Roommate Surprise – Abby and Kate Ch. 02

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Still tied to the table my roommate Abby breathed quickly trying to regain her composure. After so much stimulation it was a large feat. My dick buried deep in her pussy and Kate’s hold on her nipples didn’t make it any easier.

I contemplated fucking her hard now. She was soaked and I’d only just entered her, but now wasn’t the time for that. Instead I slowly pulled out. Agonizingly slowly. Inch by inch. Pussy wrapped so tight around me. Lips stretched and gripping. Juices glistening along my length. I paused when just my tip was inside her. Kate had relaxed her grip on Abby’s nipples. “Fuck guys” was all Abby could manage. As Kate released her nipples Abby’s tits settled back on her chest. Kate leaned towards where Abby and I were still joined. Fingers ran lightly down Abby’s mound over her pussy and along my exposed dick. Her hand wrapped around me. Coated in Abby’s slick juices Kate began to stroke me.

Slowly she tugged from my base towards my tip still wedged inside Abby. Kate played slowly. Stroking my whole length. Each pass bumping her hand into Abby’s pussy. Grinding slightly into her. Abby was still blindfolded everything we did to her a surprise. As Kate continued I could feel Abby’s pussy flexing around me. Even though only my head was inside I could feel her pussy clenching and squeezing. Kate’s other hand found it’s was between Abby and I. She began playing with my balls. First lightly. Then she grabbed my sack and roughly tugged it as she began stroking faster. Jerking me off inside Abby.

Before I could get too close to cumming Kate pulled me back enough to pop my tip out of Abby. With her legs still tied to the table Abby was completely exposed. Lips spread. Pink vagina gaping and pulsating slightly. Kate and I both savored the view. Her hand still slowly stroked me. She began to pull me forward almost into position to fuck Abby again. Instead she bent forward, mouth open, tongue out. Slowly she pulled me into her mouth. Lips closing around me. Cheeks sucking in. Kate inched lower filling her mouth. Her tongue lapped at the underside of my cock licking Abby’s juices off me. She began to pull off, then jolted forward taking me down her throat. She held me there, buried in her mouth. Throat contacting around me. Tongue snaking out licking against my balls.

Kate held me there for gaziantep jigolo what felt like an eternity. Eyes staring up at me. Dick wedged down her throat. When she finally had to breath she pulled back. A string of drool connected her mouth to me. Kate gasped. Never breaking eye contact she tugged my dick to Abby. Head glistening with spit he dragged my tip through Abby’s pussy lips. From her vagina up past her clit then back down. Abby’s pussy continued to leak adding to the sensation. Kate continued the pattern until Abby began to moan. Then focused on her clit. Running circles with my dick head around Abby’s tight nub. Kate sped up. Then leaded forward opened her mouth and let a line of drool leak out. Lubing us up. She kept going, occasionally changing speed and direction.

All this felt nice, but wasn’t doing much for me. Abby on the other hand was starting to go wild. Her hips started bucking. Restrained by the ropes she couldn’t move far but she was desperately trying to. Her motion set her tits jiggling. They rocked back and forth until they had enough energy to start smacking together. Abby’s moans increased as Kate kept toying with her.

It was clear Abby was close. Kate ground me into her clit once more. Dragged me through her soaked spread lips. Then pushed me back, breaking to contact between me and Abby. Abby’s moan switched to a frustrated groan, desperate to cum again. Instead Kate kissed her way up Abby’s body. From her thighs up along her hip. Slow teasing kisses, licks, and nips. Over Abby’s mound up her tummy through her cleavage. Across her collar bone. Light kisses along her jaw. Abby’s mouth opened as Kate’s lips neared hers. Kate made her wait before driving her tongue into Abby’s mouth. Kissing deep and hard. Tongue rolling and flicking against Abby’s.

As Kate continued her oral assault I shifted. Kate had bent over to the table to reach Abby’s mouth causing her pussy to peak between her legs. Dark lips framed the slight hint of pink that was visible in between, in such contrast to Abby’s entirely pink slit. The opportunity to play with both girls was too much for me. With my left hand I cupped Abby’s entire pussy, middle finger slipping into her hole heel of my hand on her clit. With my right hand I reached out and lightly stroked jigolo gaziantep Kate’s pussy. Carefully I avoided her thighs and with my finger tips just grazed along her lips.

Both girls were taken by surprise. Abby had had enough surprises at this point and simply moaned into Kate’s mouth. Kate initially jumped at the unexpected contact but quickly relaxed and spread her legs. She kept going. Wider. Ass cheeks spreading. Pussy lips clung together until there was enough tension to pop them open exposing her pink hole. Kate kept kissing Abby almost violently, hand cupping her face as her tongue continued to invade Abby’s mouth. My left hand curled. Fingers pressed along the front of Abby’s vagina. Seeking out her g spot. My right hand slowly stroked along Kate’s now exposed pussy. Along the whole length of her slit. Circling around her entrance. Just before I pressed in Kate stood, pulling her lips from Abby’s and pussy out of my reach.

Kate looked back at me shook her head simply saying “Not yet.” Part of me wanted to take her then. Bend her over the table. Spread her legs wide and fuck her hard. But she’d been leading this whole adventure so far. And a larger part of me was curious where she’d take it next. I nodded relinquishing control back to her. She smirked at her easy victory and walked past me giving her hips a bit of an extra sway knowing I’d be watching. She disappeared into Abby’s bedroom without saying anything else.

I shook the urge to follow Kate pin her to the bed and slip inside her. Plenty of time for that later. Instead I turned back to Abby. It didn’t take long to figure out what to do next. Her extraordinary tits were just begging for attention. I rubbed my hand across one. Her nipple was already hard and dragged across my palm. I flexed my fingers tightening my grip on her boob. Bigger than my hand it squeezed out around my fingers. As I kneaded one breast my other hand pinched Abby’s free nipple. I twisted 180 degrees then released watching her nipple spring back to position. It was a little harder, jutted out a bit farther. I grabbed again repeating the action. Released. Then switched directions rotating her nipple the other way. The whole time massaging her other breast.

Gazing down her body I swear I could see Abby’s gaziantep escort pussy gushing more from the attention on her nipples. I traced my finger around both breasts lightly flitting along her skin. Then without warning captured both nipples between my thumb and pointer finger. I pinched hard. Abby opened her mouth. I thought she was going to complain it was too much and began relaxing the pressure. Instead she moaned, ” Oh fuck yes. Just like that.” So I tightened my grip back down.

I jumped when Kate slapped my ass. Jerking Abby’s nipples even harder. I’d been focusing on Abby and hadn’t heard Kate sneak up on me. “Mmmm she likes it like this” she said brushing one of my hands aside. I’d though I’d been rough but Kate brought it to another level. Violently pinching. Tugging the nipple sharply up. Breast pulling up to follow. “She’s a tough girl” Kate continued “she can take it.” And she did. Abby’s moans grew louder as Kate pulled harder.

I was hesitant to go too far. But it was clear Kate knew what Abby wanted. I squeezed tighter massaging the nipple between thumb and pointer finger. Then tugged. Hard. Matching what Kate had done. Abby hissed “Yyyeeeessssss.” Which slowly morphed into a frantic “Guys. GUYS. GUUUYYYYSS” as she rushed towards an orgasm. I assumed Kate was going to edge her again. Take her to the brink before stepping her back. Instead she decided to bring Abby over the edge. Squeezing Abby’s nipple even tighter Kate gave her permission. “Do it. Fucking cum. Right now.”

Abby tensed. Her body went rigid. Then she came hard. Her pussy flooded again. Gushing juices. Legs perfectly straight. Hands gripping the ropes holding her to the table. The orgasm ripped through her then she went limp. Every muscle relaxed. Releasing her grip Kate praised her “Such a good girl my dear.” Then turning to me she explained. “Our slutty Abby can cum just from nipple play if you get her worked up enough.” I was still hard. Had been the entire time. But hearing Kate say this made me harder still. Cock twitched with excitement. Kate continued “I’m sure she’s got a few more of those in her. Maybe these will help.” In her left hand was what she’d gotten from Abby’s bedroom, a few sets of clamps connected by long silver chains, a large strapless dildo, and a butt plug.

Kate saw that the toys had finally gotten my attention. She seductively licked her lips. Pink tongue flicking out. She brought the tip of the dildo to her mouth. Tongue played around the head lips wrapped around it. She popped the dildo out, stared at me and said to Abby. “Let’s get you untied dear. Then we can start fucking you for real.”

To be continued.

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