Peeping Nurse


My recent job as a nurse in the sleep study lab has me working night shifts and weekends. Par for the course when you’re low on the totem pole I guess. I’ve learned to live with it but it nearly ground my love life to a halt. That is until Brett walked through my doors.

He doesn’t have any of the physical ailments usually associated with sleep apnea. He’s young, has low blood pressure and is in fantastic shape, and I mean fantastic shape. From the first day he walked in almost a year ago I was attracted to him. Tall, clean cut with a couple of tattoos peaking through and just a hint of bad boy. Some might see him as a little cocky but there’s just a level of self confidence that exudes from him when he speaks. I spent enough time with him on his last visits to get a pretty good read.

When he was first referred to us we went through all the usual tests and came up empty handed. During his overnight sessions he was often restless, flopping one way then the other until eventually, he would kick all his bed coverings off. I neverminded of course because he slept in only a pair of boxers and the scenery was something I didn’t get often. I spent several hours admiring his physique and daydreaming of things unbecoming a nurse. He was restless enough sometimes that his dreams would play out verbally. Eventually waking him, he would finally sit up in bed restless and ask to talk to whomever was on the other side of the cameras. It was always me of course and oftentimes I would have to pause before answering his calls so I appeared to be busy doing other things and not pining over him.

He would talk about the normal things like work and the gym and whatever else seemed to keep him awake at the time. His thoughts were sometimes deep and thought provoking. Occasionally he would talk about this girl Kim he was seeing but never really in a good way. She was always doing something to intentionally give him hell. For a while I thought that she could have been part of some psychological stress that was causing his insomnia but I ruled it out since part of his referral required therapy sessions meant to reveal such a problem. Still, he was always careful not to get too personal with his thoughts.

His last stint here was short and when it came to a halt we found nothing wrong. The doctor, giving up, sent him home with some arbitrary prescription for sleeping pills.

I was surprised to see him back when he walked through the doors and even more surprised when he asked, “How’s Kelsy doing?”

I didn’t think he’d remember me and certainly not by name.

I bashfully responded, “Good, and yourself?”

“Better now, doc says I’m your new study for the next two weeks.”

Two weeks! I thought. That was longer than the usual stent but I wasn’t complaining.

“Looking forward to it,” I replied as he walked past me and into the doctor’s exam room.

His first night just happened to be that same evening and my light patient load had me excited. It was so light in fact that I only had one lady ending her study that evening and no one booked for another week.

When he arrived for his study I let him know how lucky he was.

“Due to the lack of inpatients you get the penthouse suite.” I said.

We called it that because it was a little larger than the other rooms and sat right in front of the control room. In addition to cameras it had a large two way mirror that allowed for a more, “personal,” observation.

“Great, as long as you’re still available to chat if I get restless.” He said with a smirk.

Our rooms are set up much like your typical hotel room with a bathroom, mini bar, desk and T.V. We try to make each patient feel at home as much as possible. It also allows me to observe their bedtime rituals before going in and adhering probes all over them in preparation for the night’s observations.

When Brett entered his room he kicked off his shoes and neatly placed them side by side at the end of the bed. I remembered from before how neat he was. He then removed his outer shirt leaving a white wife beater that stretched over his torso like a sporting goods mannequin. Grabbing the T.V remote he threw himself in the air, landing sitting up on the bed with his legs crossed. He started surfing for something on the television but minutes later he gave up and grabbed his phone and earbuds. It didn’t take long before he was laid back enjoying his selection of music. His head bobbed lightly as he relaxed and leaned into the mound of pillows at his back.

I watched intently wondering what type of music he was into. Whatever is was seemed to change tempo and his body started to follow. First his shoulders started to find their groove followed by a rhythmic snap of his fingers. It dominoed down his torso to his hips as he stood re-energized from the bed. With a slick spin he sank to the floor and rolled onto his back. My view was partially blocked by the bed but I could see he starting an exercise routine. His head rose above the beds edge and back down. I watched as sit up’s became abdominal Hd Porno crunches and elbow to knee kicks as his workout ramped up. After a fierce couple of minutes of core exercises he had to come around the bed and in front of the mirror just to get enough room for his six foot body to stretch out. He placed his feet on top the bed and started doing inverted push-ups.

I don’t know who was getting hotter. As the sweat started to bead on Brett’s brow and run down his cheeks my own temperature rose. His arms were soon glistening and I could make out every muscle group as he pushed himself harder. I focused on a bead of sweat that rolled across his collarbone to his sternum and disappeared behind the wet fabric as he changed to dips, using the arms of the desk chair in front of me.

I quickly turned to see if any lights were on in the control room, worried it might give my presents away through the mirror. I was getting turned on being the fly on the wall and wondered how much longer I could take it.

Lucky for me the dips ended his routine and he stood up straight and eyed himself in the mirror as his chest heaved for air.

I never mentioned the mirror to him so he had no idea I was standing only inches from him on the other side. The room’s camera was behind him and pointed at the bed.

For privacy reasons the cameras are not allowed to see anywhere else in the rooms but as Brett turned and walked into the bathroom I could see his reflection through the sink mirror. A little oversight we all knew the control room had but kept secret.

He bent over and started the shower.

When he stood back up he wrestled the sweat laiden fabric over his back and head. I felt my loins flutter and the feeling ran south as he continued to undress. He turned toward the door allowing me a look at the payoff from his quick workout.

He wiped the sweat from his chest with his shirt and began to shimmy his shorts down. I stood on my tiptoes against the glass for a better look just as he elbowed the door closed, shutting down my arousing peep show.

“Shit!” I said out loud as I slumped back in my chair.

For the next short while I patiently waited for my subject to exit the bathroom like a puppy waiting to be fed.

Eventually the door opened, exhausting the steam from the shower. Placing his toothbrush on the counter he turned and cut his way through the white mist back into the room. He had a towel wrapped tightly around his waist and tucked into the natural V below his stomach. He made his way to the bed and once adequately covered he picked up the nurse call button on the nightstand and called out to the camera that he was ready.

That was my que to enter the room and set up the probs and wires for monitoring his rest. I purposely procrastinated again to seem like I was busy managing other things. Truthfully though I needed time to collect myself and snap out of the lustful trance I was in. I stood at his door until I was able to put my professional face back on.

“Knock, knock,” I wrapped on the door.

“Come on in Kelsey!”

There it was again, my name. I liked the way it rolled off his tongue. He was making it very difficult for me to remain professional.

When I entered the room he was sitting up in bed with the T.V playing in the background. From his waist down he was covered in sheets and from his navel up he was shirtless.

“I hope this is ok”, he said. “I knew you had to attach your probes to my chest and head, so I thought this would be easier.”

“It’s fine,” I replied as I started to put the adhesive back pads on his chest. It was everything I could do not to just start heavy petting him right there. Each time I pushed a probe onto his smooth skin I felt a tingle below my waist line.

He lightened the situation by making a few jokes as I attached the awkward pads to his face. He even made me giggle a few times mocking his good looks as the wires hung from his face like something from a sci-fi movie.

I made a joke about how Kim would probably jump his bones if she could see him now.

His face went slack as he told me that was no longer an option.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” I stammered.

“No worries, it wasn’t an option before she left me either.” He said.

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing exactly where I was leading the conversation.

“She had no interest in intimacy long before we split.” “Hell, it was like that the last time I was here.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize she was a lezbian.” I said

He looked at me in an awkward silence until I couldn’t keep a straight face anymore and we both broke out in laughter at my attempt to lighten the situation.

“Your legs,” I said, holding up the last of the probes and trying to avoid another awkward moment.

“Oh ya, I almost forgot.””Give me a sec.”

He shuffled around until the covers only covered his waistline and his legs hung from the sides of the bed.

“Sorry, I sleep nude now.” “Well when I sleep.” “Between that Türkçe Altyazılı Porno and a quick exercise routine I think it’s been helping me to relax. “

“Whatever works.” I said as I sheepishly applied the last two probes to his calves trying to ignore the fact there was only a precariously perched sheet between us.

“We better get you to bed if we are going to do this.” “You’ve got work I assume and my shift ends at 7:00am.”

“Thanks Kels,” he replied as he made himself comfortable again. “I hope you see something new this time.”

I do too, I devilishly thought to myself as I left the room.

The T.V Continued to play long after he rolled to one side and tucked into his pillow. Normally I cut the T.V’s off as my patients fall asleep but I remembered from before that he slept longer if it played. Besides, the soft flicker of its light gave me a better view through the mirror. I usually have to watch through the camera’s night vision to get a visual on my subject and this was a nice change.

The monitors alerted me to his legs twitching in the first :30 minutes of sleep. Brett never slept longer than about an hour or two a night, but according to his brain function he was out. As he hit his REM sleep the meters chipped and he started to groan.

I noticed his hands gripping at the pillow and sheets as he began to writhe around on the mattress. Most of his noises were inaudible. looking at his brain activity I thought he might be having a nightmare until I swore I heard, “Kelsy.”

I scanned the monitors and the mirror to see if he was actually calling for me but he was by all accounts asleep.

As his motions gained in intensity, the sheets began to creep down his back.

With one last swift kick every stitch of cloth was bunched up to his side.

Woa, I thought as his naked ass flashed me in the T.V’s light.

One of his legs was cocked up in a triangle to his side and the other was pointed straight down in toward the footboard. His hands moved methodically over the sheets and stopped only to grip handfuls of cloth every now and then.

I watched in amazement as my heart raced. His body was so perfect. I wished my equipment would show me what he was dreaming about.

In the minutes to follow it became obvious I didn’t need the machines to tell me what was playing out in his head. His hips began to rock back and forth as he ground himself into the bed. His ass dimpled with each contraction and I could see his carefully manicured undercarriage as it thrusted into the sheets.

I stared in disbelief at what I was seeing. His rhythm was intense. He would slow down and thrust with intentional movements as if he were teasing some dream girl’s pussy.

I swear I felt it in my yearning pussy each time he did it. It wasn’t long before I was leaning back in my chair with my hand over my quickly hardening clit, rubbing it in circles. Each time his hands squeezed the sheets I would squeeze my breast. As his intensity picked up, so did mine. I was now matching his forward thrusts by plunging my fingers into my sopping wet cunt. He pulled himself up on his elbows and seemed to almost plank himself against the sheets now balled up under him like a body.

I was so close to cumming. I checked the monitors to make sure he was still sleeping and he was. One of his hands joined his cock and circled it around the base and I thought for sure he was going to pop. I wanted him to roll over so badly to see it.

The thought of him cumming engulfed my mind until I heard it.

“Fuck Kels, you feel good.”

Just hearing my name set me off. I couldn’t believe he was having a vivid dream about me and acting it out in his sleep. My pussy quivered and gushed over my fingers as I shook in my chair. Holy shit, I thought as my pussy tightened around my middle and ring finger.

The monitor beeped again, this time alerting me to him waking up. He stopped almost as quickly as he began and rolled over. He sat up to grab the sheets and noticed his hardon. He bashfully drugged the sheets over himself and laid back on his pillow. I turned off the camera and watched as he laid there for some time before I noticed he was lightly stroking himself beneath the covers.

It was the most addictive thing I had ever watched. Even through the sheets I could see what he was packing. His cock printed its outline perfectly each time he fondled it.

He must have finally realized where he was at because he stopped and suddenly looked up at the camera. After that he laid motionless for about 5 minutes before he turned on the light and called out my name.

“Kelsy,” he whispered softly. “Are you there?”

I didn’t respond. I just sat and watched him stare at the ceiling for what seemed like an eternity. Finally satisfied that he had suppressed the beast beneath the covers he picked up the call button and pressed it. I still waited a good five minutes before lightly knocking on his door.

“Come in,” said the voice on the other Brazzers side.

I strolled in as though I was oblivious to what just transpired and asked, “What’s up?”

He was sitting up against the headboard and apologized for disrupting me.

I told him it wasn’t a problem and that I was just doing some boring paperwork.

“Well that kinda leads me to my question” he asks?

“What’s that,” I responded.

“Remind me again, do you actually video tape the whole night or just watch in real time and video when needed?”

I could tell he remembered his dream and was slightly embarrassed, so I lied and told him we only record their session if we monitor something significant and that it was automatic.

He gulped and asked if I had seen anything significant this evening.

I told him I wasn’t sure, I was in my office but I would gladly go look if he would like.

He grabbed my arm as I stood and said

“NO, I mean, it was just a question.” “I haven’t really even fallen asleep yet.” He forced a laugh and said, “It’s just one of those nagging things that keep me awake.”

I told him not to worry. I would monitor him later when I was done with my paperwork. I explained if there wasn’t a red light on the camera it was off. He seemed to immediately relax and even let out a couple of forced yawns.

Out of the blue as I stood to leave he asked if I was seeing anyone. It caught me off guard because he had never asked me before.

“No,” I said, “unless you count my job.” “We’ve been going pretty steady for about a year in a half now.”

He laughed a little at my response and stated how tuff it must be working the night shift. I shrugged and told him that I was used to it. He agreed and made the comment that I deserved more.

“You’re too young and beautiful to be cooped up in here every night.” “Put yourself out there and chase somebody.”

“I’m not much of a chaser.” I replied.

“Neither am I,” he said.

“You know, every guy I know is a sucker for a forward girl though.”

As I stood to leave I said, “That’s sweet of you to say, I’ll put some thought into it.”

As the door closed I leaned back against the wall adjacent to it. Fuck, I had barley held it together in there. Just several minutes ago I was fingerbanged myself to him while he was sleep fucking and calling my name.

I composed myself and went back to the control room.

Too embarrassed to sleep or afraid of repeating earlier events Brett stayed up most the night watching T.V.

I, on the other hand, rewound his earlier escapades and watched them again and again. Everytime he called out my name it drove me crazy. I was becoming obsessed.

The next afternoon Brett appeared shortly after I started my shift. He was wearing a nice button up shirt and slacks with a sport jacket slung over his shoulder. He nodded at me as he walked in but B-lined it for his accommodations. I was too busy getting things together to make any small talk anyhow. Besides, my control room was still occupied by the day staff.

After a while the office cleared out and the control room was handed over to me by an older nurse who left fanning herself.

“Lucky girl,” is all she said as she walked by. By the time I sat down in my seat he was already done working out and showering and was now sitting on the bed watching T.V.

He continued watching T.V so I started making other rounds. I had neglected my duties the night before and had to double time it to catch up. I was popping my head in and out of the room periodically to see if he was ready to sleep. Looking wide awake I figured it to be one of those restless nights again. When I finished my chores I returned to my observation post and sat down.

What did I miss? Brett was completely naked again, asleep on his side. He never even called me in to hook him up. I hated to do it but I had to wake him or the night would have been a complete waste. I was trying to work out how I would wake him when I grabbed my things and stood up to head to his room. Before I could move I saw him roll over in the monitor. I froze as his dick flopped over onto his stomach.

I had watched the video from last night 10 times and still wasn’t prepared for what I saw. Even in its half erect state it was impressive. The camera was positioned perfectly right over his bed. As I watched it, it continued to grow in size until it was fully erect. He just laid there in plain sight for me to inspect uninhibited.

I moved back to the mirror and daydreamed about straddling him and slowly inserting his cock into me. I didn’t even want foreplay, I just wanted to rush him and sit on that fat cock.

Before I knew it my fingers were stretching the ties in the waistband of my scrubs downward and pulling my panties to one side. I was fingering myself again as he moved uncomfortably in his bed. It happened so fast I surprised myself at my own actions.

I knew I was all alone and daydreamed that no one would even know if I snuck into his room and jumped his shit. Even he said guys like forward girls. What guy would say no to waking up with his dick being sucked?

I stood my ground though and watched as his dick jumped wildly with his hip movements. Everytime his hips jumped it flexed and shook like an arrow hitting its target. It was so hard.

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