Peeking Sibling Rivalry



Carl watched as the two bitches laughed, danced, and celebrated his demise. Karen and Ellen were so happy that they’d finally gotten Carl busted for something. They were jumping up and down while wearing only those tiny little shirts and panties instead of the full set of pajamas that were the house rule. Carl thought they looked like two idiots. They were both tall girls with long brown hair. They were both pretty thin too, like younger versions of their mother, though neither one of them had tits as big as their mom. Come to think of it, their mother also had a slightly bigger and rounder ass as well. Anyway. Digressing.

The epic levels of antagonism between Carl and his sisters were probably something that would cause members of a normal family to go to therapy. This family didn’t believe in therapy. The official rule for how disputes in the family were to be solved was for everyone to talk with each other. If it could not be resolved that way, then they were supposed to go to Pastor Luis at the church. However, Carl and his sisters quickly discovered that the way it would actually go down was that their father would decide who was right and who was wrong and the person in the wrong would get punished. There would never be a situation where no one was at fault or when both sides were equally wrong. No. There had to be a good guy on the side of right and the bad guy in league with Satan.

When they were all very young, it was usually every child for themselves. However, the girls eventually figured out that if they would back each other against their brother then their father would always side with them. That made Carl’s life a living hell for a few years. He had to always back up everything he said. He had to have proof for every claim he made, every place he went, and even who he was friends with. And even then it sometimes wasn’t enough for the grand inquisitor his father had become.

Then three months ago Carl had put a microphone in his sisters’ room so he could know what they were planning ahead of time and he had been able to avoid almost all of their traps since then. He wasn’t sure it would work the first time they set something up to get him busted and grounded again. But then when they were giving testimony against him, it was his own mother who had come to his defense. Thanks to knowing what they were planning, he knew just the right time to go to his mother and ask her to pray with him. He gladly gave up half an hour of free time as insurance against being accused of something he didn’t do. His biggest fear when doing it had actually been that his mother would realize where that particular prayer had come from.

“He was with me the whole time.” she’d said as she physically stood between Carl and his father. “Don’t tell me you don’t believe me.”

His sisters were furious, not only because they weren’t able to get him in trouble but also because they were the ones punished for lying at their mother’s insistence. Carl kept his poker face on the whole time but inside he was so happy. They weren’t used to that and the older sister, Karen, threatened to move out. Their father did not let that pass and she got a really big earful. Their father turned it back around and threatened to throw her out and never speak to her again. That put her back in her place. Karen wasn’t going no where without daddy’s help. She had no income to support herself on. She’d have to go get a job and actually be useful to society if she moved out.

That very night, the two sisters were at it again and Carl heard everything while he was flipping through the book of psalms. They planned a nice little scheme by which they hoped to not only get Carl in trouble but exonerate themselves. They were going to have a girl try to sneak into the house through Carl’s window and the girl would claim to have come so she and Carl could have sex. Tricky but not impossible to defend against. Carl didn’t know when that girl would come visit him so he locked and taped up his window on both the inside and the outside. He set up a little web camera to see what was going on outside.

On the third night, the girl came at about ten. Carl was still awake reading one of the technical manuals for a class at vocational school. Yeah, while his sisters both got the chance to go to college, since Carl was perpetually in trouble they weren’t going to spend that kind of money on him unless he went to Bible school. So Carl was paying his own way and that meant he had to be practical about the costs and benefits of each program.

Anyway, Carl noticed the girl standing outside, talking on the phone. When he listened in on the audio for his sisters’ room, they were telling her which window was Carl’s. Carl weighed his options in his head and decided to go tell his parents that he thought someone was trying to break into the house. The outside lights were all turned on and the girl was caught. Of course, she wanted to be caught and she spun some story about how Carl had asked her to come and he’d let her Onwin in through the window. But then Carl pointed out that his window was at that moment incapable of being opened. The girl started to say something about meeting Carl outside and waiting for him to show her a way to sneak in through the back door. For a moment there it looked like perhaps Carl’s father was actually believing this story so Carl had to beg his father to come into the house and watch the video he’d captured.

The video was very clear. It showed the girl approaching the house, being unsure what exactly to do, and calling someone. Carl showed his father his phone.

“She didn’t call me, sir.” he said, knowing the next lie that was apt to come from whoever this girl was. Carl’s father asked the girl who she called but the girl didn’t want to answer and refused to hand over her phone. She said she wanted to leave but Carl’s father said that wasn’t going to happen until a sheriff’s deputy arrived to take her into custody for trespassing and attempted burglary.

Carl tried to be subtle as he dropped the hint that maybe instead of Carl, this girl had called one of his sisters. Carl’s father initially didn’t want to rope them into this but decided he wanted the full story for when the deputy arrived so he called them out of their room. Carl could see on their faces that they knew the jig was up as soon as their father asked for their phones. He tried Karen’s phone first and called back the last incoming call. The mystery girl’s phone started to ring and it was case closed. Carl was innocent and the girls were guilty.

It was then that things really started to change in the house. Carl’s parents started to care about how well he was doing in school. They started to talk to him about his job prospects after he graduated. His father even started to talk about how a grown man shouldn’t be riding a moped around and so he was going to find the money to buy Carl a car.

That didn’t mean that Carl was safe, though. Even as more punishment was heaped onto the girls, they went right back to plotting their next plan. And again, Carl found a way to keep himself out of their trap. But the girls were smart about it that time. They made it look like the plan had nothing to do with them so they at least didn’t get in any more trouble. Still, again and again they tried but each time, to their shock, Carl remained teflon. They couldn’t get anything to stick to him anymore.

It had been about three weeks before his birthday that he’d added a hidden camera to their room so he could spy on what they were looking at on Karen’s computer. So far his precautions had been enough to keep him safe but he always felt like he wanted more security since they kept up their plots for a good while.

However, Carl had gotten lax as his 20th birthday passed. He didn’t listen to the audio everyday anymore. It took up too much time. He didn’t watch all of the video feed. He’d just fast forward through most of it. Then he’d feel safe and would get on with the rest of his life. Why not? His life was starting to get good now. He had a car, some semblance of trust, and most of all he finally felt loved. His parents were finally starting to see him as their son and not the spawn of the devil. They had even started to question all of the things from the past though they wouldn’t say that openly to him.

Then the girls struck. Carl had been blindsided. He hadn’t been careful. While he was at a party (one of the very first for him to ever attend) a pretty girl asked him to hold her drink. Carl just did it and didn’t think about it. A minute or so later she came back and got her drink back from him. Carl had almost completely forgotten it had even happened. He was still taking in the experience of whatever this kind of party was. Carl’s friends weren’t the rich kids who went to the university. They were all from poor families and most of them were either learning a trade or already working. Instead of proper dance music and couples waltzing, this party was playing some kind of mixture of rap and techno with everyone just gyrating about with no order to anything. It was actually very off putting for Carl since it wasn’t what he was expecting but everyone else was having a good time so who was he to judge.

Then he got home and immediately his parents were jumping all over him for drinking while underage. Carl protested his innocence since he was in fact innocent. He’d never even tasted alcohol in his life and even the smell of it turned him off. But Carl couldn’t fight against an alleged photo of him drinking. In the photo he was only holding a drink but for his parents that was enough. He protested his innocence. He begged them to listen, to trust him. He put his hand on the Bible and called down God as a witness. He said he’d go and take a drug test or an alcohol test or whatever he needed to do to prove it to them.

But they wouldn’t hear him. In the end, he was grounded. The punishment part wasn’t even the thing that Carl was worried about. He didn’t care about that. He just wanted to be a normal part of the family. He just wanted to be able to not have his parents hate him. As he went to his room to ‘think about what he’d done’, all he could think about was how that very morning both of his parents had smiled at him when he’d come down the hall to the dining room for breakfast. His mother had kissed him on the cheek when he’d left for the party in his new car, which came from a used car lot since that was all they could afford but he cherished it like it was priceless because his parents had given it to him and that somehow meant they finally loved him.

With rage in his heart he went to the computer. He pored over the previous week’s worth of video and audio to see if he could hear them plotting but there was nothing. He couldn’t prove his sisters had done it but it had to have been them.

Then he turned on the live feed to their room and there they were, just having a great good old time. Karen even pulled out a bottle of something that must have been alcohol. That was ok for her since she’d been old enough to buy alcohol for the past six months but Ellen was still only 18. Was there a way for him to prove that Ellen had drunk any of that? Just having that in their room was a violation of the house rules. Maybe he could work that angle.

And then it just happened. Karen and Ellen were on the bed and it sort of looked like one was tickling the other. They were sort of wrestling and while Karen was on top of Ellen, the younger sister kissed the older one. Karen at first pulled her head away. They both stopped what they were doing for a brief moment. Then Karen tried to go back to the tickling but Ellen just kissed her again.

After the second kiss, Karen didn’t pull away as much. Their noses stayed close to each other and then the older sister dived into another kiss. Carl almost fell out of his chair. He looked at the video and his face was almost all the way up to the monitor. Were they using tongue? Yes. Yes, they were.

Ellen’s hands left Karen’s arms and she started to stroke Karen’s hair. Karen’s hands were already on Ellen’s body but she changed her mission from tickling to sensually feeling her up.

What the hell was this? Where had this come from? When did Carl’s sisters start making out with each other? They were acting sort of experienced here. Carl doubted this was their first time. But maybe it was. He’d never seen them do anything like this before.

Karen started to grab at the waist band of Ellen’s panties. Carl saw that and felt the waist band of his own pants feeling like they were too tight. His dick was getting harder the longer he watched this but he couldn’t look away.

Karen and Ellen stopped tongue kissing and then Ellen reached under Karen’s shirt and she started feeling Karen’s breasts. Then she moved the shirt out of the way and she started licking and then sucking on Karen’s nipple.

Karen got Ellen’s panties down a little but not all the way. Then she put a hand to her younger sister’s pussy. Ellen reciprocated this which prompted Karen to just take her shirt all the way off for some reason. After her shirt, Karen let Ellen slide her panties past her butt and then down her thighs. Then the sisters were back to tongue kissing while each sister had a hand on the other sister’s pussy and they were rubbing each other.

They took momentary breaks from kissing to suck on each other’s nipples. Carl saw Karen try to put Ellen’s nipple in her mouth but she acted like she couldn’t do it at first. That was only momentary and she found her courage and then sucked on Ellen.

It was so hot to watch this. It was almost as if it was against his will but Carl just had to continue. He pulled his cock out and started to stroke himself while he watched what was happening. The fact that there was a ‘no masturbation’ house rule went completely from his mind. He couldn’t stop himself from looking and he couldn’t stop himself from jerking off.

The two sisters were really going at it. They were kissing and rubbing themselves very hard but they seemed frustrated. They couldn’t get to where they wanted to go. Then, almost in a flash, the panties were gone and the only article of clothing left was Ellen’s shirt.

Karen broke the kiss and pulled back to her knees. Carl thought that maybe the show was over but then Karen got one of her legs under Ellen and the next thing Carl knew his sisters were putting their pussies into direct contact with each other.

This was called scissoring. Right? His sisters were scissoring. Carl had thought it was a myth and that real lesbians didn’t do that sort of thing. Maybe his sisters weren’t real lesbians. Maybe they were something else.

They did the scissoring thing for a while. Carl decided to admit to himself what he was feeling as he watched this. Karen was sexy. She was very sexy. Her body had not a flaw on it and for some reason her long legs were turning Carl on. He stared at the image of her inner thigh as her pussy bucked up against Ellen’s.

The girls were trying so hard. They each were putting so much effort into this. They were so frustrated. Carl felt like he wanted to just go over there and fuck each of them to put them out of their misery.

The two girls sat up and their bodies came together. They started with the kissing again as they clawed at each other. Then it was Ellen’s turn to be on top. She pushed Karen to her back and Ellen started to kiss Karen’s neck and upper chest area. While she was doing that Karen’s hands went to Ellen’s ass. Ellen did have a very nice ass from what Carl could see. It almost completely made up for her small tits. Ok, they weren’t that small. They were an ok size but they weren’t on the large side.

Ellen lowered her hips to Karen’s leg. She started to grind her pussy onto Karen’s thigh and somehow it looked like she was pressing one of her own thighs into Karen’s pussy. They were sort of dry humping each other. They started going faster and faster and it was so obvious that they were so frustrated.

Carl was starting to feel frustrated as well. He was going to cum eventually but he was fighting it. He didn’t want to cum while he was watching this but it was turning him on.

Well, the dry humping wasn’t working so Ellen went back to tongue kissing Karen for a moment. Then she got off of Karen’s leg and moved down Karen’s body. Her face was right there by Karen’s pussy. For a few moments nothing happened. Carl watched the screen intently without even blinking. Were they going to do that?

Yes. Yes, they were. Ellen finally got her shirt all the way off and then Ellen’s mouth went down and came into contact with Karen’s pussy. The reaction from Karen was instant. She threw her head back and her body started to do some wave thing. She did several little crunches of her stomach muscles and then would throw her body back again.

Then Karen locked into place. Her arms reached out and grabbed at the bed on either side of her. She spasmed just a bit and then she brought her hands down to Ellen’s face to push the younger girl away.

When that was done Ellen went back to Karen’s face and the two started kissing again. Karen was actually kissing her sister while her sister had some of her pussy juices on her lips. It was so sensual. It was so passionate. It was so going to make Carl spill cum all over the floor.

Then the girls flipped. Ellen was on bottom again. Karen’s body sort of reminded Carl of a roller coaster. Her thighs were straight up and down putting her ass in the air. Her back swayed down and then it was a sight to behold as Karen’s tongue went out and found Ellen’s pussy.

Ellen enjoyed this very much. She grabbed a handful of Karen’s hair while with the other hand they two sisters interlocked fingers. Ellen was working hard to get to her climax and it didn’t take very long.

Ellen’s orgasm was a bit more subtle to see but Carl knew when it happened. When she was finished, the two sisters were each on their knees and they were body to body as they tongue kissed some more. Then they laid down together and continued to kiss for almost a full twenty minutes.

Carl had been lucky. As his moment to cum was approaching, he was able to grab some tissues from his night stand so he didn’t make a mess.

Once Carl came back to his senses he still felt a bit flabbergasted. His sisters were lesbian for each other. That sounded like a joke even to just say it. But it had to be true. That is what he had just witnessed. This was blowing his mind.

A smile slowly started to creep up onto his face. They were … BUSTED! They were so busted. THEY. WERE. SO. sooooooo. BUSTED!! Level 9000 BUUUSTEEED.

He had them on camera with alcohol in their room. He had Ellen on camera drinking underage. He had both of them on camera Licking Each Other’s Pussies! They were going to get into so much trouble for that. Dad would cut them off. No more credit cards. No more shopping trips. They probably wouldn’t even be allowed to share a room anymore. And mom would …

Wait. Mom would put them in counseling with the pastor. And that’s if they were lucky. Mom would definitely tweak out hard. If Dad didn’t stop her Carl could see Mom kicking Karen out of the house. No. Not out of the house. Out of the family. They might even call the police on her. She could go to jail. But it wasn’t Karen’s fault. Ellen started it. No. That wouldn’t matter.

Carl started to realize that this was bigger than the stupid little game of oneupmanship he had with his sisters. They could get into serious trouble for this. And it wasn’t like mom would keep it a secret either. She’d go telling everyone in town that her daughters were possessed by devils. Then dad and mom would argue. Epic level argue. This was bad. This was so bad.

Besides, how was he going to explain how he’d gotten the video? They’d accuse him of being a sex pervert who wanted to catch them naked. Then they’d accuse him of having sexual feelings for his sisters.

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