Pictures of Mother

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I came home from school earlier than usual that fateful day. The backdoor was wide open and since dad had been sent to the ‘Big House’, mom had become particular about security. I knew something was up. I had just turned eighteen, I was the man-of-the-house now, so I did the manly thing and went inside (shaking like a leaf and ready to poop myself).

I peered into the kitchen and gingerly searched the camera store we owned, which was at the front of the building. There was no sign of anyone and no answer when I called out. Nothing appeared to be missing. I then went down to the basement, which we used as a studio. That’s when I found her.

What I saw and will vividly remember for the rest of my life, was a woman dressed as a nurse laid out on the floor. Her uniform was half ripped off exposing a large, bare breast and her skirt was pulled so far up her legs that her stocking-tops and garter belt were visible.

The room was lit up for a photo shoot and I was able to drink in every detail of the scene. Her stockings were laddered and her panties were torn and down around her ankle. She was laid on her back with her black hair partially covering her face. It was then I recognized her. It was my mother!

I ran over and knelt by her. I didn’t know if she was dead or alive so I place my shaking hand on the exposed breast. Which I was relieved to feel slowly rise and fall.

I had never felt a woman’s breast before and could not resist squeezing it softly. A shiver seemed to course through my body as I flicked her nipple with my thumb and a strange feeling came over me. I had an erection!

That was when I heard a groan, at first I thought it came from me but it was my mother, she was waking up. Her eyes opened slowly and I saw that her mouth was bleeding.

As she came around I helped her to her feet. I asked her what had happened and offered to call an ambulance. She told me not to worry as she tried to cover herself up. She told me to make her a strong drink while she pulled herself together.

When she came into the kitchen later she looked more like my mother. The black wig was gone, along with much of the makeup she had been wearing. With her dressing gown and furry slippers on, she bore no resemblance to the sexy nurse I had just seen down in the basement.

I gave her a gin and tonic and we sat down at the kitchen table. She said it was time that I knew the truth and went over to the cabinet, unlocked a large drawer and pulled out some magazines. She put them on the table in front of me.

They were ‘nudie’ magazines! Not the hardcore knob-gobbler stuff of today. This was England in the 60’s and porn was very tame. This was soft-core, up-skirt, stockings, bras, a cheeky grin and a bare nipple if you’re lucky mate!

She opened a magazine called “Beautiful Britons” and showed me a picture of a woman getting out of a car. She was wearing stiletto heels dark tan stockings and a mini skirt. Her knees were wide apart and I could see her white thighs and black panties!

It took a second to register… It was my mother again! She was a model for these magazines and she told me dad had been the photographer! That’s how they met, which was not the story I had been told growing up.

Anyway, since dad was now in jail and she still needed to make a living, she had hired this photographer to take pictures of her. The photo-shoot had barely got started when the guy lost control of himself and tried to fuck her. She fought him off but he hit her and knocked her out. Then he must have panicked and run out of the house just before I arrived home.

She went on to explain that these were desperate times. The camera store only made money during the holiday season and these modeling gigs paid very well.

The way it worked was some big shot publisher in London would request certain layouts for the various magazines they were planning to put out, along with an advance of money for expenses. Dad would shoot the images and develop them and send them along with the negatives to London.

Mom explained she had already spent the money and London was calling demanding either the pictures or the money back. She didn’t have either.

That’s when I said, “I can take the pictures mom.”

After all, I am my father’s son. He took me with him whenever he did a wedding shoot and I worked with him in the camera shop on weekends. He taught me a lot and I soaked it all up. I am even in the Photography club at school and my teacher says I am a natural. I know about f-stops, depth of field, composition, lighting, film speed – you name it.”

She thought long and hard about my suggestion as she sipped her drink. I looked at the magazines. I discovered she was in everyone of them and I was knocked out on how she could present herself. I got and erection, again, looking at her.

My mom was sexy! I never knew it, hell until then I didn’t really know what sexy was. I knew nothing of smut and had never given girls a second thought. I looked at these images and knew kartal escort I could shoot pictures like that, no problem. These were real hot women and my mom was one of them!

So it was decided – tomorrow we would take some pictures.

Since the nurse uniform was ruined we looked through the list of requested photo scenarios. One was for a french-maid with lots of ‘down blouse’ and ‘up-skirt’ shots. Mom said she had just the right outfit and she joked she had to clean house tomorrow anyway.

That night I went to bed with my mind racing. I could not sleep with those pictures of mom’s firm breasts and long legs rolling around in my head. My cock was hard when I touched it and waves of pleasure broke over me as I ejaculated.

For the rest of the night I thought of what the next day would bring. What ‘down-blouse’ and ‘up-skirt’ meant and how I would do the photo-shoot. I was new to sex and sexiness but my imagination bought me more ejaculations that night.

The next day was Saturday and I eagerly skipped down to the kitchen when I heard my mother cooking breakfast. She handed me a plate of bacon, eggs, toast and beans. Then she fixed herself a cup of coffee and gave me a glass of milk.

Sitting down with me at the table she told me what the days schedule would be. After breakfast she would go up to the bedroom and get ready – she said it would take her at least an hour.

I was to set up lights in the living room and get all the film and camera gear we would need. She explained that we would be doing hundreds of exposures and we would be taking frequent breaks, but expect at least four hours to complete the shoot.

As it was ‘off season’ the camera store was not open so we didn’t have to worry about interruptions.

I eagerly set about the task of bringing up the lights and equipment from the studio. Just as I plugged in the last light I heard my mother calling me. I ran up stairs and she asked me to come into her bedroom.

She was dressed in a short black, classic ‘french-maid’ outfit complete with petticoats, frilly white cap and apron. Her breasts were popping out of the low cut top and I could not stop staring at them.

She smiled and called my attention to her legs. She lifted up her petticoats and showed me her stocking tops. My heart almost stopped and I let out a small gasp when I saw the perfect symmetry of her nylons on those perfect legs in their hi-heels.

She asked me if they looked ‘OK’ or should she change them for ‘fishnets’? I looked closely while she span around to show me the back and inquired if the seams were straight?

This was the moment when I developed my love for fully fashioned nylons! I was in love with her legs and always will be. I quickly shifted my newly sprung erection, in an attempt to hide it, while I told her I thought she looked great!

She gave me a little knowing smile and inquired if I would be able to perform what was expected. She went on to explain that she had been modeling for many years and she knew what poses worked and what didn’t. When she struck a particular pose it was my job to get myself into the right position, just like dad used to, and take what she called a ‘cheeky’ photo.

If I needed to adjust her clothing to improve the shot, I could either ask her to do it or do it myself. I was to get lots of close ups, as that was what they liked and what ever I do – make sure the exposure and focus is right!

So with those words of encouragement she kissed my forehead – giving me a great view of her tits, which I made a mental note to capture on film with all the skill I possess. We went down stairs.

Mom was true to her word, when she got in front of the lights and I was ready with the camera she became the perfect model. Her first pose was just her slightly bending over with her legs together, holding a feather duster over the coffee table.

I took a light reading of her face and chest. I don’t remember what they were because I was concentrating on her cleavage.

My first shot was full on frontal looking down her blouse. As I snapped away I zoomed in ever closer and closer. I became enthralled with those beautiful white mounds of flesh – one of which I had secretly squeezed the day before.

I then went around the back and took some shots of mum’s gorgeous ass and legs. As I clicked away with my SLR, manual-wind camera (these were the old days!) mom bent over further exposing more of her legs, but not enough for me to see the tops of her stockings.

So I laid down on the floor for a better angle and was rewarded with a shot looking up her skirt! Oh boy, it was glorious, I was in heaven.

I took my time as I snapped away trying hard for a glimpse of her panties, but it was a little too dark up there still. I was going to get a light reflector when she pulled her skirt higher as if anticipating what I needed.

She was wearing white frilly knickers. I focused on every detail of them as I shot. I was entranced by their tight fit and wanted so badly cumhuriyet mahallesi escort to reach out and touch them.

She decided to change her pose and squatted next to the table still holding the duster – she’s a professional my mom. I was now able to stand up and get a better look down her blouse.

As I’m taking the pictures of her she pulls her top down bit by bit. I was mesmerized as the curves of breasts became more exposed.

Then, suddenly, both nipples were in full view and she was squeezing her large boobs together to enhance her cleavage even more. I was snapping away like a crazy man, brackets, boy.

She bent fully over for the next pose. I tried to compose a shot where I could see the underside of her boobs framed between the back of her legs and ass. But as I focused the shot I saw a problem. Mom’s stocking tops weren’t perfectly symmetrical anymore and it looked odd.

I put the camera down and put my hands on her leg. As I ran them up her stocking straitening it, I felt an ecstatic-electric tingle run through my finger tips and down to the head of my dick. That still happens to me today when I touch a nylon-clad leg. I also took the opportunity to feel the frilly lace of her panties as well. She was not too bothered.

I had two cameras, a telephoto with zoom on one and standard lens on the other. I did not use a tripod I had a very steady hand even when they were inches away from mom’s pussy.

After I had shot six rolls of film Mom called for a break. I needed it! We had been at it for over an hour already. Time goes by fast when your having fun!

I took the film we had shot to the darkroom dad had built upstairs. I closed the door. My cock was so hard I had to have a wank and wank I did. It was explosive and very quick, making my whole body shudder and tremble.

After a few minutes of trying to get my heart beat and breathing under control, I set about developing the film I had just shot. My erection soon returned.

When I took the contact sheets to show her, she was very pleased. They were all in focus and well lit as requested.

For the second part of the shoot mom had removed the dress and was laying on the floor. She had her breasts exposed and I put a macro lens on one camera to take some real close up pictures of the way the feather duster excited her nipples. Every bump of those beautiful round feeding spouts was captured on film and etched in my memory.

I took a ton of shots of her from every possible angle as she squeezed and played with her tits. My favorite was when I laid on the floor shooting up as she stood over me legs apart. I could get her stockings, suspenders, the crotch of her panties, the round undersides of her large melons and her hard, pointed nipples, all in shot as she looked down between them and smiled at me.

She could lick her own nipples and that made for some great pictures of her long pink tongue wetting them. The camera captured it all.

I put the macro lens back on and concentrated on her nylons. I got close ups of her toes and the fine mesh guaze of the fully fashioned nylons. Her stocking tops were also immortalized against the smooth flesh of her thighs. Mr Eiffel’s wonderful invention that gently but firmly clasped her nylons to her leg was a fascination to me and I took a dozen different close-ups of them.

When I started shooting close ups of the gusset of her panties she muttered “Naughty-boy!” but she did not stop me. I caught a scent of her, she smelled like honeysuckle, lavender and something else… I did not recognize it but I knew I liked it.

She left her panties and stockings on for the rest of the session but did tease me or the camera, however you want to look at it, and pulled her panties part way down exposing her smooth round ass several times.

After shooting over ten more rolls of film we called it quits.

Again, I went to the darkroom and processed the film. I printed the contact sheets I made some extra 8x10s of the ones I wanted to keep. I hate to brag but they were all excellent shots. Mom was impressed too as she examined them over a late lunch.

She drove up to London that afternoon with the film and was not back until after I had gone to bed where I had another wank looking at my collection of mommy pics!

Sunday morning she was making breakfast when I came into the kitchen. There was a package on the table. She told me to open it as she put a plate of food in front of me. It contained a pair of second hand auto-wind motors for our cameras.

Mom gushed excitedly as she told me that the publisher was very pleased with the layout and wanted to know who the photographer was. She had told him I was just a friend who was learning on the job. He said you showed a rare talent for capturing my sensuality and gave you those. He wanted to know if you had experience with movie cameras as he has one you can have, if you can put it to good use?

“I would love to do some movies. Do you yunus escort think you can work one?” she asked.

I nodded yes, how hard could it be?

She was beaming with pride and went on to say they would really like us to do some ‘story-book’ shoots. The confused look on my face prompted her to explain they were photo magazines that told a story of some kind in pictures.

“You know. Like a comic book but with photos instead of drawings.” she said.

Since that would require hiring addition actors or models she could not see how that would be possible, but she did think we could take advantage of the sunny weather today and shoot a ‘Damsel in Distress’ story about her car breaking down in the countryside.

After breakfast I loaded the car with my cameras and lots of film. Mom came out wearing a bright summer frock with large buttons down the front. It was a little short and her stocking clad legs were captivating with her white high heels. She also had five or six extra pairs of nylons in her bag in case she got a ladder in them while we were out.

I opened the door for her and was rewarded with a glimpse of her stocking tops and white cotton panties as she got into the driver’s seat. I let out a gasp when I saw that marvelous view. She lightly smacked my hand and said, “Naughty boy! We haven’t started yet.”

As she drove I put my had on her leg and let my fingers go up her skirt enjoying her nylons, she did not object. The electric feel of her stockings excited my prick. I congratulated myself for choosing to wear baggy shorts.

She stopped the car on a gravel road that led to a gate and a farm pasture. It was very remote and a good place for the shoot.

I took shots of her getting out of the car. She had no objection to letting me see her panties now and in the bright sunlight her nylons shimmered sensuously next to her white smooth thighs.

When she lifted the bonnet and leaned into the engine bay I shot her ample cleavage then went around back and shot the back of her seamed legs. Bending over more, she exposed her panties slowly as I clicked away. Two rolls of film and several poses later we went over to the five barred gate.

Mom tried to negotiate getting over it in her heels. It required her to hike her skirt up, offering lots of ‘sneaky Pete’ shots of the heaven.

As I’m shooting I notice a group of three guys who were working in the field had seen us and were watching us intently. Mom was not bothered and seemed to enjoy having an audience.

When I stopped to reload the cameras mom walked over and asked the guys if they wanted to be in the picture. Turns out they were brothers and their dad owned the farm. They were healthy guys all over 18 but genetically on the short side and not overly bright. They quickly said yes and we re-shot the climbing over the gate scene with mom getting a helping hand(s) from these dudes.

They may not have been too bright but they sure took full advantage of the opportunity! Their hands were all over her legs and butt as they assisted her. There was always at least one or more looking up her dress or at her tits in each shot. These guys were having lot of fun and it showed!

I had the idea of shooting them playing some sexy games with mom. They eagerly agreed.

The first one they attempted was the ‘Steady-hand’ game.

They had to re-garter moms stockings. They had to be perfectly attached, not laddered and the seams had to be straight when they finished.

Mom started with her stockings loose down by her ankles. The first brother approached her and knelt down. He took the stocking on her left leg and slowly pulled it up. His hands went up under mom’s skirt where he fumbled blindly around trying to get them attached.

Every now and then mum would swat his hand away when he went near a forbidden area, but mainly she was giggling and having fun. It tickled she said later. He failed miserably and laddered both stockings.

The next brother had to open a new pack of stockings and slip them on her feet. He then had to attempt to garter them, but he was smart enough to put his head right up her skirt as he did so. He, at least, could see what he was doing and he was enjoying the view of mom’s panties just inches in front of him!

I am on the ground shooting up, so I can see his face as well as mom’s legs and knickers. His expressions were memorable and I captured it all on film. Unfortunately, he had such a problem with his hands shaking that he failed, scoring zero points for neatness.

The last brother had been watching this and figured out exactly what to do when it was his turn. He walked up to mom and undid the buttons down the front of her dress and took it off. Now he had unrestricted access and visibility.

He completed the task quickly but took his time running his hands up her legs to straighten the seams. I think he was taking advantage again, I was jealous…

Since mom was now standing in the field in just her undies we decided the next game would be ‘Release the captives’.

The guys had to stand in front of her and reaching their arms around her to undo her bra. She was wearing a white one that was a little too small and her breasts were already spilling out of the top of it, so it should have been an easy task.

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