Roadtrip in the USA



We had been driving all day through the Arizona desert, so when we arrived at the hotel we felt dusty, sweaty and overall gross. After checking in we decided to get to our room as quick as possible. We were slightly annoyed when a woman with dark hair in a bun approached us on our way to the elevators.

“Are you guys here for the show?”

She seemed very enthusiastic about whatever she was selling and because we are suckers for this, we replied: “What show?”

Although Jason and I both speak English fluently and had been travelling the States for over a month now, our accents very clearly stood out from the overall American twang that was spoken in these parts. We are a couple in their mid-thirties from Northern Europe, hence our tall bodies and pale blond hair.

The woman, I guessed her to be around thirty years old, immediately picked up on our accents and asked where we were from and how long we were staying. She was genuinely interested in us and we grew a liking to her. Her name was Medea and she was touring with a burlesque cabaret group that would perform in the hotel the next day.

We promised to come and check it out, and to make sure we kept our promise she gave us half off the ticket price. After this encounter we finally went up to our room to wash the grime off. We didn’t really plan to stay in this town longer than a day, it was mainly to wash our clothes and take in a couple days of luxury before hitting the road again in the minivan that we use to travel the USA.

Jason and I had been together for a long time. Our relationship was solid; we both liked freedom and preferred not to be tied down, so we never had children, a proper house or careers that would keep us in one place. Of course, over the years, our sex drive had lowered. I wouldn’t call our sex life dead, but it was definitely more vanilla than in the beginning.

We had met each other twelve years prior, at a party. We were introduced by a mutual friend, and we hit it off. It turned out we both had sex with her, which was a funny thing to discover. At the party we hooked up and a couple weeks later we started dating. It was hot and steamy. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. When visiting a museum, he would slip his finger in my panties behind a statue in a quiet room. I would dress up in sexy clothes and send him pictures at work, a little glimpse of what he was getting home to. We also experimented with tying each other up. We had a drawer full of toys, although the last years it was mainly the vibrator that found its way into our beds.

We had travelled a great deal together, mainly backpacking holidays to tropical destinations. We are history buffs and we love to eat. We had never been to the States before though — the food and culture seemed a lot like our own and that didn’t have our priority. Like everything in our life, this trip was a combination of good circumstances and spontaneous decisions.

I had come into some money from a relative without children of her own. Although I came from a relatively poor background, my aunt had married into wealth and she wanted to get rid of it before she died. We gladly accepted her gift. Jason was capable of working from home — and with internet this meant anywhere on the road with a decent Wi-Fi connection.

So here we were, travelling the States for as long as our money lasted, in a crummy van, hopping from place to place. We had put on some weight because of the large American food portions, but overall we looked good, a little younger than our actual age, but definitely over thirty. Jason looked athletic and by now a bit tanned, and I look curvy, with grapefruit sized tits and a firm ass.

That evening and following day were uneventful. We saw a few sights and went shopping for some new clothes. If we hadn’t gotten those tickets we might have left already. We regretted being such easy targets.

But we wanted to make a proper night out of it. So before the show we dressed up nicely, me in a new black dress that ended a bit above the knee, Jason in baggy trousers and a t-shirt. We both had tattooed sleeves on our arms and I also had my legs and back covered with ink. The dress fell open at the back so it showed a lot of my tattoos. I combined it with black army boots. We hit the hotel bar for cocktails before going to the show. I already caught some glances from the hotel guests.

When we arrived at the show we were a little tipsy from the drinks. They checked ID’s at the front so we waited in line. We saw Medea pass by and she waved quickly before jolting off backstage. The tickets had been expensive, but drinks were included and after all we had Medea’s discount.

We got to our seats and ordered champagne. Pretty people walked around with trays full of drinks and appetizers. I felt out of place in such a chic environment, but the other guests were a mixture of people, so I quickly adjusted.

The lights went off and the show started. A lady with everything plus-sized eve gelen gaziantep escort came on stage. She turned out to be the host of the evening. She had a classic tattoo sleeve with mermaids and swallows on her left arm and she was very funny. The laughing made us feel at ease.

Then came the first act: two girls that looked very similar, hair like Cleopatra (probably they were wigs), red lipstick and in lingerie. They were performing a dance in which they were hiding behind a giant feather fan that opened up in convenient times, so we could semi-accidently see their exposed bodies.

First, some cleavage. Next, some well-proportioned butt. Then, a nipple. It ended with them wiggling their butts and glancing over their shoulders, showing just enough nipple to make it exciting. The crowd was getting louder at every exposure and I got flushed from the drinks and excitement. I turned to Jason, who was also enjoying the show. He winked at me and softly bit my shoulder.

The host came back on — this time she was wearing less. She had started in a big see-through blouse, with a tank top underneath, and leather pants. Now she had lost the blouse. “I wonder if you are a hot as I am!” The crowd cheered. “Next, our own Greek myth… Medea!”

There she was. She was looking really sexy, with a loose hanging dress that accentuated her petite body and her few tattoos. Her hair was untied and hung playfully over her shoulders. She danced sensually and as her act progressed she started interacting with the crowd, feeding them grapes and letting the audience feed her, while she sucked on their fingers. I was sad she didn’t give us tickets for the front row, but then again, why would she give them to cheapskates like us.

As the evening progressed the host was wearing less and less on stage (by the end it was only tassles and a g-string) and the acts became more and more naughty. One show was particularly hot, with a guy and two girls dancing around each other with very little clothes on. It looked like a strip show. I became frisky. My labia parted as I felt myself getting wet. I bit my lip and looked at Jason. His bulge spoke louder than a thousand words. I squeezed it quickly. He immediately responded: he got harder and grew a few centimetres. He looked at me glass-eyed and pinched my nipple through my dress. I squeeked a bit, involuntarily grabbing the attention of the waiter, who offered us another drink.

This got us out of our trance and we decided to behave, at least until our hotel room. The show ended and everyone appeared on stage with a big bow. We applauded and, like many other guests, left quickly to our rooms.

Once we got there it didn’t take Jason long to rip off the top of my dress, baring my breasts. He licked and sucked on my nipples until they were erect. I let out a moan and massaged his crotch through his pants. He told me to take off my panties and pushed me on to the desk that was in the corner. He spread my legs and made his way down. He ate my pussy with a hunger I hadn’t seen in a long time.

He sucked on my clit, then pushed his tongue fiercely down on it, moved it from side to side and sucked again. He put his finger in my vagina and started moving it in and out. Then he added another finger, all the while continuing his licking and sucking.

I looked down at myself, in a small black dress, with my tits hanging out and my crotch bare, with this beautiful man working away at it. I was so hot and dripping wet. Jason used this wet, sloppy mess to enter my butt with his finger. I screamed as I came right there, on his face, his finger slowly moving in and out my butt.

Now I wanted to be fucked. I threw my dress on the floor and stood there, naked, but still with boots on. He opened his trousers and as he lowered them his cock sprang out. It was always big, but now it was standing up, throbbing. I had to lick it, albeit very briefly. He let out a moan and turned me around, he entered my vagina with ease. I yelped when he reached full depth.

As he fucked me from behind he started talking dirty.

“Did you like what you saw on that stage? Those hot women and their tits out?”

He knew I was into both women and men and we used it from time to time in our fantasies.

“Ahh yes, it was so hot”, I moaned.

“Did you like how they danced, riding each other on that stage?”

“I wanted them to dance for me”.

“And the guy, did you like his bulging pants?”

“I wanted to see his cock so badly”.

“What would you do with it?”

“I would suck it dry till the last drop”.

“And the girls?”

“I would tease them and lick their clits until they begged me to let them come”.

This talk didn’t last long as he started pounding me harder and harder until he took out his cock and came on my back. I felt the warm semen run off my back and butt as I sat down on the floor. We looked at each other, gaziantep eve gelen escort sweaty and with messy hair, and we kissed.

“I love you” we said in unison.

It wasn’t actually that late yet, so after we cleaned ourselves up we decided to drink something at the bar. My nice new black dress had sperm on it, so I was wearing hotpants and a tank top instead, which I regretted instantly when stepping into the bar that was filled with the good looking people from the show.

“Damn, these people are all so pretty”, I thought. We ordered some icy cocktails to cool down our flustered faces. We stood there for a while, watching the artists and their entourage. Then Medea saw us and came to chat.

“Hey, you guys came!”

She had no idea how much we came.

“What did you think?” she asked.

“Thanks so much, it was a really great show. You are all so talented and pretty. We had so much fun”. Did I overdo it with the complements? If so, she didn’t show it.

“Aww, thanks. I wasn’t sure you’d be into this so I’m glad you liked it”

We chatted a bit more. I checked her out, she was looking very elegant in a jumpsuit that had a big zipper at the back. I complemented her on it, and she explained that it was a hassle when going to the toilet, but she loved it too much not to wear it. Jason and her really hit it off when they talked about their shared hobby: photography.

I decided to grab a few more drinks for us, since I couldn’t really relate to the subject. When I came back I saw that Jason had another bulge in his pants. I couldn’t believe it, after the sex we just had he was ready to go another time? Well, Medea was very pretty, so I didn’t blame him.

Their body language was changing, they looked like they were into each other. I enjoyed this view for a bit longer, getting slightly aroused, before returning with the drinks.

“Ah, there you are. We were just talking about playing with light and shade in black and white photography”.

“Uh-huh, I’m sure you were” I said, winking at Jason.

We all really hit it off, but Medea also had other people to entertain. When we were left by ourselves I leaned in for a kiss and whispered in Jasons ear. “I know you would do her. I would too”. He grabbed my waist and kissed me passionately on the mouth.

After a while Medea came back and invited us to come to the next place, with some of the cabaret group. We decided to join them and we all piled up in a taxi. Off we went, to a club nearby. I sat in Jason’s lap, and next to us was Medea and one of the girls that had performed the fan-dance. The hostess was in a chair in front of us, her name was Liza and she laughed loudly whilst cracking jokes. Next to her was some skinny dude that for some reason had hitched a ride, a lucky bastard like us.

Liza arranged a VIP area consisting of two booths. This seems more common in the US than in Europe. The area was a bit above the dance floor and it was dimly lit. Liza, the other girl and the skinny dude sat down in one booth, and Jason, Medea and I in the other. The music was loud but we could still talk. Champagne was ordered for each booth.

Medea offered us a little pick-me-up and we gladly accepted. After all this booze it seemed like the right thing to do. We became more talkative. I had the courage to ask how Medea got into all this. She told us about growing up in a suburb in the Midwest. Back then her name was Lauren. She had been popular in high school but hated the prom king/queen atmosphere there. As soon as she finished she left to the city, on an allowance from her parents, which she wasn’t proud of.

After her parents money dried up she worked odd jobs. As a librarian, waitress and briefly as a nude model for art students. In the city she met with her crowd — people with a different outlook on life. This is where she came into contact with feminists. “I was a bit dykey for a while, shaved my head and hung with hardcore lesbians”. She said she never fully committed to lesbianism, she simply liked cocks too much.

She looked at Jason quickly, a bit shy. She didn’t seem like the shy type, but it made her look more beautiful than she already did. I grew to like her more and more.

“But enough about me… how did you two meet?” she asked. We glanced at each other and laughed. When telling Medea about our mutual sex partner she grinned and asked: “Did you say you SHARED a partner?”. We laughed as this was a strange idea with the knowledge of that time. After this we grew quiet for a brief moment.

“So how did you end up with the cabaret?” I asked. Medea had worked as a photographers assistant and the cabaret group were modelling. “We hit it off straight away and I ended up running off with the circus.” She laughed. “But this is not my permanent gig. We do this a couple months and then we fan out to different parts of the country. I usually hang out in the South, with some gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan friends that own land”.

It all seemed magical. Medea was great and we had so much fun with her. As the night progressed we got closer to each other. At some point Medea and I were both stroking Jason’s leg, who didn’t seem to mind at all. I reached forward and kissed Medea. It was both passionate and loving. Jason had front row seats. His crotch was growing and he stroked our hair and faces.

Medea reached into my tank top and fondled my breasts. She looked at me and then licked my nipple. I moaned softly. A quick look in the other booth made me feel more comfortable with this public display — Liza was sitting on top of the skinny dude’s lap, giving him a lap dance. Because of their size difference it looked a bit comical. The fan girl was gawking at them, shifting up and down her seat.

Meanwhile Medea cupped both my bare breasts and went back and forth licking them. Jason looked at me. We had never discussed a threesome or non-monogamy. All our promiscuity happened in our fantasies only. I looked back at him questioningly and he nodded. Everything felt so natural and at ease.

I lifted Medea’s face and kissed her. She looked hot and a bit glass-eyed. She asked if everything was alright. Both Jason and I nodded. Then Jason and Medea leaned in for a kiss. I loved watching their tongues play and their hands touching each other. It was incredibly hot, but we didn’t want to take it further in the booth.

Liza was now riding the skinny dude while fingering fan girl. They didn’t seem to mind the exhibitionism. Our threesome decided to go back to the hotel. In the cab we couldn’t stop touching. Medea’s jumpsuit was almost completely unzipped when we arrived. We straightened our clothes and our faces and paid the driver, who was grinning and wished us a good night.

We went to Medea’s room as it was bigger and more luxurious than ours. The view was nice too. We sat down and talked about what was going to happen. We agreed that us girls were allowed to do everything. Jason looked at me when the subject of sex between him and Medea came up, but after pretending to think about it I agreed that they could do everything too. I had played this scenario in my head more than once and the thought of watching them fuck was incredibly arousing.

Medea got up and unzipped her jumpsuit. In one swift move she was standing there — naked. She got on top of the table and kicked the jumpsuit towards Jason. Then she stepped down, took out my breasts once again and bit my nipples. I saw Jason unzipping his pants. He definitely needed some space. He freed his cock and stroked it slowly as he was watching that beautiful naked creature going at it.

I stood up to take off my top and bra. I was tangled up for a moment and Medea took her chance to push her finger into my hotpants and panties. I couldn’t suppress a shriek. When I untangled myself Medea stood very close to me, rubbing her nipples against mine. I was a bit taller so she had to stand on her toes slightly.

I unbuttoned my hotpants and took everything off in one go. Medea invited me up on the table. She sat next to Jason while they both admired my naked body. It felt a bit uncomfortable being so exposed. But them sitting there, cuddled up and cheering me on was both extremely cute and insanely hot.

Medea’s hand crept towards Jasons cock and at the same time his hands went around her shoulders and grabbed her breast. She moved her hand around his cock agonisingly slow which made his face distort slightly. Medea waved me closer and I obliged. “Does he last a while?” she whispered, almost speaking into his erect penis like a microphone. “He might last a while, he came before we met in the bar” I whispered back. “Ooh, naughty boy” Medea said, as she flicked his cock. This dialogue seemed funny and sensual at once and I couldn’t resist licking a drip of precum off the dick in front of us. We both giggled as Jason moaned in agony.

Then we dove straight in and nearly devoured his dick. In porn it always seems like the dude is in charge but in this moment we were the ones that had the power. We took turns in licking the shaft and head and playing with his balls. When he seemed near his orgasm we stopped and kissed each other. Sometimes our tits would touch his cock as our tongues would play more and more intensely. Other than that we ignored Jason for a while. He didn’t seem to mind.

We moved a bit so Medea could lie on her back on the couch, with her legs spread. I sat on my knees and tasted pussy again, for the first time in almost 15 years. And what a pussy it was. Where my pussy was quite fleshy and full, hers was a bit flatter and small. Her inner labia protruded just a little bit. I nibbled on them softly, whilst flicking my tongue in her opening. Then I sucked her clit, circled it with my tongue and flicked my tongue in again. She seemed to like what I was doing, and so did Jason.

He stood up and looked at us carefully, his now giant cock swinging around. He played with Medea’s nipples and she grabbed his cock. “I want it in my mouth” she said breathily. Jason looked at me, which I hardly noticed and quickly okayed. Here we were. Jason, the love of my life, fucking this gorgeous woman in her mouth, while I am eating her out. I was dripping wet, licking furiously at her clit.

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