Poolside Fun


Character Descriptions:

Will: 6’1 brown hair, buff

Jenna: 5’10 brown hair, petite

It was a late summer afternoon in the heart of the East coast in New Jersey. It had been a long week as both Will and Jenna were enjoying a relaxing day on their pool deck, which they rarely got. With the new college school year was around the corner, these afternoons were going to be few and far between.

They had been in and out of the pool and were thinking of going out to eat. Jenna decided to get out and go get ready, but Will wasn’t feeling it yet. Will, the kind of lazy type, was content to spend the evening at home. As Jenna went to get out he grabbed her by the waist and playfully pulled her back in.

They laughed and then as they stopped, Jenna noticed Will giving her a look she had not seen before. Will told Jenna he didn’t want to go anywhere, but rather stay where they were. He then leaned in and kissed her. He placed a hand on the back of her head as Jenna moved closer and pulled him in.

Jenna ran her hand over Will’s back and onto his buff chest. They kissed for several minutes. Will görükle escort backed away and Jenna said they could stay and she would cook later. She then leaned in the kiss Will again and moved her hand over his chest and stomach. Will asked if she wanted to get out of the pool, and she said she did.

Jenna got out first and went and sat on a chair that was layed back. Will sat next to her as they kissed more and Jenna untied his swimming trunks. Will stood up and Jenna pulled his trunks down. She looked up at Will and placed his clean shaved member in her mouth.

Will moaned silently as Jenna began to suck on his dick as it grew larger by the second. Jenna focused on his eyes as they rolled back in pleasure as she fondled him. She paused for a moment and sucked on his balls before placing his near 7″ member back in her mouth.

She tasted the precum seeping on of his tip as she teased it with her tongue and bobbed her head up and down on his shaft. After several minutes, Will backed away and Jenna stood up. They kissed again as Will pulled down the straps to the top of her swim suit. eskort bayan Will kissed down her neck, then began to suck on her petite breats.

Jenna sat back down on the chair and laid back and Will pulled off the bottom of Jenna’s suit. He then went right to work, as he flicked his tongue around her shaved pussy. He rubbed his thumb over her clit and watched as Jenna gasped in pleasure.

After several minutes, Will got up and Jenna said she wanted to get back in the pool. Will got in, then Jenna sat on the side before getting in as well. They kissed as Will rubbed her pussy with his hand. They then went to where the steps were and Jenna sat down. She was covered in water up to the middle of her stomach and Will rubbed the tip of his dick around her pussy.

He then slid inside of Jenna as she layed her head back and let out a moan. Will held her leg as he slowly began to pump in and out of her tight pussy. He smacked his hips off her butt as he quickened his pace. Jenna asked for him to thrust harder, but Will couldn’t cuz of the water. She told him to stop of he removed altıparmak escort his dick and watched as Jenna extended her hand and told Will to follow.

She went back to the chair and Will laid on his back and Jenna got on top of him. She guided his dick back inside her and Will immediately gave Jenna what she wanted. She moaned loudly as his massive dick stretched her pussy. They kissed and Will continued to thrust hard and fast as he felt Jenna quiver as she let looose on his dick.

He slowled for a moment before picking up his pace again. After several more minutes at a quick pace, Will told Jenna he was close. She begged for him to try and last a little longer. Will did what he could as he felt Jenna’s pussy tighten and she shrieked in pleasure.

He then felt her let loose again. Will kept up the rapid pace and he smacked hip hips off her butt as his dick pumped in and out of her soaking wet pussy, which was dripping cum down his dick and onto his balls. Jenna then felt Will stop as he grabbed her butt and felt his warm cum fill her pussy.

Jenna got up and sucked on Will’s dick as he shot a few more shots of his cum into her mouth. Jenna swallowed and then ran her hand over his dick and buffed chest. They kissed for a few more minutes before they decided it was time for dinner.

*I’m always looking for how to improve. Please provide helpful, kind feedback.

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