Sam and Dan Meet

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Chapter 1


I was on a tirade towards my wife. We had been separated for nearly a year. A breast cancer scare for her, and a deep Catholic sense of marriage on my part had brought me back. Then, as had been happening all too much recently, she was leaving to go and spend time with her best friend.

She started to explain herself.

“I thought the idea of getting away from it all to fix our marriage was a good idea, so that’s what I am doing.”

I was struck dumb. I managed to get a sentence out.

” The general Idea is that you and I get away, try and put the pieces back together without distractions of every day life.”

“You’re anger stresses me, you know that. I’ll be able to put my priorities straight.”

“With Laura?”

“Yes with Laura. We are best friends.”

I exploded.

“So somehow you are going to fix our relationship by spending the weekend with your best female friend instead of me? I thought I might be able to support you through this. You don’t need my support. You need Laura’s support. Go to her. I am done. Get out. Just so you know you bitch, you’ve cost me a promising relationship. I came back to you, not out of love, but some noble sense of catholic obligation. You’ve screwed up my life for the last time….”

It was true. I had met Sam on line and we had hit it off. So much so that I promised her a hot air balloon ride on our first anniversary of when we met. I had been cheeky throughout our online courtship. She was not one of these women who will send you pictures of their privates or any other such nonsense. She was a romantic at heart and from a time of courtship. With the online chatting she was a cheeky as me.

One evening at the end of one of our chats, I had told her that there were words that described how I felt, but it was absolutely ridiculous to use them on a person I had never met. Then we said our good nights. Just as I was about to turn off the computer, then a message pops up. That message will stay forever burned in my mind. It read:

” I love you too. Goodnight.”

Another morning we were chatting and I said I had to get in the shower to go to work. We tended to get lost in our chats and time melted away. I am a fairly conservative guy, and I had never sent anyone pictures of me naked. When I told her I had to get in the shower she refused to say goodbye or acknowledge that I had stated I was heading for the shower.

So I did.

We just kept up our chat. I carried the laptop into the bathroom. We continued to chat. Still no acknowledgement from her as to what I was about to do. No good bye.

I started to get undressed first my shirt came off. She responded with:

” I have a busy day here, I have to be at work for 9 for a meeting….”

Off came my pajama bottoms, leaving me in my boxers. She continued:

” Then after work I am meeting Wendy to do yoga…”

I started the water. Turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature.

“Then after yoga, Gail and I are headed to a movie….

So bursa otele gelen escort there we were. I was faced with a decision. She had double dog dared me without saying a word. Although I am conservative, I am not shy. I am not tall at 5’9″, but I am muscular. Martial arts had done that for me. Off came my boxers. And I showered with the curtain partially open. So we could continue our chat.

I thought she was going to be long gone, when I got out of the shower, but she was still there. That day we made plans to meet.

That is when Crazy Bitch (CB) came to me with her Cancer scare. She needed my support; she needed me back. She was sorry. I was torn. I had not met this woman on line and I was sure I loved her more than I had ever loved CB. CB was my wife. Marriage was forever. You can workout anything. Truly torn. I have always been a person to do what society thinks is right.

With a heavy heart, I wrote Sam a “Dear John” e-mail and sent it. Almost immediately I cried, and felt I had made the biggest mistake of my life. God would sort it out though if I did what was right and had faith. She sent me a number of emails to plead with me, but I ignored them. Eventually they stopped.

That brings us back to the explosion with CB.

“…I came back to you, not out of love, but some noble sense of catholic obligation. You’ve screwed up my life for the last time. Since we haven’t slept together, let’s pretend this reconciliation never fuckin’ happened.”

With that CB left. This was a bittersweet moment. I was sure CB was gone until the divorce. I felt a keen sense of loss. Not for CB and her leaving but rather for Sam. We should have at least seen if our attraction translated into real life.


Chapter 2

Weeks passed and CB and I spoke rarely. Finances had us living under the same roof until the spring, but we were separated. I had continued to play online looking to meet someone. You quickly realize you have to be pretty resilient to try and meet someone online. People are willing to show you a lot more of their true self than you would expect.

If you’re looking for someone, I suggest you give it a go, but be prepared for some strange experiences. I met a lumberjack. A real live woman whose job it was to climb trees with a chainsaw and cut them down. She wasn’t exactly feminine enough for me. I thought only men were pigs. Let me tell you there is something unsettling about getting a message that says… “A more updated pic of me.” You open it and you’re looking at a full 28″ hi-res, digital screen of pierced and tattooed vagina that is spread open for you.

One day while online, I saw that Sam’s avatar is green. She was online too. I hadn’t deleted it. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. What do I do? Do I or don’t I? Again torn. I heard in my mind: “Faint heart, never won fair maiden.”

I did.

I started with “Hi”


“How are you?”

“I’m doing ok. Things are good for me, I’ve met someone.”

My heart breaks. She was never bursa eve gelen eskort going to be the type to forgive me for what I had done anyway. We chit chat for a bit as friends. Where our chats used to be Technicolor, this one seemed to be in black and white. As we concluded I wished her well.

“I am glad for you. I am truly happy for you.”

With that we leave it.

Christmas and New Years come and go. I am still playing at online dating. Early in January, I saw Sam’s avatar in green again, without knowing what possesses me I click on it.

“Hi, How are you?”

“Not well. Tom and I broke up.”

Again, my mind goes on an emotional roller coaster.

“That’s too bad. I am truly sorry to hear that.”

Sort of.

“Yeah, the worst part is, I don’t even know what happened. We were fine, I came home from work and we were broken up. Just like that.”

We chatted a bit about the fickleness of the universe. The chat was in Technicolor again. There seemed to be hope and joy there, maybe. At the end of our chat, I asked if she wanted to get together on the weekend.

Sam was reluctant. I assured her that it would be as friends. She sounded like she needed someone to talk to, and I would love to be that ear she could bend. No pressure for anything more than a coffee and a talk. She told me that this was ok. We would do nothing more than coffee and a talk.

As Saturday approached, we had chatted a number of times and it had gone from coffee and a talk, to drinks and if everything worked well we might consider dinner, but at her insistence there would be checks and balances all night.

I was over the moon happy.


Chapter 3

Since we were meeting in a town mid-way between us, I had no idea what restaurant to choose. I picked a pub type place that had decent reviews.

I got there about 15 minutes before her.

It was horrible. This pub was a family style restaurant with lots of tables that were on top of each other. I was sitting about 18 inches from a 10 year old boy. Sam would be sitting next to his younger brother when she got here. I ordered a pint and waited.

I saw her come in. She was absolutely the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. 5’4″ Reddish brown hair and the cutest dimple. The pictures I had seen of her had not done her justice. I got up and went over to her, and told the waitress she was with me.

We sat and I immediately apologized for not knowing what this pub was like. I finished my drink and got the bill. We left. Thus far the only words I had spoken to Sam were an apology as to the quality of the restaurant I had picked.

When we got out to the parking lot, we walked towards her car. I think I shocked myself as much as her.

I kissed her.

Not a “It’s nice to meet you kiss.” Rather, it was a full on open mouthed, I love you, I missed you and I need you passionate kiss.

When the kiss broke the first words out of my mouth shocked me as much as the kiss:

“I love you.”

I bayan escort bursa thought to myself: What the fuck did I just do? How needy am I? She’s gonna slap my face and get the hell out of dodge, and I’ll never see her again.

She responded with:

“I love you too.”

With that our lips met and our kiss continued. It was like 20 years of pent up passion came flooding out. Our tongues intertwined. Our lips wouldn’t let go. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other.

We were going to take her car as we went to find another restaurant so we could talk. She opened the door and I got in. When she got in on her side, I kissed her again, this kiss had all of the same passion. We were like teenagers, touching and fooling around in a parking lot at one of the busiest intersections of the city.

With my lips on hers, I un-tucked her top, and reached under the hem of the sweater and felt her breasts through her bra.

After a few minutes of fondling and playing the kiss broke naturally. I looked at her and said.

“Checks and balances?”

We both laughed.

The rest of the evening fell into place. We found a restaurant that had closeable individual booths. We had a fantastic meal. The conversation flowed as freely as it had throughout our online courtship. We were never at a loss for words.


Chapter 4

It had been a great evening. It was shortly after 11. We had been chatting for over 6 hours. Sam drove me back to my car. She told me that I should start my car, let it warm up, come back to hers and we could continue to chat.

I am reluctant to let the evening end. Sam is terrified that I will simply vanish again. We chat about how the evening has gone, and with assurances that we will see each other again we begin to kiss. These kisses are slow and loving. Kisses that make your toes curl, and your heart melt.

They grow in passion. Soon I have her top un-tucked again and this time I have her bra unlatched. We decide to move to the back of my vehicle. There is a little bit more room in the back seat.

My vehicle is warm. We snuggle down and pick up where we left off. I open her coat and lift up her top. My lips find the cutest pink nipple. She reaches down and feels me through my jeans. I am hard. I undo her the top button on her jeans, Passion is driving us although we are amateurs at this. Neither of us has been with anyone other than our exes for 20 years. I fumble with her pants and she with mine.

Soon, in a parking lot at one of the busiest intersections in this in between city, her pants are low enough and my pants are low enough that I can penetrate her in an awkward upside down T position. It is an amazing first experience. Neither of us cum. It is too cold, too public, too soon.

As we dress and snuggle after our first experience, she looks into my eyes and says:

“Eyes of my dreams. Your eyes have haunted me forever. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew your eyes. Eyes of my dreams.”

After we were dressed, we snuggled and chatted. At 2:00 in the morning we even went for a walk.

That was 3 years ago. Since then:

We moved into a house in the city where we first met. It is about ½ a mile from the busy intersection where we first made love.

We got married. Twice. (Once for us and once with our family present.)

We’ve built a home.


CB married Laura.

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