Saturday Delight 2 -Jodie’s Treehouse



The weather was nice, so I decided to do some work in the back yard. I enjoyed carpentry as a relaxing hobby, so I wanted to spend some time working on a project too big to do inside of my tiny workshop.

I shut off a table saw and heard the faint sound of crying coming from the treehouse. Concerned, I quietly climbed the ladder. My head poked over the edge, where I found Jodie, holding her phone and sobbing into her knees.

I climbed the rest of the way into the treehouse and pit my hand on her shoulders. She looked up at me in surprise. “Daddy! Wha-?”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. What’s wrong?” I asked, as gently as I could.

Through her broken crying and restarting her sentences several times, she related that a bunch of other girls told her that she wasn’t pretty, would never get a date, and would die a lonely virgin.

I pulled her in close to me. “Oh, sweetheart. They don’t know what they’re talking about. So you’re wearing overalls and like your hair in two braids. That doesn’t mean you’re ugly.”

She rested her head on my shoulder. “They told me to go live on a farm and feed pigs all day!”

“Oh, Jodie. Remember that old show grandpa loves? Gilligan’s Island?” She nodded. “Remember the really pretty one, Ginger? Everyone said she was so gorgeous. You know who else was gorgeous? Mary Ann! They were both very pretty, but they didn’t look anything alike.”

She started to relax and the crying downgraded to occasional sniffles. “Some people prefer Ginger, and some Mary Ann. Some like both. And some like neither. You are gorgeous to somebody.”

“Am I gorgeous to you, daddy?”

“Of course, sweetheart. You are beautiful.”

“Am I sexy, daddy?”

“Wha-? Of course, baby. You’re sexy.”

“Would you fuck me, daddy?”

“I would fuck you, Jodie, if you wanted me to. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who would want to-“

“I want you to fuck me, daddy. And you’re the only one I want to fuck me. And I know you want me too, because I can feel you getting hard through your shorts.”

It was true. This sudden turn in conversation robbed my brain of blood as it all rushed to my dick. She straightened up and sat with her back pressed to my chest with our legs splayed on the treehouse floor.

“I can feel you, so hard, pressing against me. I want you to feel me, too, daddy.” She took my hands and guided them under the bib of her overalls. Her breasts were small, smaller than either of her sisters, but I could feel her nipples harden through her shirt.

“Mmm, daddy. That feels so good. Squeeze my little titties with your big, strong hands. Kiss me and make me yavuzeli escort feel sexy.”

I kissed her along her neck and shoulder lightly, then she turned her face to meet mine, where we locked lips. She sucked at my tongue and lips as I kneeded her breasts in my fingers.

She broke away with a gasp. “Touch my pussy, daddy. I want to feel your fingers in the folds of my flesh. Touch me, please.”

My hand roamed down into her overalls, across her firm stomach, passed her soft hips, and right to her warm cunt. To my surprise, she had no panties on, and my fingers fell right into her warm, juicy flesh.

She let out a groan as my fingers slipped into the folds of her pussy, grinding and teasing her clit gently. She bucked her hips to the tempo of my fingers, while I slipped my other hand under her shirt to better tease her titties.

I held her close against me while I explored her sexy form. As I planted kisses along her soft neck, she unhooked her overalls. She then pulled away from me to stand as her overalls fell away. She pulled her shirt over her head, and I took a moment to enjoy the sight. The bulky denim did much to conceal the very sexy body underneath.

While I savored the sight, she knelt down in front of me and slipped my dick out of my shorts. “Hmm, it’s even nicer than I imagined, daddy.” She licked it slowly, then a smile stretched across her freckled face. “Oh, I see Katie has been here first. Yummy.”

As the length of my shaft disappeared inside my daughter’s mouth, I asked, “And how did you know that?”

She smirked as she pulled her lips from my cock. “Oh, daddy. Who do you think we practice with? I’d know Katie’s pussy anywhere.”

As Jodie fucked my cock with her beautiful face, I could only envision her with her younger sister, in an incestuous lesbian embrace, satisfying each other in ways that only sisters could.

She looked up at me, and it felt like she knew what I was thinking about. I imagined the mouth currently full of my cock instead locked onto Katie’s tight kitty. I thought about Katie, her tongue lapping at Jodie’s small titties.

She drew my cock deep into her each time, and withdrew it slowly again and again. Watching her tight, athletic body solely dedicated to sucking my cock was bringing me to the edge.

As I reached my peak, she picked up her pace, until all reason and restraint abandoned me. Instinctively, my hands gripped her braided hair and pulled her head down. My hips thrusted up to meet her, as I fucked her face with force.

“I’m gonna- I’m gonna-” I tried to pull away but yavuzeli escort bayan she drove my cock deep into her throat as my body constricted. I deposited my spunk straight down her throat, and as it subsided, I could only watch as she sucked and licked any remaining cum from my cock.

“Yummy daddy cum. Yummy yum yum.” She seemed to sing to herself.

I groaned from pleasure, and this drew her attention. “I hope you don’t think you’re done, mister. I want this beautiful cock in my pussy, daddy.”

“Oh, baby. I want to, I really do. But I’m not sure if I have it in me.” I confessed.

She stood, giving me another view of her body. She walked over to the treehouse railing and leaned onto it.

She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her pussy to me. “Are you telling me you have this tight, virginal pussy right here in front of you, just begging for your cock, and you can’t manage one more hard-on?”

My cock jerked as she wiggled her hips, taunting me with her delightful rump. I could feel the blood pumping into my member as I watched my daughter slip her fingers into her cunt. She smiled as I sighed and picked myself off the floor.

“That’s the spirit, daddy. Show me how sexy I am.”

“So sexy, Jodie. I’m going to fill you up with my cum. I’m going to fuck you until you forget all about your jerk friends.”

I positioned myself behind my daughter, and teased her wet pussy with the tip of my cock. I parted the folds of her flesh, lightly touching her clit. She wiggled her hips in anticipation.

“Daddy, fuck me. I want it so bad!” She pleaded with me.

“Oh, I will. I’m just going slow. I don’t want to hurt yo-” Before I could finish my sentence, she pushed against the railing hard, driving her body backwards and impaling herself onto my cock. She let out a scream that startled every bird in a quarter mile.

She huffed and gasped, “There! All done. Now you can make it worth it.”

I looked down at her round bottom pushed completely back onto my pelvis. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pushed her forward, then pushed my cock back into her. I made slow, short strokes as her whimpers transitioned into moans.

“Mmm, stings a bit at first. But it’s starting to feel nice. I can feel your heartbeat, daddy. Your dick is throbbing inside me.”

Her deflowered pussy gripped my flesh tightly, getting more lubricated with each movement. Soon my intrusion into her cunt was much easier. I was making long strokes, pushing her body away until just the tip of my cock kissed her hole, then pulling her back escort yavuzeli until I was completely buried into her.

The treehouse groaned as our bodies shook it. I didn’t care though. I could only see Jodie’s round butt and pussy swallowing my cock again and again. I reached forward and gripped her braided hair, one in each hand.

“Daddy! Oh daddy! You feel so good inside of me. My legs are getting tingly. I think I’m gonna- Ahhhhh!”

She started to collapse as her pussy spasmed around my cock, but I pulled her hair back, holding her impaled on my flesh. I could feel her cum run down my thigh as I held her body tightly against mine.

When her body finally started to relax, she almost fell away from me. “Oh no you don’t,” I told her as I pulled back and we fell into a sitting position with her in my lap. “You wanted me to get hard again. You get to take care of it.”

She gasped for air. “Daddy, can I suck on it again? My poor pussy feels so stretched out.”

“Baby, you wanted daddy’s cock in your little cunt. You’re going to get it until my cum fills this pussy to the limit.”

“Daddy, I- ohh! Daddy! Oh! Oh!” She called out as I lifted her up and dropped her back down on my shaft.

“Daddy, fu- fuck me, daddy. Oh fuck. Fuck me until my heart explodes. I love you, daddy.”

“I love you, too, baby girl. I’m going to be enjoying this sexy body a lot from now on.”

She had taken over lifting herself up, so I pulled her down by her hair, driving myself up into her forcefully.

“Yes, daddy. You can fuck my body any time you want. It’s yours forever and ever!”

I felt my climax building up, and I knew I didn’t have long left. She must have sensed it, too. “Daddy, you can cum in me. Aunt Steph got me birth control ages ago. Fill my pussy with your daddy spunk!”

As she blissfully bounced on my lap, her body churned me towards the edge. I let go of her hair and reached around with one hand on each of her small breasts, squeezing her nipples between my fingers as I finally was lost in ecstasy.

I felt the dam break as her cunt swallowed up load after load of hot cum. She kept bouncing long after my load was spent, until her legs gave out as another orgasm took her.

Her cum and mine drained from around my cock, ran down my balls, before dripping onto the treehouse floor. She pulled herself from my cock, then turned to curl into my lap and lick my cock clean.

“Mmm, I taste good, too. No wonder Katie is always after my puss.” She bounded up excitedly. “Where is she? I’m going to let her lick up a cream pie! She will be so surprised!”

“Last I saw, she was asleep on my bed. She may have a surprise for you, too.”

Jodie pulled on her overalls, with her t-shirt stuffed between her legs, and climbed down the ladder in record time before disappearing into the house. I could only smile as I climbed down the ladder myself.

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