Scarlett’s Punishment

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“Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Scarlett yelled to no one but herself. It was 7:55am and she just woke up for her 8am class. Not only that, she was supposed to get up early to finish writing her final term paper for the course. Now she’d be getting to class late and with no final paper. She quickly threw on her school uniform, a tight white button down shirt that tugged across her erect, pink nipples, a short red plaid skirt that barely covered her ass and knee socks with loafers. She ran a brush through her thick, shiny brunette hair and ran out the door.

Although she was nervous to show up in Professor Nick’s Advanced Lit class without her paper, she also knew he thought she was sexy as hell. He was one of those “cool” teachers who insisted the girls called him by his first name. She didn’t mind though; he was so handsome and smart that anything to get more familiar with him was okay by her. She suspected he felt the same way. On more than one occasion, he’d casually mentioned her beautiful eyes or her long, toned legs. He always said it in the utmost business like voice but she could see the outline of his stiff cock under his pants when he talked to her.

Earlier that month, he told the class that if they didn’t turn in their final papers on time that there would be hell to pay. She jogged to class but felt like she’d be able to talk her way out of whatever he threw at her.

Scarlett’s college was a small, all women’s university nestled in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. Being a Texas girl, she was familiar with Southern niceties but she had a wild streak (and she was so stunningly gorgeous) that she had a hard time making friends at the school. It wasn’t that the other girls didn’t like her, but it seemed like they were definitely a little jealous of her.

She finally reached the building and threw open the classroom door. Professor Nick and the rest of the twenty women in class turned in unison and stared at her as she panted breathlessly “I’m so sorry I’m late”.

“That’s okay, Scarlett,” Professor Nick replied. “Just bring your final paper over here and sit down.”

She squirmed a little and looked up at him saying “I actually didn’t finish it. I’m sorry. I can have it done by the end of the day or tomorrow at the latest.”

He peered at her with his piercing blue eyes. She could have sworn a slight smile came across his lips. There was silence.

“Well Scarlett, I was very clear with my directions about this paper. Every other student in here turned in her paper on time. I’m not sure what part of the instruction you didn’t understand but I was very clear that there would be a severe punishment, was I not?”

“You were,” she said blushing from embarrassment. “What are you going to do to me?”

“I’m actually not sure. I’m so unprepared that someone would disregard my assignment that I’m at a loss. Since the rest of the class was so diligent and prepared and they are now suffering embarrassment because of your actions, they should decide your punishment. Ladies? Any thoughts?”

Scarlett looked Avrupalı porno nervously at the class. Yes they were all pretty and smart but none of them could hold a candle to her beauty, brains and charm. She was worried what they might make her do.

Kelly, one of the most popular girls in class stood up and started slowly walking towards her.

“Professor Nick, I have an idea. I think that Scarlett thinks she’s above the law here. I think we need to teach her a little lesson to put her back in her place.” As Kelly said these words, she had a devilish smile on her face and she grazed her finger over Scarlett’s cheek.

Scarlett had no idea what Kelly had in mind but she oddly found herself getting a little turned on. How was that possible? She was in trouble with her professor and a group of women who were jealous of her were in charge of deciding what happened next for her. But sure enough, she felt a little juice drip from her pussy so she squeezed her legs together so hopefully no one else would notice.

“What kind of lesson, Kelly?” Nick asked and Scarlett noticed that his cock was already straining against the front of his pants.

“Let me handle this with the rest of the girls. I promise this will be the last time she’ll have such disregard for an assignment,” Kelly said as she turned back and huddled with the rest of the class.

Scarlett looked down and saw that her nipples were nearly popping out of her uniform shirt. She didn’t know if she was cold or turned on but her lack of bra made it very evident that something was going on. She noticed that all of the girls in class suddenly formed a line with Kelly in front and marched towards her. Kelly stood in front of her, staring into her eyes. Suddenly and without warning, Kelly ripped open Scarlett’s shirt and exposed her pert breasts and dark, pebbly nibbles to the class and Nick.

Scarlett gasped and felt her pussy drip a little more. Kelly, without breaking eye contact, bent down and took one of Scarlett’s nipples into her mouth. Scarlett unintentionally moaned a little. She looked at Kelly who then bit down hard on her delicate nipple.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Scarlett yelled, but it was more from surprise and arousal than pain. Kelly walked away and the next girl approached her and took both of her nipples in her fingers and twisted them sharply.

“Oh my god!” Scarlett’s heart was already racing from just the small amount of touch she had and there were another 18 girls still coming for her. As each one approached, she found her tits getting slapped, nipples pinched and sucked, mouth forcefully kissed. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was so turned on that her pussy juices were now running down her inner thighs.

One of the last girls in line walked up to her and without warning, flipped Scarlett’s skirt up exposing her bare, petite pussy to the class. In her rush this morning, Scarlett hadn’t bothered to put on any underwear. The girl then shoved two fingers into her tight little hole and when she found it to be soaking Video porno wet, she cried to the rest of the class “Y’all! She’s loving this. We need to get rougher with her to really teach her a lesson!” Before she removed her finger, she spent a few moments fingering that warm, wet pussy leaving Scarlett shocked and on the verge of orgasm.

“I’ve got something we can use on her!” one of the other girls in class exclaimed while reaching into her bag and pulling out a thick black vibrator. The class cheered and yanked Scarlett from the middle of the room right over to Professor Nick’s desk. They pushed her naked breasts flat onto the table so her bare ass was up and on display under her tiny skirt. She quickly looked at her professor to see what he was doing about this but he was so enthralled by what the girls were doing to her that he couldn’t stop it.

She heard the vibrator turn on but first felt two dainty fingers enter her slit. She groaned loudly and found herself grinding her hips back into the hand that was inside of her. Simultaneously, two of her classmates were alternately tweaking and sucking on her nipples. Abruptly, the fingers left and the huge vibrating dildo was shoved deep into her tight little pussy.

She turned again to see what Professor Nick was doing and she saw that he was watching the dildo piston in and out of her as he stroked his thick cock that was now out of his pants.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned, leaking more pussy juice onto the hand of the girl who was fucking her with the vibrator and onto the face of the girl who was biting her clit at the same time. She closed her eyes momentarily and when she opened them, she found her face squarely in front of Kelly’s clean shaven, spread eagle pussy. Kelly had climbed up on the desk and shoved her sweet smelling cunt into Scarlett’s face.

“You need to lick me until I cum or I’ll get Michelle to spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit for days,” Kelly said and laid back on the desk to present herself to Scarlett’s watering mouth.

Scarlett had never gone down on a woman so she really wasn’t sure exactly what to do but she tried to focus on Kelly’s inviting pussy even though she could barely focus with the vibrator fucking her, the other girl mercilessly nibbling and playing with her clit and the two other girls attending to and tormenting her nipples. She began obediently licking Kelly, sucking on her clit and still occasionally crying out in pleasure.

After a few minutes, although Kelly had been writhing on the desk under Scarlett’s attentive tongue, she announced that she hadn’t yet cum and Michelle was to administer the next punishment. Of course she insisted that Scarlett continue licking her pussy while this happened.

The girl handling the dildo moved a little to the side while continuing to penetrate Scarlett’s well-used hole. She made way for Michelle who, without warning, spanked Scarlett’s ass so hard that it shoved her face fully into Kelly’s pussy.

“Oh fuck!” cried Scarlett. She felt herself begin to shake and as Amy administered another blazing smack on her perky ass, she came all over the dildo, the hands playing with her and her legs. She collapsed face first into Kelly’s warmth and everyone just paused.

“I still don’t think she’s learned her lesson, Professor. I think you need to help us with this.” One of the girls said in a muffled voice because her mouth was still squarely planted on Scarlett’s nipple.

“Hmmmm. What do you girls think I should do to really teach her how to behave?” Nick asked, his delicious cock fully hard with a little pre-cum glistening on the tip.

“Fuck her ass while we keep fucking her pussy with this vibrator!” Said the girl who provided the toy. “Maybe if she’s fully stuffed, she will learn.”

Nick looked at Scarlett and although she might have been nervous to be double penetrated, she gave him the slightest nod so he took his position behind her. He rubbed his cock in the lips of her pussy to wet the tip and positioned himself at her tight little asshole. With the vibrator now planted inside of her hole, he began to stretch her ass to accommodate his thick cock. She squirmed a little and moaned but he continued to push his cock farther into her hole until his balls touched her ass cheeks.

“It’s too big. I can’t,” she said, even though she had actually never felt more turned on in her life. Nick began pumping her ass, harder and harder, faster and faster. Kelly took the back of Scarlett’s head and shoved it into her waiting pussy. The vibrator was turned all the way up and her clit was being smacked and rolled relentlessly. Her nipples, nearly raw from all of the attention, were still each in the mouth of a different girl.

Professor Nick kept fucking her ass and groaning until all of a sudden he cried out “Fuck! I’m going to cum. I’m cumming in your ass, Scarlett!” She felt his cock pulse and the hot string of cum release deep into her ass. She found herself cumming again and squirting all over the girls playing with her pussy.

Nick kept pumping until his cock softened and it slowly slid out of her ass. He stood back to admire the work they had done to her. She had handprints on her ass from Amy’s spankings. Cum dribbling out of her gaping ass. Juice running down her thighs from her bruised but content pussy. Kelly’s juices on her mouth.

Professor Nick said “I think she’s learned her lesson now, girls. I want each of you to help clean me and her up and then we will dismiss class.” So once again, each of the girls got in line but this time they were lined up behind her splayed ass and pussy and all took turns licking the teacher’s cum from her ass and cleaning up all of her juices. They even kissed her tenderly to get Kelly’s cum off of her. Then they turned to him and one by one got on their knees to clean his cock of any ass juices. Scarlett even caught some of them playing with themselves as they did it.

Class was dismissed and the girls left but Scarlett stayed laying on Nick’s desk. He walked up to her and put his hand firmly on the mound of her pussy.

“You’re going to turn your work in on time from now on, right?” smiling at her.

“Yes, sir!” she replied but in her mind knew that she would be late again for every assignment from now on.

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