Road to the Sun Ch. 09



This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older. This is an incest story. IF it is not your cup of tea, please move on.

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Road to the Sun Chapter: 09


“Morning sunshine! Sounded like you had a rough night last night! Are you okay?” Geraldine asked.

“I slept like the dead, grandma. And I feel fine. How are you this morning?” Tess asked. Truth was she felt wrung out. She had never ever, in the entire span of her short life, had as many orgasms as she did last night. The intensity of the back-to-back mind blowing parade of convulsive orgasms took a toll on her and she ended up passing out. But that was something she wasn’t going tell her grandma!

“Doing well, sweetie. Hot coffee in the kitchen, if you’re interested.”

“Thank you, grandma! That sounds great!” Tess passed through what was supposed to be the living-room, but was more akin to a museum. It was filled with Native American artifacts that would make historians drool. Every available space in the room had something. Like the old blanket that was draped across the back of her grandma’s favorite seat. The odd pieces that cluttered the mantle were the most disturbing of the lot and she did her best not to look at them as she passed into the dinning-room. It was more tactfully decorated but still looked like a museum.

The kitchen was at least normal, She got a cup out of the dish rack and poured the delicious smelling black liquid into it. It was hot if a bit stronger than she liked, but she downed the cup to sooth her parched throat. She stood looking out the window that was over the sink and took in the amazing view. Snow covered mountains with the upper lake dominating the panorama. However, her mind was going over last night.

It had started off with a fantasy of Rachel, the hot red-head, licking one of her nipples and fingering her pussy. It quickly turned into James relentlessly fucking her doggy style while she lay atop her sister, Mariah. It was the first time she had ever thought about James having sex with her. She had only meet him the one time but found him very cute at first. After he flirted with her when he was leaving that cuteness turned to sexy. After he left she had a hard time not thinking about him.

She went over and got another cup of coffee then sat at the kitchen table. She took a few deep breaths then sipped the hot liquid. She closed her eyes and tried to settle down. She was getting hot and bothered by the thought of James. Her pussy still sore from last night but it also ached to have him fuck her for real.


Mariah was a mess. She spent several hours on the phone talking with her twin. The persistent ringing forced her to up. The conversation she had with her sister, of their shared experience from last night, had left her in a state that she couldn’t even begin to think of a word to describe it! ‘Aroused’, was not nearly strong enough! When Tess had told her of being fucked by James doggy style while she laid on top of her fucking her till she passed out, was almost the same thing that had happened to her. However, it was her being fucked doggy and not laying face-to-face with Tess, but with her in a sixty-nine position.

She had to agree that it felt as real as real can be. Now, here she was, all worked up into a frenzy and her pussy was too sore to do anything about it! She knew how her sister felt. She too needed James and wanted him now more than ever! Her thoughts drifted to the time she had pulled him over. And knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that if it happened again, she would fuck him right then and there! No matter if it was in plain sight! Even if it was in the middle of town during rush hour!

She took another deep breath and tried to calm down. She stood up and went to take a cold shower. She had to find him! She had places to check and no time to waste on wishful thinking. It was time to make her desires come true! It was time to check the campgrounds.


Rachel was wide awake after falling out of bed. It was something she hadn’t done since she was a little thing. She was a bit embarrassed, but glad that there wasn’t anyone around to see it. She stood and rubbed her sore hip and then wandered off to the bath-room to do her morning routine. While she was in the shower, her mind replayed the erotic flashes that she masturbated to last night. Like all of her fantasies, they were quick flashes that bounced from one erotic encounter to the next. People doing things islahiye escort to her and then doing something else to someone else. That, was the strange part. James having sex with the other women. She shook the thoughts from head and rinsed off.

When she was dressed, she pulled out her laptop and started to do a search for the Cromwells. She checked: N.C.I.C.(National Crime and Information Center), Local D.M.V.(Department of Motor Vehicles) and every social media site she could think of, all to no avail. She looked at the time on her laptop and it was just past 11a.m., so she decided to call it lunch time.


James had just finish dropping off a wheelbarrow full of gravel to the crew doing work on the road’s shoulder when he heard Mr. Cooper yell his name. When he reached his boss’ truck he jumped in as he was asked.

“Jimmy, we have a problem!” Mr. Cooper said in his strong southern accent. Although James had a southern accent as well, Mr. Cooper’s was far more pronounced.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No my boy! You’re the only thing that been right for the last week! I called you over cause I need to ask you for your help!”

He was relived that it wasn’t trouble. “And what can I help you with today?”

“Know anyone that needs a job?”

“Well, my sisters are looking for work.”

“Na, cant use a woman. Don’t need their bouncing tits and swaying ass’ distracting the guys. Where behind schedule as it is, don’t need that hassle!” he laughed.

James didn’t like his sexist attitude one bit, but he did think it might be a bad idea to have his sisters working here. If one of the guys said or did anything he didn’t like, someone would end up getting hurt.

“Well, we are new to the area, so I don’t know any one yet. Sorry ’bout that!”

“Don’t worry about it, Jimmy my boy! Everyone here is from out of state!” He laughed.

James didn’t much care for being called ‘Jimmy’ and he cared even less for all this ‘my boy’ shit! The Texan defiantly had a way of pissing him off every time he opened his mouth, but James bit his tongue and bid his time.

“Well, any how, I want you to run the end-loader!”

“I… I’ve never used anything like that before!” He protested.

“Don’t worry, my boy! I’ll teach ya! Since we’ve lost Troy, I need someone who will listen and do as their told! I know ya can handle that!”

“O…kay. When do we start?”

“Right now! Need to jump in and get your feet wet! I know it’s as cold as a well digger’s ass out here, but the sooner I get ya going the better off we’ll be!”

He just nodded and followed to him to the big machine and climb in after Mr. Cooper. James wasn’t sure he was up for this but he’d give it go anyways.

“Now, the first thing ya need to do is…”


Claire woke with a start. She had a terrible feeling that something was wrong. She sat up and looked around the room to see if she could find it. That’s when she noticed the piece of paper dangling from the mantle. That’s when she also noticed the time. The clock was being used as a paper-weight and it was almost noon! Jumping out of bed and waking her sisters up by stumbling over them so she could read the note.


Hey sis, the paper work on the cars is in the envelope along with cash and don’t forget to do your guys’ drivers licenses!

Love always James

The fire was almost out and the siblings decided to let it stay that way. No need to rekindle it just to make a pot of coffee. They quickly cleaned themselves up with the frigid water from the spout, but not without constant complaints. They dressed faster than normal and Claire was sure her brother would have been impressed. They were in the SUV by seven minutes after one in the afternoon.

When she started the car, she noticed the gas gauge was on empty. So the first stop was to get gas and coffee at the lodge. While the twins fought over the vanity mirror on the passenger side visor to do their makeup, she took care of the gate. When they got to the lodge, Cindy pumped gas, Melody went inside to pay and get coffee and she did her own makeup.


Rachel was sitting in the restaurant having a cheese burger and a root-beer. Her fries were the first thing she scarfed down after dipping them in mustard. She was quite non lady like as she devoured the massive bison cheese burger. It was just so damn good, so juicy and piled high with: two patties, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard. No cat-shit! She couldn’t stand the stuff. She looked islahiye escort bayan out the window as she was taking a drink and noticed the twins getting into a blue four door SUV. She dropped her drink and ran to try and catch them before they left. She didn’t make it in time, but she did manage to get the plate number for the Georgia plates.

Her shoulders sagged as she looked at the ground as she headed back inside. She would have jumped in her car and followed them, but she had left her keys and her purse inside. She was about to go back to her table when she turned and headed for the restroom. When she looking in the mirror she was horrified! Her face was covered in grease and mustard! “Oh,my,god!” She washed her face vigorously, and admonished herself for being such a pig. If she had managed to catch them looking like that, she would have died.


“I swear! I think that red-head was trying to catch us!” Cindy pleaded.

“Maybe so, but we’ve got shit to do! And I’m not going back!” Claire stated.

Melody just smiled and took a sip of coffee and looked out the window. She didn’t get out of the cabin much and was enjoying the scenery. The hillside had a dusting of snow and with a bit of snow on the pine trees, it made her think of Christmas time. That’s when she saw a sign. She couldn’t pronounce the name on the sign cause it was all in Blackfeet she thought, but she could read the ‘Bed and Breakfast’ part.

“I wonder how much it would cost for the four of us to stay in that bed and breakfast over the holidays?” she asked aloud. More to herself than anyone in particular.

“What bed and breakfast?” Claire asked.

“That one with the pillars.” she replied as she pointed to a rather large building with ornate pillars.

“I thought that was someone’s home, not a B where to check the oil and how to change it. His boss told him about diesel fuel and the problems with gelling. And a tonne of other stuff that James soaked up like sponge.

He was thrilled with everything that happened today! More money and training were perks, but the best thing that happened was when his boss told him about a bonus if the project was finished early. Another five grand almost gave him a hard-on. He knew it was another carrot being dangled in his face, but he just couldn’t see it happening. When James came on board, they were already three people short. With Troy gone, it made four. They would need to bust ass to get the job done in time, let alone get it done early. Five grand was one hell of a carrot! Not sure how he would do it, but he’d give go.

His boss then taught him how to drive the thing by having him drive it the the area where it was parked over night. That’s when his boss told him to have a great night. When he looked at his watch it was after six. He shook his head, said good night and walked to his truck.


The new watch tower, in which Mariah was now walking around the parapet, was at least closer to the reservation. She was only able to check five of the seven campgrounds in the area before she had to she had to back at the tower. She recalled James telling her that he was camping but he didn’t say where. Tower 104 was just like all the rest, the only real difference was the location. The middle of fucking nowhere! The campgrounds around this area were primitive. No water and no restrooms. It was a long shot to have hoped that he would have been at one of them, but her drive to find him would leave no stone unturned. Her drive had not diminished in the least as she narrowed down the list of possibilities.

She knew she had to work smarter not harder. ‘He’s with his sisters, if their city folk… water and bathrooms. However, they may have a camper.’ She thought aloud.

She knew of one sure fire way to find him; go to the construction site. But that idea just made her feel like a stalker. It might be her only chance though. The National Park’s campgrounds would close the weekend after next and the construction was to finish the Friday before. It was possible that James had his stuff in the new house already but was taking the time to camp while he had the chance, but that didn’t sound right either. Sly Fox would’ve noticed new stuff.

Nine O’clock wasn’t too far off, then she could head home and spend her two days off checking the campgrounds around ST. Mary’s. She hated the idea of coming all the way back down here for the rest of the week, but oh well. She turned around and walked towards the steps leading down to ground level then paused escort islahiye before she hit the first step. An idea popped into her head. Maybe while she was home she’d take a look at his new home.


Watching her Granddaughter, Tess, had proved very amusing to Geraldine. The twenty-two year old was almost as fidgety as a preschooler on Christmas Day. She was supposed to be studying from the old tomb on the dinning-room table. Instead of bouncing from room to room and only half-way doing whatever it was that she thought she was. Like washing the windows; she only did the bottom frame. Vacuuming the carpet; She only did a fourth of the dinning-room.

Geraldine could only wonder if her Grandmother went through the same thing just prior to the ‘Great Event’. She had no idea how long the the ordeal would last. It could just be a matter of days, or weeks, maybe even months or years, but she did pray that she would still be around by the time it finished. Being around for 112 years was a surprise. She had seen the end of the old ways and new innovations; from the airplane to the horseless carriage; Television to the home computer, and of course the mobile phone. The only thing however that she truly wanted to see was the ‘Great Event’.

To her, even the moon landing was pale in comparison. To have the ‘Great Event’ happen to her family for the second time was a great honor. Even though she wasn’t really their grandmother; one would have to add four more ‘greats’ and change ‘mother’ to ‘aunt’ to get her real relationship to the twins, she was proud. With the pride came a deep sorrow as well. Two would die. She was determined not to let that happen. She had people and plans in place to prevent such a thing. But plans never ever work out perfectly.

When she watched her young ward approach the living-room’s fire-place, she raised an eyebrow. Usually the twins avoided it like the plague. When she picked up a ceremonial bone dagger from the mantel, Geraldine knew immediately what part Tess played. She held her breath as she waited for the woman to pick another piece.

The phone rang and she almost had a heart attack right then and there. Partially due to the phone, but it was more to due with the dagger falling from Tess’ hand. She got cold and shivers ran down her spine as she watch the relic fall in slow motion. This was absolutely the worst thing that could’ve happened. Depending on how the dagger landed, it could mean certain death! When the young woman’s hand swept in to view and caught the dagger by the handle, she sagged back into her chair and took a deep breath, relieved that one of worst nightmares wouldn’t come to pass.

“Tess, dear? Would you please bring me a stiff drink? And make one for yourself as well!”

“Grams, you know you’re not supposed to drink!”

“True, but you and I need to have a talk.”


Shifting in the passenger seat, Claire did her best to take a bit of pressure off her pussy. Her dress jeans were just too tight in the crotch whenever she sat. Her brother had really done a job on her and her sisters as they all had complained at one time or another the entire day. She never thought for a moment that her brother would have pounded so very throughly. He gave her what she needed, the fucking of a life time.

She had no idea how many orgasms he ripped from her, but he sure left her pussy raw! She could never remember a time passing out during sex, but she she more than happy to find out if it would happen again. She was surprised to find out that her brother had taken all three of them last night. Only finding out just moments before they arrived at the D.M.V.

Being at the DMV for most of the day was embarrassing as well, due to the fact that they all were also leaking their brother’s sperm for the first hour or so.

New titles, registrations and plates where done for both vehicles. The girls all had new drivers licenses and that only left James to get his. Claire found it a bit funny that the twins had caused some confusion, while getting their drivers license, due to their different eye colors.

She shifted in her seat once more and tried to tug at the crotch of her jeans to give herself some relief. When that failed, she considered just taking them off.

“Are we still going to stop at the B&B?” Cindy asked as they were quickly approaching the driveway.

“What time is it?” Melody asked.

“It’s ten after seven,” Claire stated after looking at the clock on the dash.

“It’s a B&B, so they’re most likely still open,” Cindy stated as she slowed the car down.

“It’s worth a shot I guess,” Melody replied.

Cindy turned into the drive and followed it around to the parking area to find it totally empty. The two story building did if fact look more like a mansion than a normal home. The front porch area was lined with venetian columns and the whole bottom half was bay windows.

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