Schemes and Seduction



“Your Stepdaughter is such a cock tease”.

I’m not sure what emboldened me to say these words to my work colleague about his daughter, Sara, who was just 18 years old. They were true, she had been flirting with me constantly when I had visited Joe over the last few weeks to work on a project together. However, I would not usually comment on it, and if the shoe had been on the other foot I may have punched his lights out.

Joe just laughed and agreed with me.

“I try and tell her about it, but typical teenager she never listens to me,” commented Joe. We were sitting in a pub and it might have been the alcohol that caused me to be so open with him or that prompted his next comment.

“I reckon if you were to respond and come on to her, she would learn her lesson. I could secretly watch and come down and give her a warning,” said Joe conspiratorially.

Joe went on to suggest that I came round for a work meeting, he would tell Sara he needed to go out and for her to keep me company while I waited. He would then slip upstairs and watch everything unfold on some secret cameras, waiting for an opportune moment to catch us.

I’m not sure how or why, but I agreed to his crazy plan and so found myself alone in Joe’s house with his teenage daughter doing a good job to wind me up.

“So, how to you want me to entertain you?” asked Sara after she heard the door close and (she thought) her dad leave.

I think she expected me to get all hot and bothered as she messed with my head, but tonight I had plans to mess with hers.

“Sit down next to me, Sara,” I said in the firmest voice I could muster. This was all an act, why was I sweating? When Joe came back, I could explain everything and she wouldn’t think I was a creepy old man coming on to her.

“You are a beautiful young lady,” I said to Sara. That wasn’t a lie, she was stunning. She had blonde hair about shoulder length and a beautiful smile. Her breasts had grown the last few years since I had met her and were at just the right size in my eyes. If I was 20 years younger, maybe I would really have been trying to get together with her instead of just playing Joe’s game.

“Now that you are a young lady, you need to be careful how you behave around grown men. If you keep flirting, they may start getting all sorts of ideas in their head,” I warned Sara as she sat beside me.

“Oh Mr Smith, what type of ideas?” she giggled.

“Well, for one thing they may want to do this,” I said as I leaned in and kissed her full on the lips.

I thought she would pull away, but Sara just opened her mouth and started kissing me back. I felt her push her tongue against my lips. Almost without thinking I opened my mouth and our tongues met in probably the most intense make out session I’d had for years. My wife was great and I loved her, but somewhere along the way the passion and excitement had gone out of our relationship. Lost in the moment, I gave in to the smouldering heat between us.

I broke the kiss and whispered in Sara’s ear.

“And then they might do this,” I said as I cupped one of her teenage breasts in my hand. Sara just squirmed under my touch and peeled off her tight tee shirt.

“Before you know it, you’ve got some old guy’s cock in your wet mouth, or in your teenage pussy or even your tight ass,” I said to her, getting totally carried away.

Sara just responded by pulling my head to her tits as she peeled off the sexiest black lace bra I had seen in ages other than on porn. In the back of my mind, I knew this was not how this was meant to go. She was supposed to freak out, not to go along with it. Where was Joe anyway?! If it had been my own 18-year-old daughter Lisa I would gaziantep escort kız have been downstairs in the first 30 seconds. Was he really going to keep watching a live sex show with his own stepdaughter? Part of me was desperately waiting for him to show up and put an end to all this. Another part of me hoped he would stay away as I sucked in one of Sara’s firm tits. I knew this was so wrong, but the thinking part of my brain had taken a break as I luxuriated in being between Sara’s heaving chest. On impulse, my mouth found one of her teats and I gentle bit her nipple as she held my head.

Of course, Joe did make an appearance, but this too didn’t go according to the script.

“What’s going on?!” shouted Joe in mock rage. “I leave you alone with Jack for 5 seconds and your idea of entertainment is to strip half naked and let him have his way with you?!”

If Sara wondered why Joe’s wraith was not being directed at me, she didn’t show it. She just sat with her head down mumbling that she was sorry.

“Sorry is not good enough young lady,” replied Joe. “Get yourself over to here right now.”

Joe had taken a seat in the other couch in the lounge, and before I knew what was happening he had pulled his daughter over his knee.

“You need to be punished for being a naughty cock tease,” said Joe as he lifted his stepdaughter’s skirt revealing a stunning tight arse. The black bra was on the floor by my feet, but the whole of my attention was focused on her firm naked bum and the matching sexy black pants that did nothing to cover her wonderful globes. I was snapped out of my lustful stare as Joe brought his hand down with a forceful smack.

This was not how I’d imagined us teaching Sara a lesson! I didn’t know if I should intervene or just get up and leave, so I sat there and just watched. I’d never gotten into the kink of people being spanked, but this was hot. I felt my penis straining against my jeans as Sara just lay over her stepdad’s lap whimpering. At least I thought at first she was whimpering, but as he counted past 6 smacks I was sure they were turning to moans.

“You naughty slut, you’re getting wet, aren’t you?” said Joe. I could hardly believe it as Joe stayed his hand and brushed his daughters’ mound beneath her pants. It felt like I was watching a porn movie as he pulled the pants aside and slide a couple of fingers into his daughters’ sex as she let out a deeper and louder moan.

“Find something to keep her quiet, Jack” said Joe with a grin. I looked at him blankly as I was brought back to myself by his suggestion, but despite the obvious innuendo I was unsure of what to do.

“I think she needs something in her mouth,” said Joe nodding towards the tent that had formed in my own trousers. It almost felt like an out of body experience as I went around to Sara’s head, dropped my pants and offered my stiff dick to her mouth. Wordlessly, she craned forward, opened her lips and sucked in the helmet of my throbbing erection. I was in heaven as I scooted forward and fed more of my throbbing cock into her warm, wet mouth.

“That’s it,” encouraged Joe. “Make sure you show Jack here a good time. You act like a slut around him, its time you started acting like one.” Joe continued to pump his fingers in and out of his daughters dripping sex as she slurped lovingly on my engorged prick.

I just closed my eyes, forgot that I was married, forgot that she was 18 and I was nearly 50, forgot everything but the feel of Sara’s mouth on my cock as I slid deeper into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite as she ran her tongue along the underside of my shaft and kept a tight seal around me. escort kız gaziantep I’m not completely sure how I didn’t unload right then and there in her beautiful mouth. Somehow, I just kept going as she looked at me with beautiful eyes and I pumped in and out of her lips.

I was only dimly aware of Joe getting up and moving us about so that Sara was on her hands and knees on the floor with her lips wrapped around my cock still. Joe positioned his own cock at the entrance to his daughters’ sex and slid into her waiting box. As he pushed his length inside her, I felt Sara pressed forward and my member sliding into her throat. In the early days of our marriage, my wife had occasionally agreed to suck my cock, but I’d never known the delights of deep throat until that second. I just threw my head back and moaned as she continued to happily bob on my dick and each time take me as deep as she could right to the back of her throat. At the same time, Joe was starting to really slam into her pussy, lost in his own ecstasy. I couldn’t hold out any longer and unleashed a torrent of cum into the mouth of this sweet 18-year-old. Sara didn’t miss a beat and just swallowed my seed till I pulled out and collapsed.

Joe rolled onto his back and guided his stepdaughter back onto his now pussy wet cock. Whilst I watched, Joe suggested that I go get a sex pill to keep me hard and some water that he had in the kitchen – I was a bit surprised that these were lying around, but all thoughts of the wrongness of all this had left my head a long time ago. I returned to the lounge to find Joe’s daughter riding up and down on his stiff member, her tits now bouncing freely before her as she moaned in delight. I couldn’t resist leaning in and sucking her wonderful breasts into my mouth again as she climaxed on top of her dad and he filled her with his cum. As she climbed off Joe, Sara grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a stroke. I was back, hard as steel and hungry for more of this gorgeous teenager.

“I think it’s Mr Smith’s turn to fuck me,” Sara giggled as she laid on her back and guided me to her. A brief thought of my wife flew through my head, but too much had happened for me to stop now. Unable to resist, I began to slide myself into her love tunnel as I leaned down and kissed this young tease. Months of her flirting and my secret masturbatory fantasies caught up with me as I began to fuck in and out of her with long, slow strokes.

“Yes, fuck me,” she cried as I thrust into her. “Harder.”

I began to pump in and out of her tight, teenage cunt as she cried out beneath me. Faster and deeper, our bodies slapped together. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Joe was stood naked, casually drinking some scotch, but I didn’t focus on him for long. My body was just consumed with need for this incredible girl.

Eventually, Joe must have got tired of watching as I realised he was feeding his dick into Sara’s mouth as she lay beneath me. At first, I was put off by being so close to another naked cock, but I just moved myself slightly and kept on thrusting in and out of Sara’s tight pussy. Joe became more forceful and was literally fucking in and out of his stepdaughter’s mouth as I pushed deep within her gushing sex.

We moved around again so I was on my back, and Sara lowered herself onto my hard rod. She leaned forward on top of me and held still as Joe moved around to her rear. I wasn’t aware where he had got it, but Joe had some lube to hand and began to rub it liberally on his daughter’s ass. I had wanted to try anal a few times, but my girlfriends and my wife had always said no. I was never confident enough to take gaziantep escort kızlar something that wasn’t offered or push the matter, so it became something I simply read about or saw in porn. Part of me wished at that second that it was Joe underneath her and me on top about to fill what I was sure would be a wonderfully tight ass, not that I was really complaining being balls deep in her teenage pussy.

“Don’t worry, you can take my ass later,” whispered Sara in my ear, almost reading my thoughts, as her stepdad began to apply pressure on her back door. As she moaned in a mix of pain and pleasure, I marvelled at the extra pressure as both our cocks filled up her front and back. Joe began to push in and out of her anal canal as I just bathed in the feelings of my first ever DP.

“Yes daddy, fuck me,” Sara screamed, overcome with bliss. I began to fuck up into her teenage cunt again as Joe and I set a rhythm.

I’m not sure how long we managed to keep fucking into this wonderful girl, but I felt her tense up as she had another mind-blowing organism and Joe unloaded in her anal sheath.

I was still rock hard as Joe climbed off Sara and Sara climbed off me and bent over the chair.

“Do you want to finish in my arse, daddy?” she cooed, looking in my eyes.

I looked nervously at Joe as I rose and approached her tight butt. How would he feel about Sara calling me daddy?

“That’s it, ease it in my tight shithole, daddy,” cried Sara as I pushed easily into her well lubricated anal passage.

“Well, I suppose we could share her as two daddies,” mused Joe, “as long as we can also share your luscious Lisa.”

“What? NO!” I cried even as I began shafting Sara’s wonderful bum. “She is only 18.” I completely forgot for a moment that this was the same age that Sara was.

“Old enough then,” responded Joe with a grin.

“She would never agree to it,” I tried to argue. I’d never even thought of sex with my wife’s daughter, but this evening with Sara had definitely opened up a whole new world to me. Still, Sara was obviously a slut and wanted this as she really moaned beneath my thrusting cock.

“Sara could persuade her friend, couldn’t you Sara?” said Joe. In truth, the term “friend” was a bit of a stretch. Sara tried to act friendly towards Lisa but thought that Lisa could do with being brought down a peg or two. The idea of seducing Lisa into sex with her and her two daddies (one of which was actually Lisa’s stepdad) had a certain appeal for Sara as I ramped up my anal shafting.

“I’ll have her begging for your cocks within a month!” promised Sara. She didn’t know if she could really do this, but with a bit of flattering and a bit of coercion she was sure she could engineer something.

I knew this was so fucked up. I liked to think my stepdaughter was sweet and innocent. She had grown up so much recently, and there was part of my brain that acknowledged that she had a killer body. I reached around to the front of Sara and felt her tits swinging as I thrust into her and imagined they were Lisa’s tits. I looked down at my cock pumping in and out of her arse as we both approached a massive orgasm and imagined it was Lisa’s arse.

I felt myself cumming and my resolve crumbling.

“Ok, lets do it!” I moaned as I filled up Sara’s back passage for the final time.

I almost missed the knowing look Sara and Joe gave each other as I gave in to my lust for my own stepdaughter and realised I had been played. Sara and Joe wanted this to happen and wanted my stepdaughter too. I’m not completely sure why, but it seems that an argument between the two girls had somehow developed into including me as Lisa’s prefect dad, and Sarah later persuading her dad to help with an almost unbelievable plan to draw both of us into their depraved world. Joe had lusted after my stepdaughter for a while so he happily agreed, and now so had I!

Perhaps I should have changed my mind, but I too now was set on a path and a part of me I didn’t know even existed a few hours ago couldn’t wait to see where it might lead.

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