Play Time with the Professor Pt. 02



Playtime with the Professor: A Second Date

They hit it off so well the first time, they decided to meet again!

“At least we’re emailing,” Molly began. “It sucks how our schedules don’t line up though.”

“For sure. At least the emails are interesting,” her husband replied. Molly and Ryan had met Andrew about a month ago for breakfast. Andrew was a professor at the local university who also happened to be bisexual. The three of them hit it off when Andrew came over and gave Ryan a handjob while Molly watched. Since then the three of them had exchanged emails. Molly thought that Andrew was much more open and communicative through his emails than he was in person. But then again, Molly only had two encounters with the man in person. Hopefully she could thaw his cool exterior.

It just so happened that during the holiday season, all three of them had two weeks off. It would be the perfect time to meet. The married couple hired a babysitter stating that they had to do some last minute Christmas shopping. As soon as you say “Christmas Shopping” no kid wants you home in a few hours!

Ryan, Molly, and Andrew agreed to meet at a Starbucks in a town where none of them lived. Discretion was imperative. Even though Ryan reassured her, Molly wanted to make sure that everyone still felt good about taking the next step. The married couple arrived before Andrew, so they ordered their coffees and sat in the back and chatted. Andrew walked in a few minutes later. Molly observed the vast differences between the two men. Ryan was tall, muscular, and built for hard labor. The professor was smaller, well-groomed, and built for golf. Ryan was ten years her senior, but the professor was two decades older than her.

“Hello, you two.” Molly stood and gave Andrew a hug. He was a little more receptive with this hug than he was the last time. Andrew and Ryan shook hands as if they were just about to conduct a business deal. They did not act like two men who were willing to stroke each other’s cock. Andrew declined getting coffee, so the three of them chatted about the holidays, family and work. Eventually, Andrew said, “Shall we move this to a more private setting?”

“Sure. We can do that. We thought about the Hilton just down the street. Does that work for you? Ryan and I can check in, and then he will text you once we’re settled.”


Typically hotels do not allow guests to check in before 3 PM, so Ryan and Molly lucked out that they were able to get a room before noon. When the two of them got upstairs, they texted Andrew the room number. The three of them once again found themselves shooting the shit about nothingness. Molly thought that if it were just the two of them, they would have gotten down to business already. I am sure they were being gentlemen for her.

“What if we all take showers, so we feel freshened up a bit,” Andrew suggested.

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll go first,” Ryan stated. He slipped into the bathroom leaving Molly and Andrew alone. The two of them chatted about school. Molly was sitting up on the bed while Andrew sat in a chair.

“Do you find value in a first kiss?” Molly asked. “I only ask this because I was thinking that eventually everyone will kiss in this situation. Won’t we? And what if it’s bad? Or really good?”

“I find kissing to be quite personal,” Andrew stated. “To be honest, the only person I kiss is my wife.” Molly felt cheap, and her face apparently expressed her disappointment. She was not into the fuck-n-go mentality.

“However, I must admit, Molly, that I have thought about kissing you-and of course being bisexual the idea of kissing Ryan has entered my mind.”

“Well that’s good,” Molly said with detachment. “I guess we shall see what happens.”

“Would it be acceptable if I kissed you, now? I mean Ryan isn’t in here, so maybe that is against the rules, but could we try it- to just test the water?”

“Sure. Why not? Ry won’t care about a kiss.” Andrew came over and sat next to Molly. He pushed her hair to the side and looked at her. She really appreciated the direct eye contact that he made. Then they kissed. It was a soft kiss at first. Their lips met and both were slightly open. As they kissed, Andrew moved a little closer and placed his hand on her knee. Molly opened her mouth slightly, and she could feel Andrew’s tongue lightly enter. She met his tongue with hers. After a few moments, he gaziantep masaj salonları then pulled away. They both smiled.

“Well that was a really good first kiss,” she said.

“Yes it was,” Andrew replied. Molly could see his erection in his pants but said nothing. A few minutes later Ryan came out of the shower in nothing but a towel.

“Who’s next?” Andrew volunteered to go next.

Ryan laid down on the bed and opened his towel. Molly enjoyed the view of his naked body. “I totally kissed Andrew while you were in the shower,” she said to her husband.

“Oh yea? How was it?”

“It was good. He’s a good kisser.”

“Good to know. Does that mean I get to kiss him while you’re in the shower?” Ryan had a wicked grin on his face.

“I sure hope you do.” Molly crawled across the bed to her husband and laid next to him. As she kissed her husband, she moved her hand down and began to massage his balls. Ryan loved it when his wife rubbed or scratched the boys. As he began to get chubby, Molly moved down.

“Does he need a preview?”

“He sure does.” Molly put the chubby in her mouth and began to suck. She loved feeling her husband’s size grow knowing that she had the power to make him hard. As she bobbed her head up and down, she made sure to rub his balls. When she heard the shower stop, she sat up.

“Preview over.”

“Damn it! Maybe I can get Andrew to fill in while you are gone.”

“Maybe you can!”

Andrew came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist just as Ryan had. He looked at the couple and replied, “Oh looks like the party started without me.”

“Nah. Just a slight preview,” Molly said as she undressed in front of the guys. I will be a few minutes boys, so enjoy your time. Molly closed the bathroom door. The hot water felt good on her skin, and it helped to loosen up her muscles. She made sure to thoroughly soap up her girl parts. She wanted to be delightful just in case there was company down there. She wasn’t sure where this second adventure was headed, but if she had to make a guess, it would be a bit more progressive than the handjob after breakfast.

After she finished her shower, Molly wrapped a towel around body and walked out of the bathroom. She was quite surprised to see the two men already in bed together. Ryan was laying on his back while Andrew was on his side stroking his cock. Both men were naked, so Molly felt a bit over dressed with a towel on.

Ryan read her mind because he said, “I think we’re past needing that towel babe.”

“I see that,” she replied. The towel fell to the floor. Molly walked over to the chair that Andrew had been sitting in earlier. She pulled it closer to the bed, so she could sit down and prop her feet up on the mattress. When she sat down she bent her knees giving both men a full view of her nicely trimmed pussy.

“Nice view,” Andrew said.

“Thank you. You boys dont mind, do you? I mean I thought that I would just sit here and watch while you fellas played. Can a girl rub her pussy while her husband gets a handjob?”

“Works for me,” said the professor.

“Mmmmhmmm,” was Ryan’s response when Molly spread her legs a little further and began rubbing her clit.

“You know Ryan,” Molly began, “we agreed that if I kissed a girl, you would kiss a boy. I think it’s about time you make good on your word. Knowing how Andrew felt about kissing, Molly made sure to check if he was fine with that. When he said he was, Molly asked the men to kiss. “I want to see you two make out. I want to see Andrew’s beard rubbing against Ryan’s scruff. Kiss each other while Andrew strokes your cock.”

Ryan loved seeing his wife so into this. She went from a career-driven, work-focused wife, to a naughty nympho. It was totally worth kissing a man to see her reaction. Ryan was used to his wife’s soft lips, so feeling the scratch of a beard felt foreign to him, but he didn’t mind. And to be honest, he was more focused on the handjob.

“Oh that is so hot,” Molly moaned. “I love watching you stroke my husband’s cock, but to be honest, I’ve seen that. I think we should move this to the next level.”

“Oh, you think so?” Ryan smiled at his wife. Andrew did not reply; however, he moved his head to Ryan’s cock. He put the larger member in his mouth and began bobbing up and down. Due to her location, Molly could gaziantep masaj salonları escortları not get a good view, so she moved onto the bed next to the two men. Andrew moved down, so he was at the foot of the bed. He moved his mouth up and down and then swirled his tongue around Ryan’s head. Molly laid there watching in facisiontion. Andrew’s hands were small, so it made Ryan’s cock look enormous. However, what really turned Molly on was the contrast between Andrew’s manly beard and her husband’s sex. Man on man.

Ryan rolled to his side slightly, so he could kiss his wife while she fingered her pussy. “You like this, baby?”

“Mmmmhmmm she moaned in his mouth.” After several minutes of giving oral pleasure to Ryan, Molly could tell Andrew was getting tired. She understood how he felt. Taking care of Ryan’s dick was an enormous undertaking- pun intended. “Hey Andrew? Would you like some help down there?”

“That would be wonderful,” he said.

Molly moved to the other side of her husband. She took Ryan’s cock from Andrew and said, “I will suck. He likes his balls rubbed.” Andrew obeyed. Molly knew just how to give her husband quality head. The secret was the underside of his head. She would work her mouth down his shaft with some suction; but as she edged her way back up, she made sure her tongue was under his head. Her tongue danced around his helmet making sure never to break contact. She continued this pattern until she could taste the precum in her mouth, which was an indication her husband was close.

“Andrew, suck on Ryan’s cock for a moment. I want you to taste his precum.” Andrew moved his mouth to Ryan’s cock and moved up and down for a few moments. Then Molly moved her mouth to his cock as well. She and Andrew shared Ryan’s member- both of them sucking. At times their tongues would touch, and Andrew would look into Molly’s eyes. Ryan began moving his hips back and forth. Molly instructed Andrew to hold Ryan’s balls while she literally sucked the cum out of him. Roan moaned, and the first gush of cum filled Molly’s mouth. She swallowed. Then another wave. She swallowed. Then another wave. She missed that one, and some of it dripped down her chin.

“Holy fuck you two that was amazing.” While Ryan laid there coming down from his orgasm, Andrew took his thumb and wiped the cum from Molly’s chin. He then licked it off his thumb and smiled. After a few minutes, Ryan said, “Who should I thank first for that amazing orgasm?”

“Andrew is our guest, baby. It’s only fair that we show him some hospitality.” Andrew laughed as he moved up to the top of the bed to lay down. He wasn’t going to argue. Ryan and Molly switched places. Andrew was not fully erect, so Ryan took his member in his mouth and began sucking. Unsure as to what to do Molly laid on her side watching her husband perform oral sex on another man. Andrew closed his eyes and moaned.

Molly’s eyes moved from Andrew’s facial expressions to Ryan’s oral work. Finally, she had the nerve to ask Andrew how she could make him feel better.

“Suck on my nipples,” he said. Molly did not expect that response, but she was happy to oblige. She began by running her fingers through Andrew’s chest hair. He had so much more than Ryan. While it was predominantly gray, she thought it was sexy. She then moved her mouth to one nipple while she drew circles around the other one. Andrew moaned. She then nibbled it gently with her teeth. “Ohhh, I like that.” Then Molly switched sides and continued to work his nipples. After several minutes, Andrew said, “Will you kiss me?”

“Oh yes,” she said as she moved closer to his face. He looked her in the eyes. Ryan never did that, so this small gesture seemed so intimate. So personal. Like he was saying I see you. You are here- with me. Regardless, Molly got wet when he did that. She leaned in and kissed him. This time his kiss was hungry. He pushed his tongue into her mouth just enough that it was animalistic but not so much that he was going to choke her. He put his hand on the back of her neck to pull her closer to him. Her breasts were now smashed against his hair chest. They kissed. They gasped for air. They continued to kiss. His lips on Molly’s lips. She did not want to break the contact. His beard scratched her upper lip, but it felt good in contrast to his soft lips. She could tell when Ryan did masaj salonları gaziantep something good to Andrew’s cock because he would groan into her mouth.

Finally Andrew pulled away and said, “I’m getting close…”

“Okay…” Ryan said as he continued to suck.

“No I mean…I’m getting…seriously…I’m gonna cum if you…keep…”

“Okay…” Ryan said again.

Then it dawned on Andrew, and that realization sent him over the edge. “Oh…” That was all he needed as he needed, “Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” Molly watched her husband in awe. It was literally just a few short months ago that they joked about him kissing a man. Just kissing. And now she was watching her husband swallow cum. She never expected this, but damn was it hot. Ryan wiped his mouth, looked at his wife, and raised his two eyebrows in quick succession. He knew he was a badass, and he knew that his wife loved the show that he’d just put on.

“Ok fellas, I need to cum,” Molly said. She laid on her back and began to finger her pussy. “You boys made this lady soaking wet, and I think I have blue lips now!” The guys chuckled.

Andrew asked, “Ryan, do I have permission to eat your wife’s pussy?”

“You have to ask her.”


“I would like that Andrew, thank you.” Andrew moved his face down to Ryan’s wife’s pussy. He took a moment to just look at it.

“God, your pussy is beautiful. I can’t wait to feel your juices on my beard and tongue.” Again Andrew looked right at her as he talked. Molly bit her lower lip in anticipation. She wanted this man. She wanted to feel his mouth on her. Andrew rubbed his finger up and down her slit feeling her wetness before even separating her lips. Molly moaned. God, she just wanted to be touched!

In the mean time Ryan moved to the chair, so he could watch another man tongue fuck his wife. “Baby,” he started, “I’m going to sit here and watch another man eat your pussy. I want you to cum for me. I want to see how this man can please you.” Molly smiled.

Andrew then separated her two lips with his tongue. He licked up and down her pussy stopping at her clit to draw circles around it. Molly moaned with delight. Then he stuck a finger in her pussy and began rubbing her G-spot. Between licking her clit and rubbing her G spot, Molly was in heaven. However, she was used to Ryan’s large hands, so she asked Andrew to stick another finger in. As he moved his two fingers into her and then out of her pussy, he looked up at her. Again he was making eye contact. Molly looked back at him.

Forgetting that they were being watched, Andrew asked, “Molly, do you like how I finger your pussy?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Do you want to feel my mouth on your clit? Do you want to feel my tongue inside of you?”

“Oh yes…I want both.” She couldn’t take her eyes off of Andrew. His fingers moved in and out of her body, and she just looked at his eyes. She was beyond turned on – both sexually and emotionally.

“Molly, I want to make you cum with my mouth, Okay? And when I make you cum, will you say my name?”

“Oh yes, Andrew. I will.” Andrew broke eye contact and spread Molly’s pussy lips apart. He began licking her clit vigorously. Molly began moving her hips back and forth. She was fucking his face. She wanted more so bad. She wanted to feel him.

“I’m going to stick my tongue deep inside of you now. As I fuck you with my tongue, I want you to rub your pussy. I want you to rub your clit, so when your pussy contracts and cums, it will be all over my tongue.” Andrew moved his tongue, and Molly could feel its softness inside of her.

She rubbed her clit. She knew it wasn’t going to take long. Her finger vibrated back and forth for just a few minutes before she started yelling, “Andrew. Yes. Andrew. I’m cumming. Andrew I’m cumming. Oh my god. I’m cumming on your face…” Her hips bucked wild, but Andrew held his course and continued to dart his tongue inside of her pussy until she finished. Molly removed her fingers. Andrew stopped licking, raised his head, and placed two soft kisses on the outside of her pussy.

“That was fucking hot,” Ryan said. Both Molly and Andrew agreed. Andrew excused himself to take a shower while Ryan and Molly cuddled in bed.

“So,” Molly began, “does this mean you are bisexual now?” She emphasized now.

“Not yet. I identify as a straight guy who likes to suck cock.” Molly rolled her eyes and kissed her husband.

“This is so hot,” she said. “I like him. I don’t like that he gets off and bolts, but whatever.”

“That just leaves more time for us,” Ryan said. “When he leaves, I’m going to fuck you.” Ryan and Molly kissed deeply. She could taste Andrew’s cum on her husband’s tongue. While most women were not into two men, Molly couldn’t be happier. This was hot. This was a new level of hot. She was ready for more!

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