Possession: Christmas Vengeance – Chapter 6 – Winter Showers – edited


Double Penetration

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In this series, I write from the perspective of the VILLAIN. That means I don’t agree with his choices, and you’re not supposed to either. We’re all acknowledging he is evil and wrong. Obviously nothing he does should ever be done in real life! Please be mature adults and separate fantasy from reality. This SHOULD evoke visceral, icky feelings. That’s the POINT. This is HORROR.

This is more PORN than PLOT.

All characters are 18+.This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to events, locales, or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.






-Gross bodily fluids tastes/smells

-Fingering dirty asshole






Chapter 6 – Winter Showers

I rest for a few minutes, letting my heart rate come down, exhausted. I admire the sight. The beautiful, expensive four-poster-bed so defiled and desecrated. King-sized mattress soaked with piss and fluids. Vertical black iron posts running up from each corner of the bed, connected at the top by horizontal beams, which usually just drape fancy curtains down the sides of the bed. But now they hang a dripping mess of mother and daughter suspended above the bed. Grace twitches limply, in a sort of hovering missionary position, all four limbs stretched and hanging from the 4 corners of the beams above. Her 18 year old daughter, Ella, lays unconscious on top of her in 69 position, arms bound in a hug around her mother’s waist.

I almost can’t believe what just happened. I took the girl’s virginity so savagely that she passed out and pissed herself all over her mother’s face.

It reminds me I have to piss too. Well Kadir has to I guess. I look down at the body I possess. Grace’s husband, Ella’s dad. Kadir’s stamina has been incredible. I won’t need much of a rest before this body is ready to go again.

But first… I look back up at Ella. Blood and piss still wet on her poor little cunthole. I actually hope she isn’t too hurt, but vengeance urges me on. The man I once was would never do this. But the monster I’ve become forces me to keep going.

I stand on the bed and start taking the women down from their restraints. I leave the ring gags in their mouths, detachable cuffs on their ankles and wrists, but carefully bring them down to lay on the bed. Grace starts to roll into a ball around poor Ella, cover her up, but I yank her away. “No no, I’ve got plans for you.” She sobs and reluctantly lets me pull her to the foot of the bed. Leaving Ella laying unconscious, a tiny bit of blood trickling out of her pussy to stain the sheets.

I stand with Grace on the edge of the bed, and start to string her up again. She doesn’t fight me, but can barely hold herself up anymore, her knees shaking, relying on me to keep her from falling off the bed. I bind her wrists together straight above her head, attaching them to the sturdy horizontal beam above us. Then I put straps around her knees, suspending them from above too. Her thighs are spread as wide as they go, her feet dangling straight down.

I step down and look. It took a while, but the view is worth it. Kadir’s lovely wife Grace hangs suspended a couple feet above the mattress, between the 2 posts at the foot of the bed, facing away from the bed. Her body is petite, but a bit of plumpness and curves in the right places. Arms straight up, body completely vertical. Legs spread wide, bent down at the knees. She hangs her head limply, her pretty blue eyes not making eye contact, defeated.

Her hair was once expensively done blonde and brown highlights, wavy shoulder length locks. Now a dripping mess. Her fair skin, red and flushed, sweaty. Her platinum white painted toenails the only reminder of the classy mom she was before.

I walk over to the supplies I bought earlier and find some zip-ties. Then I go to where Ella lays on the bed. So sweet and broken. Her tiny body. Dusky skin with tan-lines, silky black hair.

She’s starting to wake up. I hurry. I strip her completely naked. Her ripped pink pajama pants and cotton panties were still partially clinging on. I take the material and start stuffing it in my mouth. I notice the flavor of her panties. Still mostly clean, they have a hint of sourness from pussy juice, piss, and sweat. My cock starts to stiffen a bit. I then rip her pants in half and stuff one part in my mouth, really making sure Kadir is fully gagged. The other part I wrap tightly around my mouth, tying it behind my head. I test it, trying to make some noise. Good enough.

I then zip-tie my ankles and then wrists to one of the vertical bed posts right near where Grace hangs. The bed is so sturdy, he won’t be able to do a thing, just out of reach, helplessly standing next to his wife and daughter. I can’t wait.

Just as Ella starts to moan, waking up in pain, I leave Kadir’s body and swoop over into Ella’s. The pain is immediate. I almost puke, god this feels awful. I almost feel bad for the poor girl. At least I can bear her pain for a while, give her a break. They don’t seem to be conscious while I’m possessing their bodies.

I take the ring gag off my face and open and close my jaw a few times. Damn that’s uncomfortable. My lips and cheeks feel raw.

I sit up in the bed and look down. My legs shaking. God my insides are on fire. I feel her pussy, fingering the wet hole. The bleeding has stopped. Painful, but nothing seems too badly hurt.

Kadir starts to shout, muffled by his gag. I crawl over to him. He thrashes around in a confused rage, looking from me to Grace hanging above. “Mmmm mmm!” Shock and horror in his eye as he muffles into his gag.

“Daddy, you did this. You fucked mommy and me. Look daddy. You popped my cherry.” I enjoy teasing him, getting as weird as I can just for the hell of it. I crawl close to him, as he stands there tied to the bed post, trying to escape with all his strength. I face my ass to him, bent over on all fours. And I wiggle around, spreading open wide, twerking my little ass around. I reach under and finger myself right in front of him. He looks away in horror, unable to comprehend what’s happening.

I stand at the foot of the bed right next to Grace. Still in pain, but it’s getting better. I grab her ass, feel her up and down, hug her gently. She flinches in confusion. I peek around her body to look her in the face. She has a renewed look of confusion as her husband and daughter seem to be acting so differently suddenly. She looks at me with utter shock in her pretty blue escort gaziantep rus bayan eyes. The shocked expression intensified by the ring gag forcing her mouth open in a wide “O” shape. I smile and kiss her on the cheek, “It’s ok mommy.”

I recoil a bit from all the nasty fluids all over her used face. “Ew mommy, you’re gross. We need to take a bath soon.”

I feel around her body again, enjoying the helpless position I have her in, making Kadir watch just out of reach.

Her face and hair are gross, but the rest of her just has a sexy sheen of sweat. Musky, but still pleasant. I caress her exposed armpits. A tiny hint of stubble, just a day’s worth of not shaving. I hug her tightly and shove my little face in, rubbing around over my nose and cheeks and mouth. I inhale her. Kinda gross, but still a hint of her feminine vanilla scent. I lick and slobber all over, tasting her salty skin. She squirms, so embarrassed, so weirded out that her daughter is doing this. I giggle and continue licking, down and across her sideboob. So warm and squishy.

I reach down and grab a handful of mommy’s naked buttcheek, squeezing and sliding my little hand around. I finger my pussy with the other hand, trying to get past the pain, get back to pleasure. Her cunt is so sensitive and raw, but starts to get wet.

I kneel down and spread Grace’s cheeks apart. I take my little fingers and touch them to her dirty asshole. The brown puckered flesh juxtaposed against these fingers, nails painted a cute girly blue, it’s just so wrong. I poke and prod and swirl around. She squirms and kicks helplessly. I shove a finger in suddenly, a knuckle deep. She flinches and recoils violently, but I leave it there. I’m careful not to dig around too much, for fear of anything too nasty. I stick my mouth up to an asscheek right in front of me and kiss deeply, sucking and biting gently.

I take the finger out of her asshole and quickly shove it without warning up into her pussy. She lets out a muffled squeal as I rapidly start poking my little finger in and out, cleaning it off with her pussy juices.

I duck down under Grace, crawling between her suspended legs. Then I carefully grab onto the ripped gray shorts that still cling around her waist, pulling myself up in front of her, face to face. Standing so close to the edge of the bed, I have to hug her tightly so I don’t fall off. I slide up and down on her, enjoying the slickness, feeling our sweaty bodies grinding on each other. Nipples on nipples, belly on belly, pussy on pussy.

“God mommy, this is so hot. I can feel my little pussy getting wetter.” Grace wiggles around in shock and disgust. Her dangling feet kicking around helplessly on either side of us. “No seriously, taste.” I dig a finger into my slick pussy and swirl around. I take it out and shove it straight in her forced-open mouth, wiping it around on her helpless tongue inside. She makes a gross gagging sound and I pull out.

I slide my face down to her tits and bury myself into her cleavage. Moving back and forth across the slick, sweaty flesh. Her white tank top, ripped open in the front, still clings around the sides and underside of her breasts, cupping them together slightly. I push my face down deep into the shadow of her cleavage and shirt material. Her full breasts warm and smooth against my ears.

I pull back and plant my mouth around a teat. Sucking deeply, flicking my tongue around puffy nipple, tasting her salty skin. She lets out a muffled squeak as I suck painfully hard. Then my mouth starts to flood with her warm milk. So sweet, better than regular milk. I suck and swirl my tongue, splashing it around in my little mouth.

With a mouthful, I back off from her tit, lips tight. I slide up to her face, and before she even knows what’s happening, I kiss her full on the mouth, her ring gag forcing her open. I spit the mouthful of warm milk straight into her. Grace’s breast milk forced into her own mouth. She coughs and sputters, wrenching her head away and spilling it all over us. It runs down our chins, necks, tits. I giggle, “Mommy stop making a mess.”

I grind up and down, feeling the warm liquid slide around our naked bodies. Then I start lapping it up with my tongue. Grace’s salty flesh is now sweet and creamy. I hump my hips up and forward, aggressively banging my little pussy into my mommy’s cunt, spread wide in front of me. Humping and gyrating into her, I lick and suck at her tits and chest and neck, slurping up all the sweet milk.

Panting, my pussy sopping wet, I climb down from the bed onto the carpet and stare up at Grace’s dripping body. I’m tall enough to reach her pussy from here. Perfect.

I go to the supplies from the store and come back with a bottle of lube. I open it up. Hmm, nice floral scent, great. I squirt plenty out on my hand. I walk up to Grace and reach up.

I lather and rub around mommy’s pussy, getting her more than wet. Excessively lubed up, dripping a bit. I swirl it around, enjoying the feel, rubbing slick fingers through her folds, slipping a finger in and out of her hole every so often. I get my hand nice and soaked too.

Then I pinch all my fingers together into a point and slide without warning up inside her opening. She starts squealing and thrashing about, her legs kicking wildly. But it’s no use, she can barely move.

My painted blue fingernails disappear inside her. One knuckle deep, then two. A squelching sound as her lips are forced open, forced to take the little fingers. Three knuckles deep and she’s straining, pussy stretched out painfully. I back out, then wiggle slowly in and out a few times, trying to warm her up to it.

I twist and slide gently in and out, then squirt some more lube onto my fingers. It drips to the edge of the bed and the carpet below. Squelch Squelch, my cute little almond colored hand keeps digging into her stretched pink hole.

Plenty of lube, I drop the bottle and gather some of the excess onto my other hand. I start playing with my own pussy, rubbing and sliding around, so fucking aroused. I reach around the back and swirl a finger on my little asshole too. God Ella’s body reacts so well to that. My knees shake a bit. Back and forth between pussy and asshole. It becomes subconscious as I return my attention to my mommy.

As wet and warmed up as she’s going to get, I thrust up suddenly as hard as my little arm can punch. Splop! My hand finally pops past the last knuckles. Inside mommy’s cunt. Grace inhales sharply, her breath catching in her throat. Then a moment later she lets out a muffled wail of pain mixed with forced pleasure. Her body spasms violently, her pussy lips quiver around my wrist. Still held suspended at the knees, her feet flop around freely, her toes curl and clench, nice painted white toenails so sexy in this crazy position. escort bayan gaziantep swinger

I rub viciously at my pussy with my free hand, so turned on, panting hard. I feel wetness dripping down my inner thighs. I bring my fingers to my mouth to suck little Ella’s sour pussy juice, then return it to rub furiously again.

I can barely stand, but I force myself to continue, now punching in and out slightly, Grace’s cunt clenched tight around my little fist. I flex my fingers around inside her, feeling her insides, the movement making her squirm and writhe out of control. It almost hurts my hand, so tight. As hard as it was to get inside, now that I’m in, she won’t let go, practically sucking my hand up in her. I thrust about an inch or two, in and out, sticky sounds from all the lube. Sloppy wet fapping sounds from my own pussy, as I rub furiously.

“Mommy has to pee doesn’t she? I know you’ve been holding it in this whole time. Come on mommy, let it out!” Grace’s face is clenching, eyes pinched tightly shut, trying to endure everything she’s feeling. Her body vibrates, shaking against her will.

“You do, don’t you? You have to pee. Go on mommy, pee! Pssss pssss! Come on, I did it, now it’s your turn.” I tease her, pumping my fist harder and harder within her. My knees are barely holding me up, my pussy is on fire. Rubbing so hard, I’m getting so close.

Another full minute of pumping my fist in and out slightly. I clench and make a fist inside her. She moans in pain. But the moan gives away another feeling too. She cant help it, the stimulation too intense. She’s close to cumming. I rub harder, getting closer myself. SplickSplickSplickSplickSplickSplick, I can actually feel droplets of my pussy juice flinging off onto my legs, onto the floor.

Grace’s face is tightened up, she’s holding back, holding her breath. Trying so hard to hold it all in.

I keep my little hand inside her clenched in a fist. And I yank down hard. Pulling free with a loud SPLOP sound. The shock jolts through Grace’s whole body, her breath releasing rapidly, her eyes shooting open in pain and pleasure, a waterfall coming over her… and over me too.

She unloads, cumming, squirting for a full 3 seconds, right in my face. I open my mouth, letting it drench my tongue, splash all over my little face and hair. I rub at my pussy in a wild frenzy of lust, as mommy squirts all over her little daughter. Grace lets out an animalistic, guttural moan, and I let out a little girly scream of excitement, like a kid playing in a sprinkler.

On the verge of passing out from the overwhelming orgasm, Grace can’t control her body anymore. She’s been holding her piss all night. It starts spraying out, immediately following the squirting orgasm. Straight onto my face below. I close my eyes and smile with my mouth wide. The warmth splashes over my head and hair, nose and cheeks. I gurgle loudly as it fills my waiting mouth. I gag slightly, but rub my pussy harder, so turned on by how dirty and wrong this all is.

I’m so close. I drive 2 little fingers up inside my pussy hole, wet and sloppy. I crank in and out as hard as I can, and with my other hand, I reach around and start swirling my drenched fingers around my little brown hole.

I spit the piss out of my mouth. I’m getting drenched. Mommy keeps peeing. Her body twitches, she moans, no control, close to passing out. Warmth splashes and trickles down my whole body. A literal golden shower. I bring my hand from my asshole up to my tits and chest, rubbing the liquid around, pretending to take a real shower. Sliding under armpit, then down belly, moving my head around to let it hit every angle of my long black hair.

Then back to my asshole. I pump in and out of pussy with one hand, then prod forcefully at my brown hole with the other. I push and push at the asshole. It’s tight, but I keep going. On the verge of orgasm, I force a tiny finger into my sphincter, just one knuckle deep.

And that’s it, I’m over the edge. My legs give out, I drop down to my knees, both hands still penetrating both my holes, piss still raining down, spattering onto my head and neck as I crumple down and begin shaking. I let out a high pitched moan of ecstasy, letting my voice make whatever it wants to. This is probably Ella’s first ever orgasm. I can feel how foreign it is to her. And she didn’t witness it, I did. I can hardly move, just twitching, crumpled down kneeling on the floor, my hands stuck up inside me underneath. The stream of piss slowing, still lightly trickling down on me from above.

I lay like this for a few minutes, unable to move. Wow, that was incredible. I look up and see Grace hanging limply, groggy, only half awake, barely aware of her surroundings. I struggle but finally manage to lift myself enough to let my fingers out from my ass and pussy beneath me. I get a whiff of a lewd, sour smell from my fingers, but it’s quickly replaced again with the gross smell of piss.

I crawl slowly, every inch of movement so difficult. I grab some scissors from the supplies nearby, then make my way over to Kadir. He stands pathetically mumbling to himself, zip-tied to the bed post, staring into space, his mind broken by what he’s witnessed. I put the scissors within reach of his hands on the bed. And I leave Ella’s body to crumple back down to the floor in exhaustion.

Before Kadir can react to his daughter crawling over to him and placing scissors right next to him within reach, I leave her body and quickly possess his.

Ella collapses to the floor, looking around in horror, coming back to reality and failing to understand what’s happening. She looks so cute and helpless. She’s 18, but looks much younger, her body is a late-bloomer, and she’s been so pampered and spoiled by her parents that her mind is completely innocent and naive.

It only takes me a minute to grab the scissors with my bound hands, flip them around toward my wrists, and carefully cut off the zip-tie. I then cut my ankles free, and turn back to Ella and Grace.

Grace, Kadir’s beautiful wife, Ella’s mother, hangs suspended from the four-poster-bed. The corners of the bed have vertical posts going up toward the ceiling. The tops of those have horizontal beams connecting all four corners, for hanging curtains. I’ve been hanging much more than that. Grace’s motherly body is drenched with sweat, facing away from the bed, above the foot of the bed. Her arms bound at the wrist, tied straight up above her head. Her legs are spread wide, hanging at the knees, feet dangling down. Her mouth is forced open in a kinky “O” shape with a gag ring. Her pussy is slightly gaped open, having just been fisted to squirting orgasm by her own daughter’s little hand. Ella lays struggling to get up from the floor nearby, drenched with squirt and piss from her mother.

The gaziantep travesti escort kızlar smell of piss in the room is gross, almost a turnoff. But the erotic bdsm position Grace is in helps balance it out. Still, that smell. It reminds me of how much Kadir’s body has to piss. I had him drink a bunch earlier, and he’s been holding it all night.

I climb on the bed and start taking Grace down carefully. She’s limp and can barely hold herself up, so I carry her full weight in my arms. I lay her down near Ella, on the floor near the foot of the bed. Then I go grab Ella’s ring gag and strap it back on her head. I don’t want them biting me.

I lay both girls faceup, side by side, and look them over. So sexy and perfect. Grace’s classy blonde and brown hair is now matted and wet. Ella’s silky black hair is just as bad. Grace stares up at me with bloodshot, teary blue eyes. Ella’s hazel irises, so cute,still hazy with her recent orgasm, her bold dark eyebrows so expressive and worried.

I kneel down and feel them up. Ella’s dusky body is slick with piss. I slide over her small breasts, pinching gently at her little nipples, her slightly large areolas. Grace is sticky and gross with sweat, but it gives her a sexy sheen. Her creamy pale skin, so beautiful in contrast to Ella’s darkness. I squeeze a handful of her full, motherly breast, nipple puffy, still holding milk within. Down to their bellies, Ella’s so fit and toned, Grace’s has a hint of belly fat from pregnancy that she’s been unable to fully get rid of. I slide down their bodies. To their perfect pussies. Ella’s is small and compact, dark lips barely poking out from her little puffy “innie” mound. Grace’s is so pink, her folds flowering out so sensually. Ella is completely smooth and hairless. Grace has just the right amount of womanly, trimmed pubes.

I roll them both over. Both so weak, they just limply flop over. Damn, these asses are so nice too. I give them both a squeeze at the same time, one in each hand. Grace so full and thick, Ella’s it perky and tight. I jiggle and slap gently. Watching them ripple and bounce. Ella squirms a bit, Grace whimpers into the floor.

I lift their hips up off the floor, one at a time. Getting them side by side with their asses up in the air facing me. Up on their knees, but their chests and faces flat on the floor still. “God you girls are so sexy. Look at that.”

I start to stiffen a bit. Their backs arched sensually. Both of their pussies stare right up at me. Lips gently parted from the position. Asscheeks spread just enough to reveal little brown assholes.

With my cock about half stiff, I aim it forward and let myself relax. They start to shift a bit and I reach down and give them each a hard slap on the ass. “Hold still! Both of you!” I relax my bladder and unload down on them.

Piss flows out, and the feeling is like an orgasm all over again. I sigh and grunt, god it feels so good. It splashes down directly on Grace’s asscheek, then in toward her pussy and asshole. Loudly pattering and splashing on her skin. Then I aim over to Ella and soak her ass. She starts to lift up, wanting to get a way. “No! Ella stay!” I piss harder, trying to aim for asshole, then little pussy.

My cock is just hard enough, so I try something. I kneel down behind Grace, clenching and holding my piss for a second. I plunge into her cunt without warning. She squeals but I hold her steady by the hips and thrust in deep. I hold there, and then let myself relax again, starting to piss within her. I feel it pooling around my cock inside her.

Jesus what a weird feeling. It’s something I’d never do normally, no woman would allow it, I would feel too weird to ever bring it up. But tonight, anything goes. I’m the father of the house, and it’s a wife and daughter’s duty to let their bodies be used. Christmas is about family after all.

I pull out and her pussy goes SPLURT and floods piss down onto her legs and feet. I push back in, still pissing. God damn.

I clench and quickly move over behind Ella. She’s tighter, so I have to really prod and poke until I can slip into her. She fights me a bit so I grab her haunches tight, giving her a few sharp smacks on the asscheeks. Inside, I relax again and flood her hole. She fills up really quickly and I feel it overflowing, squirting out around the base of my cock. I hump in and out, only able to stay half hard while pissing. It splashes and trickles out, down her thighs.

I clench one last time, stopping the flow painfully. I pull out of Ella and reach down and grab her hair. I lift her by her wet black hair and bring her face around to face me as I get behind Grace again. Her mother’s ass in the air, I force Ella’s face down onto Grace’s rump, cheek resting sideways onto asscheek, staring up at me.

I hold Ella’s hair to keep her head resting on her mom’s ass, and I grab my cock with my other hand. I slap it down over and over, onto the girl’s face, onto her mom’s asscheeks, onto pussy and asshole.

Ella pinches her face up, clenching her eyes shut. But her mouth is still forced open by the gag ring. So I shove my cock inside her mouth and hump in and out, careful not to make her gag. I pull out as she starts coughing. My cock is hard now. Holding Ella there still, I plunge into Grace’s pussy aggressively. I take her, use her. They both struggle and move around, but I hold them steady and fuck into Grace’s cunt hard.

I thrust with abandon, not savoring them this time. Just pummeling in and out. Splat Splat Splat, into her pussy. Ella whimpers, holding her eyes shut with her cheek pressed tightly on her mom’s butt. I pull out of Grace, thrust into Ella’s mouth for 2 big pumps, she coughs and gags. I thrust back into Grace and smash in and out viciously.

Close to cumming, I pull out with a sloppy Plop sound, and jerk myself feverishly. Grunting, I unload all over Ella’s little face, inside her open mouth, on her nose and cheek and shut eyelid. Then I shove back in Grace to let out the last few spurts inside her pussy.

I relax, still inside her, breathing deeply, coming down from my climax. Heart racing, I hold Ella’s hair, keeping her on her mom’s rump. I admire the lewd sight, a daughter covered in cum, laying her face on her mother’s asscheek, with my cock buried deep.

My erection starting to soften, still inside her pussy, I let go again. Flooding her cum-filled cunt with the last of my piss. I sigh in utter bliss. The ultimate relief.

I let out the last little drops of piss inside her, give her ass a hard slap, and then pull out hard, my limp cock splashing out of her wet hole. I watch as piss and cum gush out of her used pussy. I let her go and she collapses down flat on the floor, still pouring nasty liquid out onto the carpet. Ella recoils and rolls away.

I sit there enjoying the sloppy sight for a minute, then pat Grace on the asscheek and get up. The smell is getting unbearable. I think it’s time to move on.

“Well, I think we ruined the bedroom. Let’s go get ourselves cleaned up.”


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