Schoolgirl Seductions Ch. 1

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(All characters contained herein are aged 18 or above)

(Copyright Princess Katie 2002)

(Please keep special formatting “as is”)

(This is the first of 6 parts)

(This story contains many scenes of a sexual nature-If you are offended by such material please go elsewhere, if not then read on)


Chapter 1-The Inner Way.

Susan stared out of her window, looking down onto the paths and ever green gardens of the school she owned.

At just 18 years old she was a millionaire, her parents had died when she was younger and thanks to their huge fortune and her being an only child they had left everything to her in the will.

With such an inheritance she quickly learnt that having so much money brought eyes onto her as to how to use it properly.

At first she took advice and guidance from those around her-other family members and close friends of hers but she had been raised to fend for herself and decided to manage the finances and the other businesses alone.

She excelled at it and was soon banking more than enough from the stock markets and various accounts along with good investments.

The money rolled in fast and she decided to create a private school for both men and women worthy enough to have the best education-those who joined were among the most intelligent in the country.

The British marketplace and land values were quite cheap at the time so she managed to hammer out a deal for 300 hectares of land at a bargain cost.

Within two years the school was completed-a magnificent work of art in the making from the fountains and gardens to the extensive libraries and study areas.

Susan ordered her own private home built to connect with the school-a wonderful looking house in it’s own way with marble turrets and gold plated windows along with many other features, after all she could afford it.

She put her arms behind her back and smiles looking down at them all walking back and forth carrying books and bags and chatting kindly among each other.

She slowly steps away from the window and looks around her own office.

She goes to her bedroom and changes into something more comfortable.

(Susan’s office and private quarters were all built into the house as extras to give her more rooms to indulge her interests)

(Susan Heart was the very essence of purity and perfection. Her face was cuter than any other and many considered her THE queen of the school. Being the owner and headmistress she had earned respect for her gentle but strict ways and rules and was admired for both her intelligence and her caring faith towards the students)

The Heart School of Excellence took 500 students at most per year and was quickly established as one of the finest educational schools in the land.

She changed into a tight silk pink 60JJJ bra, large plain blue knickers, fluffy white socks, black headband, white blouse, navy blue jacket, black heeled shoes and pale green lined skirt.

Susan turns around and admires herself in the full length mirror nearby, she adjusts her hazel coloured hair and pulls it back while putting a hair band at the back.

Nodding in approval at her sheer beauty she leaves her private quarters and heads off to class to teach some of the students.

(She was also a teacher having passed many courses in many subjects making her one of the highest zenci porno graduates ever known from school/college or university)

As she walked through the hallways some of the more curious lads would stop and admire her shapely thighs and perfect looking body.

Finally she arrives at the Maths class and steps inside, she proceeds to close the door behind her and goes to the front of the room.

Nobody was late as they all stood by their desks.

Please be seated she says to them.

They sit and the class begins.

As it progresses some of the students look at her small petite bottom loving it to move from side to side whenever she wrote on the board.

Some of them gazed at her skirt wishing it would fall down revealing her pure skin and panties.

She gives a good lesson explaining facts and figures as well as diagrams and examples.

All too soon the lesson is over.

OK you can all go except for you two-Susan points to two young looking girls near the back row.

They file out of the classroom and the two girls step forwards.

Right you two-to my private office NOW, snapped Susan.

They looked at each other for a brief moment and then followed Susan down to her office knowing they were in trouble for nobody ever went to Susan’s private quarters unless something unforgivable had happened.

Susan entered the room first and beckoned the two girls inside, they entered and she closed and locked the door behind them.

She goes to her desk and sits down eyeing up the two nervous looking girls in front of her.

Well Heather…well Heidi, I hope you both can explain why you started smoking on break and smuggling soft drugs into the school.

I…. I don’t know what you mean miss stammered Heidi.

Susan looks to Heather, the poor girl suddenly bursts into tears, we…. we did not mean it miss…. we were forced into such habits…. said Heather in tears.

DON’T TAKE ME FOR A FOOL!!! Susan shouts at them both making them tremble, I could have had you both expelled and thrown out weeks ago for your less than acceptable behaviour, however I gave it some thought and came up with a more workable solution.

She hands Heather a tissue to wipe away her tears.

What did you have in mind miss? Asks Heidi feeling slightly more relaxed.

You will both do what I say and when I say it between now and the end of the year replies Susan calmly, any disobedience from either of you and I write to your parents explaining what you have done and why you were expelled from the school, follow orders however and it’s just a secret between us three, do you both understand?

YES MISS they reply in unison.

Good says Susan, come here Heidi.

Heidi steps forwards, Susan looks her over and runs her fingers over her young fresh lips, she grabs Heidi and starts to kiss her slowly and gently taking her time to savour the taste of mouth to mouth.

(At this point I should tell you about Heidi and Heather-they are both 18 and have very sexy looking bodies.

Heidi is rather fat, 5 foot 5 and weighs in at 150 pounds with 34C breasts. Heather is thinner, 6 foot 2 weighing in at 130 pounds with 36FF breasts)

Anything goes Heidi she tells the girl, you will honour that or it’s letter-sending day.

YES MISS replies Heidi breathing heavily from the kissing.

Susan starts to kiss her more strongly and zorla seks porno cups her soft breasts in her hands and fondles them gently in her grip.

She squeezes her breasts and Heidi gasps in response.

Kiss and suck my tits orders Susan.

Heidi leans forward and starts kissing Susan’s breasts through her blouse.

Susan opens her mouth wide and gasps at being so turned on by the feeling.

She leans back onto her desk and thrusts her tits out further giving Heidi more room.

Heidi proceeds to kiss her nipples and areola through the thin material.

Susan shudders and grabs Heidi’s head pulling her in more.

She sucks and licks both breasts all over arousing Susan even more.

Susan unbuttons her blouse letting her bra expand outwards; she takes off her jacket and blouse just leaving her bra concealing her ample tits.

She pulls Heidi’s head up and kisses her deeply making her gasp for air.

She wraps her arms and legs around Heidi and starts to crush her lovely young body with her weight.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!! Moans Susan softly as she squeezes Heidi even more.

She feels the girl’s bum and back becoming more and more turned on from the stimulation of it all.

Finally she lets Heidi go to give the girl some air and a bit of a breather.

Now then Heidi and Heather I hope you don’t go opening your mouths to friends of yours about my little secret, just as I keep your secret so you must both keep mine alright?

Yes Miss they reply in unison.

Susan gets off her desk and slowly unhooks her bra, letting it fall to the floor, her breasts looked massive as they rose and fell on her chest, nipples looking firm and erect.

Also taking off her shoes and socks she tells Heather to lie on the desk and spread her legs wide.

Heather does as she is told, opening up her thighs revealing the soft white panties that all the girls had to wear at the school.

Suck and lick her tiny vagina until she cums, Susan tells Heidi.

Heidi gets onto her knees and pulls Heathers panties down to her ankles; her small bushy vagina was now on display.

Heather was wet down below as Heidi leaned in and began to lick her clitoris all round the edges.

The girl groaned in agony as the sensations began to sweep through her young body.

Heidi continued to lick and suck all over her vagina that was becoming very red and swollen.

Yes Heidi keep going, said Susan excitedly, make the young slut cum.

Heather opened her legs even more and gasped in amazement as her orgasm built up inside her.

She raised herself from the desk and started to buck her hips and thighs.

Susan moved and got behind Heather then leaned over her face.

Suck my monster tits while you cum bitch she ordered.

Heather licked and felt her huge breasts as she began to climax.

She screamed in pain as her tiny pussy erupted big time flooding Heidi’s mouth and face with cum juice.

Drink it all up and lick her clean said Susan.

OHHHHHH MY GOD!!! Here comes more yelled out Heather as Susan thrust her tits down onto her face muffling the sounds of joy.

Her breasts grew even bigger as Heather kissed and licked them all over.

Meanwhile Heidi had been blasted by a wave of cum and a second flood of juices, her hair and face were completely covered as it trickled down the rest of her uniform.

Heather cried out from the full-blown orgasm and Susan got up allowing her to breath and calm down from the experience.

Susan pulled a chair over and sat down in it spreading her legs very wide.

OK Heidi you ate the slut’s tiny pussy now let’s see how you do on my giant one.

She takes off her knickers and throws them to one side revealing a massive looking vagina, ripe and ready for an orgasmic experience.

Heidi gets on her knees for a second time and moves in to start eating her pussy.

Susan grimaces at the touch of soft lips on warm vagina and quickly wraps her strong legs around Heidi pulling her in as much as possible.

The young girl was a quick learner having done Heather and used her tongue and fingers on the most sensitive areas of Susan’s clitoris making the pussy drip in anticipation while Susan shivered with orgasmic pleasure.

Susan felt her giant tits feeling the pressure building up in her engorged swollen vagina.

She looked at her breasts and gasped as they expanded to even bigger proportions.

OOOOOOHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! Screamed Susan loudly as her juices began to flow out of her and into Heidi’s mouth.

Yes puny little slut growled Susan; you drink it all up like a good little girl and give me satisfaction.

Heidi tried to reply but was too busy drinking from her pussy.

OOOOHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!! I AM CUMMMMMMMINGGGGGGG!!!! Yelled Susan as she bucked her hips and thighs furiously in rhythm with Heidi’s licking and drinking.

Suddenly a torrent of juice came forth spilling all over Heidi’s already cum stained face totally drenching her.

Susan’s white cum burst out straight afterwards again and again all over Heidi’s ruined face and clothes.

Eat it all up you pussy eating slut ordered Susan roughly.

Heidi eagerly swallowed all the cum and juice from Susan’s pussy and choked once or twice in licking and cleaning up her soaking wet vagina.

OOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDD HERE COMES MORE!!! Cried out Susan gripping her huge mammories hard as a third gushing waterfall started, Heidi was caught off guard this time as it burst all over the front of her uniform.

Susan climaxed big time as a second load of cum erupted all over Heidi as Susan came to a full-blown orgasm.

Please miss no more pleaded Heidi trying to get her words out.

But Susan was in orgasm heaven and took no notice of the poor girls pleads for mercy as she wrapped her massive legs around her holding Heidi in place.

She came again and again and again nearly drowning the poor girl in a mixture of cum and pussy juices.

Finally the orgasms subsided and Susan relaxed as she returned to normal.

Heidi fell backwards onto the floor in a terrible state, the smells and pheromones were only part of her ruined appearance-her hair had cum all over it, her uniform was soaked and her face was cum stained as a few tears dropped from her eyes, such was the experience.

Heather had been watching from the desk not daring to do anything until told to do so by the headmistress.

Heidi pulled herself up and both girls looked to their teacher.

Susan dressed herself while Heather pulled her knickers back up.

The headmistress tidied herself up then got a brush and cleaned up Heidi and Heather making them look more presentable.

She unlocked the door and the girls silently left and stepped into the corridor.

Farewell for now girls, we shall meet again soon enough stated Susan.

With that said she closed the door with a bang….

(Part Two Coming Soon)

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