Quid Pro Quo – Part 1:I Do Her



The beach we drive to is on the north side of the island. Having visited it several times before, it is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s semi-secluded so it’s never very crowded, and on previous visits, I’ve seen some occasional, discreet nudity. I’ve told Erin about how beautiful this beach is and she can hardly wait to see it and spend an afternoon tanning under the warm Hawaiian sun. My Erin is the love of my life. As lovely and sexy as any woman I’ve known. Her petite little body never fails to excite me even though she has always been rather shy about showing it off. She never wears anything too revealing or provocative in public. Even now, as we park the car and begin the short hike down to the beach, she is all but covered with a large, oversized blue t-shirt, which reaches more than halfway down her thighs. Soon we reach the trail’s end and walk out onto the hot white sand. Sparsely populated as usual, there are no more than two dozen people here, scattered along the 1/4 mile stretch of beach. Erin is awe struck by the beauty of the place, and she moves close to me, and I take her in my arms, and we kiss. We find a spot on the beach some distance from any other people, and spread our blankets out on the sand. I remove my shirt and glance at Erin, who pauses, meets my eyes, and gives me a slightly nervous, but sly (naughty?) smile. She then grabs the hem of her oversized t-shirt and pulls it off over her head in one motion. What stands before me makes my jaw drop and a shiver of excitement rush down my spine. I feel two quick pulses in my loins. And as happens so often with Erin, I feel myself fall instantly in love and lust with this exquisite creature. Noticing the effect she’s sex izle had on me, and knowing she has captivated my attention, she is emboldened and any nervousness in her posture melts away as she proudly displays herself in a bikini much tinier than I ever imagined she would wear in public. It is a deep red that glows vibrantly in the sunlight. It consists of strings and small triangles and though not obscenely small, it’s daringly so The fabric it’s made from is tissue-paper thin and is stretched tight over the small portions of her body it covers. As I’m unable to divert my eyes, Erin smiles and laughs softly, hands me the sunscreen and kneels with her back to me. I fall to my knees and begin spreading the lotion on her back and shoulders. Gently caressing her soft skin. Her neck, arms, her lower back. Making her skin glisten and glow. I hear her sigh softly under my touch. She leans forward on her hands and lowers herself onto the towel extending her lithe body, allowing me to continue my massage. Long, slow strokes up and down the back of her legs. My fingers glide up her thighs to the swell of her ass cheeks and inch slightly under the crimson bikini. My thumbs stroke her inner thighs and press upward for a moment and a soft moan escapes her lips. I lean down and place a kiss between her shoulder blades then slowly roll her body over on her back. Her eyes look sleepy and dreamy as I run my fingertips over her face and softly smiling lips. And I proceed down her slender form with loving touches. Between her lovely small breasts, down the firm, flat belly, along her flanks and hips, repeating the thumb caresses between her thighs…pressing upward… Her eyes open as she gasps in alt yazılı porno excitement and surprise at allowing me to touch her so intimately on a public beach. She glances furtively to each side, looking up and down the beach, afraid someone might be watching. I let my eyes move slowly up her shimmering body and we gaze longingly at one another and I smile reassuringly. I lean forward and kiss her soft tummy, glistening with lotion…I inhale and its sweet fragrance fills my brain. Then extend my body over hers and let my lips meet hers. “Dear, sweet Erin,” I whisper, caressing her cheek. “Welcome to paradise.” I roll off to one side and take my place on the blanket to her left. We feel the sun on our skin and hear the soothing rush of the ocean surf on the sand. As we each slip into our shared reverie, Erin takes my hand in hers and we softly sigh in unison Erin and I bask in the sun for quite some time, turning occasionally, dozing now and then, totally relaxed by the hypnotic sound of the ocean waves. I frequently glance over at her slender, sexy form and sometimes can’t resist reaching over to caress her soft, sun-warmed skin. Usually this elicits a dreamy smile and a contented sigh.  The heat of the sun is intense and I feel that a walk to the water’s edge will refresh me. I roll towards Erin sliding my arm over and around her middle. I nuzzle her neck and kiss her below the ear and whisper, “I’m going down to the water to cool off. Be right back.” Without opening her eyes, Erin nods and smiles. God, this girl excites me!!! And she knows it. Especially in this tiny bikini. Just before I go, I reach up and pull the triangle covering her left breast quickly altyazılı sex izle to the side, causing the ripe nipple to pop out into the sunlight. Her body tenses slightly and I press my lips on the tender bud. It begins to stiffen and as I pull away, my lips part and my tongue flicks out to taste it’s sweetness. Just as suddenly, I replace the bikini top to it’s proper position and I’m on my feet heading for the water. Glancing back, I see a smile on Erin’s lips and her chest heave with a sigh…and possibly a sight tremor down her body brought on by my sudden amorous assault on her lovely titty. The water rushes around my feet and legs and I splash some on my shoulders and feel refreshed. Looking back up the beach, there’s Erin, now sitting up hugging her knees and watching me. We gaze at one another for a time across the expanse of sand, then she lies back and stretches her lean but shapely body out under the sun again. My heart beats a little harder and faster and I feel a tingling in my testicles and my penis moves and swells within my shorts. I start walking back up the slope of the beach toward Erin, not taking my eyes off her supine form. With each step, more and more lust pulses in my manhood and I feel it growing and uncoiling like a snake until I stand silently beside her, with full erection…transfixed by her loveliness, my hard-on standing firm pressing up and outward against the now restricting confines of my shorts. Sensing my presence Erin’s eyes slowly open and a powerful passion passes between our eyes. Her eyes lower and she notices my arousal…her face breaks into a wide grin. I step over her outstretched body and drop to my knees straddling her, lean forward press my lips to hers. We kiss deeply and tenderly. I feel the heat from her skin radiating up and pulling me closer and I gently grind my engorged member into her taught belly. We continue to savor each other’s mouth and she arches her back, pressing against my hardness.

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