Powers of Persuasion


“Just like that,” said Jaime, grabbing the back of Mary’s head and pressing it into her pussy. The tension was building in her body, her leg muscles starting to twitch.

Mary, quite without a choice in the matter, continued licking and sucking Jaime’s clit, occasionally dipping down to savor the taste of her pussy. She kept the rhythm even, the pressure, everything. When Jaime said ‘just like that,’ she got it just like that.

“I’m so close…don’t stop,” said Jaime, the tension between her legs coming to a peak. God, she needed this. She knew that she could do this any day of the week, with anyone she wanted. Right now, she had complete control over Mary, this redheaded little vixen who was darting the flat of her tongue across her clit until —

With that, Jaime felt the tension ease as her juices flooded into Mary’s mouth, who lapped it up eagerly while Jaime rode through the waves of her orgasm.

Once she had finally come down from the high, her attention was drawn to her pussy again, where Mary continued her clitoral assault.

“Stop,” said Jaime firmly.

Instantly, Mary complied. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Get off the bed and stand.”

Mary did so, straightening her hair slightly before putting her hands at her sides.

Jaime took a moment to look her over. While it wasn’t her first time bringing Mary, she found herself calling her back time after time because of how drop dead gorgeous she was. Aside from the fiery red hair, Mary sported large, milky white breasts, a perky ass and the cutest smile. Well, her smile was cute when she it wasn’t covered by the vicious smirk that she wore in public. That was the other reason Jaime brought her in: revenge. No matter how ‘Mean Girls’ Mary was in school, Jaime could always keep the image of the gleam of Mary her pussy juice on her face in mind and know she was in control.

Jaime looked her over. “Good. Get dressed.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Mary began putting on her panties. “May I wipe my face, Mistress?”

“No. Not until you get home. And you will say goodnight to my mother on the way out.”

“Yes, Mistress.” There was a tone of shame in her voice.

“Is that a hesitation, pet?” said Jaime, some bite to her voice.

“N-no, Mistress.” A touch of panic now.

“You remember what happened last time?”

“Y-yes, Mistress.” She had finished putting on her skinny jeans and was tugging her tube top over her bare chest.

“As usual, you will not tell anyone about our encounter, though you shall remember every detail. You may return to not calling me Mistress as soon as you leave the room. And, as punishment for your hesitation, the next three times you masturbate, you will stop just before you orgasm. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.” A twinge of defeat.

“Tell me, pet. Are you wet right now?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Even though you still insist you’re not bi or a lesbian?”

A long pause. “Yes, Mistress.”

“What was that pause? Answer honestly.” Jaime’s voice held the flat tone of certainty in her command.

“I…I’m not sure anymore.”

“I think maybe you should get a little more sure,” said Jaime, getting off the bed and standing behind Mary. “I told you to strip, then eat my pussy until I came all over your face, and let’s see,” she said as she dipped her fingers into Mary’s pussy, causing the poor girl to let out a small gasp of pleasure. “Yeah. I haven’t touched you all night and you’re positively dripping.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Jaime withdrew her hand. “Leave.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Jaime watched Mary leave the room, head into Jaime’s living room and look around for a moment. “Um…I don’t see your mother.”

“She’s in her room, getting ready for bed. Knock and do what I said before.”

Mary did not nod, or acknowledge. She merely complied. Knocking on the door to Jaime’s mother’s room, Mary waited patiently, nervously straightening her hair again.

Jaime peeked from her door, still naked and with her juices running down her legs. Even though the sex was over, the thrill didn’t end when Jaime came.

Cecile, Jaime’s mom, opened the door to her bedroom, dressed in a bathrobe which covered her ample breasts, her long blonde hair wrapped in a towel. She must have just stepped out of the shower. “Hey, Mary. Everything okay?”

“Yes, Mrs. Green. I just wanted to say goodnight, and thank you for having me over.”

“Oh…it’s no problem, Mary. You guys…have fun?”

“Yes, Mrs. Green. Your daughter’s a great tutor. I’m already looking forward to the next time I come over.”

“That’s good, Mary. I’ll, uh, see you next time?”

“Yes, Mrs. Green. See you then.” With that, Mary turned and left the house. Jaime heard Mary’s car start, and the girl drive off into the night.

With a pleased sigh, Jaime closed her door and fell back onto her bed. She used to get guilt when she used her gift to get off, but not anymore. It was just the thrill, with an added bonus: she hadn’t told Mary to say most of that.

Why did bursa escort that excite her so much? Wasn’t the thrill the unquestioning servility? Now that the rush was coming down, it was kind of fucked up to think about, but that’s really what she liked: the domination. So why was she so happy that Mary had said she had a good time? Was she reading to much into it? Maybe it was just improvisation. Maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome. Whatever.

Jaime raised the fingers that had touched Jaime’s pussy to her face. Despite having been using — well, abusing — her gift to get laid, and having mostly women over to munch on her box, she’d never eaten pussy herself. She preferred a nice hard cock to a tongue, but she couldn’t exactly bring a parade of boys into her house without her mom noticing. And even though it wasn’t necessarily her preference, having a warm body for her bed at her beck and call sure beat whatever mechanical help that she had rattling around from before her gift manifested.

Touching the abundant juices on her fingers to her tongue, she tasted Mary on her fingers. A bit tangy, a bit sour, but overall not bad. Actually, it was really good. Which gave her an idea.


Mary sat on her bed, fighting off tears. What was happening to her? She was used to Jaime being a manipulative bitch. She was used to that… power that she had. By this point, she was even used to needing to peel off her soaking wet panties and rubbing one out on her untouched pussy after an evening licking Jaime’s twat. And while it wasn’t the first time she’d been made to walk out with Jaime’s cum on her face, it was the first time she’d ever gone off-script.

She knew the drill. Jaime said something, she did it. She didn’t want to do it, but she did it. Jaime says bark, you bark. Jaime says jump, you don’t bother asking her how high. Jaime says go down on her, you don’t bother taking the time to pull your hair back.

What had her so upset tonight was that it was different. She wasn’t robotically eating Jaime’s pussy until she came. Mary liked doing it. When Jaime came and Mary lapped up her pussy juices, it was because she wanted to. Jaime had told her to say goodbye to her mom, she didn’t have to say that she was looking forward to next time, and she was. And lastly, as Jaime had so graciously pointed out, she was soaking wet.

Mary started peeling back out of her clothes. She knew how it worked by now: Jaime’s word was law. The next three times she touched herself, she would have to stop before she orgasmed. She could either be high-strung for the next day and a half with her usual two daily orgasms being denied, or she could lose an hour of sleep and bang out all three tonight.

Luckily, Jaime didn’t know the extent of her power, and Mary made sure not to ask for any clarifications. Could she watch porn while she masturbated? Use toys? Could she be in her room? Questions meant answers, and Jaime had made it clear that she wasn’t there to make it easy on her.

Opening the drawer with her meager selection of toys, Mary selected a slim vibrator and went, naked, to her computer. There, she went to her favorite porn site and clicked the first link under what was trending that looked even remotely interesting. She didn’t need much, just a video of a girl getting thoroughly dicked down, which were mercifully plentiful online. Her video selected, she turned the vibrator on and pressed it against her clit. The vibrations immediately brought tingling waves of pleasure, eliciting a moan from behind closed lips. Moving the vibrator slightly, she watched as the woman went to her knees and took a huge, black dick down her throat, her ass shaking slightly for the camera. Oh God, she wouldn’t last long like this. She was so close to —

Just before she reached her peak, her hand pulled the vibrator away from her clit, denying her own orgasm. With a whimper, Mary tried to force it back, but her hand stayed firmly put while she came down from her high.

The pleasure itself was nice, but the lack of orgasm didn’t help with how horny she was, her eyes still fixed on the video and her mind still racing. Thanks to whatever decisions that possessed porn directors, the blowjob was still going on strong. But instead of fantasizing about the cock, Mary found herself drawn to the girl, watching that little wiggle of her ass, her pussy lips dripping. Mary just wanted to bury her face —

Shaking her head, Mary took two deep breaths. She wasn’t gay…or bi. Right? Other than the occasional drunk kiss at a party, women had been off the table when it was of her own volition. Up to this point, she’d only had a few boyfriends, and did like taking dick. Or maybe she liked the power it gave her. But…maybe that was all she needed?

It was different with Jamie. Mary had been awful to her since their sophomore year, so she had it coming. In fact, Mary was surprised it had taken all the way to senior year. When Jamie came up to her after class and used her…thing to tell her to come over to her house, wearing no panties, bursa ucuz escort she took it as the humiliation that it was. It was humiliating to undress, gross to eat pussy, and Mary took a cold shower as soon as she got home. Then, as it went on, it wasn’t so bad. She got used to it. Then as she thought about it, it felt more than a little risque. Now? She hadn’t even washed Jamie’s cum off of her face.

Even noticing presently, she didn’t go to clean up. She merely touched the vibrator back to her clit, feeling the sensations rising again, flicking a tongue across her lips to taste Jaime on her face. The video played on, but Mary was no longer paying attention. She was thinking about Jamie’s fingers curled in her hair, pressing Mary’s face into her juicy nectar. She was thinking about Jamie’s hand down her panties, tracing her pussy lips for the tell-tale wetness —

Again, her hand pulled itself away from her pussy, the vibrator still humming, throwing droplets of Mary’s juices onto her chair.

With a sigh, Mary logged off of her computer, cleaned off her vibrator and went to the restroom to start getting ready for bed. She could maybe get through one more, but she would need a fourth before she would be able to cum. She didn’t have it in her after eating pussy all night. Time to cut her losses.

Tomorrow, she’d have to make up for it and cum hard.


Jaime sat at her table, looking over at Mary and her group of friends. Should she really do this? Up to this point, it had just been a means to an end. Jaime was an unfortunate combination of a strong-willed, independent woman (translated into high school clique culture as “unpopular”) and an oversexed nympho. If she had been popular, she’d just jump on whatever jock’s pole she felt like, if she felt like it, or throw in with a girl if she wanted. She was pretty firmly bi, with a preference for cock. However, her gift made it easier to get girls than boys in her present circumstances. Nobody asked questions about a girl following you into the restroom, but going into the men’s room or a boy going into the women’s would be…well, frowned upon.

But now, she couldn’t get the taste of Mary’s pussy out of her mind. It was like a song stuck in her head: what would it be like to lick Mary’s shaved pussy to orgasm?

Mary looked up and met her gaze for a moment before looking away in shame.

Jaime smiled despite her lust. Normally she would just tell her “pets” that they would forget everything as soon as they left her house, thinking that they were just studying for whatever duration that she had them pleasuring her. Kept things nice and neat. But for Mary, that wasn’t enough. Jaime hadn’t wanted to just know for herself that she could dominate Mary. She wanted Mary to know it too. For years, Mary had butted heads with Jaime, doing her best to make it clear that Mary’s position as a cheerleader made her infinitely more valuable to the world. Now, Mary was her little plaything.

So if it was about power, why did she now want to pleasure her so badly?

Jaime noticed that Mary kept checking her phone. Did she think that she was going to have a task today? They didn’t normally get together more than twice a week, and not on consecutive days. What was she thinking?

Well, there was a task she had in mind.

Pulling out her own phone, Jaime checked the time. Twenty minutes left in the lunch period. Not really enough to do anything, but enough to give her orders in private. She pulled up Mary’s text chain and typed out a text. “Meet me in the restroom in two minutes.”

The reply was instant, as Mary was already staring at her phone. “Why?”

“I could always walk over to that group of bimbos you call friends and just tell you to do it.”

“No…see you in 2.”

Having her compliance, I went to the nearest restroom and poked my head in. “Anyone in here?” I called out. Hearing nobody, I went to the supply closet and opened it up, withdrawing the “cleaning” sign and placing it on the door. Then, she sat on the counter next to the sinks and waited.

After another minute, Mary came through the door, looking over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching. Apparently satisfied nobody was, she turned to Jaime with a cold stare. “What do you want?”

“I want…to talk to you about something.” She couldn’t help but look over Mary, who was wearing a tight t-shirt and short shorts.

Mary did her best to keep her gaze level. “What, toying with me in your off time isn’t good enough? Now you want to do it at school, too?”

“No…it’s not that.”

“Then. What. Is it?” Mary was clearly upset, but why? She hadn’t seemed this angry since their first couple of trysts.

“Please don’t be upset I —” Jaime stopped as Mary’s face turned up into a smile. “Wait! No…be upset if you want to be upset. I’m…not trying to order you. Fuck. I feel like I have to watch what I say all the time…”

Mary’s face fell back to the cold stare. “Poor you.”

Jaime bursa elit escort sighed. “Can I ask you a question? Girl to girl, aside from all the stuff between us, not worried about social status for a sec. Just a question?”

Mary paused, then nodded for a moment.

“What would you have done if you had my power?”

Mary was shocked by the question. “W-what?”

“I’m not offering. I’m just asking you to take my viewpoint for a minute. You wake up and people do everything you say, to the letter, without hesitation. You’re happy to figure this out before you tell someone to jump off a bridge and they hurt themselves. You’re eighteen, you’re constantly horny…let’s not even say you’re unpopular like me. Let’s just say you’re you. What do you do?”

“I…I don’t know.”

Jaime sighed. “Whatever. You’re free to leave if you want.”

“N-no, just give me a sec,” said Mary, her face softening. “I think I get what you mean. It’s a lot of power, and…well, maybe if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d have you eating my pussy. I’d probably…go a little crazy. Wait, is this supposed to be some kind of apology?”

“I mean…no? Kind of? I think what I’m trying to say is…I’m not so sure about everything. I want you to —” Jaime stopped herself from wording it as a command. “I still have the desire for you to…be with me. But maybe I wanted to see if you wanted to do it on less…forceful terms?”

Mary laughed. “Jaime, are you asking me out?”

“I mean…yeah? Kind of?” She waited with baited breath for the woman’s response. Why was she doing this? She could just live out her power fantasy and be happy with that, right? Did she have to add this uncertainty into the mix?

“Is this just some new little power play? You get me to catch feelings then remind me that I’m just an extra-large vibrator for you?”

It was Jaime’s turn to avert her eyes. “No. I’m sorry. It was stupid of me to ask.”

“No it wasn’t. I just…want to know that it’s not that.”

Jaime looked up at Mary as the girl took a couple of steps closer to her. “It’s not.”

“And does it mean that you won’t order me around anymore?” asked Mary, now a few inches from where Jaime sat on the counter.

“I won’t.”

“Even if I want you to?” asked Mary.

Now Jaime was stammering. “W-what?”

Mary leaned in and pressed her lips to Jaime’s, her tongue teasing the woman’s lips until Jaime’s mouth parted and allowed her inside. For a moment, they were a tangle of arms, hands, lips and tongues before Jaime pulled back.

“Do you…want me to order you around?”

“Yeah. It was…well, terrifying at first. But now I like it. I think the only reason I didn’t was because it meant you had the power over me…and I was always scared you didn’t like me so I didn’t want that.”

“I mean, I didn’t. We’ve never really been friends, but I thought it was because you hated me.”

“I didn’t. I’ve always thought you were so cool. Toughest girl in school. Guess I let my jealousy beat out my admiration though.”

Jaime chuckled. “A little I guess. I’ve got to say, no matter how much I’ve hated you, the thought of you between my legs has gotten me off more than a couple times.”

Mary blushed. “I can’t say the same. I haven’t thought about girls like that until…after you started having me do things with you.”

“And now?” asked Jaime, wrapping her arms around Mary’s back.

“Now…I like it. I think I like girls, too. But I know I like what we do.”

Jaime smiled. They didn’t have time for what she really wanted to do, but there was certainly enough time for something. “How many times did you masturbate since I told you you couldn’t cum?”

Mary’s face continued to grow more red. “T-twice.”

“I see,” said Jaime, hopping down from the counter. “Time I order you around a bit, then. Tell me if you’re wearing underwear.”

“Y-yes. A thong.”

“That’s a good little whore. Pull off your shorts and that thong and hop onto the counter.”

Mary complied, showing her shaved, pink pussy that had been perpetually wet since the previous night.

“Good. Now masturbate, you little slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Mary. Her fingers immediately began tracing up and down her slit, lingering at her clit before moving back down.

Jaime’s breathing sped up as she watched the show, her hand moving instinctively to her own pussy. She guessed Mary really was into it, seeing as she had taken to calling her Mistress even without an order. “Who likes being a little submissive slut?”

“M-me,” said Mary. She was speeding up her motions, spending less time on her pussy lips and more time rubbing small circles on her clit.

“Good girl.” Jaime was rubbing her pussy through her jeans, feeling the fire building below.

“What if someone comes in and sees?”

“Would you like that? Tell me honestly, slut.”

“I don’t know,” said Mary quickly, surprised at her own answer.

“Then we’ll find out if it happens. Are you close to coming, my pet?”

Mary had started breathing even heavier, losing her ability to speak and instead opting for a couple of rapid nods.

“Go ahead. Try to get yourself there.”

Mary rubbed her pussy even more vigorously, attacking her clit and writhing on the counter until —

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