Patti Cake Ch. 02

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Patience, dear reader. I’ve been told I don’t give enough background for some of my stories. So I’m taking the time to add details.

* * * * *

“Daddy?” she asked.

“What?” I replied.

I woke in the wee hours before dawn. Patti Cake was at it again – her delicate little hand wrapped around my hard cock. I groaned.

“Daddy. Did I wake you Daddy?” she asked.

“You know quite well you did,” I replied.

“Daddy. Teach me how to suck your cock. I want to be the best ever to suck your cock. I want to be a total slut, Daddy. And when I learn how to suck your cock – you can teach me to fuck. I want to fuck, Daddy. I now know I want to fuck.” The words just tumbled out of her as she continued stroking my hard cock.

“Patti Cake, you’re something else. Did you act like this in college?” I asked.

“No, Daddy, I never went with anyone in college except for a couple of times. The ‘boys’ (she emphasized boys) I did date were just too immature for me. I couldn’t handle the way they whined – especially when I wouldn’t kiss them on the first date,” she replied.

Continuing, “I had a room mate in college named Sandy. She had a reputation for putting out – even on the first date sometimes. I guess the guys thought that I was just like Sandy but they were wrong.”

Patti Cake was still stroking my cock – oh so slowly as she marshaled her thoughts. “Can I tell you something, Daddy?”

“Sure, Patti Cake. You can talk about anything with me – you know that.”

“One night when Sandy came in late – she was kind of drunk and stumbling around.”

“Well, she kicked off her shoes – made a hell of a racket – then she sat down on my bed – probably thinking it was hers. She pulled off her socks. Then she undid her blouse and took that off as well as her bra.”

Pausing, Patti Cake took a deep breath and continued, “Then she stood and stripped off her little short skirt and her white lacey thong. Throwing them in the corner, she flopped back down on my bed – squirmed around until she was under the sheet – then snuggled up to me.”

“Daddy. I was so embarrassed for her. I didn’t know what to do. Then her hands started roaming over me. First she squeezed one of my breasts – making my nipple all hard and crinkly – then she pinched my nipple. Lowering her mouth to my breast – she began sucking on my nipple making me all wet in my pussy.”

“I don’t mind telling you that I was really enjoying that – she was so gentle and caring the way she sucked my nipple. I wanted to do something for her.”

“So I reached down and stroked her stomach and thighs until she rolled over on her back and spread her legs.”

“Go on Patti Cake,” I escort kartal croaked. My cock was so rock hard now that I was ready to explode.

“I slid a finger in her pussy. DADDY! SHE WAS SO WET! And I guess I shivered because I came when I found her that wet.”

“What happened then, Patti Cake?” I asked.

“Sandy opened her eyes and stared at me. Then she reached up and kissed me – real long and sexy like. Like you kissed me goodnight last night.”

“And,” I prompted.

“Well – then she sorta flipped around on the bed until she was on top of me and spread her legs – lowering her sex to my mouth.”

“What did you do then, Patti Cake?”

“What she did to me,” she answered.

“What was that, Patti Cake?”

“She was licking me down there. And Daddy, it felt so good I just had to do something for her. I began licking her.”


“Yes, baby girl.”

“Daddy, I’ve never licked a girl down there before. I didn’t know what to do. So I just mimicked Sandy’s moves. What she did to me, I did to her. It must have been good because just about the time I began to cum – Sandy did too. Daddy, it was sooooo beautiful.”

“Patti Cake?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Patti Cake. Would you like me to lick you down there?” I asked, knowing what her answer would be.

“Yes, Daddy. I would love for you to lick me down there. But I want to suck your cock and I want you to teach me,” she replied.

“O.K. What you and Sandy did is called a ’69′”

“I KNOW THAT!” she answered.

“Well Patti Cake. When you suck cock – you take it real slow. Ever so often you take it as deep inside your mouth as you can – make a tight ring with your lips and pull my cock out of your mouth while you are sucking hard and licking it with your tongue. Then you do it all over again. Do this while you massage my ball sac rolling those little almonds around in there.”

“When you feel my ball sac harden that means I’m about to cum. That’s your signal to stop and rest a bit.”

“Then you can start all over again. This is called “sweet torture”. Working a man up until he starts urging you to let him cum.”

“Now, Patti Cake. If you will climb on top of me – in a ’69’, I’ll start licking your pussy while you suck my cock.”

Tossing the sheet aside, Patti Cake turned around. Throwing one leg over my head, she slowly spread her things – lowering herself to my waiting tongue. I took a tentative lick at her swollen wings – noting that she was gushing pussy juice already. I suppose the thought of what Sandy did to her had my Patti Cake all worked up.

I put a hand on each cheek of my Patti Cake’s soft butt and pulled her closer as her hot uğur mumcu escort mouth engulfed my cock – licking and sucking on my length – trying to take me in her throat.

I licked up one wing and back down the other, flicking her clit in the process while I massaged her butt. She gagged as she attempted to deep throat me.

“Easy baby,” I said. “Slow down and take it easy. Let your throat get used to my size. Breathe through your nose while you take me deep in your throat.”

“O.K. Daddy.”

A couple of more licks on her hot pussy and I clamped my mouth tightly on it and sucked. Patti Cake began to cum. Her hips thrashed and ground into my face – trying to get my face inside of her. This triggered my cum and my cum began spurting deep inside her mouth until it was full. My cum laden ball sac had emptied all I had.

Patti Cake continued sucking and cleaning me up, swallowing as much of my cum as she could.

I could see that our lives had changed.

I continued licking and slurping my darling’s juices and her woman’s hips kept grinding on my face – body quivering with each little mini-orgasm she had. Finally I had to stop. I developed a crick in my neck and my tongue was tired. ‘Things like this never happen,’ I thought.

Slapping her butt, I rolled her off me. Seeing that it was already 7 a.m., we decided to get dressed and go for breakfast.

Patti Cake was all smiles and giggles. It was obvious that she was happy.

********************************* The day’s drive was quite uneventful. When I drove, Patti Cake sat close and brushed her fingers up and down my thigh – toying with the head of my cock. When she drove, I squeezed and pinched her nipple and toyed with the crotch of her tight shorts until she squirmed in her seat and ordered me to stop.

All in all it made for a pleasant drive and, about 4 p.m., we pulled into another hotel for our second night on the road. A long leisurely dinner in a nice restaurant and then off to the room.

Closing the door – I pulled her to me. Patti Cake melted in my arms and we began to neck – like a couple of teenagers. Kissing and tonguing each other – sucking on the other’s tongue. I found that she had a special spot at the juncture of her neck and shoulder that drove her absolutely wild. I called it her “On Button” because it really did turn her on.

In no time flat, we had each other undressed. Taking time out to turn down the bed did nothing to suppress my desire for her.

Lying down, I pulled her to me. As she fell on top, my breath went out with a ‘whooooossh’.

Giggling, she took my face in her hands and gave me a long slow passionate kiss. çavuşoğlu escort I responded. First by kissing her back – second by the measure of how hard my cock got in so short a time.

She slid down my body and came to rest between my legs. Looking me straight in the eye, she took my mushroom cap into her mouth – gently sucking on it as her twinkling eyes watched the expression on my face – watched it change from avid affection to downright lust.

I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out. So I sat up and, taking her arms, pulled her up on the bed. Then, rolling her over on her back, I knelt between her soft thighs and just stared. I couldn’t get enough of just looking at her pussy.

Leaning down, I placed a kiss on it – much like you would French kiss a mouth – my tongue extended deep inside her as I toyed with her clit. Her juices were running out of her – moistening her little star shaped rosebud that is her anus. I probed it with a finger as she wriggled trying to keep my finger from entering her. It slid in to the first knuckle and she groaned.

“Relax, Patti Cake. I won’t hurt you. It gets better if you just relax.”

“O.K. Daddy. I’ll try.”

I toyed with her ass some more while I was eating her pussy. Finally, Patti Cake began bucking her hips to get my fingers and tongue deeper inside her. And she came. Her orgasm was so intense.

I felt that now was the time so I rose up and began to rub her moist pussy with the mushroom cap of my rock hard cock.


“What’s wrong, Patti Cake?” I asked.

“Daddy. Not like that. I want to fuck you. And I want you to fuck me. But not in some motel. Wait until we get home and in your king size bed. It’ll be our ‘Honeymoon’ bed Daddy.”

She slid out from under me and rolled me onto my back. Kneeling between my widespread legs, she grasped the base of my cock. Leaning down, she placed my mushroom cap inside her hot lips. Staring at me, she began to softly suck while her tongue danced like little butterflies on the sensitive area beneath my little pee hole. I came. Lord God, how I came. Never letting my cock leave her mouth, my darling daughter sucked and sucked, swallowing every drop of cum from my spurting cock.

Finally, Patti Cake moved up alongside me and wrapping her arms around my neck gave me a deep tongued kiss. I could taste my cum on her lips. We lay like that for awhile – wrapped in each others arms until we began to chill.

Slapping her ass, I said, “Let’s go.”

“Where,” she asked.

“To the shower.” I replied. “Then we need to get some rest. Maybe we can make it home tomorrow. If we can’t – well we’ll just have to wait another day to ‘consummate our marriage’. I can’t wait to put my cock in you and feel your tight little virgin pussy muscles working on it.”

Laughing and giggling, we splash washed each other quickly – then toweled off. Sleep was easy to come by that night.

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