Shimmer In The Sun


You lay lazily across my lap. I caress your arms slightly. I grab your hands and hold them in mine, as I caress your fingers. I whisper, I love you into your ear. The words linger in the sweet salty air of the beach until you tell me “I love you too.”

The sun shines above us as we lay against the sand, with a blanket underneath us on the ground. I love holding you in my arms; your soft body against mine, your sweet aroma always gets to me. We lay there nude with the sun playing about our shapely bodies, our hair splayed across our shoulders, I move yours to one side, as I bend my head down to gently kiss your neck, you arch your neck to take in my kiss. Then you turn slowly to bring your lips ever so close to mine and give me the most erotic passionate kiss, parting my lips with your probing tongue. You lay there in my arms, across my lap, gently your hand caresses my thighs, I take my hand to cup your bare shimmering breast, as my fingers play about your nipple. Growing harder in my playing. You let out a slow moan. I turn you around and lay you down on the blanket, as the sun shines on our glistening bodies; wet from the heat of our moment and the sun. I take my hands and cup your gorukle escort beautiful breast again, and caress your aureoles making your nipples hard. I look at you and smile, you smile at me. Then I slowly take a nipple into my mouth and gently caress and lave there, with my velvet tongue underneath the nipple itself, and my mouth just over its crest, I begin to suckle you. While caressing your other breast at the same time. Switching each one in my mouth making our moment hotter. I know because you take your hand and hold the back of my head against your Luscious meaty breast.

Then you take your hand and cup it underneath my chin and gently pull me away from your breast. I slowly let out a disapproving moan. As I always love to suckle your ample breast. Your hands guide me to your parting lips. You kiss me again.. bringing your tongue into the depths of my mouth, dancing with mine. Our breasts touching each other, nipples playing together as we kiss. That makes me so hot, as I’ve told you, your breast, your nipples are my favorite part of you, next to your beautiful Caribbean Sea colored eyes. You gently reach down between our naked bodies and caress my soft curly altıparmak eskort bayan hair. Which has become wet due to the sun, and our playing. Your fingers slide across my wet slit as I shudder with ecstasy. You continue to kiss me then slowly bring your mouth down and lave your tongue on my breast, and begin to suckle me while your soft fingers play in my wetness between my parted thighs. I arch my back to let you suckle me. As your fingers reach further into my wetness, you gently caress my inner lips making me wetter to your touch.

My hands play about your hair, splaying it across your shoulders, as I tell you how much I love your long dark hair. And how much I love you, and what your doing to me. You bring your head up and whisper in my ear, something so sexy that I almost melt right there. But I ease up a little and let you continue to drive me into a passionate frenzy. Your hot breath upon my ear and then slowly reaching down my neck, again laving my ample breast. One then the other, as you take each nipple into your mouth and gently pull upwards with your lips. Making me cry out in sheer ecstasy. Your hand still caressing my nilüfer eskort bayan love place. Slowly you stop and slide your body and kiss my belly, my belly button and lave there. Then kissing down further, reaching my inner thighs, then slowly kissing upwards towards my love triangle.

Gently your tongue massages my slit, taking me up then down. Then delves into the wetness you’ve created on me. Then as I place my hands on your head playing in your long dark hair, I press your head closer to me as you continue to lay me with your tongue. You slide in and out of my wetness long enough for you to passionate kiss my budding love button. And suckle me there bringing me to cry out softly. As my head moves about in a frenzy. You continue to suckle me there then slowly your tongue slides down and along my open lips, and delves into my love place again. Taking me up and down as your tongue slides in and out of me. My breath coming faster with each movement of your tongue. You finally bring me to a wild shattering orgasm. Taking all of my love juices into your mouth. You slowly kiss my love place again. Then look up at me and kiss me each place of my torso. Then as you get to my breast you lave each nipple with your tongue, you suckle me there again, massaging your body with mine I climax again. You take your lips and kiss me again.. so gentle. Your lips taste salty and sweet. From the heat of our sex, and the heat of the sun.

Shimmer In The Sun

C 2005

Pandora’s Desire

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