Papa Ain’t Big Enough

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Saturdays used to be very lonely for me. I would sit in my room and listen to my parents fucking like there was no tomorrow. But when I turned 18, everything changed.

I noticed right away that when my parents had sex, my Dad would make all of the noises, never my Mom. And when I took a shower or just sat on my bed to release, there would always be a pair of deep brown eyes on my 9.5 inch cock.

Now, my Mom is a very sexy woman. At age 42, she was 5 feet 2 inches tall and had huge tits. They were 36DD, with nipples the size of silver dollars. She was just a little plump and had way nice curves, but my Dad could never please her fully. Until one fateful Saturday.

“Honey,” my Dad called, “I just got a call from the office. I have to go to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks.” “No,” cried Mom, “What will I do for two Saturdays?” My Mom acted dissapointed, but was overjoyed at the fact that Dad was going away and she would have two long weeks to look at my large cock.

My Dad left for the airport and while I was still sleeping, my Mom crept into the room and uncovered my limp member. She had lusted over me for the longest time, and I pretended not to notice, but when she wore those tight, silk, nightgowns, her huge tits were clearly visible as were her huge, erect nipples.

She played with my cock until it got rock hard, and she slowly put it into her mouth. I had been awake for about 5 minutes now, but I pretended to still be asleep, for I too had lusted for my mother’s beautiful curves and faultless body. When I was younger, I had caught her masturbating over me, because I had almost caught her in the act and she had run out of my room.

My steel-like cock was down her throat and she nearly gagged it out, but held on. I tried to hold my come in, but when she gagged, it threw me over the edge and I came inside her mouth. Being the sex expert that she is, she let not one drop escape her talented mouth. She slowly got up and left, leaving me to jerk off tuzla eve gelen escort for a long time.

It was then that I decided, I was going to get my Mom to want me to fuck her and tell me so. I spent a long time in my room, jerking off and thinking of ways to get my Mom to need me. And on the first Saturday that my dad was away, I found a plan.

“Mom, I don’t feel so good,” I moaned from my bed, “I think I might need help eating breakfast and getting to school.” “Ok, hun,” she called from down the hall, “I’ll be right there.”

I had actually been up for over an hour, making her a “special” breakfast, with red wine and a pack of oatmeal with a fair amount of vodka in it. She was as good as mine.

My Mom sauntered into my room, her tits bouncing up and down and her ass shaking ever so slightly. “Mom, will you help me out of bed?” I asked in a normal, childlike voice. “Of course, honey. Anything for my little boy.” She took my covers off and supressed a gasp as she saw a huge tent in my boxers. She tried extremely hard not to say anything, but her juices were practically dripping down her legs.

I pushed myself out of bed and stumbled onto her shoulder. I myself am 5 foot 8 inches, so this was a hard task to complete. “Here, hold onto me for balance,” said Mom, her voice practically squeaking as she saw the tip of my cock come out of my boxers. As we walked down the stairs to the kitchen, I held onto the railing with one hand, and to one of her squishy ass cheeks with another. I pretended not to know what it was so my Mom wouldn’t get suspicious of my actions.

I sat down at the table and made myself a cup of cereal while my Mom drank her wine and ate her vodka filled oatmeal. “Whoa, what’s in this stuff, vodka?” My Mom asked. She wobbled a little bit and gasped as she saw me masturbating in front of her. “Honey, what are you doing?” She asked in a tipsy voice. “You know perfectly well what I’m doing, Mom. I know you want tuzla otele gelen escort me, and I want you, so how ’bout it?”

She was shocked. He knew? How did he find out? Well, there was no more hiding it, she might as well tell him. “Ok, I admit it. When you turned 18, I finally noticed your cock, and got bored of your fathers, who by the way, is tiny. I needed something else, and I couldn’t go dating, I was already married. So I used your cock while I thought you were asleep.0

“Mom, I really want you. You’re so hot and all of my friends think so, so I really want to see for myself. I hope that’s ok with you, because I know with all of my heart that your pussy is practically flooded with juices from looking at my cock.”

“Ok, ok. Let me get changed.” She left the kitchen and walked upstairs, shaking her ass tauntingly. I followed her up quietly and took a quick peek under her robe. She wasn’t wearing any panties!!! I couldn’t take it any more. I plunged my middle finger up her pussy and wriggled it around. She gasped in surprise and started breathing heavily and pulling on her tits. They soon became erect.

“Let’s go to my room,” my Mom said, panting and pulling on her huge tits. I took my free hand and grabbed her left tit. Her breast was so large and soft, I squished it around in my hand. She let a huge gasp and shook violently. My hand was soon soaked in her pussy juices. We reached her room and jumped onto the bed.

“That was the best orgasm I ever had,” panted Mom. “Your father only gave me one orgasm in our entire history together. You gave me one in 2 minutes. You’re amazing.”

“Not as amazing as you.” I whispered into her ear and kissed her lips. Her tongue slipped past my lips and we french kissed for a long time. I slowly took my mouth off hers and started kissing around her body, slowly moving from her face to her neck, and then to her beautiful chest, where I sucked on one nipple and played with the tuzla sınırsız escort other. By now, Mom was breathing heavily. I took this as a sign and quickly dropped my left hand down to her pussy, my right hand and mouth still on her tits. I brushed aside her curly, black pubic hair. It was so soft that I left her tit for a second and buried my face inside her mound.

Her heavenly aroma filled my nostrils. I slowly at first fingered her pussy, but gradually gained speed. Her body stiffened and I immediately latched my face to her pussy as her love juices poured out. I drank every last drop and plunged my tongue deep inside here cunt, looking for more. I wiggled my tongue back and forth as her hips thrust to meet my tongue, pushing it even deeper inside. I was about to stick a finger in when she cried “Stop, please.”

“Ok, if you don’t wan…” “No, that’s not it at all. You’ve given me so much pleasure, now it’s time for me to repay you,” she interrupted. She slowly stood up and walked over to my gigantic member. She slowly got on her knees and licked off her pussy juices mixed with my pre-cum from my cock. She then plunged her head down and began to mouth fuck my cock. I leaned my head back and moaned with delight. I felt my balls tighten and screamed “Holy shit!! I’m gonna come!” I came all over my Mom’s face and she licked what she could off.

She then stood up and lay on the bed, legs spread wide as they would go. My cock took over at that point. I slowly shoved my cock into her tight wet cunt, letting her adjust to my great size. When she said it was ok, I slowly pushed all the way inside, my cock touching the place that I had stayed in as a fetus. I pulled out halfway and then shoved myself back inside with a grunt. Mom moaned with a mix of pain and lust. I steadily quickened my pace and began to really drill into her.

“Fuck your mom, baby!!! Fuck me good. Ooooooh, shove it in there. Oh shit! I’m gonna come, baby, I’m gonna come.” She moaned in ecstasy as we both came right there.

“Oh Mom, you’re a sex goddess. How could you ever marry an idiot like Dad?” I asked in wonder. “He was rich, and he used to be handsome.”

We both got up and showered each other off, me fingering her occasionally and her stroking my cock. It was indeed a fateful Saturday.

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