Peecnic Play



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Mrs. Meher Mulla (Meher) is the wife of a senior colleague of my father’s. I think she is a year or two younger than my mother. I had known her since I was a child. We used to meet once or twice a year at various office parties and events. She seemed to grow larger, each time we met.

She was an extremely jolly woman. Thick glasses, sleeveless blouses and elegant figure hugging chiffon sarees were her usual attire. The sarees were wrapped around a generously built and corpulent figure. A BBW, if ever there was one. She must have been 45 to 50 years old then.

On this particular winter day, the office picnic was to take place in a forested area near Dimna Lake in Jamshedpur.

I had passed out of school and was studying in the second year of college. As was fairly typical in India, although interested in matters sexual, I had little practical experience. I had seen members of my family in various states of undress and the bold pictures of some Bollywood starlets.

Anyway, at the start of this fateful picnic, all of us climbed on to a chartered bus. It just happened that I was behind Meher and as she climbed the steps carefully, I had a view of her huge buttocks at a distance of a mere two feet. It was as if two large water-melons had been confined in her clothes. Her clothes were so thin that I could see the lines of her panties. She looked back and I was caught staring! I turned several shades of red and immediately looked away.

People were asked not to sit with their family members and since I was right behind Meher, I ended up sharing a seat with her. She asked me to sit beside the window so I could get the view and she sat herself down in the aisle seat. The arm rest ensured that her large bottom and thunder thighs were in close contact with my own.

She did not shy away from the touch, neither did I. She asked about me and my studies and future plans. Our conversation was punctuated by her many touches to my arm and she occasionally put her hand on my thigh to straighten herself in her seat. She did not seem to mind that her palm was often inches from my cock. One end of her saree had slipped and a large boob was on view. A black bra encased her boobs and the deep cleavage made me think about the wonders that may lie underneath her blouse. She could see that I was having a hard time looking away but she did not cover herself.

I had an erection from all this stimulus and was hoping that she would not see it. But she did look down and there was a moment of silence.

With a twinkle in the eye, she remarked that I probably had lots of girl-friends. She seemed very surprised when I said that I did not and had never had one.

There was much singing and joking during the bus ride and we finally reached the escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları Lake.

A couple of hours passed by in eating, drinking and making merry. We played lots of the typical games that are played at these events. Post-lunch, everyone lay down on strategically laid out string cots under the shade of various trees.

I was taking a nap when I was shaken awake.

It was Meher. ‘Come with me’, she whispered. She led me towards a forested area. When we were out of earshot, she said, ‘I have wanted to pee since we were on the bus and I hate the toilets here. They are dirty and they stink. Would you please help me?’. I did not know how I could assist her but I went along meekly. ‘I just needed someone to come along, since I find going into the forest alone a little scary’, she offered. There were plenty of women there, why did she pick me?, I wondered.

We walked deeper into the trees until we were out of sight of everyone and we came to a clearing and some rocks. Behind the rocks was a little hut, which seemed abandoned. Meher climbed one of the sloping rocks and said, ‘ I will go first. You look out behind me and I will look out behind you. Let me know if you see anyone coming.’ Surely, she must have known that standing as I was directly in front of her and with her being up on the rock, I would have the perfect eye level view of whatever she did. The anticipation of what was to happen made the blood rush to my cock and it started lengthening down my pants.

Grasping her clothes at the top, she started raising her sari and under skirt very very slowly. Her feet and ankles came into view, followed by her shins and then her rounded, dimpled knees. Her skin was very fair and pink and it was obvious that she took good care of herself. There was no hair and the skin was glowing. She probably applied body lotion to herself every day.

I could not believe what was going on. A full grown woman was showing her body to me in broad daylight!

‘You are staring’, she said softly. I did not have the power to look away. Her clothes rose some more and her huge thighs were on view. ‘You have never seen a naked woman before, right’?, she asked. I nodded my head mutely in agreement.

Her lacy, black, almost transparent panties.were now visible. She squatted very carefully and the thick lips of her large vagina were clearly outlined under the nylon gusset of her underwear. The gusset was stretched to capacity.

She pulled the gusset aside, looking at me, knowing fully well that I was looking at her. She revealed her most private of private parts.

Today, I am experienced in these matters, but when I think back to that day, I realize that the way I saw her cunt that day remains one of the most amazing sexual sights that I have ever seen.

Completely clean shaven and monstrously large. Her mons was like a puffed up hill. Her twat was thick-lipped and looked as if oil had been applied to it. With the fingers of both her hands she pulled her prominent labia wide open, revealing plump, dark inner lips, a clit that stuck out like a little pebble and below all this, her hole. The whole cunt was deep, moist and red. It contrasted with the black of her panties.

‘Here escort gaziantep bayan telefonları it comes,’ she said and let loose her pee. A few small dribbles were followed by a steady stream of pale yellow fluid which made a whistling sound as it emanated from between her chunky thighs. What a scene! A small waterfall foamed from her cunt over the rock and onto the ground below, near my feet. She must have been holding back for a long time indeed. The urine continued to gush and arc from her vagina for several more seconds and a few dribbles later, the flow stopped. All through this performance, she kept looking at my face. Finally, she put a finger on her clit and strummed it, grunting a few times. She had a glazed look on her face. Without pulling the gusset back into place, she stood up. She pressed her clothes to her pelvis in a wiping motion and came down from the rock.

‘I am sure you need a leak just as badly as I did’, she said. Why don’t you go ahead and do it now. I was under a spell, speechless and tongue-tied. She boldly unzipped my fly, undid my button and opened my trousers. I wanted her to do whatever she wished to. I was her slave in that moment. She lowered my briefs and my cock sprang out, harder and more erect than it had ever been. ‘Go ahead, pee. I will hold your cock for you, Would you like that?’, she said. My cock was encased in the soft grip of her palm.

I tried and tried but could not get myself to pee even a drop. ‘You have a problem. We must do something about this erection’, she said. She started frigging me slowly. A few sharp tugs is all took for me to let loose with a torrent of come. My cock spat out thick gobs of semen for the next several seconds and quite a lot of it fell into her hand, since she held her other hand in front. My knees were weak and my erection subsided somewhat but I still had a good boner. She licked my come off her fat fingers and smiled, suggestively licking her lips.

Looking around, her eyes came to a halt on the old wooden hut. She started walking towards it. I raised my clothes and followed her swaying bottom.

In the hut was one of the stringed cots covered with a mattress. She sat down on it and lowered her sari front. Her huge blouse covered boobs came into view. I watched in fascination, as she opened her blouse. Her black bra was filled to overflowing. Boob flesh peeped around the cups, awaiting liberation. Her nipples indented her bra.

‘You will never breathe a word about this to anyone. Do you promise?’, she asked. I nodded my head in agreement. I was too paralyzed by this sudden turn of events to say or do anything.

She unhooked the bra and her boobs sprang up. Pushing the cups up, she proudly displayed her mammary assets to me, a boob in each hand. The dark, thick, long teats contrasted with her fair skin. Her nipples were erect and pointed at me like guns. Putting my hands on her boobs, she said, ‘ First press them, then suck them’.

Taking her large tits into my hands, I started kneading them. Two of my hands could not hold one tit fully. Her large brown aureoles had goose bumps on them. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked one nipple and then the other. She pushed my head into escort gaziantep bayan videoları her boobs and I warmed to my task and was sucking and licking each nipple, one after the other. I pressed her boobs hard and gently bit her nipples. She was soon lying on the cot with half my body on top of her.

Her hands pushed my clothes away and she held my cock in her fist again, pulling it up and down. She took one of my hands and pulling her saree and underskirt up, she put my fingers on her cunt. She took one of my fingers and rubbed it in her furrow. My finger sank all the way into her cunt and yet did not reach her hole, so deep was her twat. She was hot and she was wet. She had juiced copiously. I found the source of all the moisture and my finger was soon sinking into her deep well. She groaned. ‘Put in two fingers, my cunt is big’, she said. I had two fingers up her hole and was finger fucking her at great speed. She started grunting her approval, ‘Suck… lick…bite…fuck me with your fingers…oh, I need this so badly.’ Her pelvis rose to meet my thrusting fingers. This woman knew how to take her pleasure.

She held one of my fingers at her pebble sized clit and taught me to manipulate it. ‘Rub this too’, she groaned out.

After ten minutes of this, she said, ‘We must hurry up and finish this. We will be missed.’ She pulled my hand out of her twat. My fingers came out with a plop.

She pushed me down on the cot. Pulling her saree and underskirt up, she lowered her panties and flung them away. She got on top of me, breasts waggling from side to side, the nipples sticking out wet and red from the sucking and biting. Putting one knee on each side of me, she took my hard cock in her hand and giving it a few long tugs, she started rubbing it between her thick, large, very wet cunt lips. Soon, she lowered herself. My penis was getting engulfed into a wet warmth. Her juices coated me liberally and she started raising and lowering her pelvis repeatedly. Her breasts flopped wildly and her ass thwacked against my balls which were getting wet with all her oils.

I think she was getting tired of heaving that heavy body up and down and she rolled over and pulled me on top. Bending her legs at the knees, she circled my body with her feet, hugging me to herself. She placed my cock on her hole and pushed her heels into my butt.

‘I have wanted a good fuck for 3 months, fuck, fuck, fuck me you sweet virgin cock, screw me, lover boy…’, she chanted.

I started thrusting into her. Initially I was tentative but I picked up speed and each inward thrust was rewarded by a grunt.

I could not take much more of this and had been on the verge of coming since I licked her nipples. Her own excitement had also been at a fever pitch since she exhibited herself to me so wantonly while peeing. ‘I am coming’, she gasped and grunted and my cock was in a vise like grip, being milked dry. Her spasms brought on my own orgasm. Even though I had just come, I let loose a second flood of semen, this time into her cunt.

She hugged me to herself and promised that we would meet again. We rejoined the group after straightening out our clothes. We did not think that our absence had been noticed.

Could be continued…

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