She Wants To Give Me a Treat



For my angel, my saviour, my lover, my Marian.

“Come over here and sit down.” you say to me. Pointing towards the chair in the kitchen, turned facing away instead of the normal position tucked into the table. I do as you say and walk to the kitchen and start to sit down.

“Stop,” you say, “take of your trousers and shirt,” you tell me “don’t forget your boxers, I want them gone as well.”

“Alright babe, whatever you say.” I am starting to wonder what is going on. It has been a long day working, and I’m feeling a little worn out, but suddenly things are looking up.

I’ve taken off my trousers with undies and have unbuttoned the shirt, taking it off I throw them both towards the laundry, noticing your annoyance at my action.

“Sit down, and put your hands behind you.” You instruct.

I do as you wish and feel you looping one of my ties around my wrists and fastening my hands behind the chair. I’m starting to warm to the idea and my mind starts to race as to what you have planned for me this afternoon.

I watch as you walk out of the room, swinging your hips provocatively. I’ve always loved watching you from behind. Your tight butt is always such a turn on for me, particularly when you are wearing a tight skirt and G-string, as I notice you are today.

My mind is still exploring the possibilities and I’m fantasising about tickling and kissing your ass, when I notice you enter the room and stand at the entrance. One arm on your hip, jutted out accentuating your curves, the other raised and leaning against the wall.

Glorious, amazing, wow, Yee-haa, sexy. A few words swimming in my head to describe the vision I have as I drink all of you in. Shiny red leather high heels, with strapping that weaves and wraps up your shin a little ending in little bow ties. My eye glides up your smooth legs, encased in sheer lacy stockings, deep red in colour, held up around the thighs with suspenders. Your breasts, firm, are on show for me, nipples pink and standing proud indicating to me the arousal you feel coursing through you while we play this game of lust together. I see that you have one of my ties loosely knotted around your neck. Your hair silky, purely blond is teased a little, giving you a naughty slightly rough border to your sweet face, the one I have grown to love. Your eyes sparkling blue, mischievous, your lips painted in a red colour matching the bottom half of you, are shaped to a smile, sweet yet with a hint of rebelliousness. I can read your facial expression and know that once again I am in for one hell of a ride.

Slowly, sexily, deliberately you walk towards me, *click-clack, click-clack* your heels on the tiles. My heart is already racing, I can tell you are in one of these moods again and my mind boggles as to what is in store for us this time around.

As you stand in front of me, I can smell the fragrance, not a sweet floral, a kind of matured, velvety vanilla scent I can’t quite pick. You loosen the tie around your neck and undo the knot, leaning forwards to me you plant a soft yet very hot kiss on my lips, your tongue momentarily breaching my lips and brushing my own.

As soon as it began it is over as you withdraw from me. Such a tease I think, smiling smugly. You wrap the tie around my head hiding our surroundings from my sight. All I’m left with is the soft scent of vanilla and the *click-clack, click-clack* as I hear you walking away from me.

“Now listen babe,” you begin to say; “This afternoon is all about you. I have tied your hands so you Kartal Escort cannot touch me, I know what I want and your busy hands will only be a distraction.” You continue to outline your instructions. “Now there will be no struggling from you, understand?”

“Yeah sure babe,” I reply, thinking how lucky am I? “Anything you wish madam.”

*click-clack, click-clack, click-clack* I hear you walking around the kitchen a little and a cupboard creaks open. A slight shuffle and some rattling sounds and then again the *click-clack, click-clack* of your heels before the sound of a plate being placed on the table behind me.

*click, click, click* A drawer opening, I hear the sound of metal as you collect utensils and once again place them behind me on the table.

The scent of vanilla as you pass me then I hear you spin around in front of me, my lips once again the subject of another hot kiss, taking my breath away. This time I also feel your hand press into my groin, you squeeze my cock, it is already hard from the stimulation of this show and of my mind fantasising of what is to come.

*click-clack, click-clack* I hear the fridge open and the noise of things being collected and *click-clack* placed on the table behind me.

*click-clack, click-clack*

COLD!! I feel an extraordinary chill as you have held something very cold and a little wet on my right nipple, I can hear you giggle a little at me.

“Are you ok, baby?”

“Yeah I’m fine, just wasn’t expecting that.” I reply a little harshly, still a little shocked.

“Aww poor baby,” you laugh at me, “Harden up, we are only starting, but I promise I am playing nice.”

“Yes, babe,” I say. “I’m fine really, keep going”


I am listening intently, trying to work out what is next. I can hear the rustle of plastic but not much more.


Another sensation on my nipple, a little cold but not nearly as much and also a little soft against my now erect teat. Then the warmth of your tongue as you lick whatever it is and suckle on me briefly, this is then replaced by a sharp pain as something clamps down on me.

“Sssssss,” I suck through my teeth, adjusting to this new sensation. Then my lips are greeted by the sweetness of a strawberry and the sensation of your tongue as you lick the juice from my lips and chin.

“Is that too hard babe?” you question me, “It is just a peg and I can remove it if you wish.”

“No, I am fine with it for now” is my reply, my head swimming with arousal and a little sharpness from the pinch on my nipple.


“Lean your head back and open your mouth, sweetie, and keep it open”

I do as instructed and wait what is coming next.

I taste honey as you drizzle some a little on my tongue and then over my lips chin and to my neck, next is your tongue as you lick my own and then trail over my lips and lap at my neck, kissing, and sucking the sweetness from me.

“Mmmmm,” I groan, enjoying the sensation as you clean me up before again returning to my mouth, licking my teeth and upper lip.

I feel some more drizzled across my chest, and then again the warmth as your tongue caresses me and licks up all the sweet liquid.

I am feeling so good right now, this is one of the most sensual experiences of my life, and we are only just starting.

“Keep your mouth open for me baby.” You again say to me.

*click-clack* as you again return to your collection to bring me something else.

Warm chocolate Pendik Escort oozes over my lips and I feel it drizzled over my chest. It is running down my stomach and I feel the warmth on my hard cock, which is standing pressed against my belly.

“Oh my, I better clean this up.” You say, before I feel you again licking at my nipples and softly kissing down my stomach. Your hand holds my cock away from my body and I am greeted by the touch of your tongue as you lick the head of my cock, and take a little in your mouth. I can hear you slurping noisily and moaning on my hardness, before licking me from the sides and stroking your hand gently up and down my length.

I feel a sharpness of pain again as you squeeze the peg you have on my nipple. Before you remove it, take my nipple in your mouth and toy with me and then place the device onto my other tit.

“Sssssss,” again, I hiss through my teeth. We have never really done this before, and I’m not entirely sure I like it, yet make no noises or moves to stop what you are doing to me.

*click-clack, click-clack*

Waiting, waiting. You are drawing out the time, maybe teasing, maybe unsure of what you want to do next.


I can hear your breathing, the scent of vanilla again, before the musky scent of your sex fills my nostrils.

“Mmmmm.” I am drawn towards the smell, as you place a finger to my lips. “Mmmmmm.” Again as I taste you on your fingertips. I suck them in, savouring the flavour of you. You withdraw before again pressing your fingers to my mouth, obviously you had collected some more from your honeypot. I suck on your finger greedily, like a starving man sucks on the bone after eating a T-bone for the first time in months.

The scent of vanilla gets stronger before I feel your breast pressed against my mouth. I lick all over moving my head as far as my neck allows me in this tied up position, before homing in on your nipple and suckling before clamping my teeth down suddenly.

“Ouch,” You cry out to me. “Naughty man.” Before I feel a sudden and painful bolt pass through me as you squeeze down on the peg.

“Fuck babe, that really hurts now,” I say to you.

“Ok, we can remove it now if you wish, just don’t bite me or it’s going on again, and maybe somewhere else much more sensitive.” You reply to me, a definite hint of naughtiness in your tone.

“Yeah, I won’t.” I reply, secretly thankful that it has gone. For me it was just acting as a distraction to the sounds, scents and tastes of this erotic experience.

Ok, it’s gone now and I will put it away.” You say to me as you kiss me across my chest and nipples, before trailing your kisses back up my neck, eliciting a groan of pleasure from me as I enjoy the glorious sensation of your lips teasing and pleasuring me.


Again a sudden coldness, this time on my balls and simultaneously you place a strawberry in my mouth and tell me to savour it, make it last.

I feel your hand pulling my cock upwards as you instruct me to shuffle forwards on the seat. As I do so I feel the warmth of your mouth replace the chill. I know this is ice, and I can feel it in your mouth as I enjoy the alternating feeling of cold and warm as you suck on my balls, then using your mouth press the ice to me again. My balls are hardening up and the skin tightening under the intense stimulation of this pleasure.

I am sucking on the strawberry, enjoying the sweet tang of the fruit while also experiencing the sensation Göztepe Escort as you playfully suckle, and lick, freeze and warm my balls and shaft of my cock.

“Mmmmm baby. That feels so good, keep doing it, suck on my balls babe, suck my cock.” I groan to you.

Obeying my wish I feel your mouth envelope my cock, you have lost ice now and your mouth is so hot and soft on me. The feeling as your tongue swirls around the head as you withdraw, before again plunging down and sucking me deeply into your mouth is near perfection. My hips are involuntarily thrusting towards you, and you keep sucking on me.

“You like this babe?” you ask. “Do you love the way I suck on your hard cock, do you love feeling your cock in my mouth, baby?

“Fuck yeah, babe. This is the best; you make me feel so good. Suck it baby, suck that cock. It’s all yours.”

“Oh I am, I’m going to suck you until you cum for me, then I am going to suck it more and lick up all your cum. Will you cum for me?”

Oh yeah, babe. Make me cum with your mouth.” I groan back, I’ve always loved the way you talk to me. “Suck my big, hard cock until I squirt down your throat.”

“Mmmmmmm” you moan as you once again attack my dick, with much more gusto this time.

“Ohhhh, I love it when you moan on me, the vibrations feel so good.”

I wish I could see as the engorged head of my cock passes your lips and my shaft disappears inside your lovely mouth. I want to watch as you withdraw from me, my cock shiny with your saliva, your tongue flicking at me, flattening as you lick up and down my length. I want to see the shine of your eyes as you look back at me, while my cock moves in and out of those beautiful, soft, lipstick red lips.

Not that I am complaining, the feeling alone is incredible. My other senses are flooded, I have the residue of strawberry still in my mouth and when I lick my lips I get a hint of honey and chocolate. Not to mention the velvety scent of vanilla still lingering in the air.

The overload of sensations are bringing me close to the edge, I want to make it last longer yet my orgasm is building. Closer and closer you are bringing me. The way that you have learnt me in this time is incredible; you know the right amount of suction, the right amount of pressure, the exact pace that drives me crazy. Even with my hands tied and unable to guide you on me, you are so well connected to my body and my feelings that you are bringing me to the edge and very soon I am going to explode.

“Ohhhhh babe, suck me just like that. Keep going, I am going to cum.”

“Mmmmmmm” You moan on me as a reply.

That is it, the vibration through my cock, along with the way you suck me, like drawing a marble through a straw has sent me over.

“Ohhhhh FUCK.” I groan as I release my seed into your mouth.

You withdraw slightly, allowing my cum to coat your tongue to taste, not just pass down your throat. You want to taste me, to savour the flavour of my release, the result of your conquest.

My head is back, still in darkness, my mind is spinning. Endorphins rush through me as my cock, spurts again and again. My body twitches as the sexual tension is released through me and passed to you.

I sit there, breathless. I can hear you moaning and humming to me. My cock still in your mouth as you soften the grip as your lips withdraw from me, your tongue to takes over and your hand is slowly pumping me up and down, each time on the upstroke your tongue licks at my head as your hand milks every drop of my sauce from my balls.

“Thank you.” You say to me.

“No thank you baby, that was incredible.” I reply. I am so lucky to have you; moments like this just go to show how lucky I am and only add to the foundations of our romance. Again my mind has been blown.

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