Pixie Pt. 01 Ch. 12: Loved Up


Sarah and I stayed together the whole night. What had happened when we had made love was so powerful there was no need of any more physicality of that sort. We snuggled up, cuddling, talking, laughing, liberated from the world and its cares. Her scent, her taste, the softness of her skin, and her wit and humour, lit up the night. At some point, around the hour that the short summer’s night ended, and the dawn hour broke, she asked me to marry her. I kissed her and said that with all my heart I was already hers.

We woke in each other’s arms about seven o’clock.

‘Still determined, little one?’ Sarah smiled, a look of uncertainty in her blue eyes.

‘I am yours, Sarah. I could not be anyone else’s. You have stolen my soul, and I am content, as long as I have yours in safe-keeping.’

Her eyes shone.

‘Now and forever my precious one.’

We kissed.

Not bothering to cover my nakedness, I made us both a cup of coffee and brought her a biscuit to go with it. We sat up in bed, next to each other, still breathless at our good fortune. The phone pinged. There was a message.

‘Computer, log in with xxxx’.

I rebooted the computer and typed in the name Anne had told me. The other history of last night unfolded before our eyes.

The scene began in the middle of some action which had not been caught by the camera.

Emm was stark naked. Her eyes were covered by a blindfold, and her gorgeous breasts were linked by a chain, with clamps on both nipples. The nipples looked as though they would have been hurting. A figure recognisable as Anne was using a whip on Emm’s ass. Every time it hit, Emm gasped, pushed herself back, and was beaten again for her pains. Emily, wearing nothing except a garter-belt and stockings, was yanking the chains which were attached to Emm’s nipples. The sound was not good, but you could hear Emm whimpering.

Sarah looked at me, and she held my hand.

‘That looks really kinky, baby. Are you into that too?’

I hastened to add that Emm was Emm, not me, and that this sort of thing was what she wanted. The escort bayan reason she was with Anne and Emily was precisely because this treatment was not something I could provide. In so far as I had submissive instincts, which was quite far, they amounted to wanting my lover to take me, and boss me about. Being owned, in the way Emm wanted, was not my bag at all. For one thing, I did not have Emm’s libido, and for another, I could not abide pain. The look on Emm’s face showed what she thought of pain. She was clearly having trouble holding back her orgasm.

The phone pinged again.

‘Hope you and Sarah enjoyed yourselves, we’ll see you at breakfast in 30.’

That might have been a difficult deadline had we yielded to the temptation inherent in a joint shower, to pleasure each other, but the intensity of the night’s experience still rested on us like a feeling of immense well-being.

I threw on what I’d been wearing the previous evening, eventually finding my panties underneath the bed. Sarah put on a rather fetching blue dress with matching lingerie. Hand in hand, we strolled down to breakfast.

Anne, Emily and Emm were in what was becoming their regular haunt, the small conservatory.

If I looked as though I was wearing last night’s clothes, and Sarah looked soigné and chic, Anne, as ever, looked a million dollars. She was wearing a figure hugging cream dress which showcased her boobs. Emily, who smiled when she saw Sarah and I hand in hand, was in a summer dress of electric blue. It was Emm who attracted most attention.

Emm’s long blonde hair was worn up, showing clearly that she was wearing a collar. Her dress was cut deep at the front and the back, showing generous portions of her breasts, and revealed she was not wearing a bra. Her whole demeanour had changed. There was something obviously, almost ostentatiously, submissive about her. But she also radiated a form of content with which I was unfamiliar.

As we sat to order breakfast, it was Sophie who took the initiative.

‘Pixie and I have news, ladies.’

Three sets görükle escort of eyes focused on us.

‘We are getting married!’

Anne clapped her hands, Emily joined her, and Emm broke into a broad grin

Imperiously, Anne ordered champagne and orange juice, with which to toast ‘the happy couple.’ The genuine pleasure with which the news was received filled us with joy, and to applause from elsewhere in the restaurant, we were toasted by Anne, Emily and Emm.

When we had drunk the first glass, Anne got Emm to fill them again.

‘This is to celebrate the collaring of Emm, who, as you can see, is sporting a nice diamanté collar denoting her new status as my pet. Are you happy Emm?’

No sooner had Anne spoken than Emm answered.

‘Oh yes, Mistress, your pet is very happy. I have a jewel in my anus, and Ben Wa balls in my cunt. My ass is still sore from its beating, and I am the happiest sub ever.’

It genuinely took all sorts, and we toasted Emm’s happiness with the same gusto we had brought to the more vanilla sort enjoyed by Sophie and myself.

‘I am so glad, Pixie,’ Emily chimed in, ‘I was genuinely worried about you being left on your own as Anne and I take control of Emm. It isn’t that we do not love you, too, Pixie, but there is no place for you in the training programme, though, as you saw from the movie, we do want you to share in Emm’s journey. Is that okay, Sarah?’

Leaning forward to kiss me, Sarah assured them that as long as there was no question of my being coopted into the project, it had her blessing, adding that she, too, looked forward to further news of Emm’s progress.

Emm put her hand out to touch mine.

‘Pix, you know how much I have craved this, my love. It isn’t that I don’t love my little flat-chested darling, it is simply that Mistresses Anne and Emily fulfil my every depraved fantasy. They have deliciously deviant imaginations, and will use me in all the ways of which I have dreamed.’

My heart went out to the darling girl, and I squeezed her paw.

‘I bursa elit escort know, dearest Emm, and believe me, I am so happy that you have found what you crave. Sarah and I look forward to being witnesses of your journey.’

‘Oh darling tiny tits, that is so sweet. You know how much I need you to witness to what we have so often discussed. You are a darling to be with me on this adventure.’

Throughout the conversation, Anne and Emily were patting Emm as though she was their pet, which I suppose she really was now. The look on Emm’s face made me happy. She had always said that she had been gifted with everything except the one thing she really wanted, and now, or so it seemed, she was on the way to having that.

With our champagne breakfast coming to an end, it was time to plan our day.

For Sarah and myself the choices were simple; we both had work to do. She would be on air at nine, and I needed to check where we were with the morning papers; better get cracking and see what the reviewers had said. But for Anne, Emily and Emm, a day of interest beckoned.

‘We are taking Emm back to the room, Pixie and Sophie. We have something we want to give her to release her inhibitions. She wants that, don’t you Emm?’ She said, turning to the blushing but happy Emm.

‘More than anything.’ She almost orgasmed on the spot.

I wished we could have stayed, but work called us both, Sophie was on air at nine.

Sarah and I held hands on the way to the Concert Hall. Her press people had the reviews of the performance, and to my delight, they were universally favourable. That made life with the Maestro more of a pleasure than usual. Like most creatives, he was at his happiest when basking in approval, and if he was happy, the Ensemble was happy, and so it spread through the Hall. That made my life so much easier.

In fact, so easy was life that morning, that by lunch-time it was clear that there was not much to do that afternoon, so when Sarah signed off at noon, we went back to the hotel for a bite to eat, and what we thought might be an afternoon of canoodling, if not love-making.

Out of habit, I logged onto my messages. There was a message from Emily asking me to open the attachment. I did so. The look on my face told its own story, and Sarah asked me to open it on the laptop so she could read. It was entitled: ‘Emm’s dream.

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