because several days later two pounds of uncut cocaine was planted in Bella’s apartment by one of the politician’s ‘problem solvers’, for the police to find.

Once Bella was tried and convicted, there was great debate as to where to put her. Wanting to get her as far away from Louisiana as he could, the Legislator pulled a few more strings and had Bella shipped across the country to Medford to serve her 15 year sentence.

From the moment Bella stepped foot inside the women’s prison however, she assumed her natural role as Alpha Female.

* * * * *

And nothing made Bella feel more in charge than rubbing her cock up and down the entrance of another woman’s pussy, just like she was doing to Martha. Even though she had long lost count of how many women she had taken during her 5 plus years behind bars, the newness bursa üniversiteli escort of a fresh conquest never lost it’s intoxicating pull.

Gripping her appendage by it’s veiny base, Bella knelt down to one knee and swiped it deeper into Martha’s crotch until the spongy head had disappeared into the murky warmth.

“Bet when you got in here… you probably wondered what would happen the first time another woman tried making the moves on you… didn’t you Martha?” Bella taunted as she pressed forward. “Never thought it would be like this… DID YOU?”

The surreal certainty of it all too much to bare, all Martha could do was dig her head into the mat and hold on for dear life as Bella’s dick burrowed straight through her cunt. Exotic shades of every color exploding behind her clenched eyelids, Martha screamed out loud as her body started to shake and quiver under Bella’s relentless assault.

“Tell me Bitch,” the woman on top snarled, ” I bet your Husband probably never even fucked you this good did he… Hell… I bet he probably never even touched you at all… did he?”

Snickering at the way Martha’s entire ass-end buckled under the feverish rhythm, Bella cupped each of her palms over Martha’s hips and pressed her thumbs into the kneeling woman’s flared anus, submerging each to the knuckle.

Plowing Martha doggy-style for the better part of 10 minutes, Bella gradually increased the velocity of her forward thrusts until her chest was pressing directly down on Martha’s lurching back. Fighting to keep her balance as Bella’s cock ripped at her pussy the same time her thumbs penetrated her ass, Martha felt a sickened wave of perversity wash through her body when Bella’s breasts began bouncing against her shoulders.

Grinding her thrusts to a halt when she felt her cock was snugly buried all the way inside of Martha, Bella leaned to her left and reclined down on the mat beside her prey, keeping her prick wedged deeply inside of Martha as she turned the stunned woman on her side.

“… What… what are you doing… now?” Martha softly mumbled.

“Why don’t you just look down,” Bella replied, before kissing Martha on the ear and neck. “Just wanted to give you a nice, comfortable view of this thing sliding in and out of you… just look down and watch it.”

Wedging her right hand between Martha’s thighs, Bella forced the older woman’s right leg high into the air as she continued pillaging her from behind.

“That cunt’s like butter,” Bella cracked, watching with great joy the way Martha’s vaginal juices saturated her cock each time she plunged it in and out.

Gradually increasing the power of her thrusts once she was comfortable on the floor, Bella slid her right hand down the V of Martha’s crotch until she was able to use her fingers to fiddle with Martha’s clit. Keeping her left hand on the back of Martha’s head to hold her steady as she built up steam, Bella leaned in and cruelly bit at the trembling woman’s earlobe and neck.

“AAHHH… AAHHH… UUMMMM… GGGEEZZZ… AAHHHHH,” Martha incoherently shivered, her voice cracking as her raised leg flailed uncontrollably through the air.

“She’s gonna make you cum… just like Trina did… she’s gonna make you cum… only this time… she’s using a dick to do it,” Martha bitterly told herself, every bit of pride and decorum she had accumulated during her first 54 years of life now laying in tatters on the gymnasium floor as Bella prepared to bust a nut inside of her.

“UUURRGGHHH… AAAHHH,” Martha could hear Bella groan as the grip she had on her crotch and head tightened.

“She’s about to cum too,” Martha inherently bursa anal yapan escort knew from the way Bella’s penis began to pulse inside her cunt.

And that she did.

In a furious and blinding rush, Martha’s body stiffened in Bella’s bearhug as the domineering freak of nature emptied her lust deep into Martha’s gaping womb.

“OH… DEAR… GOD,” Martha cried out loud as the sound of their two bodies crashing together echoed like rifle-fire through the gym.

“OH… FUCK YES… OOOHHHHHH… FUCK YES, ” Bella seethed, groaning like an animal in heat as she sent a blistering torrent of semen into Martha’s pussy.

“YEAH… YEEAAAHHHH,” Bella continued, reaching down to grasp the base of her virile stalk so she could use it like a stirrer to paste her milky seed into every nook and cranny of Martha’s overflowing cunt.

“Good… go ahead and cum… YEAH… CUM HARD ON MY COCK,” Bella grinned, feeling Martha’s tear-soaked face press against her left bicep as she released for a second time.

Stealing a quick glance over her other shoulder to see that the next part of her plan was ready to go, Bella smiled and slowly eased her dick from Martha’s gooey depths.

* * * * *

Preoccupied with her own plight and dealing with Bella’s relentless advances, Martha had completely lost track of Trina. The fact that Bella’s 20 year old imp had stolen away from the gymnasium had gone undetected for nearly 15 minutes. It wasn’t until Bella had filled her womb with a reservoir or boiling cum and rolled over to catch her breath that Martha realized Trina had been sent away on an errand for her Master.

“OH… NO,” Martha’s voice crumbled.

Her head still spinning from the ruthless pounding Bella had just given her, Martha’s glazed eyes filled with agony and shame when she tilted her gaze towards the gym’s main entrance.

Standing in the doorway, quietly looking on, were easily 100 faces of fellow inmates and assorted prison personnel. Realizing it was all part of Bella’s plan from the way she chuckled to her right, Martha felt as if she had been mortally wounded when the image of Karen’s face came into focus, as she stood there horrified in front of the assembled throng of curious spectators.

“OH… GOD… I… AM… SO… SORRY,” Martha could read her cellmate’s whispering lips as Trina quietly led Karen over to where she and Bella were laying side by side.

Several of the more experienced inmates, knowing the ritual well, watched with hearts in their throat as Karen was forced to kneel on the floor in front of Bella and Martha.

Paralyzed as she looked on from less than a foot away, Martha’s face seemed to crack when she watched Trina literally feed Bella’s half limp into Karen’s mouth.

Smiling happily as she allowed Trina and Karen to do as they had been trained, Bella body jerked and her hips lurched off the mat when Karen’s lips and tongue began the process of swabbing down her greasy and spent jock.

“AAHH… YEAH… that’s it,” Bella groaned, casually shifting her gaze down to Karen below, then over to Martha’s ghostly face before casting a brooding and pleased smile to the assembled group of onlookers at the door, many of whom had met a similar fate upon their arrival at Medford.

Grabbing Karen by the back of her head to get her attention, Bella nodded to her left as if to say “My cock’s clean now… good job… now go and clean your friend up.”

A rolling gasp echoed through the gym as Karen tentatively pulled her mouth away from Bella’s groin and crawled a few feet to the right where Martha was waiting.

Seated next to Martha, Trina reached over with her small, almost childlike, hand and placed her fingers on the crevice of Martha’s reddened and swollen sex. Holding the rubbery and soiled vaginal folds apart to create an troth for Karen’s mouth, Trina watched with everyone else in the room as Karen’s face slowly disappeared between Martha’s thighs…


Thanks for reading.

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