Sofia Stefani was nervous. This was, after all, her very first interview for the Dixie Times. Her editor, Steve Lupine, was a grizzled old newspaperman who believed that new reporters learned from adversity. That’s why she ended up having the ‘honor’ of interviewing Lt. Colonel Anne Kalloni, USMC, retired.

Even by the demanding standards of the United States Marine Corps, Anne Kalloni was considered “Hard-Corps”. As one of the senior ranking women officers in the Corps, she had finally retired after thirty years of experiences – these experiences where what Sofia was to capture and write about.

Sofia was also nervous because she was running five minutes late for her appointment. Just as she pushed the doorbell, a clear soprano voice asked from behind her, “Exactly what part of ‘be on time’ do you find so fucking confusing, Missy?”

Sofia almost fainted from fright. She quickly turned and was surprised by what she saw. There stood an attractive older woman, dressed in shorts and a halter-top, with her hands planted firmly on her hips. What surprised Sofia wasn’t so much that the woman was obviously in excellent shape, was confident and extremely self-assured or that she had managed to catch Sofia completely unaware: it was that Sofia, who was not tall herself, could look directly into the woman’s eyes; she wasn’t even really short — she was petite.

Apparently, used to this reaction, Anne cocked one eyebrow and said, “What’s the matter Darlin’? Expecting some Ol’ butch chick with big ass biceps? Well, come along ‘Princess’ Get your ass in gear, and bring it inside the house. It’s fucking hot out here!” Then, without a backward glance, Anne went into the house, leaving Sofia in her wake.

How can a woman who is no bigger than I am make me feel so intimidated? mused Sofia as she quickly followed Anne into the house. God, what a bitch! Sofia finally caught up to Anne. Before she could say anything herself, Anne said, “Listen Princess; let’s get something straight between us. The ONLY reason you’re here is because Steve Lupine was one of the finest Navy Corpsmen with whom I ever had the pleasure to serve. So sit down, shut your suck and start writing — you might actually learn something!”

Sofia knew that she had a strong submissive streak as part her nature; many of her past male relationships had taken advantage of her because of it. That is why she was so surprised at her own response. “You, Lt. Colonel Anne Kalloni are an obnoxious, arrogant, rude bitch. If you speak to me like that again I will walk right out of here … interview or no interview!” Sofia blurted out, as she stood with her shapely legs spread, hands on hips and a very bright shade of red coloring her face.

Sofia realizing what she had just said only moments after bursa sınırsız escort the words had left her mouth. She also realized that Lt. Colonel Kalloni was going to throw her and her career out the door.

“Well, well, well! Girl’s got some moxie when she’s pissed,” laughed Anne. “Okay, Princess, sit down and let’s get to know one another. I’m Anne, who the fuck are you?”

Out of this inauspicious beginning a friendship was born. As the afternoon became evening, Sofia realized that she had told Anne as much about herself as Anne had shared with her. Anne now knew how badly Sofia needed this job to support herself; she knew all about her past failed relationships with men; she even knew about the couple of female relationships that Sofia had been in.

For her part, Sofia now greatly admired this strong confident woman. She had learned about all of the prejudices that a woman faced in a “male’ oriented fighting force; Anne’s difficulty in managing any type of relationship due to her extensive responsibilities and travel commitments, and most importantly Sofia knew that her submissive side was being strongly attracted to Anne’s dominant nature.

Just as the sun set, Anne finally called a halt to what wasn’t so much an interview any longer, but had become a chat between girlfriends.

“Get your ass in the kitchen where it belongs, Princess,” barked Anne as she stood up. “You’re making the salad and I’m going to burn the steaks, deal?” “Deal” said Sofia, secretly pleased to be allowed to stay and enjoy Anne’s company even longer.

After a pleasant dinner, the two new friends adjourned to a double chaise lounge out by the pool, accompanied by a bottle of wine. They chatted; they joked; they drank wine; they nudged each other playfully and at some point, they passed the line beyond friendship.

After an hour or so, Anne jumped up and said”, Get your ass up, Princess. We’re going for a swim!” When Sofia attempted to beg off, due to the lack of a swimming suit, Anne told her, “It wasn’t a question Princess! We don’t need swim suits any fucking way — now get your ass undressed or I’ll do it for you!”, as she slid her own shorts off her hips and onto the floor. As Sofia stood and began to remove her clothes, she felt Anne’s increased degree of dominance excite her.

Anne quickly and efficiently finished undressing and dove into the pool. She swiftly surfaced and watched Sofia finish disrobing. Mmmmm, you may not know it yet ‘Princess’, but you belong to me now’ thought Anne as she watched intently … admiring Sofia’s firm pert breasts crowned by delectable pink nipples that were just waiting to be sucked. Anne’s eyes moved lower and she relished Sofia’s smooth luscious stomach and slightly flared hips. Then, finally, Anne bursa üniversiteli escort allowed herself to appreciate the lovely downy hair covering Sofia’s deliciously pouting pussy and its labia just waiting to be eaten like a slice of fresh melon. Oh, yeah, Princess … you are oh, so mine now! reflected Anne, as she went to the steps to meet Sofia.

Sofia got her first real look at Anne’s body as she slowly walked down the steps into the pool. It was the body of a mature woman. It was a body of a woman who took care of herself. Her breasts were still firm and slightly upturned, her slightly rounded stomach complemented the wider flare of her hips and her mons was cleanly shaven.

Sofia hurriedly rushed the rest of the way into the water so that Anne wouldn’t see her rapidly hardening nipples or notice how wet she had suddenly become. She couldn’t help but notice that Anne’s nipples had hardened when she had started to enter the pool and the look in Anne’s eyes was almost predatory. This made Sofia’s stomach tumble in anticipation as she thought of what it would be like to be controlled and possessed by this woman.

As they swam, Anne always kept close to Sofia, constantly touching her, holding her hand and stroking her back and shoulders. When they had swum for several minutes, Anne got out of the pool and disappeared into the house. She returned shortly with three huge fluffy towels, which she set on the chaise lounge. She quickly dried herself as Sofia exited the pool.

Sofia accepted one of the soft towels. She was contently drying herself when she felt Anne’s hands first touch, then fasten something around her neck. Sofia felt a huge surge of excitement as her own hand identified what Anne had just fasten on her. It was a collar … “Oh my God, Anne just put a collar on me…”

Sofia turned and looked at Anne. Yes, Anne’s eyes still held that same predatory look as before, but now they also had the added spice of lust. Sofia’s fingers traced the outline of the collar and she felt her body becoming more and more aroused. She desperately wanted to give herself to Anne and obey her every whim. As her desire to submit hit a fever peak, Sofia softly asked, “A collar, Anne? What … am I your pet now?… Are you telling me that I belong to you?”

Anne said nothing, but bent and retrieved a black leash from where it had been secreted under the third towel. Holding the clip end up for Sofia to see, Anne said, “That is a decision that you yourself needs to make, Princess. As it stands right now, you can call that collar a big joke and we can head our different ways … or … you can clip this leash to your collar and become mine.”

Sofia looked passionately at the leash’s bursa anal yapan escort clip as her body shuddered. She knew that accepting it would end her life, as she knew it, but even the fear that this thought generated increased Sofia’s arousal. Without any further hesitation, Sofia clipped the leash to her collar making the irrevocable commitment.

Without further ado, Anne led the naked Sofia into the house and into her bedroom. She had Sofia stand motionless by the side of the bed as she caressed one of her breasts, gently tweaking her nipple with her thumb. “You belong to me now, Princess … body, mind and soul … you will do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it and how I tell you to do it, — do you understand?”

Sofia softly whispered “Yes.” Anne moved her hand slightly, took Sofia’s nipple firmly between her thumb and knuckle, and gave it a painful squeeze. “You mean ‘yes, Ma’am,’ don’t you?” Anne murmured in her ear. As soon as Sofia managed to say “Yes, Ma’am” the pressure disappeared.

“Now this is what we are going to do, Princess. You are going to lie down on my bed and you will not move, no matter what I do to you — do you understand?” Sofia quickly answered “Yes, Ma’am” as she got on the bed and lay as motionless as possible.

From the bookcase behind her, Anne extracted a large ostrich plume. She then began to ‘torture’ Sofia by running the plume over every inch of her body, paying VERY special attention to her breasts and clit. Anne kept stroking the feather up and down Sofia’s body until she lay there thrashing and moaning. Sofia finally heard herself begging Anne to let her come. Anne told her that she would only be allowed to come when Anne herself did.

Anne climbed on the bed, straddled Sofia’s panting body, and lowered her pussy down to Sofia’s waiting mouth. Sofia rapidly began to lick and suck Anne’s lips and large protruding clit. Using her tongue, she licked deep into Anne’s pussy lapping up every possible drop of her juices. At the same time, Anne went to work on Sofia’s beautiful, wet, little pussy. She also kept stimulating Sofia’s thighs and stomach with the ostrich plume. In what felt like mere seconds, both Anne and Sofia had amazingly powerful and simultaneous orgasms.

Moving around, Anne lay next to her new lover as Sofia attended to her every desire. Using her hands, lips, and tongue, Sofia caused Anne to have one shattering orgasm after another.

After finally catching enough breath to speak, Anne said “Mmmmm, you’ve been a good little slave girl, Princess. I think you’ve earned a reward.”

Anne positioned Sofia on her hands and knees with Sofia’s head resting on the big satin pillow and her creamy white ass glowing in the moon light.

Sliding first two, than three and finally her entire cupped hand into Sofia’s soaking wet pussy, Anne sawed in and out, as she licked and sucked the stretched little rosebud of her clit. As her orgasm overcame her, Sofia screamed Anne’s name and fainted.

She woke later, gently cradled in Anne’s arms. She softly smiled, knowing that she was where she belonged.

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