Sharing Secrets



Liz had a problem concentrating on her driving as she drove home from her visit with her close friend Jean. Jean had confessed to her news that was both disturbing and exciting at the same time. She knew that Jean had been acting different for several weeks now and she finally asked her what was going on. Jean was having an affair and not just any affair. She was fucking her son!

Liz’s husband Tom and Jean’s husband Bill worked as salesmen for the same company. They often were gone most of the week, coming home on Friday and back on the road Monday. Both were good at their jobs and made very good money. Both families were blessed to be able to live in the better neighbor hoods. Liz and Tom had a place in the mountains and Jean and Bill had a place at the beach. Neither wife worked outside their homes so they and their kids would go to the mountains or beach during the week while their husbands were at work.

Each family only had a single child, a boy. Mike, Liz’s, and Phil, Jean’s, had grown up together and were best friends. They both had graduated from High School that spring and were killing time until college started in the fall. They were going to be rooming together at school.

That afternoon when Liz asked her what was going on Jean had at first denied that anything was going on with her. “Jean, you just seem like you are different from before.”

“What do you mean?”

“You just seem like you are happier. You haven’t fussed about Bill being gone so much. That is the main complaint we both have. You look like you are ten years younger. I just wondered what you were doing that had made such a change in you. I might want to try it myself.”

‘I didn’t know it showed so much. I better be careful or Bill will notice.”

Liz looked across at her friend. Suddenly it popped into her head. “You are having an affair?” Jean turned red and Liz knew she had hit the nail on the head. “You are! When did it start? Who is it?”

“Wait Liz. Slow down, keep your voice down. I don’t want the neighbors hearing you and telling Bill.”

“I can’t believe you did it after being married for twenty years. How did you ever get up the nerve to do it? I could never do that after being married twenty years to Tom. If I wanted to. I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“It is not what you think.”

“If you are having an affair then it is what I think.”

“Liz, if I tell you, do you promise to keep it to yourself?”

“We have been friends for years. We have kept a lot of secrets between us. I would never tell.”

Jean wanted to tell her friend. She had wanted to share it with someone but she was afraid of what they might think. “I’ve been sleeping with Phil.” She stopped at the look of astonishment that came across Liz’s face.

It took Liz a moment to regain her speech. “You are fucking your son!”

“I should never have told you, you think I am terrible.”

“No, I don’t think you are terrible. I have heard of Mothers and sons together before, I just didn’t expect you and Phil to be one of them. How did it ever start?”

“It wasn’t planned. With Bill on the road so much I got awful lonesome home alone. Phil was always out with Mike are his other friends. When Bill was home he was too tired to do anything on Friday nights. Saturday he and Tom were on the golf course much of the day. If we had sex at all it was on Saturday night. Sunday night he was in bed early getting ready for the work week ahead. If it wasn’t for you I would not have had anyone to talk to.

“Jean, I know just how you feel. My life is just like yours, but how did you ever get started with Phil. If the shoe was on the other foot I don’t think I could ever do something like that with Mike.”

“It really wasn’t very hard. Ever since he was old enough to started wondering about girls Phil has always looked at me. I didn’t think too much about it before. I just figured it was a young boy fascinated with the female body. I even mentioned it to Bill and he just laughed. “Hey, if I had a mother as hot as you I would look too.” He thought it was just normal teenage behavior. I am sure Mike does the same thing to you.”

Liz knew she was right. Mike had made a lot of effort to catch her in her panties and bra. Like Jean she had just thought it was teenage hormones and he would grow out of them. She had been pleased that he thought she was attractive enough to have a young man peeping at her, even if it was her son. “All boys do that. When did it change from just looking?”

“It got a little more out in the open last year. He has filled out so much since then. Now he is taller than his father. He likes to show off his new muscles. I started getting more and more of a glimpse of him going and coming from the restroom. He once was so shy that if I walked in the bathroom while he was in there he would panic. Now he started leaving the door cracked when he would be in the shower.”

“I have to confess that I did stop to look more than once. Not having much sex myself lead to me having some thoughts I knew gaziantep kızıl escort bayan wasn’t right. I had seen him trying to look down my blouse top more than once. I thought two could play the game. I gave him a lot more to look at than before. At first it wasn’t much more. Just a top that didn’t fit as tight as it should when I would lean over the table or a button that happen to work loose.”

“Jean, you set out to seduce your son.”

“Not at first, as time went by he got where he would come in the kitchen and catch me with my back turned and hug me from behind. He never felt my tits but his arms would be crossed under them and he would kiss the side of my neck and tell me how lucky he was to have such a beautiful mother. I think he had set out to seduce me.”

“Well, one of you must have done a good job of it.”

“I think we both knew what the other was thinking. On the weekend around Bill we were like we always were. Once Bill left Monday morning the games would began. The hugs became longer the kisses longer. I could feel when he came up behind me that he now had a hard on. At first when he would feel it starting to get hard he would back away and leave the room. Now he didn’t back away and I could feel him pressing against my ass. I didn’t make him stop.”

“Dam, you are getting me excited now. Go on.”

“It was his eighteenth birthday that he finally got up the nerve to touch my breast. I was in the kitchen as usual getting his breakfast. The robe I had started wearing was pretty easy to see down. If I left one button open he could see the curve of my breasts. If I left two open he could see my nipples. I had been leaving the two open for several mornings and knew he was getting an eye full each morning he hugged me. As tall as he is he could look over my shoulder and see it all.”

“That morning he came in the kitchen with his usual greeting of, “Hi Mom.” I turned to wish him a happy birthday. “Finally a grown man in the house. What would you like to do tonight for your birthday?” “I don’t know. It’s a school night. I guess you and I could just have something special here.” I turned back to the stove, “Got any ideas?” He walked up behind me as he usually did and put his arms around me. Only this time he didn’t put them under my breasts. His hands slipped under the robe and he cupped a breast in each hand.”

“GO ON!”

“Dam Liz, you are as excited as I was.”

“I can’t help being excited. You are taking so long to tell the story.”

“I didn’t move as he held my breasts. His breath was hot on the side of my neck. I can still feel the warm air coming from him as he looked over my shoulders at my naked tits. “Phil, what are you doing?” “Touching the most beautiful woman I know.” “Have you forgotten I am your mother?” “No, that is what makes it so exciting.” He was right it was exciting for both of us.”

“What happened next?”

“I am getting there just wait. He turned my breast loose and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on the robe. He pulled the tie that held it together and pulled it back from my body. He slid it from my arms and I was naked before him. He dropped the robe on the floor and reached around me to hold my breast again. I was about to cum just from his touching me. When his hand ran down my body, across my stomach, and into my cunt I did climax. It shook me to my toes.”

Liz was about to climax herself just hearing about Jean and her son.

“He missed school that day but he sure got an education. He wasn’t a virgin but what experience he had wasn’t much. I lead him to my bed and lay down on it. He undressed faster than Bill ever did. His cock is bigger than Bill’s and was twice as hard. He didn’t waste any time getting over me and in me. He came before he was in good. Thank heaven for young men. He never got soft. I haven’t been fucked that good since before Bill and I got married and mother’s boyfriend taught me what my body was for.”

“You never told me about him.”

“I still have a few secrets that you don’t know about but nothing like the one I just told you.”

“So, you have been doing the naughty with him ever since?”

“I never knew a young man could fuck so much. From the time Bill leaves on Monday until he comes home Friday, Phil is either fucking me are trying to get me to stop what I am doing and come to bed with him. He has fucked me in the shower, on the kitchen table, the sofa, and back yard. I am really going to miss him when he leaves for college. I have told you everything now you make sure that no one else ever knows. I would be ruined for life if anyone ever found out I was fucking my own son.”

“You know I would never tell. That is the most exciting thing I have ever heard. A lot better than the fuck movies we use to watch together.”

“You need to see just how much Mike might be interested in you?”

“Oh, he is interested all right, but nothing like you and Phil. He hardly ever touches me and seems nervous when I hug him. I see gaziantep köle escort bayan him looking but I don’t see him making any moves.”

“If he made a move what would you do?”

“Before you told me your story I would have gently rebuffed him. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him. Now I don’t know. My sex life with Tom is better than what you say you have with Bill, so I am not deprived in that way. I don’t know what I would do.”

“You know he and Phil are pretty close. What little experience Phil had was with the same girl with Mike. They both had her one time at a party.”

“I didn’t think he was a virgin but I didn’t know for sure.”

“If I was you I would give some thought of seducing Mike. He is tall and handsome like his dad. The sex is unbelievably good. I wouldn’t be surprised if Phil and Mike might not have talked this over between the two of them.”

Liz couldn’t get the thought of Jean and her son sleeping together. She had known Phil most of his life and she would never have expected something like this. He had grown into a very attractive young man. She had seen him and Mike playing around the pool all their lives and lately she had noticed how he was maturing and filling out.

She thought about Mike and how he was growing up also. He was taller than Phil and had matured faster than Phil. At least he had physically. Phil must have matured sexually ahead of Mike. She thought about Mike and how he had taken more of an interest in her the last few months. She had thought it was just a young man fascinated with the female body but now she wondered.

Liz had never had any cause or desire to cheat on Tom. She missed him when he would be gone for a week at a time but he made up for it on weekends. They always had sex on Friday night when he got home. Usually again Saturday mornings before he left to play golf. Sometimes as many as twice on Saturday nights and Sunday. She knew that Jean had always complained that Bill didn’t care as much for sex as she did. Liz didn’t have that to complain about.

Liz was putting on dinner when Mike came home. “Hi Mom.” This was his normal greeting but Liz suddenly remembered that was what Phil said to his mother. It made her blush to think about what Mike might be thinking.

“Hi Mike.” He came on in the kitchen and hugged her. When he was younger he got to the point where she almost had to grab him to get a hug. For the last few months he hugged her each time he came in the house. That started about the same time Jean said Phil started paying her more attention.

The hugs lasted longer than they did a few months before. She could feel his arms around her, holding her tight. He was over six feet tall and she was only five three. She had only started to notice how mature he had gotten. There wasn’t anything different from what he had been doing but she was much more in tune to what he might be thinking now. This was causing her some problems.

She had never in her life thought about Mike in a sexual way. She wondered from time to time if he was still a virgin but knew that he probably wasn’t since most young boys his age had already sampled a little pussy. Now she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She could even feel herself get a little excited with him just hugging her. She had to put a little distance between them.

She leaned back away from him and looked into his eyes. Bad move. There wasn’t any mistaking what she saw in his eyes, nor the feel of him touching her below the waist. He was hard and she could feel all of him. She had to get control back.

“What did I do to deserve such a hug?”

“You deserve a hug just for being you. You are always here taking care of me.”

His arms were still around her waist but she had moved back far enough that her breasts were no longer touching him. “You are my son; I am suppose to take care of you.” She knew that she wasn’t taking care of him like he would like her to. The idea was still new to her and she wasn’t ready for a move like that yet. She realized then that she had been thinking yet which meant that she might be in the future. She reached up and took his face between her hands. She stood on her toes and kissed him gently but quickly on the lips before pulling away. “I will have dinner in half hour.”

She had to get away from him. The kiss, even as quick as it was, she had felt him open his mouth and his tongue had touched her lips. That did nothing to help her condition or his either as she saw when she turned away.

The tension between them continued to grow as each week went by. He would take any opportunity to check her figure out. She had always worn a bikini swim suit around their pool. Now she hesitated to put it on if he was going to be home. He noticed the next time she put on a one piece suit with just the two of them home.

“Mom, what is with the old swim suit?”

“She didn’t have a ready answer but finally said it just happened to be the first one I came too.”

“I like the others gaziantep kumral escort bayan better.”

“I am getting to old for bikinis.”

“You are not to old. You are still in your thirties and you look much better than most of the girls I finished school with.”

Liz couldn’t help but like her son thinking she was still pretty enough for the bikinis even if looks wasn’t the reason she quit wearing them. “Thank you for the compliment.”

“You could go in and change.”

“Are you flirting with your old Mom?”

“Yes, Now go change your suit for me.”

He was getting braver she thought. A month ago he would not have said anything. “Maybe later.”

At lunch she fixed them sandwiches and they set down at the kitchen table to eat. Liz spoke up. “I haven’t seen Phil around much this summer. What is he up to?”

Mike’s face turned a little red. “He has something else going on this summer.”

Liz laughed, “It must be a girl. I can’t think of anything else that would keep him from swimming this summer.” For as long as she remembered Phil and Mike had spent their summers in the pool.

Mike ducked his head. “I wouldn’t know. Lets go back to the pool.” He got up before she could answer and went out the back door to the pool.

She cleaned up the scraps and the kitchen. She headed back out side to sun. She thought about the one piece suit she had on and wished she had worn the bikini. She also thought about Mike asking her to change. She went back to her room and pulled open the drawers where she kept her suits. She had several and some more revealing than others. She chose a yellow one that hid almost nothing. With her dark hair she knew the suit really looked good on her and she in it. If Mike wanted to look she wasn’t going to hinder him.

Mike whistled when she walked out on the pool deck. “Now that is more like it.”

“You like this one?”


“What do you like about it?”


“You said you like this one. What do you like about it? Why is it better than the one I had on before. I can swim in both of them. Why do you like this one?”

His face was turning red and she knew she had embarrassed him and she didn’t mean to do that. “I’m sorry Mike. I was just teasing you. You are just like all other men. You just like to see a lot of flesh around the pool, even if it happens to be your mother. I like this one better also but I bet it is for different reasons. I like to sun tan in this one.”

He was beginning to get a little confidence back when he realized she didn’t mind him looking at her. “You are really beautiful in that bikini. I like looking at you. Do you know that my friends think you are the hottest mom around?’

“I feel flattered but I am not the only Mom that is nice looking. What about Phil’s Mom? I think she is really nice looking and she has those big boobs that you guys like to look at.”

“She does look good but I don’t care for her big boobs, I like yours better.” He blushed when he realized what he said.

“You must. Your eyes haven’t got higher than my chest since I came out here.”

He blushed again. “I’m sorry, I will make an effort to not look again.”

“Liar, you will be looking as soon as I turn my head. Mike, I don’t mind you looking. I am glad that I am still young enough that my nearly grown son likes to see me. Women don’t wear this type suit to stop men from looking. After what you said this morning I wore this one on purpose. I want you to look. Look all you like as long as it is just the two of us and your father is not home. I don’t think he would approve.”

His eyes were dropped down to her breasts again. Liz caught him and laughed. “You didn’t last a minute.”

“I can’t help it.”

“You need to get out more with girls your own age. Find some nice young girl that likes for you to look at her.”

“I rather stay here and be with you.”

Liz went in the pool followed by Mike. They swam a while and then got out. She lay down on a lounge to dry off. Mike sit down next to her. She lay on her stomach with her hands folded under her face. He could see the edge of her breasts where they nearly came out of her top. Her ass was just as firm as the rest of her. The suit didn’t cover much of her. His cock was hard.

This turned out to be the daily routine for them. Only Tom coming home on the weekend changed their plans.

Liz and Jean had met as usual a couple times a week. Jean always wanted to know if anything had happened between them?

“No, nothing has happened. He looks, I look, but no one makes a move. I don’t even know if I want to make a move or have him make one on me.”

“The sex will be different from any you ever had. I never realized how much I could enjoy sex with my son. He is after me more and more. He never gets enough. Nothing like his father.”

After each meeting with Jean, Liz would leave thinking more and more about having sex with Mike. She found herself being more open around him. She more and more let him see her when she was dressing or coming from the bathroom. She reasoned that he saw more of her in her swim suit than in her bra and panties. By the time the weekend came she was ready to fuck Tom to death. He never objected. By the time Monday morning came she was able to start another week without thinking about Mike every minute. That lasted until about Tuesday and the tension would build until the weekend again.

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