Sam the Foot Tease

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“Hey babe! Which club are yall going to tonight?” Ben shouted.

“I dunno yet. Krista hasn’t texted me back yet.” Sam replied to her husband.

Sam was in the bathroom finishing up her makeup, putting the final touches on her eye liner.

Ben and his long time friend, Tom, were watching a football game. They had just got home a few minutes ago from the airport. Tom was in town for the weekend and was staying with Ben and Samantha.

Tom was nervous about meeting Sam for the first time. During their time in the military, Ben had shown Tom a photo of Sam in some lingerie. The image was burned into Tom’s memory because Sam was not just sexy but very beautiful as well. Tom never admitted it to Ben but Sam was exactly his type: athletic body, dark hair, pale complexion.

Tom’s mind wandered while watching the game. He was feeling disappointed. He met Sam just minutes ago and was hoping to see her in a pretty dress or at least something attractive. She was wearing baggy sweats that didn’t flatter her at all. He was also disappointed because she had been in the bathroom for awhile getting ready to leave for the night with her friends. He had hoped to get to know her better since he had a crush on her for a couple years now.

“What the fuck?” Sam said.

“What’s wrong honey?” Asked Ben.

Sam was still in the bathroom so Ben and Tom didn’t understand what had her upset.

“Krista just cancelled on me.” She grunted.

Ben seemed indifferent. Tom couldn’t help but be excited. He assumed this would mean that she was staying home tonight. Tom had hopes that he would at least get to lay eyes on her for more than a few minutes. He just wanted to see her gorgeous eyes and that killer smile he remembered in her photograph.

Ben made a half-hearted attempt to apologize. “Sorry Hun!” Ben said. “Sure, sure.” Sam answered back.

Sam finally came out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen to grab a water. Sam crept into the kitchen as quietly as she could. She wanted to get a safe view of Tom from afar without being noticed. She walked on her toes so her stiletto heels wouldn’t strike the tile floor too loud.

“Anybody kick a touchdown yet?” She said sarcastically.

Tom didn’t understand her humor yet and looked at Ben. Ben only shook his head and rolled his eyes. Samantha made these quippy jokes often. Tom found it odd that Sam didn’t seem upset about her friend cancelling on her.

Before the game ended, Ben spoke up. “Well Babe, I’m exhausted. I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed.” He sighed.

“Awwww what?” Sam said sounding disappointed.

“I thought we would all stay up and play a drinking game or something! C’mon!” She pleaded.

Samantha was not normally this childish.

“Tom is still up. I’m sure he doesn’t mind drinking.” Ben replied.

Tom looked at Ben with a mortified look. The thought of staying up drinking with Ben’s wife who he had been fantasizing about made his stomach sink. Tom worried he might do something stupid or embarrassing.

“Look at him. He’d love to!” Ben said.

Tom didn’t know what to say but mustered the best reply he could. “He’d love to. Uh, I’d love to. I mean, sure. Yea, I don’t mind.” He stammered.

Samantha could hear the nervousness in his voice. She was used to this reaction from men and would often prey on them by flirting and teasing.

Ben gave his wife a kiss and left for their bedroom.

“Make sure Tom has a blanket and all that please!” Ben shouted from their bathroom.

The living room filled up with an awkward silence for several seconds.

“Sooo, what are we gonna watch?” Sam said with excitement.

The football game was officially over and Tom nervously began flipping channels. “Uhhh, I dunno.” Tom replied.

“Can you help me with this?” Sam asked.

Tom looked over the couch behind him to see Samantha in the kitchen pointing towards their upper cabinets. Tom promptly stood up and walked over to her.

“Can you lift me up?” She asked.

Tom seemed hesitant and slightly confused. Samantha was wearing a small genç porno kimono that barely made it to her mid thigh and seductive black nylons that left him curious about what type of hosiery she was actually wearing. The silk kimono draped over her shoulders so casually it appeared as if it might slip off any second. Tom tried not to stare too hard but it was obvious her lack of clothing had an affect on him. He did his best to act calm.

“Uh, ok.” Tom stuttered.

“I’m afraid I’ll slip if I try to climb the counter in these heels.” She said. She tapped her heel on the tile showing off her favorite pumps. Tom was hypnotized and simply nodded in agreement. She turned around and braced herself for him to pick her up.

Tom wasn’t quite sure how to handle her. The only safe place for his hands were around her waist. He picked her up and gently placed her petite body on the countertop with ease.

“Thank you.” She said.

Sam reached for a pair of wine glasses from the top shelf. The hem of her kimono rose up slightly, revealing the edge of her lace stocking tops. Tom took full advantage of the view, admiring every inch of her gorgeous nylon covered legs. Even though Tom was mere inches away from her ass, he wasn’t daring enough to peek further under her kimono.

“Um, what kind of club were you planning on going to?” Tom asked referring to her scandalous outfit.

“Oh! Haha, no. I wasn’t going to wear this out. I was waiting on my friend to tell me what color she was wearing before I picked out a dress.” She replied.

Sam got the two wine glasses she needed and closed the cabinet door. “They didn’t make this kitchen for short girls like me.” She said.

“Well, that’s why you have a helpful husband like Ben.” Tom added.

“Or a gentleman like you around!” She smiled.

There it was. The killer smile he memorized from her photograph.

She stepped to the edge of the counter. Tom reached up and grabbed her waist, lowering her down. “Wow, your hands are big.” She said. Tom smiled.

Samantha was hoping that she would be pressed up against him but Tom was strong enough to literally hold her like a ballerina. The tense moment quickly subsided and left Sam somewhat disappointed.

“Do you like wine?” She asked.

Before Tom had a chance to reply, Sam interjected.

“Doesn’t matter. You’re drinking with me anyway.” She said as she popped open a bottle and poured him a glass.

Sam handed Tom his glass. “Bottoms up!” She said giggling.

Sam sipped her wine. Tom gulped his down not realizing what he was doing.

“Haha, I wasn’t serious silly!” She laughed.

Tom felt the embarrassment that he feared earlier. Sam poured him another glass.

“C’mon, let’s go sit outside.” She ordered.

Sam lead the way to their patio and Tom followed behind like a puppy, staring at her legs the whole time.

Tom sat down on one of the patio chairs and Sam sat down next to him but not before squaring off directly in front of him. This made Tom nervous because of how close she was to him. After she sat down, she crossed her black stockinged legs which teased her seductive foot just centimeters away from his leg. Tom worried he might accidentally chug his glass again.

Sam started small talk with Tom about how he met Ben. This calmed him down because he was genuinely thinking about his time in the military. Sam noticed Tom beginning to loosen up.

Several minutes passed as they began to share laughs about dumb things Ben had done.

Sam crossed her legs a few times but Tom managed to divert his eyes away from her deadly legs each time. This was not the reaction Sam was expecting so she decided to step up her game.

“I bet Ben is snoring away in there by now.” She said.

“Yea, he’s a pretty loud snorer.” Tom replied.

Sam crossed her legs again but this time, her foot gently pressed against Tom’s leg. He took another sip from his glass, not knowing what to do.

“Do you always carry such a big knife?” Sam asked gesturing towards his pocket.

“This? Uh, yea. full hd porno Habit I guess.” Tom replied as he pulled out his knife.

“Can I see it?” She asked.

“Sure.” He answered.

Tom handed her his blade. The knife appeared much larger in her small hands.

Sam wrapped her hand around the shaft and waved it around.

“Have you ever used this?” She asked.

“Ummm, no. Not quite like you, Mrs. Samurai.” He replied.

“Haha, ok ok!” She laughed.

Sam placed her glass on the table and stood up. She examined the knife and ran her finger across the edge of the blade.

“What would you do…if I…” She trailed off and leaned in close to him.

“…cut you…right…here?” She said as she placed the edge to his sternum.

“Probably bleed.” Tom answered.

“Haha, funny guy!” She giggled.

Sam’s thigh grazed his hand. Tom felt the smooth silky fabric of her stockings and immediately jerked his hand back.

“Whoa, I’m sorry!” She exclaimed.

“I’m sorry!” She repeated.

“I promise I wasn’t going to do anything” She said.

“I know, I know. It’s just…your leg.” He stammered.

“Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” She apologized.

Tom nervously smiled and readjusted his seat. Sam sat back down and crossed her legs again.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” She said.

“Its alright. No problem.” Tom replied.

“Hey, it’s just me. Relax.” She said.

Tom tried to play it off but he felt like he may be in over his head.

“You know what we should do?” She asked.

“We should do some ASMR!” She said excitedly.

Tom was confused. He had no idea what she was proposing.

“It’s a technique to help you relax.” She said.

“I’m relaxed. I’m fine.” Tom said trying to reassure her.

“No, it’ll be fun. C’mon, Ben doesn’t let me do this on him because he thinks it’s dumb.” She said.

Tom hesitated to say yes.

“Please?” She pleaded.

With a deep breath, Tom nodded and smiled.

Sam jumped from her chair and asked him to lean back.

“Ok, all you have to do is close your eyes.” She explained.

Tom placed his glass on the table, leaned back and closed his eyes.

“Alright, this is all about sounds and touch to help you relax. All I need to do is find your triggers. Ok?” She said.

Tom was trying his best to remain calm but the mystery of what she was doing kept him from relaxing. He could hear her chair moving and felt her presence very close to him.

“Ok, this may seem weird at first but trust me.” She said.

A couple seconds of silence passed and then Tom heard Sam’s faint breath directly next to his ear.

“I’m going to whisper…” She said in his left ear.

“…what I’m doing.” She added speaking into his other ear.

Sam breathed deeply as she whispered, giving Tom chills that made the hairs on his arms stand up. At this moment, his cock was rock hard. He worried that his pants could no longer hide his massive hard on but it was too late to readjust himself.

“First, I’m going to gently run my fingers through your hair.” She whispered.

Her fingers ran across the top of his head and traced around his temples. She gently massaged his forehead and caressed his jawline. Her fingertips wandered around Tom’s face with a very slight touch. She narrated what she was doing to him the whole time by whispering. He found this whole ordeal very odd but didn’t complain.

He loved the way she touched him in a seemingly platonic manner but deep down, it felt very sensual and intimate to him. He also couldn’t get over the feeling of her breathing so deeply in his ear. A couple times, she was so close that he could feel the heat from her breath.

After a couple minutes of a gentle head and face massage, Sam decided to change things up.

“Ok, let’s try something different. Keep your eyes closed.” She ordered quietly.

By now, Sam had Tom hypnotized.

“Just relax. Just enjoy what I’m doing.” She whispered.

She planted gangbang porno a tiny kiss on his cheek.

Then another.

And then another.

With each kiss, Tom could also hear the faint smooching sound.

“Just a few kisses…on your cheeks.” She whispered between kisses.

Tom’s heart started racing. Sam’s kisses started to run down his cheeks and closer to his chin. A few seconds later, she was kissing him on his mouth but not quite on his lips.

“Just relax.” She whispered deeply.

Tom felt Sam’s hot breath on his lips. He tried remembering how he got into this situation. Tom thought this had to be a dream.

Sam took her time planting more pecks as close as she could to Tom’s lips. Her hair danced across his face.

“Feel good?” She asked.

“Mhmm.” Tom replied.

Tom could hear her smile.

“I’ve never been able to do this so this is fun for me too.” She said quietly giggling.

Tom smiled too but kept his eyes closed.

“Ok, let’s keep going. Let’s try something else. Stay put.” She said.

Tom didn’t budge. He could hear her moving around. Her heels clacked the concrete. He then heard her chair scooting directly in front of him and felt her bump his knee.

Sam sat in her chair and placed both her feet in Tom’s lap. Tom was caught off guard. He felt the point of her heels slightly dig into his thighs. He took a deep breath.

“Keep ’em closed.” She demanded.

Tom felt one of Sam’s heels disappear and then heard the faint sound of one of her heels pop off her foot. Immediately after, he felt Sam’s tiny foot return to his lap just inches away from his hard cock.

“Uhhh, you sure Ben’s asleep?” Tom asked.

“Shhhh! Just relax. Don’t worry about him.” She ordered.

Tom tried to relax but it was nearly impossible with Sam’s silky legs planted in his lap.

Sam removed her other shoe and now had both her feet resting in Tom’s lap. She flexed her toes on his thighs like a cat kneading its bedding. Tom tried to remain still. It was obvious to Sam that Tom was struggling.

Tom noticed that one of Sam’s feet disappeared again. He wondered where it went or what she was doing because Sam was being very quiet.

“I bet you’re gonna love this.” She whispered.

Sam removed her other foot from his lap and sat forward in her chair.

Tom felt her inching forward and anxiously anticipated her next move.

Tom felt something gently brush against his nose.

Then his cheek.

Then his lips.

He realized the fabric was Sam’s stocking she had just taken off.

Tom exhaled deeply.

“Yea?” She said.

Tom nodded.

Sam continued running the slinky stocking across his face, teasing it along his lips.

Tom smelled the mixture of lotion and perfume coming off her stocking.

Sam then grabbed the stocking at both ends and lightly stretched it over Tom’s face, letting the nylon fabric glide back and forth under his nose.

“Smell good?” She asked.

Tom nodded.

Sam bunched up the stocking and brushed it against Tom’s face. Tom forgot where he was. Sam slid the soft fabric around his jaw and stopped directly on his lips.

“Open.” She ordered.

Tom didn’t hesitate and opened his mouth.

Sam pushed her bunched up stocking into his mouth.

Tom couldn’t believe it. Sam silky stocking was stuffed completely in his mouth. His tongue played with the thin nylon, thrashing it around.

Sam caressed his face and resumed kissing him, pressing her body onto his. Tom didn’t realize it but his hands were braced around Sam’s waist. His hands naturally gravitated to Sam’s petite waist. This was no longer an ASMR session.

“Taste good?” She whispered.

Tom couldn’t muster a reply or even a nod. All he could do was breathe intensely.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She laughed.

“You know, I think I might have something better than that stocking.” She said.

“But I’m gonna need this back.” She added.

Sam placed a final kiss on his cheek and bit the end of the stocking that was hanging on the edge of his mouth. She leaned back in her chair, unwinding the nylon from his mouth. Tom tongued the stocking as it left.

… continued in chapter 2…

Please comment your favorite parts. Let me know what you hope to read in the next chapter!

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