Sex with Uncle X



Uncle X never liked me. He would always frown whenever I walked into the room. If my mom dropped me off at my grandma’s for the weekend, he was quick to say “when are you coming to pick her up?” You may ask, “What I ever did to him?” Well, I was a smart-ass know-it-all child. But in my defense I had no choice in the matter. I was the short fat dumpy kid in a family full of beautiful men and women. On top of that, I was the invisible middle child. I needed a coping mechanism to survive. So I used my intelligence. I knew everything and jumped at the chance to throw it in the face of any adult that ever gave me the “what happened to this one” look. Oh yes, I made it my mission put them beautiful dummies in their place. I targeted the adults more so than the kids because they should have known better than to treat me like an ugly duckling…even if I was. Uncle X was at the top of my list.

He was my mom’s sexy older brother. He was fine like Carl Weathers of Action Jackson fame, or Donnie Simpson from Video Soul. We were never close because he stayed locked up for months at a time over stupid stuff. He was an easy target. And since he didn’t like me, I jumped at every opportunity to make him look like an ass. Moreover, I did it with that kid wit that made adults laugh at him for hours, if not days. So yes, Uncle X hated me and I loved it!

As the years passed, the fat gene that I inherited way too early finally manifested in the beautiful women in the family and soon I was the skinniest fat girl in the family. Not that fat is bad, but when you were always “the fat one” it’s hard not to spew that hate back somehow. Now kahramanmaraş escort bayan I was a blossoming BBW, with a round, but average sized ass, thick thighs, and nice 36DDD breast. Not only that, I was a successful business woman with a great husband and two beautiful kids. Still I kept my smart mouth arsenal to punish all that treated me like shit back in the days. Again, Uncle X was my favorite loser.

One day I went to my grandma’s house to check on her. She was not home, but Uncle X and his random first-day-out-of-jail chic was there. He was coming home from 30 day stint in jail for something dumb. I had time to kill and an opportunity to fuck with Uncle X so I gave the kids money to go to the corner store to get some snacks and drinks. He asked my oldest son (who was 12) to get him a pack cigarettes from the store. I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so fast, but still I quickly said “kids can’t buy cigarettes anymore you dumb muthafucker!” Everyone broke out in laughter, even his random chic. I think the kids laughed all the way to the store. He was heated. (Jackpot!) He said “You would think a woman that looked the way you do would know how to treat people.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned in that “loser please” tone that I perfected years ago.

“You heard me Kisha, you are a beautiful Black woman with a good career and a great family, but you still act like that smart-ass little fat kid from years ago! You are better than that. You are any man’s dream. Grow the fuck up!”

Those words penetrated my body. It was like I immediately shrunk kapalı gaziantep escort bayan down to that little girl again. And he was still the sexy Uncle that hated my guts. He grabbed his random chic and disappeared to the back room. The must have started soon as the door slammed because I immediately heard the moans and groans of passionate just-out-of-the-slammer fucking. I know he’s straight out of lock up, but there’s no way dumb Uncle X could turn off his anger towards me and focus on fucking this chic. Wow, I still got it! I laughed as I walked out the door because this smart-ass knew that dumb, but sexy Uncle X had only one person on his mind and it wasn’t Ms. Random Chic.


Yes, I am happily married, but a loving military wife has needs. My husband had been gone for about 8 months and although I have the crème de la crème of dildos, the Lexington Steele model, I was feening for some real dick. sidebar: Please don’t feel sorry for my dear husband because I promise you he gets his fare share of outside pussy (I’ll tell that story later). Anyways, it was late and I was horny. I pulled out my cellphone and typed the generic “What’s Up 4 Tonite?” text message. I went down the phone list checking off lucky prospects and as I neared the end of my list I saw Uncle X’s name. I recall a couple of weeks ago when my grandma told me that he got a new job at one of my favorite restaurants and that he got a 50% discount. She wanted us to have a healthy relationship but I wanted to get some good grub at a discount so I took the number. As kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan I looked at his name my thoughts turned devious. This would be the ultimate revenge on sexy Uncle X who treated me like shit but now thought I was “beautiful.” HA! Let’s fuck with his mind in a whole new way! That sexy, but dumb muthafucker has no idea whose number this is, but at 2am he knows it’s a piece of ass. I hit SEND. Let the games begin!

I was feeling all kinds of ways, but mostly still horny. My pussy was tingling like you wouldn’t believe. I was so wet that I couldn’t wait for a response from anyone. I rolled over and grabbed Lexington Steele out of the night stand. I plunged it in me so deep that I came immediately. Just what I needed! Afterwards, I rubbed the juices all around my pussy and thighs until I fell asleep.

The next morning I checked my phone: I had 5 text messages, 2 missed calls, and 1 voice mail. Let’s see!

Text messages:

1)Fucking you hopefully. –Kevin

2)Your ass in the air. –Phil

3)Nothing babe, can I come over? -Corey

4)U ready for a real man? –Ray

5)Who is this? –Brett

Ray called, but didn’t leave a message because he knew I wouldn’t respond (yet another story). The last call and voice mail was from, you guessed, Uncle X:

“Hey I was returning your call, call me back so we can hook up sexy lady.”

He sounded just as dumb and as sexy as ever! What the hell was I doing?? Whatever it was, I was all in! Just like old times. Once I started a “mission” I had to see it through. I followed up the first text message with “why have you kept me waiting so long?” Now Uncle X was calling and texting me every hour on the hour. He knew this wasn’t one of his current chics, but who was it? It’s a family tradition to chase after the unknown….and some unknown pussy was right up Uncle X’s alley. The thought of him getting a hard-on over the mysterious piece of ass waiting on him was sending me into overdrive. What will I do next?

Stay tuned…

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