Revenge Sex Opens the Door


My girlfriend, Megan and I got into a huge argument one evening. She was completely out of line, IMO.

She and I were standing in the kitchen late in the afternoon on a Friday, smoking a joint, going through snail mail and discussing dinner, when I got a text. I didn’t look at it right away. I was reading the mail. My fucked up mistake. Knowing how she lacks emotional control, especially jealousy, I knew I shouldn’t have ignored the phone, but I WAS REALLY, REALLY STONED. When I did ignore it, she asked if I knew my phone went off. I could’ve lied to avoid what was inevitably going to happen here, but instead I just grunted a sound answering her.

I kept checking the mail. This made her even madder. Then the phone went off again. OH SHIT, better grab it, I thought. I was too late getting to my phone. She had it, opened it (I had no biometric settings activated) and it opened straight to the text messages. It suddenly hit my stoned awareness who the text was from and I went to snatch the phone outta her hand. She saw me coming a mile away (I’m really stoned) and pulled the phone to her side and took off scampering down the hall.

“You stupid god damn motherfucking asshole!” she screamed! “Fuck you!”

I knew she saw the message.

“Who the fuck is Vanessa,” she screeched in a very irritating tone. “Who the fuck is she?”

“She’s a coworker,” I said truthfully.

“Fuck you,” she kept high pitch squealing. “Lying Motherfucker!”

“Calm down, babe,” I started saying.

“Don’t you fucking tell me to calm down, you fucking bastard,” she screamed, tears streaming down her face.

“It’s not what you’re imagining,” I swore to her.”

“Then, what?” she said, wiping her tears, her tone turning heavy, she’s gritting her teeth and with an evil snarl and over emphasizing the first part, she says, “T-h-e-n b-y a-l-l m-e-a-n-s, PLEASE FUCKING TELL ME WHAT I’M IMAGINING, ASSHOLE!”

I remained motionless, looking away in deep thought recognizing I was in deep shit here, having spoken my words without the slightest bit of thought first. I thought, you dumbass, you walked right into that one. But, as hard as I tried, I was unable to think of a good enough answer. The longer I paused, she grew more livid by the second. I was enjoying this and getting turned on, too, so I let a few more seconds intentionally pass so I could acknowledge and indulge my sadistic side. Asshole, I know.

I must have pushed it too far, because she moved towards me in my chair like an attacking feline and then pounced straight into me, catching me by surprise. She must be really pissed is all I thought as her momentum and 115lb. body weight knocked me off the chair. As I started to get up, she again surprised me, knocking my leg out from under me and dropped herself on my stomach looking at me with black devil hatred in her eyes. Holy shit, I was more stoned than I thought cuz I didn’t anticipate any of this!

Trying to pin me down, she started making her hands into tight fists and tried raining down a barrage of punches to my face and chest. I was actually amused by her display, and when I let out a chuckle while deflecting her raging blows, she let out a guttural sound of sheer inexplicability in words. She must be possessed after all, I thought, realizing I’ve had enough of her outburst and punches so as I began to stand up, I shoved her off me. She was still kicking and punching the air when she hit the floor.

“Bitch,” I said as I walked out and slammed the door.

Having a cigarette on the patio, cooling off, I thought of her words of anger. I was fucking pissed at her. Twenty minutes later, the garage door opened and off she went. Thank God, I thought.

She said some fucked up shit. I was pissed. And I wanted revenge. So I went to her best friends house with 1 thing in mind: revenge sex on my girl. And damn did I get revenge. I immediately began to tell Lisa about my fight with Megan, hoping to initiate sympathy which seemed the easiest path to get what I wanted from Lisa. She and Megan were very close for many years until Megan pissed her off a couple days ago, so she was down for my plan.

We immediately stripped and animal instincts kicked in. I hard balled her for 20 minutes before I blew my wad. I felt bad, but Lisa was tighter and sexier than Megan. I couldn’t hold back. I told her she was way tighter than Megan and hope she didn’t mind me finding her attractive causing me to cum sooner than expected.

She seemed to eat up my compliments.

While we waited for round two to begin she started telling me some of her fantasies in an effort to get me to round 2 faster. Lisa told me about this one time she got pretty high at a party and tells me she fucked four different dudes in that one night. She said that night changed her. She learned to give in to her body. She liked the attention of 4 boys, she admitted. But what I really like is to be dominated and I really like taboo shit. Like fucking you when Megan doesn’t know. That shit gets me off when I fuck a görükle escort bayan guy I’m not supposed to. I get all warm, tingly and wet and I can’t control myself. I just get off on forbidden acts. I like to fuck guys I know or have known that have girlfriends that I know. I like the secrecy. I like the feeling of “HA! Bitch! If you only knew what I just did to your man! Plus, it gives me power over the men,” he says.

“Holy shit,” I burst out laughing as my cock began to twitch to life again hearing what a naughty secretive little slut Lisa admits to being.

Lisa told me about this one house party where she fucked her best friends boyfriend early and blew him later that night sneaking around. She admitted her being dominated is a turn-on. She admitted being an exhibitionist. Combining the two, well, I guess that’s her wheelhouse. She wants to be socially restrained while she orgasms from the cock of one of her close female friends, showing off her body while getting pounded for onlookers.

That vision tattooed in my head of that naughty behavior had me full mast hard and ready for round two. In seconds, I’m balls deep in her again, listening to her openly share her sex life. Then she surprised me by saying, wanna record me cumming on your cock so you can throw it in Megan’s face when you break up? Aroused and shocked, but still hard and inside her tight pussy, so, obviously, I agreed. She recorded herself blowing me. And her taking me up her ass. Allowing me to tie her up and spank her. It was the ultimate revenge fuck.

After blowing a load in her, we both lie panting and sweaty trying to regain ourselves. A couple minutes later she rolled on top of me and asked what Megan and I were arguing about?

I told her “I got a text from a coworker inviting me to her house for a company swim party & BBQ the following weekend.”

“That doesn’t sound like fighting words,” Lisa says.

“That part was fine. It’s the part where she said bathing suits optional and that I was the only person invited.”

“Oh, shit”, she exclaimed. “Are you banging her? Only if you wanna tell me….” she says, eyeing me up boosting my confidence to tell her.

“Nothing to tell. She’s been with the company 4 months and I hardly know her. It just doesn’t make sense why she would send that to me?”

“When was it sent?”

“It’s what started the fight tonight, I answered. My phone was unlocked and on the kitchen counter and we were talking about what to eat for dinner when the text came in. Megan was closest and as she’s passing it to me, she read the message on the screen. That’s when shit hit the fan.”

“Megan immediately jumped to conclusions that I’m a cheating dog, a liar etc. etc. without any thought as to my innocence. Tried & convicted in a span of 10 seconds in her mind.”

Lisa says “Damn, that does sound like Megan, tho. But, not so good for you,” she teased.

I continued, “Then Megan starts telling me all this fucked up shit, like “two can play that game, mister” or “I’m just gonna ride the first cock that says hello to me. In fact, I’m gonna find a couple of guys and let them have me, you cheating motherfucker!”

“Well”, Lisa asks?

“Well what?”

“Are you fucking the coworker,” she asked?

“No. She’s not really my type.”

“But Megan doesn’t know that,” Lisa says.

“Megan could mean what she says”, Lisa informed me.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

Lisa goes on to tell me that in the decade they’ve been best friends, Lisa learned that Megan has a wild streak, for sure.

Again, I asked “what the fuck?”

Lisa told me that she and Megan have pulled some shenanigans in their time.

Again, I asked “what the fuck?”

This one time, we had been hired as the only 2 girls at a hotel bachelor party. She told me how they got naked and gave private dances.

I knew Megan had a fairly wild side before we met. It made her sexier to me. So hearing this didn’t necessarily surprise me. But her never mentioning it, didn’t sit right especially because we openly discuss past experiences, previous relationships, hookups, fantasies and kinks. We’ve always been candid about that.

“She never mentioned that one,” I told Lisa.

“Makes me wonder what else I don’t know about her,” I wondered out loud.

“But the thought of her doing that, well, after tonight, the thought of both of you getting naked for a group at a bachelor party does make my dick wake up,” I admitted.

“I can see that”, Lisa acknowledges, and continues talking as she starts stroking my rapidly expanding cock, “We both put on a show for the boys that night. When she orgasmed all over my fingers, her grunting, panting was such a turn on, that’s when a couple of the guys joined us, we both just gave them access.”

Hearing Lisa tell me she and Megan gave a couple guys access to their naked bodies made me grab Lisa and force her mouth on my cock. She got me fully hard instantly. I fucked her face like I meant to be fucking her face.

Then altıparmak eskort she pops me out, and breathing heavily says, “fuck me again, right now!” Never one to need an invitation, I aggressively obliged my new friends request. I sank into her and began hammering her with my hips and slapping her ass with my balls. I started fucking her more viciously this time.

I told her again, truthfully, how much tighter and sexier she was than Megan and she started saying “OH FUCK, OH FUCK OH OH OH and her stomach and hips began to shiver and shake and she rolled into a massive orgasm….


Lisa went limp in my arms as I finished shooting blanks at this point inside that tight twat.

When she recovered, still lying across each other’s sweaty naked body’s, she stated matter of factly “that really does get you off, doesn’t it? Well, Megan really seemed to enjoy all the attention she got that night”.

All I responded was “Maybe I was thinking of you in that situation,” I half lied. She knew I was lying, but teasingly said, “Well, Megan did make more money than me that night, if you know how I mean.”

“I’m not surprised, I said, she’s told me a few of her naughtier things,” I told Lisa.

Then I made a huge mistake. I asked how old they were when they did that, assuming during their early college days. Lisa said honestly “It was 2.5 months ago, dumbass!

Then it hit me, I’ve been with her for almost two years! “FUCKING CUNT!!” is all I yell.

Lisa says, “I know that’s why I’m helping you get yours,” she admitted as she kept talking, looking me in the eye, “Now, enough about Megan. While I got you to myself, I will keep you hard and have you fuck my brains out until you don’t want to anymore.”

It was well past daybreak by the time I made it home from Lisa’s.

Chapter 2

When I got back home Megan was gone. I showered at Lisa’s to CMA.

About an hour later, Megan entered our place through the garage. She saw me, came over to me and sincerely apologized for her actions the previous night.

As she’s babbling her words, I’m wondering why she isn’t up my ass about not coming home last night. Something’s off…. normally, that would be the first argument. The low hanging fruit they use you, the “where in the fuck did you sleep last night, because you sure as fuck weren’t with me last night, you asshole” argument. In my experiences, that’s always the first topic they wanna address because they can’t contain themselves. Jealousy.

But Megan wasn’t asking me anything, she’s only apologizing for HER actions as she starts getting handsy and flirty. So, I decided to toy with her to test her, saying “Babe, I sat here worried all night about you, I couldn’t sleep, I tossed and turned, I mean I couldn’t even watch Sportscenter, so finally I went for a run long before the sun came up,” I lied in case she had came home in the later evening while I was balling her friend, Lisa. Again, if she had come home, she’d know when I got home. So, I’m taking the odds she herself didn’t come home, until maybe… right now.

“I’m so sorry,” Steve, she says, as she leans in to kiss me, I guess hoping to make up.

But the burning question in me was “where the fuck were you Megan?” But I contained myself.

“I wanna make it up to you,” he said as she pulled off her top, dropped her shorts and panties then went to her knees.

She looks up at me and says she shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions without asking me first.

She pulled out my cock and started sucking. I started talking.

“Remember your fantasy to be used in front of a crowd”, I asked?

“Hhhmmm mmmm,” he purrs.

“Well, I had that vision not too long ago, and my dick got throbbing hard”, I admitted.

Megan stops sucking me and slowly looks up at me with a mischievous gleam in her eye as she keeps stroking me with her hand and says “holy fuck, my man was earlier thinking about me naked, restrained and being used in front of an audience? Then I come home and see that text and go off on you, say all these nasty things to you. And even right now your cock is leaking precum thinking of me doing that. Did you rub one out, babe, she asks?”

“I came a lot in a short amount of time,” I told her.

“Lets keep you lasting longer this time as I ride you while you tell me your thoughts of me doing that while you were jacking off.”

Megan gets on top of me and impales herself on my sticky cock. God damn does she feel magnificent, I’m thinking, but Lisa was tighter.

“Tell me, were you turned on thinking about me naked with onlookers,” she says seductively as she rides up and down my shaft?

“Yes. I learned a lot today,” I said.

“Like what,” he asks in my ear?

“Like the dirtier things that were done to you or the dirtier things you did or said while being restrained spread eagle, made my cock swell bigger than ever.”

She says “Tell me something nilüfer escort I did that’s dirty. I wanna be a dirty, naughty girl for you.”

“You had 3 men come up and fondle and grope your body while another 4 men watched. After 10 minutes, you began to get into it and started cumming on the 2nd guys fingers while one guy felt your breasts and the other swatted your ass cheeks.”

Megan starts fucking me harder.

“Keep talking…” she says.

“Your orgasm is intense as your body quivers and shakes, enjoying having all these eyes watching you cum. You like putting on a show and being used for others enjoyment, don’t you? You like being naked in a group of men. You’d like it if those 4 men in the crowd came over and rubbed one out on your chest.

“Uh huh,” she pants.

Just then, the 4 men begin stroking themselves to full attention and flood your skin with their cum.

Megan fucks me harder. “Keep talking…,” she pants.

“I like you cumming for a crowd and rewarding your audience letting them jack off on you,” I say casually.

She whispers in a faint, loss of control breath, “you like seeing me helpless and being used”, she asks as she is now bouncing up and down the length of my dick with pounding force.

“Yes, apparently I do,” I admit. “I like the vision of you being used and you being so super turned on by it.”

“I can tell that you like it a lot, she says. Your cock is stretched”.

Then Megan pushes the limits and says “baby, would you like to see me give them handjobs? Maybe a few blowjobs?”

“Oh, Megan, my slut,” I moaned.

“I’m gonna be a dirty slut,” she says as she keeps her rhythm while grinding on me.

“Yes! Be a dirty nasty slut, babe,” I encouraged her.

“You know I want to hear what makes your pussy purr,” I said.

Megan starts fucking me with a sideways grind and gets in a groove. My cock feels amazing the way she’s riding me, I’m thinking, losing myself to the urge of popping my load inside her. I remember Lisa saying Megan earned more money that night, meaning she fucked more guys or did what more guys wanted her to do, which started turning me on.

I started saying hypothetically, “I want you to get naked and give up your body to the crowd, just like you did with Lisa two months ago. Let the crowd use you… “I wanna watch you cum for them,…. then she halted everything and I realized I just fucked up. I needed a clean explanation.

“You know what Lisa and I did,” she asks?

Dodging the question, I started hammering her harder, hoping to use the power of distraction to get myself outta this one.

“Oh God, you feel good,” she says. I know it’s because my cock is excited picturing her and Lisa that night, so I decide I’m confident in my response as I keep fucking Megan.

“Yes”, I say, realizing lying or denying will only get me in deeper shit here, but realizing it would me leverage or neutralize the Vanessa text issue if I needed.

“But…right now… I say, I just fuck you.”

“You feel bigger than usual, she says, panting… and, yes…right now, just keep fucking me”.

So, I obliged her.

A short while later Megan turns to me as I’m still sliding my happy prick in and out of her, pinching her nipples and she says, panting “…and you don’t mind I did that,” she asks, in between breaths, as she keeps her side angle on my cock.

“I wish I was there to witness you”, I confided as I began to stiffen and get light headed as I felt the most powerfully deep gut orgasm about to erupt my cockhead off.”


OOOOOHHHHHHHFUCKFUCK”, I grunted as I blew load after load into Megan.

Megan exploded seconds after I did and collapsed on top of me, her legs starting to cramp up.

“Holy fuck, Steve! Where did that come from”, she asks, I haven’t had an orgasm like that in a long time. Jesus, you fucked me good!

“I got a lot more where that came from,” I told her.

“Oh, yeah,” she asks playfully?

I realize I now have a decision to make: she’s gonna ask me to tell her how I learned about her naked adventure, risking her finding out about my revenge fucking Lisa? Nope.

I decided to take accountability for being a kinky fucked up candaulist perv that wants to share his woman and tell her how hot hearing her past experiences make me, again wholly hoping to distract from “the question.”

“My dick obviously approves,” I say to her.

“Approves of what,” she asks teasingly, noticing my cock is twitching to life.

“Approves of your slutty ways. Like the one time we went out dancing and you handed me your panties,” I reminded her. Continuing “You know I like showing you off especially when you wear a short sundress and no panties, or when you suntan topless on Tuesday knowing the landscapers are coming.”

“Ohhh, you noticed my Tuesday routine, did ya,” she says teasingly.

“I notice a lot more than you think,” I say.

She starts stroking me and says, “Well, mister, I like this kinky side of you. Let’s escalate.”

She dropped to her knees and I knew I wanted to play this game with her. She wanted to play this game, she was showing me as she enthusiastically sucked my cock. She looked up at me and asks “what types of dirty things do you want me to do?”

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