Replacing Dad



Replacing Dad

Teresa Waters awoke slowly, feeling the sun on her bed and loving the gentle light that enveloped her bedroom. Today made five months and six days since she had awakened with her loving husband by her side. She immediately felt a void in her mind and her body. They had a beautiful life, successful beyond their wildest imaginations, and the very best love life that a couple could ever desire. In fact, Teresa’s husband, Ed, had died quietly as most virile men wished to die, his cock buried in his sexy wife’s pussy, his bulging cockhead massaging her cervix, after having unloaded a very satisfying load of cum. They were basking in the afterglow that comes only to accomplished lovers, not rushing to complete the act, and not rushing to bring it to an end. Alas, Ed’s 42-year old heart had given its last for their pleasure. With a an almost inaudible sigh, Ed had entered another realm.

Teresa knew immediately that his breathing had ceased and called him softly. Getting no answer, she disengaged the cock that had given her so much pleasure and rolled to look at her now-deceased love. She accepted her reality quietly, shed a few tears, and called the appropriate authorities. Throughout the funeral and burial, she valiantly held her composure and only after things had settled down did she find herself alone with their son, Edward. Wrapped in his comforting arms, Teresa finally broke down, and cried a veritable ocean of tears. Edward, holding her as only a child can hold his grieving Mother, murmured softly in her ear, kissed her tears away, rubbed her back, then her feet, and finally got her to agree to a soothing bubble bath.

Teresa was soon asleep in the garden tub she and Ed had enjoyed over the years. Edward was mesmerized by his mother’s beauty, as well as her alluring body. He admitted for the first time in his twenty-two year life, that he lusted after his mother. Somewhat embarrassed by his realization, he found his erection straining his trousers. He gazed ashamedly at the globes of her D-cup breasts and her perfectly round areolae. He resisted the urge to touch them. He looked down her flat, toned stomach and saw that her crotch was smooth and hairless. Leaning over the side of the tub, he inhaled her womanly aroma, loving the fact that she was squeaky clean and relaxed.

Edward was in his final year of an MBA program, having been groomed by his father and mother to take over the family’s thriving vineyards and successful winemaking business. It was now December and his graduation was to be in May. Reality kicked in, and although he thought himself as ready as he could be, there were no contingencies for a deceased father. Sudden concern clouded the scene in his mind, and he inadvertently touched his mother’s ear, rousing her. Looking deeply onto his eyes, Teresa said quietly, “I know you’re hurting Darling, so am I. We will get through this just like the Waters have always done. You have to finish school and come back home to assume your responsibilities as COO of this empire. Surely I can manage until May.”

The next few days were spent attending to business details, Edward moving into his dad’s position of COO and Teresa remaining as CFO. Few changes were made, as the vineyard and winery were very successful, and most of the workforce was local and loyal. In fact, two of the families lived on the property.

Edward was reluctant to leave and return to school, but with his mother’s urging and blessings, he caved and flew back to the university.

Five months flew by, both for Teresa and Edward. Late May found her driving a brand new Land Rover to the nearest airport. The car was to be Edward’s graduation present for completing his degree in four years, as well as loving his family enough to return home and make his life.

Teresa parked and had barely stopped when her phone pinged. Edward had just landed and would meet her at the departure area. Teresa moved the car the short distance and immediately saw Edward, standing tall above the crowd, searching for her. She had not told him about the car, so she had to tap the horn to get his attention. “Damn, he’s good-looking” she thought, as he stepped off the curb. Teresa got out of the driver’s seat and rushed to the rear of the vehicle, jumping into his arms for a long-awaited welcome home hug. The couple savored the moment and finally parted, both smiling sheepishly.

“You look great, Mom!” said Edward, scanned her up and down. She looked glamorous as usual, but there was something different. “Mom, have you been working out?” he asked, holding her at arm’s length, taking in her short skirt and thin blouse.

“You suave devil. You noticed! What do you think?” she exclaimed.

“I didn’t think you could improve on perfection, but apparently you did just that. I’m impressed!” he answered, embracing her again. “Whose car is this?”

“Why, Darling, it’s yours! It is a well-deserved graduation present from you father and me. You have made us so proud, and we wanted to reward you for your work and sarışın gaziantep escort success. Even though Ed’s not here physically, his spirit is very close right now. He wanted us to carry on with life, and I have a very good plan in place to accomplish just that,” she told him, returning to the driver’s seat in the car. He had arranged to have his furniture shipped to the house, so he only had the travel essentials. Teresa left the airport and drove them to a lakefront hotel, parking in a secluded spot.

“Mom, this is the hotel we use for business guests. What’s going on?” Edward asked.

“Well, we have a few days to celebrate and I can’t think of a better place than somewhere private and suitable for my plans,” she replied, leaning over and cupping his cheek in her hands. The fact that she was braless and the buttons on her blouse were opened to the bottom of her chest were not lost on the virile young man. Her kiss was not motherly, as she slipped her tongue past his and explored his mouth. The kissed lasted for a minute, and Edward pulled back.

“Mother, I’m confused. Are we still grieving dad’s death?” he asked.

“Absolutely not!” she replied, a wicked smile playing at the corners of her mouth. “We’re simply doing what your father insisted. He was very explicit in his instructions for me. I was to continue with my life, enjoy those things that he had not been able to provide, and even take a lover, if the situation called for it. Well, as you can see, I have become a gym rat, and feel good about my dedication and success. I have planned a few mini-vacations for us, and I even have a bucket list of things to do. The last contingency was a little more difficult. Choosing a lover, while not a necessity at first, has become more and more present in my mind. Let’s get inside and get settled.”

At the desk, the attendant immediately recognized them and made sure everything that could be done to insure their comfort was handled. “Frank. It’s 4:00 now. Have Lexi prepare prime rib for us and have it delivered to our suite at 7:00. We should be ravenous by then,” Teresa said, blessing him with her most dazzling smile. They were on the ground floor and quickly found the winery’s suite, which opened to a beautiful lakeside view.

Upon entering the large bedroom, Teresa turned and embraced Edward, turning her face to his with pursed lips. Sliding her hand behind his head, she pulled his lips to hers and proceeded to kiss him passionately, and when they parted, breathless, she locked eyes with him.

“Ok, so I guess you are due some explanation,” she said, moving to the sofa and patting the cushion next to her. “You see, taking a lover was not something I relished. Drunks, money grabbing jerks, cheaters- they all are out there, just waiting for a wealthy widow to come calling. I couldn’t do that. After hours of sleepless nights and self-pleasure, I settled quite logically on the one person I felt comfortable giving my body to. There is no other man on this earth that I could love any more than I love you, and in my heart of hearts, I hope you feel the same.” The words tumbled from her mouth, but he realized she was offering her heart and soul to him, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

“Oh, Mother. I have dreamed of this very moment for the last four months, hoping there was some way I could work my way into your life and heart. Honestly, I have masturbated almost nonstop since dad died, fantasizing about your body, as well as your beautiful mind. Nothing on earth would give me more pleasure than sharing your life. I want to give you everything you desire-trips, adventure, and yes, sex. Especially sex.” Taking her hand, he placed it on his bulging erection while leaning over to kiss her succulent lips.

Teresa was flooded with relief at Edward’s commitment to her proposal, and scrambled to her feet, her face flushed and her breathing becoming ragged, she stripped off her clothing, standing naked like Venus de Milo before her astonished son. She cradled his head to her breasts and put a nipple in his hungry mouth.

“Nurse that tit baby! Love it like it needs to be loved!” she murmured, sliding her hands down his muscular back and around to fondle his nipples. “I too have dreamed of this moment and can’t wait to share this journey with you. Now, let’s get your clothes off. Lexi will be here with our food before we know it!”

She helped him stand and proceeded to unbutton his shirt quickly. Removing his trousers, she nodded approvingly at his choice of snug-fitting bikini-style briefs. His cock. While only half-hard, was outlined nicely and Teresa knelt to remove his underwear. When she got to the point of getting the waistband over the head of his cock, she caught her breath.

“Fuck. That’s a very nice dick you have there young man.” Taking it in her hand gently, Teresa began a thorough examination of her son’s 9-inch cock. “So much like your Daddy’s” she whispered dreamily, while noting subtle differences, gaziantep sarısın escort stroking gently.

“I can tell it’s bigger around than Ed’s. Maybe my little holes will accommodate it! And these veins! Fuck, your daddy’s cock was perfectly smooth. Yours has veins running right up to the head. And that head is as big as my fist! Fuck, I’m never going to get enough of that monster!” Teresa said, admiring Edward’s dick closely. “Sit down and let me introduce you and your cock to my mouth,” she said, allowing him to sit on the edge of the couch. By now, he was leaking precum.

Removing her hand and licking the sweet, sticky fluid from it sensually, Teresa crawled to get her body between Edward’s knees. Looking him directly in the eyes, her lips forming a perfect circle, she put the gigantic head in her mouth and began to use her tongue on his head only.

“Oh, fuck, Mom! That’s fantastic!” he said quietly, as Teresa continued using his cockhead as a lollipop. She finally took the shaft in her hand and slowly slid her mouth down it, stopping only when her nose contacted his pubic hair. The head of the giant cock was in her throat, as she had relaxed her muscles in order to let it enter.

Edward, for his part, was blown away. Accustomed to less experienced twenty somethings, he had never been deepthroated before. Teresa, totally aware of the sensations of her cocksucking skills, smiled around his shaft. She began breathing through her nose and actually sucked Edward’s long, thick cock, massaging it with her talented throat muscles. She cupped his peach-sized balls and proceeded to massage them aggressively.

“Mom, you’re going to make me cum. Is this the way you want it?” Edward asked, breathlessly.

He could feel her throat muscles rippling along his shaft, while her hand was making it harder to concentrate. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. Sensing his urgency, Teresa slowly pulled off his cock and said, “I know you want to fuck. I want to fuck you as well, but if we get this first load out of the way, you’ll last longer the second time around. Trust me.”

With that, she inhaled his throbbing meat into her hot mouth, and began pumping in earnest. “Come on, Baby! Give Mommy a big shot of cum. Mark me as yours! I want a cum bath!” she exclaimed.

Simultaneously, Edward pulled out of her mouth and began painting his Mother’s face, breasts, and hair with a massive load of cum. Teresa continued pumping his shaft, bringing additional spunk spewing out of his engorged cockhead. Her phone pinged with a message. She gave Edward’s cock a loving last lick and got up to check her phone.

“Oh, it’s Lexi with dinner,” she exclaimed and strode to the door, cum dripping off her nipples and running down her chest to her navel. Edward couldn’t believe that his classy mother would dream of opening a door in such a state.

Lexi, who unknown to Edward, had seen his mother in such a state on several occasions, stepped inside and kissed Teresa passionately. “I see I’m either too late or too early!” she said, laughing and licking a dollop of cum off Teresa’s heavy tit. “Which is it?”

“Oh, darling, you’re right on time. Edward has just given his first load to his Mommy! How does he taste?” asked Teresa.

“Fucking yummy!” replied Lexi. “In fact, I can hardly tell the difference between him and his Daddy. You’re one lucky lady!” she exclaimed. During this exchange, Edward had remained on the couch, somewhat hidden, but at the last statement, he got up and showed Lexi just what he was packing.

“Fuck, Teresa! He’s an exact copy of Ed!” she exclaimed, moving nearer and focusing all of her attention on Edward’s cock. He had begun to go soft at first, but, as the conversation took this last turn, he proudly showed his quick recovery time. Lexi got close enough for him to sniff her perfume and show off her excited nipples, even through her hotel uniform. “Do you mind if I touch it?” she asked tentatively.

“Better ask Mom,” he replied quietly.

Lexi turned to Teresa and got an approving nod. Grasping Edwards’ engorged cock, she closed her eyes and sighed. Never one to pass up a chance to show her appreciation, she bent down and licked the dribble of cum creeping out of his hole. Edward was treated to an amazing view of her luscious tits, and realized with delight that this was a very sexy woman. Probably eight inches shorter than Teresa, her uniform struggled to conceal her curvy shape. She had the proverbial hourglass figure, with a few extra minutes thrown in, adding to her sexy aura. Large, full breasts, a small waist and generous hips made her extremely attractive to a lust-crazed young man.

Edward enclosed her in his arms and gave her a very sexy kiss. Pulling back, he noticed that her eyes remained closed and her breath was a little uneven. “So good to meet you, Lexi. I feel like I’ve known you forever, even though we’ve never actually met. Although these are special circumstances, I hope to see gaziantep sarışın escort bayan more of you in the future,” he said.

Teresa stepped up and said, “We’d better eat this food or it’s going to get cold. Thanks so much Lexi. You’ll be seeing more of us in the future.”

Lexi took her leave and Edward and Teresa enjoyed their first meal as lovers, feeding each other bits of perfectly prepared prime rib, caressing flesh and stroking whatever needed stroking. When they had finished eating, Teresa arose and, taking Edward by the hand, led him into the suite’s bedroom.

“Come to bed with me, Lover. Don’t make me wait any longer,” she whispered, licking his ear and running her hand down the front of his superbly toned body, pinching, then licking his nipples. “I want that cock between my legs, now!”

“Mom, don’t you think we should shower first?”

“No, lover. I want to fuck you, smelling the fragrance of your cum on my body. I happen to know that the smell of sex is a very potent aphrodisiac. Smell my titties as you kiss them. You’ve put your brand on them and no one else can take it off. Love me, my Darling, and welcome to your new reality!” she said, stroking his growing erection.

As he laid her gently on the bed, he could feel the heat emanating from between her legs. “Mother, you are the epitome of sex! Let me know when you think you’re wet enough for me to fuck you.”

Smiling seductively, Teresa looked into Edward’s eyes and said, “Baby, I’m so fucking ready! Have your way with me. This body belongs to you now. Love it however and whenever you desire. I’ll never turn you down, but you have to do a good job!” she said, laughing. “As though there will ever be such a problem!”

Reverently, Edward crawled between Teresa’s outspread legs, looking at her pussy awaiting him and his cock. When he got close, he inhaled her fragrance. Her cunt, as well as her natural body aroma, mingled with the funky smell of his dried cum, drove him crazy.

“I’m going to fuck my mother. My sexy, horny, beautiful mother!” he thought, easing the head of his cock to her lips. The heat was palpable! When he moved again, it was to enter heaven. Her lips clenched around the head of his massive cock, and he had to make an effort to slide in further. “Fuck, you’re tight, Mom!”

Teresa laughed aloud and relaxed her pelvic muscles. “Yeah, not bad for an old broad, right?”

“You’re not old!” he countered. “What you are is the sexiest, most beautiful woman on earth. As tight as you are, I won’t last long, but I assure you, I’ll tap this pussy again before morning!” Saying that, he plunged into her depths, enjoying every sensation of her velvet tunnel. Slowly fucking back and forth, they developed a comfortable rhythm and he felt for the very first time, the excruciatingly hot, loving cunt that had kept his father a very happy man.

Feeling Teresa’s body increasing its tempo, he whispered, “Mom, I’m about to cum. Let’s make this first time even more special. Come with me, Mother!!!!!”

As they climaxed simultaneously, Teresa realized delightedly that the head of Edward’s cock was nudging her cervix. “Fucker! That’s the very same place that your Daddy parked his cock! Now feel this.”

She began to rock her hips gently, even though he had her pinned to the bed. Locking her ankles around his waist, she continued to clench and unclench her vagina, keeping him hard. He looked down and was blown away by the beauty lying beneath him. His mother’s supple body, now displaying a sheen of perspiration, captivated the young man and lust overtook him again. He began to pound her pussy with all his energy, loving the squelching sound her pussy made as he drove in and out. He could feel his heavy balls slapping the bottom of her pussy, and that sound added to his excitement. Knowing that he completely stretched Teresa’s cunt beyond its usual limits, he felt the inevitable churning working up his shaft.

“Cu-m-m-m-ming again!” was all he could say. For the third time that evening, Edward released another massive load of cum. His mother squealed in bliss, having been without a deep satisfying orgasm in a good while. Her body quivered of its own volition, enjoying several aftershocks, while Edward held his cock in place. Tears running down her cheeks, she turned his face to hers and rammed her tongue as far as she could into his mouth. They dueled for some two minutes before Teresa finally pulled away, breathless.

Her tears continued to pour down her face, giving Edward some concern. “Mom, what’s wrong?” he asked tentatively, hugging her even tighter.

Pulling away and looking into his eyes, she said, “Not a fucking thing, my darling! You have filled the void left by your father quite admirably and I am so happy right now. I never expected to be sexually satisfied by another man, but you handled the task beautifully. I’ve never been fucked so royally, completely, and beautifully. What girl in her right mind wouldn’t be brought to tears?”

Overwhelmed, Edward lay Teresa back on the bed and held her still-trembling body tightly. Soon, the two were asleep.

When Edward awoke, he was alone in bed. He found Teresa on the balcony, nude as the day she was born, nursing a cup of coffee. He eased behind her and put his arms around her body, nudging her breasts with his forearms and her ass with his cock. She pushed her ass against his cock, which began to rise immediately.

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