Shining Girl Ch. 06: Andy , Linda



This completes all the stories I’ll write in the ‘Shining Girl’ world. Jack, Teruko, Andy, Linda, Harry and Sai Fong will still pop in an out of other stories as and when the mood takes me, but this story here is finished.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to GrandTeton for his editorial skills, his eye for nonsense, and his meticulous proof-reading; that this story makes any kind of sense at all is due mainly to his firm hand on my shoulder and a few well-placed “you don’t really want to say that, do you?” type comments.

As usual, I would ask that you read this purely as a story; there’s no message, no moral, no parable or instructive fable, it’s just a stroll through the made-up world in my head that sometimes looks a lot like the real one in places.

I welcome all comment, good, bad, indifferent and deranged, please note all the deliberately nasty comments will be deleted, unless they’re funny.

So please, read and enjoy!



Part 1

I had Andy in my room, in my bed, and I was just the happiest girl in the world; right now, we had the house to ourselves; Miss Langley, our bitter depressive of a housekeeper, had gone away to make her own relatives miserable for two weeks, and Freddy was hiding under a rock somewhere far, far away, so Andy and I had that whole big house to ourselves for a whole two weeks.

I knew what I wanted; I wanted my sexy big brother to fuck me relentlessly, to break that bed, with me under him when he did it; I wanted large helpings of ‘Yee-haarr!’ stirred in and seasoned with big smoochie-smoochie , and, lucky me, so did he.

When we arrived home, the house was deserted; good, that meant the harridan had departed for the lesser circle of Hell she brooded in, so Andy and I could spend all day, every day, naked if the mood took us, and I intended to see it did, often.

From the look in his eyes, Andy was up for it as well, but first, I had needs that I’d been tamping down all through that endless drive down the M5. Now, at last, we had the room and the opportunity to do something about it.

The house itself is a little way outside Bath, built of that lovely mellow sandstone, like so much of Bath, and stands in six acres of grounds, so no neighbours to hear the various noises I intended to make when my Andy did things to me that needed expressing!

First off, though, I needed a shower, so, while Andy took our various cases and bags into the dressing room, I stripped off and slipped into my en suite bathroom, and stepped under the lovely hot water.

I was in a world of my own, pleasurable thoughts of Andy and me playing and being together running through my mind, when a pair of big, warm hands slipped around my waist and cupped my boobs, squeezing the girls while a pair of hot lips grazed along my shoulder and up my neck, making me squirm as goosebumps prickled all over me.

“Hello Lindy-girl!” he growled softly in my ear, lightly pinching my nipples at the same time, making me gasp and buck against him, my body thrilling with the sudden spike of pleasure that shot through me.

“Hello big brother!” I husked back at him, grinding my bottom against that club-like penis of his now pressing against me. “Are you going to do my back?” I asked him softly, wriggling against him and feeling him grind back against me.

“I’m going to do all of you; just give me time!” he murmured as he nibbled my ear, making me sag against him as the pleasure darted through me again, grounding in my pussy, making it twitch and buzz gently . He reached up and flicked the shower off, then turned his attention back to gently squeezing and fondling my breasts, my nipples zinging happily every time he brushed or gently squeezed them.

Now his hand slipped down, circling and rubbing the flat of my tummy, and down some more, until he was sliding his finger gently against my labia, fireworks going off in my peripheral vision as he played and teased, and all the while his lips and tongue worked against my shoulder, my neck, and my ears.

His other hand squeezed and gently tugged my nipples, slowly but surely driving me out of my mind as he kissed, teased and frigged me all at once.

I could feel my pussy warming and swelling, making ready for him; recent virgin or not, I was ready for a hammering session, and so was he, judging by the burning heat of that thing wedged between my cheeks. As he kissed my neck and tortured and teased my clitoris, he slowly leaned on me, until I was leaning against the shower wall, only the flat of my hands holding me upright.

His hands slid down to part my legs, and suddenly I realised what he wanted to do; he was going to have me here, now, in my shower; God that was so hot, and so naughty!

I gasped as he probed between my thighs, sticking my bottom out to help him, then his hands were on my bum, pulling my cheeks gently apart, and his stiff cock bumped against me, then rubbed along gaziantep minyon escort bayan my perineum and against my labia, setting off another shower of sparks in my head.

“Like that, Lindy, like that…!” he muttered, and suddenly he was sliding into me, pushing my labia apart and making me cry out as he once more stretched me, but in another way entirely this time, and nice, oh, so nice!

I pushed back against him as he pushed forward, filling me completely, and as he began sliding out again, his soft fingers once more found my clitoris, and began to gently rub and tease me as he slid in and out of me again and again, faster and more urgent, but gently, lovingly.

My mind was in a whirl; I’d never dreamed sex could be this good, this gentle, this exciting, the thousand things I was feeling at once all melding together into my perfect moment with Andy, and as I felt that happen inside me, so I climaxed in a sudden rush of pleasure, like pure, golden heat blasting through me, huge and unstoppable. I screamed as the whole world dissolved around me, my body shivering and quivering with the force of my release.

As I came, so did he, groaning as he held me tightly against him, his cock threshing inside me like a live thing as it throbbed and spat the last of his sperm into me; we’d made love three times that morning, plus I’d made him fill my mouth, so I wasn’t sure he’d have anything left, but dry or not, his orgasm was as intense as mine, to judge by his stiff immobility as his cock pulsed and twitched inside me.

His arms relaxed and once more hugged me, instead of holding me immobile, and his lips once more played along my shoulders and the nape of my neck as he slowly slid from me, the sensation exquisite. I could feel his heart thudding against mine, my heart hammering madly as the aftershocks rippled through me.

He turned me around and kissed me gently, soft, affectionate pecks on my cheek, my lips, my neck, all the while holding me against him by the cheeks of my bum as I shuddered and twitched, and now I fully understood what had just happened here: we’d made love, not had sex, not fucked; we’d made love, and it had affected him as deeply as it had me.

“I love you, Lindy!” he whispered into my neck, grazing lightly as he held me, his lips moving up to once more capture mine, and kiss me like a whirlwind, like a madman, like a man in love.

I kissed him back no less wildly, trying to pull him into me, to cover my body with his and be part of him forever.

“I love you too, Andy, always!” I whispered, melting as he grinned at me, pulling me closer for yet another heart-stopping kiss; then, with a wry grin, he flicked the shower back on so we could continue what he’d so wonderfully interrupted.

I insisted on helping him dry off, taking my time to handle that lovely, muscular body of his, and he did the same for me; I’m sure he wasn’t trying to heat me up, but he did, and I almost needed another shower, a cold one, this time! Once were dried off, and in my case, cooled-off, we slipped on a couple of robes and went downstairs to the pantry to find something to eat.

Of course, Miss Langley being the vindictive old rat-bag that she was, and knowing full well we were coming home, had cleared all the food out of the fridge, and either shoved it in the freezer, or thrown it away, before buggering-off to inflict herself on her family. With nothing to eat in the house, there was only one thing for it.

“Chinese, Indian, Pizza, or do you want to find a restaurant somewhere?” Andy grinned ruefully. A restaurant sounded good to me, so without further discussion we got dressed and jumped in the car to find somewhere in town we could park the car; luckily it was a weeknight; weekends are impossible to find a parking spot or somewhere to eat in Bath, and Andy didn’t fancy driving all the way into Bristol just for a meal.

We eventually found a nice restaurant, serving traditional English food, which was becoming a rarity in Bath, what with all the French, Italian, Tapas, Mongolian, Korean, Sushi bars and Thai restaurants springing-up left, right, and centre.

After an old-fashioned, satisfying roast-beef dinner, with all the trimmings, such as we never got at school, and hardly ever got at home, either, I wanted to get Andy home and curl-up with him; right now I was in the mood for a soft sofa, a couple of bottles of good Médoc or Daddy’s excellent Tokay, a nice long talk, and Andy in my bed when I woke up in the morning, and I could feel the same need in him.

We had two weeks to play, hump ourselves giddy, and generally explore every nook, cranny, crevice, and ticklish-spot, so I was in no rush; Andy was a banquet for me, not a burger and fries, and I intended to take full advantage of this opportunity to see what made him gasp.

The parents were off in some trendy hot-spot, no doubt experimenting with the local talent; mother and Daddy would nizip escort bayan both have their hands full with whatever post-teenage playmates they’d scored, so they wouldn’t be back for weeks, not even for Cowes Week coming up in a few days, one of the annual society hot-spots.

Daddy didn’t sail, so he’d be off somewhere like Grand Cayman or Mustique, being photographed with his hand under some starlet’s skirt, and mother was probably somewhere in the Med or points east, doing the splits under some racing driver or rising tennis-star, so I had no fear of them walking in on us, not that I really cared.

Freddy was…wherever he’d slunk off to after abandoning me to the tender mercies of Jack Fineman, so I probably wouldn’t see him again this summer. No, I had the house, and Andy, to myself, and I intended to make full use of them both before Uni beckoned.

Once we arrived home, we wasted no time in stripping off, finding our robes, and lounging back on the huge Chesterfield in the family room, a mound of cushions and a couple of throws making a very acceptable bed for a warm summer night. While we lounged, we talked, mainly about university for me, what came next, and how we were going to make it work. Andy wasn’t too concerned, so I took my cue from him.

“Like I said, Lindy, take your first year, and give it a fair shake. If it’s not for you, fair enough, I’ll come get you, and you can live with me in Edinburgh; I have to admit. The thought of having you with me makes me feel good deep inside!”

When he put it like that, it made me doubt my decision to go to uni; could I let him go for a year, have him all the way up at the other end of the country, while I roughed-it alone in London?

(I should point out here that ‘roughing-it’ was a relative term; the house in London is in Eaton Square, slap in the middle of Mayfair and just around the corner from Buckingham Palace; it has six bedroomsuites over four floors, a private underground parking garage, a billiards room, a cinema, and a sauna, with an elevator connecting all the floors, so not your average student digs).

I just wasn’t sure now that I could happily rattle around alone in the place, just me and the cleaning service, for a whole year. There was no-one I could ask, no-one I trusted enough to share this with, certainly none of my school friends; what did I do?

Andy saw my dilemma so tactfully changed the subject, talking about the parents, and our Edgeworth grandparents, and how they were likely to react. Mother’s parents had passed away before Andy was born, so they were just pictures in an album to me, but Nana and Grandfather lived not too far away, near Midsomer Norton, and when I was younger, I’d always called on them, as my parents were patently useless when it came to parenting issues; it’s hard to communicate with a parent whose responses are being filtered through several layers of Singapore Gin Sling and Tom Collins’…

After a good meal, and a bottle of fruity, richly-rounded Tokay from Daddy’s cellar, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and Andy made such a warm, comfortable bolster, while he talked about medical school, old friends he’d met yesterday and today for the first time in years. I nestled back against him, listening to his voice rumbling softly in his chest, enjoying his arm around me, and let my mind wander.

I woke in full morning sunshine, Andy’s arm still around me and holding me to him, his breathing slow and deep; he was still fast asleep. The throw had slipped onto the floor, but he was so warm, and the morning sun was so delicious, I just sighed happily and snuggled back against him, completely at peace with the world. Then my lovely haze was shattered.

“Lindy, dear, just what on earth are you two doing?”

I froze; Nana! Oh my God! I squeezed my eyes tight shut, hoping it was just my imagination, but no, there it came again, soft, but clear and distinct.

“Lindy, where are your clothes? And why is Andrew naked, too?”

I slowly turned to look, and sure enough, there was my grandmother standing at the end of the sofa, one eyebrow cocked in query. I started to clamber off the sofa, but she shushed me.

“Quietly, dear, let him sleep; I want to talk to you, first. Pick up your robe, Lindy, and come with me.”

I slipped my robe on and trudged along behind her, knowing that any story I came up with to explain my being naked, in bed, with my equally naked big brother, had better be stupendously good if I were to have any chance of slipping it past her; now I knew how they felt in France when they were marched up to the guillotine…

We went into the parlour, and Nana quietly closed the door so we could talk.

“Take a seat, please, Lindy, this won’t take long.”

I sat in a huddle, arms wrapped around myself, unable to meet her eyes, so I was startled when I felt her hand brush against my hair, and as I looked up in puzzlement, she lifted my chin and looked into my nurdağı escort bayan eyes.

“So much like your mother, and your father too!” she smiled. “I think I know what you were doing, in fact I’m sure, but why don’t you tell me anyway, eh? And before you ask, yes, your Grandfather saw you too, but don’t worry, I sent him into the garden to inspect the Azaleas, he’ll be a while. Now, talk to me, Lindy!”

Grandfather knew too? Oh Christ-bloody-Almighty, how much worse could this get? And yet we were still alive…

I didn’t know where to start, or how angry she was, if indeed she was, because, strangely, she actually didn’t seem that perturbed, so I started from the beginning, how I’d always felt that Andy was special, how much I needed him around me, how much I missed him when he was gone, and what had happened at the school, then at the hotel afterwards, and the following morning, only yesterday.

Nana watched my face carefully while I talked, grinning as I told her what I’d done to Jack Fineman in the park when he’d tried to abduct me, and tutting about Freddy.

“Dear Freddy, such a waste; there are so many things your father should have told him, and given him; a bloody good thrashing now and then wouldn’t have gone amiss, but I suppose in this day and age if one is no longer allowed to discipline one’s own children, who exactly is going to?”

She paused for a second, looking pensive, then resumed.

“What Andrew said about him is probably correct; he did a bloody stupid thing, but I don’t think he actually meant anything by it; he was just trying to show you he was the Alpha-Male in your relationship. Poor, poor Freddy, socked in the eye and chased out of the park! I wonder where he is now. I’ll have your Grandfather’s people locate him, just to make sure he’s alright.”

She reached over to twitch my robe into something a little more modest, and smoothed my hair back out of my eyes; such a normal gesture from her that I began to really relax; so far no fireworks, no recriminations, no histrionics, I wasn’t dead yet, and I was beginning to wonder why. At that moment, my Grandfather popped his head through the garden doors and smiled at me.

I was always struck by how much Andy looked like Grandfather; that same burly, square-shouldered build, the same mop of curly black hair (peppered with iron-grey in Grandfather’s case), the same grey-blue eyes, the same firm chin with that characteristic cleft in it; that’s probably why I felt so comfortable around both of them. Andy obviously got the full set of Edgeworth dominants from Grandfather’s side of the family; if I wanted to know what he was going to look like one day, all I had to do was look at my Grandfather. Even at his age, in his mid-sixties, Grandfather was still a very handsome man; Nana was very lucky.

Nana looked disapprovingly at him, making him grin apologetically.

“Really, George, we’re not done, please go and find something to do! Shoo, go away!”

Grandfather grinned at me and blew me a quick kiss. Poor Grandfather, he towered over Nana, but she made the rules; I suppose it must be working for them, since they’d been married over forty years now. Nana made a shooing gesture, so he winked at me, gave me another grin, and disappeared from view. I squared my shoulders.

“So, Nana, you caught us ‘in flagrante’; what’s next? Are you going to tell Daddy and Mother?”

Nana smiled, the merest twitch of the corners of her mouth, and once again I was struck by how much I looked like her; she had Daddy’s features, that same chin, the same mouth, even the same nose, but her hair was the same rich auburn as Daddy’s, whereas I had a sort of generic brown.

“No Lindy, I don’t see that would serve any…purpose,” she said, and I knew what she meant; she adored daddy, but she had no illusions about him; that was why the chairman of the board and most of the directors were Daddy’s older brothers and their sons; Daddy was destined to be a playboy, Mother was only ever going to be a Socialite, which was why her brothers ran all their family industries. That was what they both wanted, so their brothers all gave him what they wanted, and in return they stayed away from anything as boring as actually taking an interest in the various businesses, which was probably a good thing for the economy of the country in the long run.

“Lindy,” she continued, “I just want to know one thing: where do you intend taking this…liaison with Andrew? He’s your ha…he’s your brother, there’s no escaping that fact, how do you expect to carry this off?”

I hadn’t thought too deeply about that; I’d been so caught-up in him, in being with him, I’d never really thought how we’d do this; I guess I had subconsciously been relying on Andy to automatically make it all right for me, the way he’d always done. She had that eyebrow quirked again; time for an answer.

“I…don’t know, Nana; I suppose I’ll go and live somewhere with Andy…Andrew, somewhere no-one knows us; I doubt the parents will pry too deeply,” she smiled at that, “so I suppose whatever we do will be whatever’s best for us. I want him, I know I do, and I know he wants me too. One day he’ll be a doctor, and I’ll be very happy to be a doctor’s wife and not Linda Eugenia Francesca Grosvenor-Edgeworth, society shark-bait and Socialite-in-Training. Until then, well, we shall have to see.”

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