Quiet Times



It was the Friday night before…

She woke to silence, everyone in the house was asleep. Unable to get back to sleep she got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get something cold to drink. She poured herself a glass of orange juice and as she sipped it she noticed a light coming from underneath the door to the den. After drinking the orange juice she set the glass in the kitchen sink and walked slowly toward the light. Not wanting to wake anyone she decided to slowly turn the door knob and peek in. As the door opened she could see him sitting at his desk working at his computer.

She snuck quietly inside to see what he was working on. Slowly walking toward him she noticed he wasn’t working at all but was looking at a video of three young ladies ranging from ages 18 to 20 taking a shower in what appeared to be a locker room.

She moved a little closer and could see he had one hand on the desk and one in his lap, then she saw his cock sticking through the slit of his boxers, he was stroking it as he watched them bathe. He was unaware she was in the room.

Yess, she heard him whisper.

She quietly moved closer behind him, leaned down and softly kissed his ear. He pushed around turning his chair and looked at her, he sat there in his chair with his cock sticking straight up in the air. She was standing in front of him. They just looked at each other not moving. Then she began to move closer to him at the same time raising her nightshirt as she straddled his lap. He made no attempt to stop her from lowering herself onto his lap impaling herself onto his hard cock. They continued to stare into each others eyes not speaking. She lowered down more and felt his cock touch her slit.

Oooh she moaned.

Yesss he whispered, at the same time.

As she slowly lowered down his cock slipped between her pussy lips. She continued until he was sucked completely inside her wetness.

They stared into each others eyes not speaking. After sitting on his lap with his cock completely inside her she felt his hands go to her waist and start to raise her up, she pushed up on her toes. He tightened his hands on her waist and pulled her back down, he pushed his hips up, his cock slid back inside her pussy as she slid back down. She put her hands on his shoulders to help push up. They continued starring into each others eyes. Still not speaking. Up and down she was raised and lowered as her pussy continued sucking him in. In and out his cock slid, in and out, in and out; up and down she rode feeling every inch of his hard pole.

As the feeling got more intense she leaned into him cheek to cheek breathing hard and whispered with a quiver in her voice into his ear.


Yess baby, hack forum he whispered back.

Still nothing else was said as they fucked more; hard then harder until they were cuming. He slammed her pussy down hard impaling her on his cock , when he felt her cum he exploded gush after gush of his hot cum (the seed that made her) deep inside her pussy.

They sat there holding each other close and breathing into each others neck until their breathing calmed. Without either of them speaking he released his hold on her waist, she stood up pushing her nightshirt down as he replaced his cock inside his boxers. She turned and walked toward the door, at the same time he turned his chair around to look at the computer screen to watch his girls take a bath, he heard the door close as she left the room.

The next morning, Saturday….

Today is her wedding day, everyone is rushing around. She would be saying her vows in three hours becoming the wife of the man she loves for the rest of her life. But there was last night; the time she spent with “her daddy”, the times they have spent together for the past four years every since her 18th birthday. The special times just for the two of them times no one knows about. Will they come to an end.

The reception…

Everyone is having such a good time, the toasts, the dancing and everything that goes along with a wedding. She slowly moves toward the ladies room moving past her guests on the dance floor. As she pushes open the door she looks back over her shoulder and smiles at her little sister. When she goes into the bathroom she notices there are a couple of ladies talking and they hug her and say congratulation.

Thank you she said proceeding to the last stall (the handicap) since it is the biggest one and she needed room for her gown. As she raised her gown and pushed her pantyhose down (no panties) she sat down on the toilet and was peeing. She heard the bathroom door open. She continued to replay the mornings events over in her mind how lovely everything was and how happy they are going to be. Then…

Baby are you in here?


Yes sweety are you ok?

I’m fine dad what’s wrong?

Nothing he answered.

As he tried to open the stall door she stood up and unlocked it but before she could open it he pulled it open and stepped inside the stall with her.

Daddy? What are you doing?

He didn’t answer just kissed her pulling her close. Pushing back she said, is something wrong Dad?

No baby he said, it’s just I’m gonna miss my little girl that’s all. She hugged him tight.

I’m gonna miss you too daddy.

She whispered in his ear. Holding him close she put her hands on his face and gave him a quick kiss on the lips then pulled back looking into his eyes.

We both knew this day would come one day daddy, she whispered.

I know he said, I know but I am still going to miss you.

Oh daddy she said.

Giving him a quick kiss again then putting her arms around him holding him close. As they held each other she felt his hands sliding up and down her back then rubbing her butt pulling her into him as he pushed his crotch into her.

Daddy she whispered against his neck.

He didn’t stop he kept pulling her against his hardening cock. She gave in rubbing against him.

His hands started to raise her gown and with her pantyhose already at her feet he just slipped his finger inside her pussy from behind.

ooh baby, he whispered.

They pulled back looked at each other and without words she lowered her hands to his belt buckle, unbuckled it and slowly lowered the zipper on his pants. With his pants open she started pushing them down at his sides. When they were over his hips they dropped to the floor and she felt his hard cock against her stomach. As she turned her back to him he lifted her gown above her waist, she leaned forward placing her hands on the wall over the toilet.

Her dad rubbed her buttocks moaning.

My little girl is all grown up.

When she felt him touch her pussy with his cock she turned and looked over her should…


She was only able to moan his name when she felt his cock slid inside her. When he was completely inside her pussy, she could feel his hot breath on her cheek as he whispered in her ear…

Oooh god baby you feel good.

The bathroom was filled with their moans when they heard the bathroom door open.

Shush he said in her ear; they stood completely still so as not to be discovered.

Her heart was pounding with fear as the door to the stall next to them closed and she heard the lock slide. They quietly listened to some one peeing in the stall next to them.

Shussh, he whispered in her ear again.

He slowly started pulling back and pushing forward. When she started to say daddy he put his hand to her mouth and whispered in her ear…


He was fucking her while some one was taking a pee in the stall next to them. He was moving but not fast so not to make any noises. When they heard the toilet flush he stopped moving then the lock slid and when they heard the water turn on he started to fuck her again. She was so afraid of getting caught she had he eyes closed tight praying and hoping that person doesn’t notice their feet.

Then the water stopped and the bathroom door closed.

Ooh god that was hot, he whispered into her ear.

He started fucking her harder.

Daddy we have to stop before they start looking for me.

Ok baby we will just a minute that was so hot im gonna cum.

As he talked he started pounding into her making her push back against him harder.

Oh baby fuck me, fuck yeaa, he said.

He shot his cum into her. Turning and looking over her shoulder at him she said…

Dad, we have to go.

He slowly pulled back, his cock slipped from her pussy, and cum dripped down her leg. He pulled his pants up, zipped them and buckled his belt. He kissed her then opened the stall door and stepped out.

You go ahead first daddy I need to clean up.

He kissed her again and said…

I love you baby.

I love you too daddy, now go.

She watched him slowly open the bathroom door and peek out making sure no one saw him. After he was gone she cleaned her pussy and straightened herself up then went out behind him.

She and her husband honeymooned in Jamaica and upon their return home they had dinner at her parent’s house, the in-laws were there. They showed pictures and shared how much fun it was. All during the night she would look at her dad and he gave her a loving smile. When it was time to go her parents said for every one to stay all night so they could all have breakfast together. His parents would sleep in her sister’s bedroom who was pouting because she would have to sleep on the couch. She and her new husband would sleep in her room.

With the house silent and everyone asleep (including her husband) she slipped out of bed hopping to find her dad in the den she softly walked passed the family room and continued down the hall. She approached the door to the den and could see the light under the door. Turning the knob slowly she opened it so as not to make any sound. She stepped into the room and could see her dad at his desk with his back to her, she stopped. Watching in shock he was not alone.

It was her little sister(18); leaning over their dad’s desk, her night gown was pulled up over her hips and his boxers were on the floor at his feet. He was fucking her little sister. Not wanting them to see her she slowly moved back out the door but before she could close it she heard…

Oh daddy oh god I’m gonna cum.

Hearing that she looked up; he was looking over his shoulder at her but continued fucking into her sister. She just stared into his eyes as he moaned his orgasm.

Daddy’s cummin baby,

Uh ooh yes daddy. His youngest daughter moaned.

When he turned his attend back to unloading his hot cum into her sister’s pussy she slowly backed out of the room closing the door.

Walking slowly back to her bedroom and getting into bed with her husband she thought to herself (as he snuggled up to her), how long has that been going on?

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