Sarah Visits Gramps



“What the heck is going on?” I was just off work, my first real job after graduating college. I had just arrived at my Grandfather’s house boat and opened the door to the cabin, expecting to surprise Grandpa with my visit. Well, I got the surprise!

Grandpa’s girlfriend, Ginny, was on her knees in front Grandpa with his cock in her mouth. Behind Grandpa was my Mom, Laurie, spreading his ass cheeks with her hands and it appeared that she was tongue fucking his asshole. I was in shock! Now it was my grandfather on my father’s side, but Mom? Really?

Grandpa was the first to say something. “Hey Pumpkin,” he said to me. It was a bit hesitant as he had other things going on as well. “Ginny, keep on sucking and Laurie, stick your finger up my ass!” I almost collapsed. I didn’t know whether to go in, or leave. But I stepped in, closed the door and found a chair to sit in.

As Ginny continued to bob up and down on Grandpa’s cock, I saw his prick for the first time. Wow! Sixty three years old and his cock was huge. I wanted to get a closer look. It was long, thick and veined. Bigger than any I had had sex with. Amazing! And then he erupted.

“Suck it all out of me, Ginny!” Grandpa demanded. Mom moved from behind Grandpa and watched Ginny finish off Grandpa. I was starting to get wet. Then Ginny pulled away and went to kiss Mom with her mouth full of Grandpa’s cum. It was sloppy and Mom had cum on her chin. “Come lick this off my face,” she commanded me. Being a good daughter, I did as told. It was kind of creepy swallowing Grandpa’s cum.

Years earlier Grandpa’s wife died. Grandpa was a handsome man and was always in great shape. He lived on the beach and was constantly getting looks from the women on the beach. When I was young he took me to the beach all the time. Grandpa was the best!

Mom was divorced when I was fifteen. She was also a beach bum. If she wasn’t working, she was at the beach with Grandpa and me. It seemed a bit odd that Mom was always around my Dad’s father after the divorce, but I never questioned it. Dad moved away, got remarried and was seldom seen after the divorce.

My mom was a pretty woman. She kept toned and was always getting looks at the beach. Sometimes I would hear someone on the beach whistle as well. Mom had light brown hair that was bleached in the sun, with the face of an angel. Her breasts were substantial, but in proportion to her body. Slim hips followed by long, slim and muscular legs. I guess I took after my mother, although my boobs were a bit larger, with large areola and nipples that protruded when excited.

Back to the house boat.

Grandpa’s cock was still huge, even now that it was limp. It must have still been at least six inches long and still thick. He stood in front of us without trying to cover up. He seems proud of that member, and he should have been! Ginny was naked and was licking her lips to clean all the cum off. Ginny was a bit heavy, with big, heavy and soft tits. They hung down her chest. The areola were dark brown and large, the size of half dollars. Her nipples were still erect. They stuck out distinctly from her boobs. Laurie, my mom still had her flip flops on and her bikini bottoms. I hadn’t seen her tits in a long time and they were something to be proud of. No sag on them. She had large areola as big as Ginny’s, but not as dark.

Grandpa şehitkamil escort was the first to speak. “You caught us in flagrante delicto. Sorry that it was this way, but I hope that you aren’t too shocked.” All I could think of was that my Mom was having sex with Gramps. But Gramps was hung! And handsome; in fact he was a stud! Again, I found myself starting to moisten down below.

“It’s a bit of a shock Grandpa,” I managed to get out. “I never thought I’d see you naked, much less having sex with your girlfriend. And never with Mom! How long has this been going on?”

Grandpa was holding his cock in his hand as he explained, “Your Mom needed some sexual relief after your father left you. That became me. And now we just kind of evolved into lovers!”

“Well, now that I know, I guess that it is OK. You and Mom have been having sex for seven years? And I never even had a notion!”

“Yes, about 6 months after your parents were divorced we started having sex. It has really developed into a strong relationship. We don’t go out socially, but we travel in the same circle of friends. Since we live in walking distance, we visit each other often. Your Mom has a strong sex drive and I try my best to keep up.”

Mom piped in, “Your Grandpa saved me after your father left. And he’s expanded my sexual adventures as well. Until we hooked up I had never been with a woman. Now it is part of our regular sex life. We’ve even started swinging with a group of friends. It has been very satisfying.”

“But Mom,” I protested. “This is your father in law. How could you?”

“Hey honey, remember who’s cum you just licked off my face! It is kind of kinky, don’t you think?”

I had to admit it was kinky, as I saw Grandpa stroking his cock. Ginny was sitting on a chair with her legs spread and was rubbing her clit now. I walked over to Grandpa and told him, “Let me help, old man!” He laughed and took my hand to his cock and with his other hand started to rub my breasts. Mom and Ginny came to me and stripped off my shorts and unhooked my bikini top.

Grandpa exclaimed “What a set of boobs!” My nipples were swollen and protruding now. Grandpa took each nipple in his fingers and pinched them. Then he pulled them up and away from my chest. Oh my, I thought I was going to come. Then I felt a pair of hands inside my thighs followed by a tongue starting to lick my slit. Ginny was fully occupied giving me pleasure. Mom knelt down to watch me stroke grandpa’s stiff cock. Then I heard her tell me, “Suck his cock Sarah! Put as much in your mouth as you can.” What Mom didn’t know was that my current boyfriend enjoyed me deep throating his entire cock.

I starting slow with Grandpa, but soon was swallowing the entire length. Grandpa was face fucking me, thrusting his entire cock down my throat. All Mom could say was “Oh my God!”

Next thing I know Mom is standing up and biting Grandpa’s nipples and I could feel his cock starting to get ready to spurt for the second time that day. I reached around with my hand and inserted my middle finger in his ass and he pulled out and exclaimed “I’m cumming on your tits!” And boy did he. His second load was still huge. Mom and Ginny started sucking on my tits as they licked up his cum. Soon my fingers went to my clit and I finished off as Mom and Ginny şehitkamil escort bayan sucked and bit my nipples. My orgasm was as hard as I’ve ever had. I felt it throughout my entire body as I spasmed in pleasure.

Grandpa exclaimed to Mom, “Well Laurie, I guess she’s OK with us having sex. I think we’ll have some great times together. Now Sarah, would you like to spend the night with me and Ginny?”

— — —

I stayed. Gramps didn’t have to ask twice. Mom went home as she had to get up early for work. I, however, had the next day off. I was ready. My pussy was aching for Gramps’ cock. But before that we sat in the galley and had a bit to eat. Gramps made some gin and tonics for all three of us. Ginny took out some cut up vegetables and dip for a bit of a snack.

I didn’t normally drink much, but after this afternoon I had a couple pretty quickly. We were all still naked and Ginny was now sitting with her legs spread when she commanded me “Come lick my pussy!” I had never actually licked a pussy, so I was a bit hesitant.

“Get over here and lick my slit!” Gramps just nodded to me and then I was on my knees with my tongue out licking her pussy. Ginny put her hands down and spread her pussy lips as I started to poke my tongue up her hole. I was tongue fucking Gramps’ girlfriend.

“Now work on my clit. Tongue my button!” With her pussy lips spread her clit was standing out as I swirled my tongue over and around, playing with her clit. Ginny was moaning with pleasure.

Gramps was standing over us stroking his cock. He moaned “suck on her clit” as his stroking picked up rhythm. Ginny was now starting to grind her clit into my face. Her body stiffened and then she exclaimed “Fuck” as her body convulsed and she came.

I crawled over to the chair that Gramps had gone to sit in and sat on the floor by his side. He leaned over and started to lick Ginny’s pussy juice off my face. When he was done I told him “I’ve kissed girls and played with their tits. I’ve even fingered my best friend’s pussy, but I’ve never eaten a pussy.”

Gramps asked ” And how did you like it? Did you like playing with Ginny’s clit. Wasn’t it wonderful making her cum?”

“I guess I liked it. Once I got started I was into it.”

Ginny gave her approval “You did well. I think that I could get used to your tongue in my pussy.”

Gramps suggested we take a swim and clean up a bit.

He had more sex on his mind later that night.

— — —

Gramps helped me dry off after the swim. He toweled me down, spending some extra time on my pussy. In fact he insisted that we give it a nice clean shave. Usually I keep it trimmed up, with a landing strip. I hadn’t trimmed it for a couple of days and Gramps wanted a nice, clean and smooth pussy. Ginny was more than happy to help.

Gramps got out a wash cloth and soaked it under hot water. Then nude and with legs spread while sitting in a chair, Ginny applied some shaving cream to my snatch. While she was applying it, her finger slid up my cunt. I thought it might sting, but it didn’t. Gramps had the razor ready and started to clean my snatch. The landing strip took a bit of attention, but the rest went quickly. Then Ginny spread my pussy lips and Gramps got close in with the razor. I was scared that he might slip, but excited as escort şehitkamil well. My clit was starting to tingle.

Gramps then told me “Stand up, turn around and bend over. We’re going to clean all the way to your butt hole.”

Ginny reapplied the shaving cream, this time sliding a finger in my butt hole. She slid it in and out a couple of times.

Gramps then told Ginny “Time for that later on. Now we just want to clean it up with the razor.”

Ginny sounded disappointed but let Gramps finish. Ginny toweled me off and insisted we all get dressed, but no underwear. Then we went to have something to eat.

All during dinner I was distracted thinking about having sex with Gramps and Ginny. I’ve never had anal sex, except for a finger up it while fucking. But tonight I had the feeling I might have something else there. Ginny’s big nipples were pointing out of her blouse. I wasn’t the only one who noticed. A table with three guys were obviously infatuated with Ginny and me. Gramps seemed to be proud that they were noticing.

“Another time we might invite them back. You can never have too much pussy or cock, but tonight you are all for me and Ginny!”

Gramps had me drive back, with he and Ginny in the back seat. Soon I heard Ginny slurping on Gramps cock. I told them “Save some cock for me.”

Back at Gramps boat we decided that the marina was deserted enough that we could lay out on the deck of the boat naked. Ginny slipped out of her clothes and then pulled Gramps shorts off. After I disrobed I took off Gramps shirt. Then I was on my knees licking and sucking his cock along with Ginny. Gramps’ cock had now grown to what looked like eight inches and thick! What a cock! I knew that it would be inside me later.

Ginny had me lay down and she was on all fours with her tongue searching for my clit. Gramps was behind Ginny getting ready to plunge his cock in her pussy, or so I thought. Later he told me that he had also lubed her asshole and was finger fucking her ass. Soon I heard Ginny gasp as Gramps entered her.

Next thing I knew Ginny stopped tongue fucking me momentarily and told Gramps “Stick your thumb in my ass!” Ginny gasped as Gramp’s thumb violated her ass, then paid attention to me again. While sucking my clit, Ginny slid her hand under me and slid a finger up my ass. I came quickly!

I could feel Gramp’s rhythm of fucking Ginny with the pressure that Ginny’s tongue placed on my pussy. I was quickly recovering from cumming the first time that night. Ginny now had two fingers in my snatch and one in my ass.

Gramps pulled out of Ginny. He had Ginny lay down and then I lowered my slit on her mouth as I sat on her face. Gramps stood in front of Ginny and I was facing his cock. Then he turned around and bent over.

“Spread my cheeks and play with my asshole! Tongue it, finger it!” All the while Ginny was working her magic, including at least one finger in my asshole. Again I came, forgetting about Gramps ass for a second. Gramps told Ginny to get their dildo. I was hoping it was to put up my pussy. A nice big one to fill me up.

Ginny came out with a decent sized dildo and gave it to me.

“OK Sarah, now it is time for you to use it.”

I started to spread my pussy lips when Gramps, still bent over, stopped me.

“Shove it in my ass!” he commanded. “In and out, fuck me with it!”

“Ginny, take over with the dildo and Sarah come around and suck my cock!”

Gramps straightened up just a bit and I scooted around and took him in my mouth.

I could see Ginny shoving the dildo in and out of his asshole.

I took Gramps as deep as I could down my throat and for the first time Gramps exploded in my mouth!

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