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NOTE: This story is a continuation of something which happened with my ex-wife about 30 years ago. It starts out as real as I can remember (but embellished where I can’t), and then takes a different turn, to where I wish it had ended up. I guess it’s wish fulfilment. The characters are not the same as in other stories, I just used names I like and can keep straight in my head.

I’m going to refer to my ex-wife as “wife” as she was at the time of this tale.

My wife had made friends at the mother and baby club with a young girl, and we’d met her and her boyfriend for drinks and chat a few times.

It was late Sunday afternoon before a bank holiday. The weather had been good and the air was cool, but not cold. Our kids were with Granny for the weekend to give us a break, so we arranged with our friends that they would offload their sprog and we’d have an alcohol and chat session at their flat. It was a ground floor flat on a housing estate, and we lived a couple of blocks over, but on the 10th floor.

I’m Alan, my wife is Sarah, our friends are Sam and her boyfriend Tony. Sam and I had been flirting for a few weeks now, but I didn’t think anything would come of it.

We arrived over at their place after dinner, taking some beers and a couple of bottles with us. They supplied the ice, mixers, and more beers.

We settled down in the front room, with the drinks on the table in the middle to make it easier to get to and started chatting. We talked about music, telly, sport, the usual sort of things Brits talk about when they get together. The drink was flowing, and the evening drew on. Somewhere around midnight the talk got flirtier, and I noticed Sarah was flirting a bit with Tony. I could see Sam had noticed too and seemed amused by it.

Tony went to get some more ice, and Sarah left the room to go for a wee, leaving me and Sam along for a few moments. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.

“I really hope so,” she replied. “This could get very naughty and who knows how it’ll end up.”

“We can but hope,” I said as I got up to go for my own pee and ran my fingers over her breast as I walked past her.

When I’d wee’d and got back in the room, I found that the drinks had been moved to a side table, and there was a back of cards in the middle of the table. “What’s this?” I asked, although I had an idea.

“I thought some cards might be fun,” said Tony.

We sat down, boy/girl/boy/girl around the table and had a discussion on what game to play. It turned out that the only one we all knew was a game called shithead. We agreed house rules and played a couple of hands.

“Let’s make it more interesting,” said Sam “loser has to take off an item of clothing.”

I looked at Sarah, to check she was OK with this. She made eye contact with me and nodded. All good.

We did a quick count up of items to make sure it was going to be fair. We decided that socks counted as one item per pair, and then the game started.

I can’t remember how the clothes came off, but they did, and before long I was naked, Tony was naked, Sam had her knickers on, and Sarah had her bra on.

I saw Tony look at Sam and mouth the word “forfeits?” Sam nodded.

Tony explained that Hd Porno when they’d played the game in the past, they’d started to add forfeits at this point. I asked what he meant, and he explained that it could be anything really, but the person who was supposed to do it could refuse up to two but then had to do the third. The winner picked first, then the other two.

I was in for it, and Sarah said “sure, sounds like fun”.

I lost the next game. I looked at Tony who’d won the game.

“How about… you climb over the balcony wall, run naked out to the footpath over there, then run back.”

By this time, it was about half one in the morning, I was quite drunk, and I agreed.

The balcony door was already open for air flow, so I walked out to the balcony, looked around, jumped over it and ran to the footpath. I heard a click behind me just as I reached the footpath… I turned and ran back to discover the click had been Sarah closing the door behind me.

I stood on the balcony for a moment, just enough for it to be a joke but not enough for it to be cruel, then she opened the door and chuckled at me.

(I think the other forfeits including things like standing on one leg for 30 seconds or getting more ice (which caused some discussion about was it actually a forfeit).)

After a few more hands everyone was naked. The next forfeit was for Sarah, with Sam to choose. Sam picked for Sarah to stroke Tony’s cock three times. Both Tony and I were sort of semi-hard, but I saw his cock twitch at this. Sarah agreed, as long as Sam’s next forfeit was to do the same to me. Sam agreed.

Sarah reached over and wrapped her hand around his cock. “Is it three times up and three times down, or just three times?” she asked.

“Whatever you prefer,” replied Sam. Needless to say, Sarah went with three up and three down. Tony got noticeably harder at this point, and I’m not surprised.

Somehow, and I do think it was pure chance, Sam lost the next round. The forfeit had already been decided, and as soon as it became clear she was going to lose, I started to get harder. Before the last card had even hit the table her hand was round my cock, three strokes up and down, as agreed, and I was really hard at this point. Interestingly I’d seen Tony get harder at the sight of his girlfriend stroking my cock.

There was a bit of a (not unpleasant) atmosphere of anticipation at that point. Tony broke it by saying “more drinks?”

“Yes please” times three. He got up, his cock pointing almost straight out, and made the drinks. Dishing them out, he sat back down and gathered the cards.

“I think I’m done with cards,” said Sam, “how about the girls give the guys a massage?” She was looking at me when she said this. I’ll be honest, it was out of the blue, but I was game. I looked at Sarah quizzically, she looked back at me with a “sure, why not” look on her face.

Sam jumped up, opened the top drawer on the sideboard, and pulled out two small bottles of massage oil. She handed one to Sarah, then made an “uummm” sort of noise while looking at the floor. I could see what she was thinking. There was enough floor space for one person to lie down, but probably not two.

“Why don’t Türkçe Altyazılı Porno Sarah and Tony use the bed?” Sam suggested. “There’s towels in the clean laundry pile in there.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that idea, but at this stage I was a little drunk, a little horny, and a little “go with the flow”.

“OK, that works,” said Tony, offering his hand to Sarah to help her up. They headed out of the room, leaving me and Sam alone with a bottle of oil, my hardon, and a return of an atmosphere.

“What..,” I started to say. She put her finger to her lips and listened. There was a thud. She chuckled. “He tipped the whole laundry basket over.” she said, explaining the thud. “Look, you and I both know we want to fuck; I’ve had the hots for you since I first met you, and I’m bloody sure, especially from the way your cock reacted to my hand, that you feel the same way.”

She had an almost challenging look on her face, as if she was almost afraid that she’d misread things. The way my cock twitched as I looked her up and down put the lie to that idea. “So how does this work?” I asked.

“Well, if I’m right, they’ll start fucking soon. And if we then find out they’re fucking, we can fuck too. And that sets a precedent, and we can all have lots of fun.” She’d thought this through alright.

She sat down beside me, and we cuddled up for a couple of minutes, caressing each other and gently kissing. Then I said “so, shall I go and check?”

“OK,” she said, a nervous tone in her voice.

I got to my feet, my cock leading the way at half-mast. I still wasn’t sure how I’d react to whatever I found. I turned out of the living room into the corridor where I could see that the bedroom door was still open. That made it easier. I knew from previous visits that their bed had its headboard against the wall opposite the door and was off to the side, so I wouldn’t see anything until I was actually in the room.

I could hear low voices, but no fucking sounds. As I drew level with the door, I could see a tiny bit through the gap between the door and the frame. I could see my wife’s back; she was on her hands and knees over him.

I took a deep breath. I had to do this. I needed to know, otherwise I wouldn’t get to fuck Sam. I stepped into the room and took in the scene. Sam was right, he’d tipped the laundry basket over getting the towels out – I guess he’d been rushing. Then I looked at the bed. There were the towels. On top of them was Tony. On his back. With my wife kneeling above him massaging his chest with oil. That was what I saw looking at the top of the bed.

At the foot of the bed, I could see his legs and my wife’s knees either side of his hips. I could see her pussy, slightly glistening, which meant she was turned on. And aimed right at it, was Tony’s large, very erect, cock. It wasn’t glistening, so I don’t think they’d fucked. I wonder if they were waiting for me and Sam to start, or if they were taking their time, or if they weren’t going to fuck.

I didn’t really have time to think. They turned to look at me as I came in. I just had to act.

I stepped forward. I stopped beside them. I put my hand on my wife’s bum. I took Tony’s cock Brazzers in my other hand, noting how firm it was. I pressed my wife’s bum down, while aiming Tony’s cock at her pussy. She didn’t fight me, she wanted this, but she needed me to show her I was happy with it. Which I did. By pushing her bum down until Tony’s cock entered her. Just a little, enough to let them both know I was cool with it.

Letting go of his cock, and moving my hand off her back, I gave them a smile, turned, and walked out with my heart pounding and my cock throbbing,

I walked back into the living room, Sam looking at me quizzically. I sat down next to her on the floor. “Are they fucking?” she asked with a catch in her voice.

“They are now,” I replied.

She squealed with delight, jumped to her knees, spun round and knelt astride my lap, unconsciously emulating my wife. In one smooth move she bent her knees and slipped herself around my cock. All the way down. One stroke. It has to have been luck, but oh my god it felt so good. We just stayed like that for a moment, then she started riding me. She was fucking me hard and fast; I didn’t have to do anything. I knew the first one wouldn’t take long; we were both so horny it was a given that we’d cum fast.

As Sam was riding me, I saw my wife’s head pop round the door, blow me a kiss, then disappear. I was confused. Then suddenly she and Tony came into the room together. Literally together. Somehow Tony was carrying her impaled on his cock. I spluttered at this sight, and that cause Sam to stop and look.

“Oh for god’s sake Tony, stop showing off and fuck the poor woman.” she muttered, as Tony walked to the sofa. Somehow, he and Sara managed to sit down without her falling off, and so there I was, looking at my wife’s back, while she was bouncing up and down on Tony’s cock, while his girlfriend was bouncing up and down on mine.

Sam came first, which pushed me over the edge. Tony and Sarah took a little while longer, but Sam and I stayed in position with my cock slowly deflating inside her until they had finished.

“I want to lick his cum out of her” I whispered to Sam.

“Tony, flip her on her back, incoming pussy licking,” she called out, rolling herself off me.

Tony chuckled as he flipped Sarah over, keeping his cock in her for as long as possible. I got on my hands and knees and crawled across the room. Sarah smiled at me as she spread her legs to show me her creamy pussy. I wanted it so much. I noticed Tony got up from the sofa, but wasn’t really paying attention to where he went. I was focusing on lapping and licking at the cum dribbling out of Sarah.

After a few minutes Sarah asked me to stop as she was getting tender. One of the downsides of Tony being bigger then me I guess. I gave her pussy one final lick and a kiss, then got up off my knees and sat down beside her. That was when I found out that Tony and Sam had assumed the same position as us, as it turned out he was a cum-licker too. Sam came a second time under his ministrations, and I could feel my cock starting to stir again watching.

But it was too late. Or early. It was 8AM, the daylight was streaming in through the windows, and their baby sitter would be dropping the kid off in about 20 minutes on her way to work.

I’d like to say this turned into a regular thing, but unfortunately they broke up not long after, and it was never repeated. I still think about it, and get turned on by it, and wank about it, even though my ex and I split up over 20 years ago.

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