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Raylee can see her beauty clearly, no matter where they are, when she sees Laura there is nothing else in the room ever. Any room, any place, any time, she cannot help but marvel at the bright colour of Laura’s eyes, the fullness of her lips and the perfect curves of her body. Today Raylee is drinking in the alluring vision of her cuddled up in bed, still unaware how she became so lucky to have Laura there with her. Curled up beside her in a long black tshirt looking so peaceful, Raylee can’t help but think as she lay propped up on her elbow that this day could not be any better. Tracing her fingertips over Laura’s arms ever so gently and basking in her warmth as Laura gently shifts and rolls and puts an arm around Raylee’s waist and nuzzles into her chest. Raylee leans down and places a soft kiss on Laura’s forehead and whispers to herself, “My dove is so beautiful.” Little does she know Laura is wide awake and smiling into her while Raylee starts to hum quietly. Raylee draws small shapes and writes little words with her finger tip as she closes her eyes thinking, but freezes as she feels the gentle caress of lips on her chest and looks down to see Laura looking back up at her, her full lips curved into the most beautiful smile.

“Good morning Ray,” she says, making Raylee blush. “I didn’t realize you were awake,” she responds, feeling silly. Laying her head on the pillow next to Laura and smiling as she pulls her close, looking at her, basking in the warmth of her smile. “Did you sleep well?” Laura asks as she cuddles in sleepily and kisses the tip of Raylee’s nose. “Like I was next to an angel,” she replies as they both smile at each other. Raylee places her hand on Laura’s cheek, her bronze skin a sharp contrast to the beautiful pale ivory skin of Laura, and leans in for a soft kiss. She looks into Laura’s eyes and wonders what she must be thinking. Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort Suddenly Laura comes forward and presses her lips to Raylee’s, a deep kiss, gentle yet blazing with passion, sparking desire from within. A subtle moan escapes Raylee as Laura moves her hands to her thighs, sliding them up under the long tshirt until she is holding Raylee’s ass in her hands.

Raylee moves to roll Laura on her back, feeling Laura squeeze her ample cheeks, kissing more and more, desire rising every moment their lips spend locked together. Breaking the kiss Raylee sits up and pulls off her shirt and drops it to the floor, coming back for Laura’s lips as she feels her hands move over the bare skin of her back. As the kissing intensifies Raylee can feel Laura move one of her hands to her stomach, slowly moving upward until she is cupping Raylee’s breast, teasing her nipple, making Raylee moan into the kiss. As Laura starts to tease and pull Raylee’s nipples, making her moans louder, Raylee starts to roll her hips forward into Laura. Sitting back again Raylee starts to pull Laura’s shirt up, making her sit up as it comes up her body. As she lifts it off of Laura, leaving both girls in just their panties, Raylee drinks in the beautiful pale body and feels her breathing increase.

Mesmerized by the beauty before her Raylee only barely registers as Laura moves forward and closes her lips around her nipple. “Oh fuck Laura,” Raylee moans out, running her hands through her hair as Laura sucks her nipple. Raylee looks down into Laura’s eyes with her breast in her mouth, placing her hand in the back of Laura’s head, the other moves slowly down to her breast, circling the nipple with her thumb. Laura moans into Raylee’s breast as she teases Laura’s nipple, giving it a little pinch and then pulls lightly. Feeling Laura’s nipple become stiff Raylee moves to the other nipple, giving it a couple of pulls as Laura moves to Raylee’s other nipple. Raylee closers her eyes as she feels Laura’s hands moving lower to cup her ass, squeezing it, making Raylee groan, rolling her hips to Laura, lust taking over Raylee pulls Laura back and leans down kissing her hard, savouring the taste of her lips and craving more.

Sliding her hand down as they kiss Raylee starts to rub over top of Laura’s panties, feeling the damp fabric, getting mor excited at the feel of it, rubbing faster and feeling the wetness spread. Laura’s hips roll forward and then she taps Raylee’s ass, making her sit up so Laura can spread her legs and kisses Raylee’s lips again. With a small smile into the kiss Raylee slips her hand under the fabric and starts rubbing Laura’s smooth wet lips as Laura tilts her head back and bites her lip, her body on display. Raylee cannot hold back as she starts to suck Laura’s erect pink nipples as Raylee’s finger finds her clit, Laura’s hips raise up as she runs her hands into Raylee’s hair. Sucking and biting on Laura’s nipples Raylee starts to run her finger up and down Laura’s wet lips until she cries out, “fuck my Raylee fuck me!” Moving her hands down Raylee slips her thumbs in Laura’s panties and pulls them down and tosses them aside, bringing her hand up and Laura’s wet pussy before slipping it in slowly feeling your wetness.

Back arching and pulling Raylee down to her nipple, Laura moans out as she feels Raylee’s finger fill her slowly. Sucking and biting on Laura’s nipple Raylee starts to move her finger faster, in and out of her tight pussy. Slowly kissing down her stomach Raylee brushes her lips over the perfect pale smooth skin, lower and lower until her lips tenderly press to Laura’s clit and making her moan louder. Flicking Laura’s clit with her tongue Raylee slips another finger inside her, curling her fingers in Laura’s wet pussy. “Oh fuck Raylee,” Laura moans as Raylee starts to move her fingers faster, Laura spreads her legs wider as Raylee closes her lips around Laura’s clit, sucking and circling it with her tongue. “Oh god Raylee I’m going to cum,” she moans, hands in Raylee’s hair. “Cum on my face Laura, cover me in your cum,” moans Raylee as the speed of her fingers increase inside her. Laura cries out as her pussy squeezes Raylee’s fingers and cums, hips bucking while she moans. As Laura comes down from her orgasm Raylee pulls her fingers out and then leans forward to lick up the cum from Laura before sucking my fingers clean.

Crawling back up Raylee kisses Laura’s beautiful lips, “You taste so good my dove,” Raylee whispers. Lost in the moment Raylee feels Laura pushing down her panties, stripping her naked, feeling Raylee’s wetness on her leg, biting her lip she starts to move her hand down Raylee’s stomach. Spreading her legs as her breathing increases, Raylee cups Laura’s breast. Sliding 2 fingers into Raylee’s pussy, Laura pulls her close and kisses her passionately as Raylee moans louder, spreading her legs and giving her body to Laura. Juices flowing down Laura’s hands as she starts to work her fingers in and out of Raylee’s pussy, making her roll her hips forward into Laura’s fingers.

As Laura starts to move her fingers faster Raylee moans and moans into Laura’s ear, “Fuck Laura I’m going to cum,” rocking her hips faster and pulls Laura in for a deep kiss and moans as she squirts hard on Laura’s hand and leg. Panting, Raylee places a hand on Laura’s cheek and kisses her before kissing down and licking her cum of Laura’s thigh. Sliming after licking her up Raylee comes back up and pulls the blankets over their naked bodies and pulls her close and kisses her forehead. “I love you my dove,” whispers Raylee with a smile. “I love you back Raylee,” whispers Laura and kisses her before they close their eyes and drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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