She WAS My Girlfriend



I would like to relate how my sister took my girlfriend from me.

I share an apartment with my older sister Karen, we of course argue about just about everything but somehow always manage to work things out. One day while my girlfriend Cathy was over Karen and I were going at it about something to do with the shower when out of the blue she said “I should just whip your ass and teach you a lesson.”

I looked at her and answered, “If you think you’re man enough my ass is right here” as I slapped my butt “Come and get it.”

This didn’t seem like a challenge my 5-7 tall 175 pound sister would be taking up anytime soon. Karen isn’t into working out and has a pretty soft 35C-29-40 figure and with me being 6-2 tall and 210 pounds any contest looked one sided. My thought at the time was Cathy who at 5-9 tall and 200 pounds (I love big women in case I hadn’t mentioned it) would be more of a match for my sister. Her 44DD-30-44, body is solidly built and she is fairly athletic.

My sister stood across the room from me and boldly said “Here I am, unless you’re afraid of what might happen let’s go.”

Looking at Karen I thought to myself ‘I’ll just pick her up, put her on the floor and hold her down until she gets the message.’ So moving towards her I said, “Let’s see what you got hot shot.”

I guess to say I was unprepared for what happened would be an understatement. Karen faked a move towards my head and I stepped right into a knee to the stomach. A second shot doubled me over. My sister then pulled my head between her thighs and I found myself in a standing head scissors. A couple of forearms to my back stunned me and when Karen dropped to her knees I dropped like a rock to the floor. Karen put her arms around my waist and pumped her double fist into my belly, further driving the air from my lungs.

Fortunately my mind was a blank except for the knowledge that if I wasn’t able to get my breath I wouldn’t be able to mount a counterattack. Otherwise I might have realized that I was getting my ass kicked by my older, smaller sister in front of my girlfriend. And I might have realized that Cathy was rooting for my sister.

Things took a turn for the better, or so I thought when Karen let my head slip free from her scissors before jumping on my back, flattening me under her. She then rolled off of me and I regained enough of my senses to get to my feet.

Karen quickly ducked behind me, trapping me in a full nelson and delivering a few knees to my ass. I bent forward in an attempt to throw her off but I was completely surprised by my sister’s strength and agility in pulling me up. I lost my balance and fell to my knees, still secure in Karen’s grasp. Karen adroitly gaziantep manken escort bayan shoved me forward, flattening me once again, my face pressed into the carpet. I tried to roll her off but my sister was firmly planted on top of me.

While Cathy cheered my sister on against me I thought I had caught a break for a second when Karen released my arms but she scrambled to sit up on my ass then grabbed both my wrists and pulled my arms straight back behind me. Placing her feet under my armpits, Karen painfully pulled my upper body off the floor while stretching my arms.

My back ached and Karen held me in this painful surfboard until my arms were rubbery. Finally she let me go and I flopped face first to the floor. I tried to get to my feet but I couldn’t push up with my arms that’s when I felt Karen grab my ankles and pulled my legs back in a Boston Crab. Her big butt was on mine and she pulled back on my legs lifting my lower body off the floor. My back was arched painfully and I couldn’t believe how I was being so thoroughly dominated by my sister. I tried to roll to escape but my arms were too sore and Karen had me bent back firmly in her grasp.

My legs were as sore as my arms and the pain in my back was incredible when Karen finally eased up and dropped my legs. She then rolled me over onto my back, laid me out flat and sat down on my stomach. My sister slapped my face a few times then inched up into a schoolgirl pin.

There I was laid out flat on my back pinned with my sister’s knees on my shoulders. My sister was smugly proud of her win but Cathy was jumping up and down and clapping as she congratulated Karen on defeating me. After I admitted defeat Cathy helped Karen to her feet and they hugged and jumped in celebration. Karen sneered at me as I got to my feet “Why don’t you take that shower now and I’ll deal with you later.”

Looking in the living room on my way to the bathroom I saw Cathy laying side by side on the couch with Karen who had her back to me. I figured they were just giving me what for because when she saw that I was looking at them Cathy ran her hands around Karen’s body and grabbed her ass while my sister hugged her tightly.

When I came out of the bathroom they were not in the living room. The door to Karen’s room was ajar so I looked in to see my sister and girlfriend on the bed, naked. Cathy was sitting between Karen’s legs, which were around her waist and my sister had her arms around my girlfriend’s shoulders. When I opened the door all the way Cathy smiled and Karen said “Sit yourself down in the corner Brad, you’re in for a show, so just shut up and enjoy.” Then her hands gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan moved down and cupped Cathy’s 44DD’s. She then added “And why don’t you get your nice clean body out of those briefs, you’re going to be jerking off when you see we’re up to.”

I was just sitting there with my hands on my knees watching them get it on. Karen was laying next to Cathy sucking on her fat jugs while fingering her pussy. Karen came up for air long enough to see I was so turned on I wasn’t even touching my cock, which was rock hard, to say “That’s a pretty good boner there Brad, go ahead and jerk yourself off, it’s only going to get better and you can probably get it up again.” It didn’t take long before Cathy raised her ass off the bed and had a powerful orgasm. I was of course jerking off and a few seconds later I shot my load.

Now my sister climbed on top of Cathy in a 69 and they began lapping away like crazy at each other’s muff. Watching my sister wasn’t a big turn on but I couldn’t help but get hot watching Cathy licking another woman’s pussy while getting off being with a woman, even if it was my sister. Their heads buried between each other’s thighs and their hands feeling up each other’s bodies, even in my confused state of mind my cock had the obvious reaction, getting hard again. First Cathy’s sweaty body shook as Karen got her off then my sister came from Cathy’s tongue lashing.

My sister looked somewhat winded as she rolled off of Cathy, who was glowing after her first taste of another woman and obviously ready for more. She pushed Karen down on her back and moved between her legs to get back to eating her out. After Karen came at least twice Cathy raised her head, if only briefly, to turn to me and say “Brad come and eat my pussy, I’m horny to get off and Karen’s a little tired.” I didn’t need to be asked twice and rushed over behind Cathy’s ass as it stuck up in the air invitingly. In seconds the sweet taste of Cathy’s orgasm danced on my tongue she turned to look back at me and stated “And lick my asshole real good too.” Then yelled to no one in particular “Fuck this is incredible, I’m a new woman!!”

The sweet taste of Cathy’s pussy of course gave me cause to be good and hard. I pulled back and stood up to aim my eager cock at that familiar wet pussy when Cathy turned to me and said sternly “Hey, none of that for you loser. Get down on your knees you can jerk off while you suck my toes.” I paused for a second remembering the position Karen had me in so easily not long ago, I dropped to my knees to take Cathy’s toes into my mouth and my stiff eight inches in my right hand.

While gaziantep masöz escort bayan I licked the soles of Cathy’s feet Karen crawled off of the bed and sat down on my back. “You know Brad what I would really like would be a horsey ride. Tear yourself away from those tootsies and give me a ride around the room.” I had little choice but to do as I was told, so with Cathy sitting on the bed watching I started carting Karen around the room on my hands and knees. My sister didn’t make things any easier, bouncing her big butt on my back while whooping like a cowboy.

As I stopped in front of her, Cathy looked down at me with Karen on my back “I prefer the piggy back ride Brad. So let’s go, get on your feet so I can climb up on your back.” Cathy’s 200 pounds were always a handful that I had been able to carry before but having been beaten down, very figuratively and literally, when I got ready to lift her I wondered if I would be up to the task. Cathy had her arms around my neck as I hoisted her up on my back. I staggered to get my balance then slowly walked around the bedroom.

I was doing fine until Cathy started moving up and down. It was difficult to keep my balance with her shifting weight on my back and I stumbled forward landing face down on the bed with Cathy on my back. While she and Karen laughed at me Cathy flipped over so we were back to back, then I felt more weight on top of me, when Karen climbed on top of Cathy. They were hugging and kissing at first but then wrapped their legs around each other and started humping their pussies together. This would have been fine except the force of their 375 pounds was driving Cathy’s ass into the small of my back, I think they got off even more from knowing that they were pounding down on top of me.

Luckily for me they got so worked up that they rolled off of me, continuing their pussy humping paying no attention to me as I crawled off the bed to the chair in the corner. Despite my back feeling like a string of popcorn I had a raging boner watching my sister make love to my girlfriend and jerked off to another orgasm.

Finally Cathy and Karen slowed down and broke apart, to catch their breath mostly I think as they were breathing heavily. Karen was on her back so Cathy climbed on top of her in a 69 and they went right back at licking each other’s pussy. Hey both got off several times before Cathy finally rolled off my sister and they rested.

Cathy and Karen were both spent, I couldn’t guess how many times they each got off, three times for me when Cathy said “OK Brad shows over, we’re going to take a nap so you’re excused for the day.” I sat in stunned silence so Karen got up and pulled me to my feet. Leading me to the bedroom door she whispered in my ear “Cheer up Brad, Cathy’s going to be in good hands. And I’m going to teach her the finer points of fighting so she can kick your ass, and with her size she’ll be able to handle you easy. That’s when the real fun is going to begin.” Then she kicked me in the ass into the hall slamming the door behind me.

And that’s how my sister took my girlfriend from me and my life changed dramatically.

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