Rebecca’s Awakening 5 -Daniel’s Story



Daniel smiled as he watched the young woman’s swaying hips and tight pert bum leave the room.As one of the directors of his family accountancy firm, he insisted on giving a final interview to all applicants especially if they were young and female.The family firm had a good reputation and people wanted to work there, so the applicants were always eager to impress him.This young lady, Emily, had been dressed in a blouse that looked one size too small by the way it squeezed her ample breasts, and unbuttoned to show enough cleavage and bra lace to catch his eye.Her skirt was tight and short and he had caught a few glimpses between her legs as she had crossed and uncrossed her legs.Her blood-red lipstick glistened on her lips as she spoke but all Daniel could do was imagine what they would look and feel like sliding over his cock.She had spent as much time over the last hour flirting with him as she had answering his questions, so he decided there and then she had the job.He couldn’t stand up when she left the room as his cock was rock hard under his desk, which he gathered she must have known by the cheeky smile she gave him at the door.Daniel şişman gaziantep escort glanced at the photo on his desk of his wife Rebecca, or Bex as she liked to be known, a good-looking woman, who he still loved dearly but sexually she just didn’t do it for him.He loved his woman young, tight, firm, and willing to please, and up until Bex had given birth to their daughter Chloe, she had fit this bill.After this point though Daniel found himself losing interest in Bex sexually, as his head was turned by willing younger bodies, ready to play with the boss in hopes of working their way up the career ladder.He took them under his wing, giving them his years of experience, and they in turn gave him what he needed and kept him happy.In Daniel’s mind, this was a fair trade, he would do all he could to help anyone willing to give themselves to him to fulfil his sexual needs.He didn’t see he was doing anything wrong, and he knew he had a reputation but they were both getting something out of it and he wasn’t forcing anyone to do anything.His thoughts were interrupted gaziantep şişman escort by a knock at the door, and when he acknowledged it, it opened, and in walked Claire, the woman that Emily would be replacing.Claire was twenty-three, petite, 5’2, with long light brown hair, brown eyes, 32c breasts, and a tight firm bum.She was dressed in a tight black mid-thigh skirt, white blouse, jacket, and heels with bare legs, her hair was in a ponytail.She had been his protege over the past two years after she had joined the firm just after finishing university, and she had been more than willing to succumb to his needs over their time together.In return, Daniel had put her name forward when an account manager’s role came up, so he was interviewing Emily as her replacement in more ways than one.She was moving to another office to take up her new position so this was possibly the last time they would be alone together.’So, how did my replacement fair in her interview, she definitely came dressed for the part?’ Claire teased as she locked the office door and walked towards Daniel’s gaziantep şişman escort bayan desk, her hips swaying seductively.’I think she will be perfect, she certainly impressed me in lots of ways,’ Daniel sniggered.Claire reached his desk and perched on the edge looking down at him, her legs slightly parted showing her tight young thighs disappearing up her skirt.’I can see she impressed,’ Claire said as she leaned forward and ran her fingertips over his swollen crotch, barely touching, sending shivers through Daniel’s body.Claire smiled at his reaction and her fingers moved to his zip and slowly slid it down as she looked him in the eye.Still with her eyes fixed on his her hand slipped inside his trousers, kneading his hard cock, hearing Daniel gasp and involuntarily lift his hips towards her.Claire withdrew her hand and hitched up her skirt slightly before sinking to her knees between Daniel’s thighs.She reached up and unbuckled his belt followed by undoing the button on his trousers.’You going to miss me?’ she purred looking up as she tugged down his trousers as he lifted his hips to allow her to pull them down and around his ankles.’God, Yes!’ was all Daniel could manage as her hand returned to his hard cock, teasing it through his boxers.Claire smiled wickedly as she peeled down his boxers, freeing his cock, which sprung up, to point towards the ceiling.For a man of fifty Daniel had no trouble getting hard and his seven-inch cock twitched each time Claire ran her fingers down its length towards his balls.

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