Roommate Shows Me the Way

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I couldn’t believe my new roommate was a black guy. Not that I was racist or anything, I just never really had any black friends and never imagined that I would ever share a bedroom and bathroom with one, but here we were.

I had just transferred to this school as a sophomore after doing my first year at a local community college. I came from a small town a few hours away from the college and didn’t know anybody when I showed up that September. All I knew moving in was that my roommate’s name was James and that he majored in business and played football.

James and I met as I was moving my stuff in and he was coming back from a football practice. We didn’t exactly hit it off, but he was friendly enough. We shook hands as he grabbed a towel and a few other things and went into the bathroom to take a shower and left me to finish unpacking.

I didn’t have a lot of stuff, so before long my clothes were folded and put away and I sat down on the little couch we shared with my MacBook on my lap and watched some TV. After a few minutes James came out of the bathroom with the towel over his shoulder and some boxers on.

He didn’t acknowledge me as he walked towards his dresser, but I couldn’t help but notice how much more fit he was than me. Broad shouldered, with noticeable pecs and abs, James was jacked. I got lost in thought for a moment, and my eyes drifted down from his abs to his crotch. I quickly averted my eyes, but not before a glance registered in my mind.

I always figured that the big black thing was a baseless stereotype. A porn fetish with little basis in reality. James’ boxer briefs suggested elsewise. The thin black cotton fabric failed to modestly hide what was clearly a really big dick. I tried to push the thought out of my head and get back into whatever I was doing on the computer, but it was hard. My curiosity overcame me and I tried to sneak another peak. This time I inadvertently stared for a moment as my eyes confirmed what I saw the first time. I felt a weird curiosity, and did my best to push it out of my head.

Over the next couple of weeks it because very obvious that James was very popular with the ladies. It also became very obvious the type of woman that James was into. There seemed to be a near constant stream of white girls looking to get with him. Most of them never even paid me the time of day. I because very envious, but tried to keep it secret.

Although we were relatively friendly with each other, it became obvious pretty quickly that James did not respect me much. He made out with women right with me in the room, and I was asked to step out so he could get with women multiple times. He didn’t particularly respect my privacy or personal space either. He would come home late and make noise, and then I would get half ass apologies. He partied a lot more than I did, and liked to drink in his free time.

The worst was when he would have women sleep over. I was in the top bunk and he was below, so we slept about three feet away from each other. I would hear sounds of kissing, moaning, and rustling in the bed. These were usually followed by the tell tale sounds of a blowjob and/or rhythmic gyrations or moaning. More than once I heard a woman comment on, or an audible gasp.

I tried to ignore it, but found myself unable to. Worse than that, I found myself listening in, and getting turned on by the sounds. I would often get an unwitting erection to the sounds of this black man having sex just a few feet away from me. This confused the hell out of me. I was a normal, straight, white guy. I wasn’t very sexually experienced, but I thought I knew what I liked. But there I was, finding myself unwittingly turned on by the sounds of a white woman trying to silently deal with a big black dick.

I didn’t like how this made me feel, so after a night where I found myself unable to sleep due to a confusing, raging hard on I confronted James about it. In general, I am a quiet and somewhat meek person. Avoiding looking him in the eye, I awkwardly asked James not to mess around with girls while I was in bed, mumbling that it made it hard to sleep. James, a confident and self-assured guy, flashed a grin and a slight chuckle and apologized, saying “yeah I bet.”

A few nights later, on the following Friday night, James stumbled into our room around 1:00 am with a girl in arm. I had been sleeping, but was woken up by the ruckus. The sounds of kissing, clothes rustling, and people touching each other filled the dark and once silent room. I rolled over in bed to see James and this girl Emily making out on the couch. Emily and I shared a math class. She was one pretty girl, brunette, with blue eyes and a beautiful body. I had found myself checking her out more than once in that class.

Emily climbed on top of James, straddling him. Light filtered through the window, illuminating their silhouettes. I lay silent and watched as he took her top off and bra off, revealing an amazing set of tits. They kissed kaynarca escort while she grinded on him, and I laid in bed pretending to be asleep.

He took his shirt off and she took her pants. She was wearing a thong and had an amazing ass. She kissed his body and worked to take his pants off. He sat back on the couch and you could see his massive erection pushing against his underwear.

“Holy shit,” she said, “That thing looks.. umm..” she trailed off.

“Huge?” James laughed.

“Let’s see,” she flashed him a devilish smile and pulled his underwear off.

In the dark lighting of the room, I saw it spring up and out once freed from his boxers, his massive black dick standing up between his legs, looking large, thick, and long.

“Wow,” she said, echoing my thoughts, “Like, Karen told me you were… well endowed, but damn, I don’t know if I can take this,” she said.

I lay in bed unmoving, except for my hand. That had crept down to grip around my own embarrassing erection. I was rock hard, and struggling not to touch myself any further.

Emily had started sucking his dick. On her knees on the floor, she struggled to get more than half of his girthy dick past her lips. One of her slender hands stroked his shaft while the other cupped his balls.

Before long, they were having sex, and it seemed like they didn’t even try to be quiet. James took her in multiple positions, and Emily came a couple of times, shouting it out seemingly to let them know down the hall. James eventually came with a loud grunt. I finished before they did, blowing my load in my underwear during one of Emily’s orgasms. I had to sleep with that while they slept together in the bunk below. I didn’t sleep well that night.

The next morning I snuck to the bathroom early while they were still sleeping and went to get breakfast from the cafeteria. It was early still and there weren’t a lot of people there, so I ended up alone with my thoughts and my bowl of cereal. Thoughts of the night before raced through my head. I felt confused and I didn’t want to deal with it. So I had to confront James and let him know that I found this kind of behavior unacceptable and tell him he needs to respect me more.

I head back to our dorm, figuring that enough time had passed so that James had kicked Emily out by now to get on with his day. I get to the threshold, get my keys out and open the door. I walk inside, see Emily kneeling before James with his dick in her mouth, turn around and walk back out.

I am standing in the hallway for about two minutes when Emily comes out, looking mad and disheveled. I walk in the open door with the intention of giving James a piece of my mind. I see him sitting on the couch sporting only gym shorts and an obvious erection.

“We need to talk,” I say, taking pains to look him in the eyes.

“I know,” he replies.

I start to go into my screed about how he needs to respect me when he cuts me off.

“Hold up,” he said. His voice was stern. “Because of you, I am left with this,” he motioned to his dick pressed up against his shorts, “Emily left because she didn’t want to finish me off with your pervert ass hanging outside.” He grabbed and threw my cum stained underwear from last night at me.

I was stunned, caught completely off guard.

“Emily found ’em,” he said disdainfully, “I thought I saw you looking last night, but this… no idea,” after a pause he stood up, “But were not talking about anything until finish up what you interrupted.”

Now I was really taken aback. He couldn’t be meaning what I thought he was saying.

“Sit down,” he said sternly. I listened, putting myself down on the couch.

He stood in front of me, looking down at me with a glint in his eye. I was eye level with his waist. I could see his oversized dick through the material of his shorts, with the impressions of the head and the shaft visible. I looked away. I thought about getting up and running for the door.

“Listen, white boy,” he said, “I’ve seen you catching looks at my dick in the past, what’s the matter? You don’t wanna face this big black dick now?”

I said nothing. I didn’t know what to say.

“I know it’s got you curious,” he said guiding my hand to his bulge with one hand while lifting my chin up with his other hand. I paused for a second, feeling his rock hard member through the shorts. I felt like something was stirring in me, but quickly moved my hand and turned away again.

“This is what’s happening,” he said, moving back from be a half a step, “I am not playing around. You are going to finish what she didn’t,” I was feeling scared and nervous. “How we get there is up to you,” he said with a grin.

With that he dropped his shorts.

This time I couldn’t help but stare. His dick was enormous. It stood out from his body like a rock hard black horn, looking dangerous and exciting at the same time. It was thick and long, with a slight curve and küçükyalı escort big balls nested underneath.

I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, it all seemed to occur so quickly. James was standing before me, with his big black dick a foot from my face, expecting me to start blowing him. And I couldn’t stop staring at the monster dick he had between his legs. It was all too much. I felt so confused.

“James… I-I can’t,” I stammered, prying my eyes from his massive cock to look up at him, “I’m not gay or anything like that,” I said with not as much conviction as I meant it to have, “I just had a wet dream last night,” I lied weakly, looking away from him.

“I can tell in your eyes you want to suck it,” James said in such a way that betrayed how many times he said that line before, and how many times that line worked.

“No, really,” I protested, struggling to not to look back at his dick, “I don’t want to.”

“I know you are struggling with this,” he said with a kind tone in his voice, “Nobody has to know. I know you’ve been curious, there’s no reason to deny it. I know you want this big black dick, just come and take it.”

He paused for a response. I remained silent and looked back up at his face.

“Submit to your desire. I know white boys like you cant help but get turned on by this,” he moved his hips around, “Same as the white girls, which you know about already I guess,” he laughed, “C’mon, this is better than watching, right”

He pushed my head down a bit to draw my attention back to his oversized dick. It is hard to explain but I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, but I hesitated and I felt like I couldn’t do this. I could tell James was getting impatient, but I couldn’t make myself take that next step. I sat there awkwardly, just staring at this big black cock. I felt frozen, powerless to move, to do anything. It was clear to me that what was happening here was going to change everything for me. James’ patience ran out while I sat there in a stupor, staring at his dick.

James grabbed me by the back of my head and put me on my knees in front of him. I offered only a token level of resistance. I don’t think it would have mattered anyway, as he was a little rough with it.

“You’re gonna suck this dick,” he said, grabbing me by the back of the head, “And you’re gonna like it.” With that he pulled by head towards him, resting his balls on my lips. I could smell his musk. I kept my mouth shut, but didn’t move away. I felt ashamed that I didn’t move away.

James took the opportunity to start slapping his big black dick across my face. It wasn’t a hard smack to my skin, but it served to establish how this was going to go. I sat on my knees while he rubbed his balls on my face and cock slapped me in my own place of living. I was demoralizing and demeaning, and yet I made no moves to back away.

I became painfully aware of my own erection while James was busy playing with his dick and my face, and how involuntarily my right hand found its way to my crotch without me noticing. James became aware of this and backed up off of demeaning my face.

“You already on your knees, and you look good like that,” he said flatly, “It’s time you suck this big black dick white boy. Know you place and know your role. You know you want to, you can’t even hide it anymore. Your own little white dick gives it away.”

He was right, of course. I was caught in a weird mental place where I found myself both wanting to do it and not. I was not gay. I did not want to suck any dick, let alone black dick. But now, presented with the situation, I found myself infatuated with a big black dick, almost hypnotized by the situation.

“You just need a helping hand,” he said, “White boys like you secretly know they love to service black cock. This is where you should be. You know it too,” he brushed his hand against my dick through my pants.

“Suck this dick, white boy,” he said, grabbing my head with two hands.

I obeyed, opening my mouth as wide as I could. It was barely enough. His massive dick filled my mouth as he slid it in. I could feel the head of his dick on my tongue, and I could feel my own dick react as I let James guide my head on his thick rod. I appreciated that he seemed to be taking his time and going slow. I had never done this before.

Saliva dripped down by chin as he fucked my mouth. He tried to go deeper and I gagged a little bit and tried to push him away. When I tried to back off of his dick he stopped me, keeping the head in my mouth while I coughed and gagged. He held me there for only a moment before grabbing my chin and cheeks between his two fingers with one hand while keeping the other on my head. Then he proceeded to fuck my mouth.

He ruthlessness moved my head around as he abandoned all regard for me. His dick speared past my mouth and locked my mouth open as he quickly pumped my head back and forth on his dick. I put my hands on his hips in sancaktepe escort a feeble effort to try to control him, but it was impossible. Across my tongue and into my throat pumped his gigantic cock. Never before had I felt so used, so dirty. Yet I was so turned on.

After a few minutes of this James stopped. I was on my knees, catching my breath. I thought he was going to cum and started to brace myself for the inevitable cumshot. When it never came I looked up at him.

“Take your clothes off,” he said.

I obeyed, stripping down to my underwear and sitting back on my knees.

“Underwear too,” he said. I listened.

While I stood up to take my underwear off James stopped me from going back to my knees. He grabbed my dick. The whole thing fit into his big hand with the head barely sticking out. I wondered if he felt all the precum that had leaked when he touched it. He then took my hand and put his dick into it. It looked like I would need three hands, and I couldn’t touch my thumb and forefinger around it, it so was thick. Without his prompting, I got back on my knees and put my second hand on it and started stroking his dick with both my hands. I felt so turned on.

This was the first time I had my hands on him like his. The first time I had any other man’s dick in my hands in fact. It felt oddly warm, hard and soft in a different way from holding my own. My hands slid slickly up and down his shaft from my spit that still covered his dick. I felt my cock spasm in his hands as his big black dick filled my field of view. I wanted it in my mouth again. I wanted to see it cum.

“Suck this dick, white boy,” he said again, but this time he didn’t grab my head. All he did was move the hand he had on my shaft onto my balls and gave them a little squeeze, and waited patiently.

He didn’t have to wait long. Within moments, on my own accord, I obeyed him. I opened my mouth and moved towards my stroking hands. I take his big black dick into my mouth.

“That’s a good white boy,” he said as he gently put his free hand on my head. The touch on my head sent a chill through me. I looked up at him while sucking him off.

“Know your place and know your role,” he repeated, “This is where you belong white boy, on your knees, sucking a big black dick. A niggas got you by the balls, and you got that dick in your mouth. And you love it. You know you do. You know why all those white girls are coming in and out now. But you always knew. You were curious from day one. And now you can’t believe you haven’t done this before.”

His words cut me to the core. There was some sort of realized that hit me. I let out a moan around his awesome black dick and felt an orgasm overcome me. My dick twitched, lifting up and down as it launched several thick ropes of white cum in a powerful, unassisted orgasm. James never moved his hand off of my scrotum. My dick was still leaking cum when I saw the mess I had made. I came on the floor, and James’s feet and legs. James shook his head.

I felt a sudden pang of disgust with what had just happened. I just came while sucking a black man’s dick. What was I doing here? I suddenly felt like this was a huge mistake.

I tried to pull back but the hand on my head kept me from getting his dick out of my mouth. He let me pull back so it was almost out, and then held my head so that the tip was still between my lips. I tried to talk, but I could only mumble around his girth.

“I decide when this is over,” he said, looking down on me. “You’re just a little black cock slut, got too excited and nutted all over yourself. Aint nothing changed, you still owe me, and this is still where you should be.” He squeezed my balls. I felt that last bit of cum leak out of me. He rubbed my head gently before going rough on me again pistoning his shaft back and forth into me mouth.

I weakly pushed against him, but it didn’t do anything. He used my mouth, fucking it like he did before, ignoring my gags and moans and cries. I could barely breathe, just like before. He didn’t seem to care though and I found myself giving in to him. My hands went from pushing against him to rubbing up against his abs and pecs. I felt my own dick starting to swell again.

After an indeterminable amount of time of him using my mouth as his own personal fuck toy, he pulled out and let out a loud grunt. He gave himself long slow strokes as his massive cumshot erupted all over my face and the couch behind me, coating my face with warm sticky cum. I felt it hit my cheeks, hair and lips. At the end of it, I couldn’t open my right eye, as one of the shots blasted across my eye. As he came, I couldn’t help but touch myself, and my own dick quickly gave way to a second orgasm, starting slightly after the first blasts hit my face.

James was slapping his cock against my face as the last bits of cum worked its way of out his massive black dick and my much more modest white one. I had no idea how much time had passed, and was in a strange stunned state. Did I really suck my roommates black dick? And find myself cumming twice while doing so?

James went over and grabbed a towel and threw it at me, telling me to clean up. I wiped the cum from myself and the floor as James got in the shower.

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