Paramedic Pt. 12

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This story is fictional. The characters are entirely fictitious and are not based on anyone who has or is still living. Any resemblances to any person or persons who are alive or dead are completely coincidental. All characters depicted in this story are above 18 years of age.

The following contains some explicit scenes of male/male sex and a variety of activities with the consent of the characters. If any of this content is illegal to access in your geography, please do not proceed any further. If this type of story offends you, please do not read it and piss off somewhere else to read a story.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author.

I have a fantastic editor and new friend – Scott T. He contacted me and volunteered to help with the stories, he has done so much to not only help with my grammar but to give me reassurance as I write. I am far from a professional writer, and have only tried writing fiction for the very first time in 2015. Thank you Scott for the fantastic job you are doing. I truly wish we lived closer to have coffee together and laugh at some of the stupid things I send him in text messages, and so I could give him a big hug in appreciation.

Comments may be addressed to the contact tab on my profile.


Jared’s phone rang and it was Zane calling. He stepped away from the table to speak with him. The Pastor from the Conner’s family church had been in contact with the funeral home and was trying to take over the funeral for the three members of his congregation. Zane went through the arrangements he had made with the Reverend of the United Church and the service was planned to take place in 5 days. Jared appreciated his help and would deal with the funeral home and the Pastor.

He went back to the table and explained the problem to Liam, Mark and Conner. After the boys finished their food, they all left and went to the funeral home. The funeral director met with them and informed them of the Pastor making the arrangements.

“You were given instructions by Zane on behalf of me and this young man, the only surviving member of the family. What gave the Pastor the authority to supersede those instructions?” asked Jared.

“He told me they were members of his congregation and the victims had left him instructions,” the director replied.

Jared sat for a moment. “I’m the one paying your bill and had clear directions given to you. Are you telling me you cannot handle my instructions?”

The four men looked at the director and waited for his answer. “Obviously there has been a misunderstanding,” the director replied. “I was led to believe the Pastor was acting on behalf of the family.”

Conner spoke up, “If he wants my father, he can have him. Mom and my brother are my responsibility.”

“I will have to talk with him about this,” the director said.

Jared had enough and he pulled out his cellphone. “Will you give us a few minutes to discuss this please, Sir?”

“Of course. I will call the Pastor while you are talking,” he replied as he left.

Jared called John and explained the situation. John told him he would get the lawyers and Melanie on it to get it sorted out.

The funeral director knocked at the door and came in. “The Pastor is adamant about his directions. He also told me Conner has no say in the arrangements.”

The phone rang on the Directors desk which he answered. He sat and listened, with his eyes opening wide. “Yes, I have heard of your law firm, Mr. McCoy.” There was a pause for a moment. “I don’t think that will be necessary,” he said. The director listened for a few more minutes. “I understand, but I believe I have to follow the Pastor’s request,” he said. “No, he has not offered to pay for the services,” he replied. He listened for another moment and then said, “Under those circumstances, I will have to await further instructions.” The director was looking at Jared with what could be considered a dirty look. “I have him and the son here with me right now,” he said. There was obviously more being said to him when he replied, “I understand your position. I will talk with Jared and Conner and I believe this can proceed on their directions.” He hung up the phone.

“You don’t fool around do you Sir? It is not everyday someone of Mr. McCoy’s notoriety calls here representing a client,” the director said. “I believe this can proceed under your directions, Conner.”

“That’s good,” said Jared. “McCoy and Associates is on retainer to my company as well as my personal lawyer. If you have further problems with the Pastor, call him directly and keep him informed. You will find he is a better friend than adversary.”

“I believe that if his reputation is even half of what the press says,” stated the director.

They antalya escort made the arrangements and the director was to work with the minister at the United Church for the service. The family members were to be cremated before the service and Conner chose two beautiful matching urns for his mother and brother. It took some coaching, but Conner chose a plain urn for his father after being assured using an old grocery bag, zip lock bag or cardboard box wasn’t really the best choices for his dad, although it did feel right.

Outside, Jared called his lawyer and asked him to look for any wills and assets Conner’s parents may have had. Jared put Conner on the phone for a moment.

“Yes, I am the surviving son and I authorize you to act on my behalf,” Conner said to Jesse. “Thank you for your help, Mr. McCoy. I would be lost without Jared and you helping me.” Jared handed the phone back to Jared. A few words were exchanged and Jared hung up.

Jared called John and brought him up to speed on the developments. He asked John if he had found anything out on the church yet and listened for a couple of minutes. Jared told him to seek Jesse’s help if he needed it. Jared hung up the phone.

Liam looked at him with interest. “Let’s wait a few days and see what develops. With John, Melanie and Jesse on it now there will be no more problems,” said Jared.

“Is it time to head to the cabin, Jared?” asked Liam

“Absolutely,” Jared replied.

They headed to the apartment and grabbed a few things, heading out a short time afterwards. On the way, Jared had to slap the back of Liam’s head when he got Mark and Conner going by saying, “Are we there yet?”

They stopped at the grocery store not far from the cabin and filled up with food supplies. They arrived at the cabin a short time later. During the trip, both Conner and Mark had confessed to never having been in the wilderness before or even at a cabin. Liam assured them they would like it.

The boys were amazed when they pulled up to the cabin, and got out to look around as soon as the SUV was parked.

“Do not go into the forest or follow any trails from the lawn area without one of us with you,” said Liam. “You guys have never been in the wilderness before and you could get lost easily up here.” They agreed and disappeared around the corner.

Jared and Liam hauled the groceries in and put them away. Liam went onto the deck to look for the boys and saw them standing at the end of the dock looking into the water. Jared came out onto the deck and took him into his arms.

“I love being up here with you Liam,” said Jared as he leaned into for a kiss.

“What are we going to do about the dress code with those two around?” asked Liam.

“How about loin cloths and then see what how it goes,” replied Jared. They went into the cabin and put their loin cloths on, returning to the deck as the boys walked up to join them.

“What are those you guys are wearing,” asked Conner. Liam explained what they were with Jared’s help.

“We normally go naked up here or wear these but we don’t want to make you guys uncomfortable.”

“Do you have loin cloths we can wear?” asked Mark.

“We make them ourselves so it won’t be problem boys,” replied Jared. They two of them wanted to make them so Jared went in and got his supply of leather and sewing kit. Once they had measured the boys, they started working on the cloths. When it came time to try them on, the boys just stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Strip off guys, and put your clothes on the table,” said Liam. They boys took everything off until they got to their underwear and then paused. It was obvious they were both hard.

“It’s ok guys. No worries about being hard. We had that talk last night right?” said Jared.

The boys slowly pulled their underwear off and stood there in their naked glory, looking at each other’s hard-on sticking out in plain view.

Conner was well endowed. Liam wondered how the kid didn’t pass out from a lack of blood when he got hard. He was a good 7.5″ and fairly thick. He had a nice nest of pubic hair at the base of his dick. The shaft was thicker than average, but it was the large purple head on his dick which was impressive. “I hope whoever bottoms him is well relaxed,” thought Jared to himself. He had a nice little butt. The hair on his legs extended up to the bottom of the cheeks of his ass where the ended. Very nice to look at.

Mark’s dick was about 6.5″ and very nice to look at. The head had a drop of pre-cum leaking from it and it dripped onto the floor. The head of his dick would be just perfect to lick and play with. The shaft was slightly thicker than average and at the base was a nest of blonde short trimmed pubic hair. His butt was quite nice to look at and totally hairless. A little conditioning and it would definitely be a 10/10.

Jared and Liam moved forward and fitted the boys with their loin cloths and then stood back to admire artvin escort them. They both had big smiles on their faces as they moved around on the deck and modelled them.

“Can we use the hot tub sometime Jared?” asked Conner.

Jared replied, “Of course. We can all sit in it this evening if you want. Have you guys ever gone fishing?”

Neither of them had. “We can do that later then,” said Jared. “Liam, you want to take them out for a boat ride around the lake, you can take the ski boat. Just don’t go up the river with that one. The draft and motor leg stick in too deep in the water for shallow areas.”

The boys liked the idea. “What are you going to do, Jared?” asked Liam.

“I am going to go and meditate at that spot along the shore where we slept under the stars. I need to commune with the spirits to seek clarity and direction,” replied Jared.

The boys looked puzzled at Jared’s statement but were soon bouncing along behind Liam as he started walking towards the boathouse. Jared thought to himself, “It’s like having a couple of children up here the way they are bouncing around and wanting to try everything. I guess it really is an indication of how starving they are for positive attention and just being allowed to be themselves.”

Liam took the boys to the boathouse, opened the door and motioned them into the boat. He showed them where the fire extinguisher was located and got them each a life preserver to wear. He let loose the ropes tying the boat and backed it out. He turned the boat and gunned the motor. The 150 Merc dug in and they were quickly on top of the water and moving quickly. Mark and Conner were standing up next to Liam and letting the wind blow their hair backwards. They were enjoying it immensely.

Liam slowed the boat down and explained how to operate it. He let both of the boys each take turns operate the boat around the lake. When they got to the far end of the lake, they saw a couple of canoes being paddled. Liam had them slow down and explained they did this to prevent making waves for the canoes. If the waves hit them broadside, they could capsize them.

In each of the canoes was a man and women who appeared to in their mid-twenties. They waved at the boys as they went by slowly in the boat. Once clear, they gunned the motor again. Liam took over the controls again and turned off the motor.

He turned to them and asked, “So what do you think guys.”

“Awesome,” replied Mark.

“Love it,” said Conner.

“Its quiet out here, lets drift and just talk,” suggested Liam. He told them about himself and the way his parents had been killed in an accident. Liam also explained how he had been Jared’s partner at work and how they become boyfriends. Liam also explained Jared had a deep spiritual relationship with the Creator and some of his other First Nation beliefs. The boys had some questions about the beliefs and Liam answered them best he could.

Conner talked about his home life and explained how he was prevented from having friends or participating in school activities except the Christian Youth Group who were all from his church. He talked about how his father had set him up with a few girls from the church and he had no interest at all. This was not missed by his father who beat him until he admitted he liked men and not women. His dad then beat him for being an abomination. His dad wanted to send him to a church reconditioning camp so he could learn to be straight but Conner had refused. His mother and brother were beaten as well by their father. His mom would sneak in to see Conner after his beatings to check him over and patch him up. She even took him and his brother to the hospital a couple of times after they had “fallen down the stairs.”

Mark explained how his dad had raised him after his mother had died of cancer. He had remarried and they had a girl but they are divorced now. Judy, technically his step mom, is nice but she really never knew how to deal with him. She was good about the admission he was gay though. They are not close but are nice to each other. His dad put in long hours at work to try and pay for everything they needed, including college. Mark really was home alone a lot without anyone. Even though he blamed his dad at times, he understood why he was working so much. When he came out, his dad was livid and couldn’t talk to him. Frank had never hit or abused Mark in any way, and he did know his dad loved him. They just couldn’t communicate until a totally unexpected event happened. One day, he came and sat him down to talk. His dad’s view had changed and he did something he hadn’t done in a long time with Mark. He gave Mark a loving hug and held him tight as they both shed tears.

They had been talking for an hour when Liam started the boat and headed to shore. They stopped at the dock and tied off, Liam ran to the boathouse and got an inflated inner tube and rope. He tied it off and asked one of them to get in and he would drag them around the lake beylikdüzü escort for fun.

“Can’t we go at the same time?” asked Mark.

“By law need a spotter in the boat in addition to the operator. They watch the person being pulled around and if they fall off or something else happens, they tell the driver.” The boys understood and decided Conner could go first.

They loved it as Liam was pulling them around the lake, and snapping the line occasionally by changing directions suddenly. If a person did it right, the driver could snap the inner tube right from under the person and cause them to bounce on the water like a skipping stone. One time Liam snapped the line, Mark skipped across the lake 4 times before stopping in the water. A couple of hours later, they went back to the dock where the found Jared waiting for them.

“I got supper ready if you guys are hungry,” he said. “I just have to throw the meat on the BBQ when you’re done playing.”

Conner and Mark yelled, “FOOD!” Jared and Liam laughed.

“The locusts are back again,” said Liam.

They all made short work of the food. Soon there were just scraps and debris left on the table. They young ones had even drank some wine with their meal, and were feeling good. They didn’t get enough to be drunk but when combined with a full stomach, they felt real good. There wasn’t even room for the cheesecake Jared had bought in town.

They talked about anything which came to the four men’s minds while basking in the glow of a good meal.

“I am really enjoying this,” said Conner. “We were not allowed to talk let alone tell jokes or funny stories at the dinner table. Dad said it was against the teachings of the Bible. In fact, I didn’t want to stay any longer than the meal with him there.”

“Dad is usually working so I eat alone a lot,” said Mark. “I know he wants to spend more time with me, but he is so busy.”

Neither Liam nor Jared said anything. They just listened to the boys with focused attention. There was a silence for a moment when Liam started telling stories of when he was young. They were all laughing.

“I think while you guys clean up supper, I will get some bannock dough made for cooking on a campfire tonight,” said Jared.

“Do we have marshmallows and s’more-making materials,” asked the chocoholic Liam.

“Of course. We have lots,” he replied.

“We can get into the hot tub first before the camp fire,” suggested Liam. That met with everyone’s approval.

The kitchen cleaned and the bannock dough finished, they piled the snacks all together on the end of the counter for easy retrieval when they start the fire.

They went out to the hot tub and pulled the cover off. Liam and Jared pulled their loin cloths off and stepped into the water and finding a corner seat together. Mark and Conner were still standing on the deck.

“Well?” said Liam.

The boys pulled their skimpy loin cloths off and stepped into the water. They sat near each other, but not touching.

“So how are you two getting along,” asked Jared.

“Very well,” replied Mark. “I really like Conner. Even though we just met, we seem to be real friends.”

“Same for me,” added Conner. “I never really had friends before, well other than at church and they were more acquaintances than anything. I feel comfortable being with Mark.”

“That’s good to hear guys,” said Liam.

“Do you guys want to sit together or are you fine where you are?” asked Jared.

The two young men looked at each other and Mark moved next to Conner. Conner blushed but leaned his head on Marks shoulder.

“Do you think you guys are developing more than a friendship,” asked Liam.

“We talked about it and neither one of us knows. We are very comfortable with each other and really like each other. But we remember your words of caution about a quick relationship and we will see. I never had a brother before but if that is all we end up as, I am fine with it,” said Mark.

“I feel the same way about Mark. I have never been able to show affection before by hugging or putting my head on someone’s shoulder. I realize what I have missed when I do this and Mark doesn’t mind the contact either,” said Conner.

“I have only been in one relationship before, and it wasn’t the best one. I have watched you two and the way you guys interact and I have learned a lot. I know I appreciate being able to talk with you guys and to ask questions I could never ask my father,” said Mark.

“Me too,” chirped in Conner. “Can I think of you as being my big brothers?”

“Both of you can. Group hug!” yelled Liam. Jared and Liam got up quickly and stood in the middle of the tub. They were both far from soft, but not hard. The younger men looked at them and stood. They were both fully hard. All four of them hugged for a moment and sat down again. This time Mark and Conner sat real close.

They soaked in the tub and watched the sun set. Jared was explaining the colour black and the power of the west direction to all of them. He went on and explained the rest of the medicine wheel; the colour white and the power of the north, the east and its powers were symbolized by yellow and finally the colour of red and the power of the south.

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