Panty Games Ch. 07

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A few weeks and a few handjobs to Bob ending with my undergarments covered in his cum later something interesting happened at work.

Nikki had been bothering me for some time to go out with her, John, and Jason again. Almost every day she’d bring up how they talked about me and wanted me to go out with them again. I pretended to be a bit embarrassed about my actions that night we did go out to try and keep her from getting mad. I also tried to play it up as if I felt a bit guilty cheating on my husband.

To make matters worse Nikki had told Becky our receptionist all about it. Or at least enough for Becky to know I had myself a bit of fun with one of Nikki’s friends. I am not sure she told her it was almost a full blown orgy.

It was a constant topic of conversation on nights the three of us were alone in the salon. But gradually Nikki stopped mentioning Jason and John and just started talking about going on Girls nights out. Even suggestion some 18 and over clubs so the 20 years old Becky could Join us.

I often found one excuses after another not to go. I don’t know why. I did have fun that night but I just really didn’t feel like giving her man John any more action with me. He got more than I really should have given him and I pretty much made up my mind he wasn’t going to get anymore.

Honestly if Nikki had suggested just meeting up with Jason then I’d have been more open to it.

But Nikki gradually stopped bringing them into the request and just wanted to go out. I thought about it. Maybe it’d be fun just to hang out with her. So I thought I would offer some night to just go out with her and her alone. I was going to suggest it but Nikki made a move first that really changed things.

It happened on a night we were closing the shop together. I don’t remember who was the receptionist that night but we had sent her home about a half hour early due to being a bit slow. It was snowing out and no one was on the roads, much less coming to get a hair cut.

I had just finished closing out the till while Nikki had closed the blinds.

It happened so sudden and so unexpected I let it go on for some time before the thoughts of stopping it even crossed my mind.

I was in the back room putting some paper work away, Nikki entered the small office/store room. My back was to her.

She came up behind me and pressed into my back and stared kissing my neck. My whole body stiffened from surprise.

“Shhhh, ” She whispered. “Don’t say anything.”

I was honestly too shocked to say anything anyway.

Nikki continued to kiss my neck as her hands went to my hips and pulled me tight into her. She bit my ear as her hands moved up my body. I felt her tongue lick my neck and ear as her hands cupped my breasts through my T-shirt searching out my nipples through the fabric of my shirt and bra.

Her hands then went back to my hips and she guided me to turn around. Our eyes met and I could see her biting her lip with a pleading look in her eye. Thoughts of stopping her entered my mind but I didn’t say anything.

She continued to stare at me for some time. I could feel a slight quiver in her hands which were still on my hips.

I felt them move but I said nothing and our eyes stayed locked.

Her hands went up my sides slowly. I could feel my T-shirt raising with them.

Without a thought I lifted my arms over my head and briefly lost sight of Nikki as my shirt passed over my head.

My hands came down on her shoulders, hers returned to my hips. She paused for a moment looking at my lacy bra before pulled me in and kissing me deep on the lips. I felt a chill go through my body.

Yes we had made out before, but that was a show off thing for the guys. Meant only to turn them on, not each other. I could feel the hunger in her kiss as she pressed her body into me. She wanted me bad and I really couldn’t find a reason to stop her.

As we kissed her hands went to my butt and squeezed my cheeks. My hands moved to the buttons on her blouse and began to work them open.

Our lips parted as I pulled her shirt off her shoulders and we moved to kiss each others necks.

I felt her hands move and then the tension on my bra released as I felt her undo the clasp. It did not fall however since we were pressing into each other.

My hands moved up her back to the strap of her bra. I could feel no clasp. It had to be in front.

We both pushed apart at that moment, obviously thinking the same thing. My bra fell to the floor between us, exposing my tits to her. Her eyes got a hungry look as she pushed me back against the desk and leaned into my chest.

She took my nipple into mouth. Licking and sucking one while lightly pinching and squeezing the other. My hands ran through her hair as I held her face in my chest.

After a bit I pushed her back. We stood there looking at each other. I was bare chested in Jeans while she had on Capri pants and a black bra. Her hands stayed on my chest and she squeezed my boobs and my nipples as sakarya escort I looked at her curvy top.

My hands went under hers and I cupped her larger boobs in my small hands. I felt her harp nipples pushing through the lace of her bra. I pinched then to make them harder and I could hear her gasp with pleasure.

My hands moved to the clasp between her boobs. Slowly I un did the hook and then held the lacy material in place.

I could feel my hands shaking as I slowly spread the two cups apart. Inch by inch I exposed her chest, pausing when I saw the edge of her dark circles. I leaned in an pressed my face into her cleavage and squeezed her large tits into the side of my face.

I reached out with my tongue and licked the sweat from between her mounds. I then moved to the right and trailed my tongue up her breast to where I had her bra held in place. Once I reached the Lace with my tongue I resumed pulling it aside. As her nipple popped free my tongue traced over it causing a shiver to run through Nikki’s body.

I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. As I did that I lost my grip on the other half of her bra and it fell to the floor.

I stood up and we faced each other again, now both topless. We stared at each others chests for some time before I opened my mouth to say something. Nikki quickly put her finger to my lips.

“Not a word.” She said before leaning in and kissing me again.

I felt her chest press into mine. Her hard nipples brushing my own causing a chill through my body.

She was kissing me hard again before turning me around once again. She pressed into my back and I felt her nipples on my bare back as she reached around me to cup my tits in her hands.

One of her hands slid down my tummy and touched my crotch. This sent a shiver up my body I was certain she could feel.

Her hand then went to the snap of my jeans and I felt them loosen. My zipper quickly followed and her other hand moved off my chest to help pull my jeans off my hips.

I stepped out of my shoes as Nikki knelt on the floor behind me. She pulled my Jeans down and off.

I leaned with my hands on the table we called a desk and I felt Nikki’s face press into my white cotton panties.

Her hands slid up my legs urging me to part them slightly which I did. I felt her fingers trace over the cotton covering my pussy and another shiver ran through my body. I felt her bite me lightly on the ass as her touching became more intense through my panties.

I could feel myself moisten as Nikki continued to massage me. I let out a soft moan letting her know I was enjoying her touch. This spurred her one more and I felt her pull my panties aside and I moaned as she spread my lower lips.

She rubbed it gently for a bit spreading my moisture and then she stuck her finger deep inside of me causing me to groan even louder with pleasure.

She moved it in and out of me slowly for only a short time before quickening the pace. After a short time one finger was joined by a second and she was fingering me hard.

I cried out some more in pleasure and this set Nikki off. She pulled her fingers out of me and took me by the hand. I didn’t argue. She guided me out of the office to one of the salon chairs that laid back for shampoo’s. She pressed into me, kissing me hard on the lips as she Yanked my panties down hard.

As soon as I stepped out of them she pushed me back into the chair. She then pulled off her pants and kicked off her shoes all in one hurried motion. She stood before me only for a second in nothing but a pair of black panties.

She tossed a pad on the floor we usually use for shorter people to sit on and then spread my legs while I sat in the chair. She then knelt between my legs on the pad and bent forward towards my blonde mound.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out loud as her tongue entered me.

She went on to devour me like she was starving to death. I had rarely been eaten with such need or intensity. She licked, sucked, and bit my pussy in several locations all of them feeling absolutely fantastic. Any time her tongue came out for a rest her fingers replaced it and I couldn’t help but feel the pressure build to a monumental high.

As my now very needed orgasm built, my Cell phone went off. Nikki stopped and looked at me. Giving me a wink she stood up and walked back into the office, quickly coming back with my ringing phone.

She tossed to me as she knelt back between my legs.

“Answer it.” She told me as she leaned in and licked me again.

“Hello?” I said with a shaky voice as a finger entered me again.

“Hey babe. What’s up?” It was my husband.

“Oh not much.” I said trying to keep my voice even.

“You home yet?” he asked. “It’s snowing pretty good out here now.”

“Ummm.” I wasn’t sure what to say. “I am still at the shop. Nikki is giving me a trim.”

Both Nikki and I burst out laughing at the obvious bad joke.

My husband was clueless, no doubt wondering what the two samsun escort giggling girls were so amused by.

Nikki stopped her tease and stood up.

“I’ll call you later ok honey?” I said.

“Sure thing. Just drive carefully ok?”

“I will.” I said as I watched Nikki cross to her chair.

I hung up the cell and set it on the sink behind me.

Nikki grabbed an edging trimmer from her station and came back to me. I had a strange fear I knew what she was up to.

“Now we can’t have you lying to your husband now can we?” She said with a playful voice. “I am just going to have to give you a trim.”

I could only nod. A bit nervous about what her plan was. She turned it on and the room was filled with a slight hum.

She kneeled between my legs again and I closed my eyes.

I felt the vibration between my legs as soon as I heard the tell tale sound of the razor cutting hair.

I could feel her moving it around, up and down and moving in some circular motions as I also felt the hair fall away from my pussy. I kept it trimmed from my bikini area but I wasn’t one to shave myself there.

“There all done.” She said brushing the loose hairs away.

I looked down and to my surprise she didn’t shave it all of. There was much less hair there before but Nikki shaved a small blonde heart shape into it just above my the slit.

She stood up and put the edger’s on the sink by my phone. She leaned in and kissed me as her hand ran down my body to rub between my legs.

The pressure had lowered a bit but I was still very wet and excited, the vibrating hair edger certainly added to the pressure. Still I decided it was time for fair play.

I stood up out of the chair and went behind Nikki, pressing my chest into her back while we both looked forward into a mirror. She flipped her hair to one side as I reached around to take her boobs into my hands. I massaged them a bit while kissing her neck. I glanced up into the mirror and found her watching my hands while I squeezed her nipples.

I moved my hands down her sides, pausing at her hips. Massaged her hips trough the fabric of her panties thinking of Bob slightly before pulling them down.

She stepped out of them while I reached around her again. One of my hands went between her legs while the other returned to her chest. I felt the coarse hairs and I could tell she had shaven some but not all of hers.

My finger parted her lips and I heard a soft moan come out of her.

“Your turn.” I said simply and guided her to the chair.

I snatched up the edger’s and flicked them on. She looked like she was going to say something, maybe about already being trimmed but she stopped herself.

I went between her legs. Since she was mostly trimmed except for just a small strip leading from her lips upward a couple of inches I had little choice for what to do. I took the edger’s and shaved the rest completely off.

It was fast work but the vibration from the edger’s was making Nikki wiggle so I made sure to let it linger there for a bit before brushing the loose hair away and turning it off.

She looked down at me and smiled as I took my hand and started lightly touching her now bare lips.

The next move took me a bit to make. I had made out with other woman before but never one on one like this. It was always with a guy and for a guy, not for her or myself. Add to that the fact there was usually a significant amount of alcohol involved.

In all those times, a dozen or so, I had never once went down on a woman. I’ve touched them to orgasm and sucked guys after they had been inside other girls but that is the closest I’ve gotten.

I figured what the hell. Might as well give it a try so I bent in and parted Nikki’s pussy lips with my tongue.

She cried out and her hands went to the back of my head. I was a sweet taste much like her sweat but more intense. I continued to lick her as my hand moved to touch her in about the same spot I like to touch myself.

Nikki responded to this by arching her back and pulling my head in tighter. also pulling my hair slightly but I didn’t mind.

I licked and sucked her as hard and as intense as I could. Nikki began to rock her hips in time with my tongue moaning louder and louder as her body built up tension.

Soon she cried out and her body tensed. Shivers ran through her body as I felt and tasted more wetness. I kept going letting the shivers subside before finally pulling away.

Nikki sat up and pulled me up so I was standing. Her hands parted my legs and her fingers entered me easily.

I stood there feeling her fingers fuck me fast and I could feel the pressure returning. Still it was hard standing there so I grabbed Nikki and pulled her out of the chair.

I sat down and flipped the lever to lay back in the chair into the position used to wash someone’s hair. Nikki stood next to me. One hand went between my legs and amazingly she found my spot. She rubbed it fast while she leaned over urfa escort me. Her nipple was inches from my mouth and I sucked it in.

The pressure built quickly and it wasn’t long before a large orgasm rushed out of me along with a loud moan. Nikki rubbed my spot for a few more seconds until she was sure the after shocks were finally over.

She collapsed into the chair next to the one we used and we both laid there for some time, naked, sweaty, and panting.

We then started to talk. We talked about a lot of things. I found out that John had become obsessed with me and getting me back for a threesome. So much that Nikki ended up breaking it off with him a few weeks before due to his seeming to be less interested in her.

We also talked about Bob and why Nikki cheated on him. Turns out Nikki had the impression that Bob was a boring lover. That he only wanted to do normal every day things in bed, get it done and get to sleep. Nikki wanted more excitement. Fooling around provided her with that excitement.

I really didn’t know what to say. I knew Bob was just shy about it, that he really was a dirty little freak, but I couldn’t admit that to her. I also found myself sorry for thinking bad things about Nikki. I too was someone who liked to play around. I was just lucky enough to know my husband was totally into that sort of thing.

“Have you ever thought about telling Bob your fantasies?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“What about going to a swingers club? You guys could do it together.” I suggested.

“I am not sure.” she admitted. “I don’t know if I could watch him do it.”

“Would you let him do it without you?” I asked. Very interested in the answer.

She shrugged. “I guess. I mean I’ve done it so I guess I wouldn’t be right to be mad at him for doing it to. In fact I think he may have been recently.”

I was perked up at this info but thought it best to stick with their love life in the conversation, least I slip up.

“You should have a 3 some with Bob.” I suggested.

“Huh? Bob would never”

“No,” I cut her off. “With another girl. All guys would do that.”

“I am not sure. I don’t know if I could watch that.” She said.

I pushed on. “What if it was just a blow job? And you could set it up so the girl didn’t try to do anything else?”

She shrugged. “That might be fun.”

I went on forming a plan. “You could even have the girl stay dressed. At least to see how it goes.”

She smiled. “I suppose I could do that.” I wasn’t sure she was totally serious though. “I wouldn’t know with who though.”

“Why not me?” I said. “I’ll do it.”

“Really?” She actually seemed surprised. I had fucked her boyfriend, her, and her boyfriend’s buddy and she still found it surprising I would offer to blow her husband.

So I said. “Call him up.”

“WHAT?” she was shocked.

“Call him up rate now and tell him to come here. Or we can go there.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Look you obviously both need some spice in your love life. No guy turns down a 3 some with his wife. Trust me.”

I got up and picked up my phone. “I’ll call him then.”

She was shocked. So much she didn’t say a word. I dialed their home number. Bob answered.

“Yea Bob? This is Lynn, you remember me right? I work with Nikki.” Bob for his part was dumb founded that I acted like I hadn’t talked to him in some time even though I had given him another handjob just a few nights before.

“Nikki’s car wont start and she was wondering if you could come down and pick her up. She’s doing something rate now and wanted me to call you. I’ll wait here with her.”

I heard Bob swallow hard. I knew he’d be nervous being in the room with both of us. If only he knew what I was planning.

“Umm ok.” I heard him stutter. “Don’t be mad if I don’t pay attention to you ok?” He said, Nervous no doubt that I would be mad or give something up.

“Don’t worry about that Bob.” I said. “I’ll wait with her and everything will be safe.”

Bob took that as a sign that I agreed with him.

I hung up the cell and looked at the naked Nikki in the chair.

“You are nuts!” she said laughing. She jumped up and grabbed up her panties. I moved quickly as well and grabbed her pants.

“Give me those, and hurry up and get dressed. I don’t live far!” She said in a rush.

“No!” I said.


“You can put on your bra and panties. I’ll do the same. But nothing more.”

“Are you serious?” She no longer sounded rushed.

“Yes Nikki, and when Bob gets here you and I are going to give him the best blow job of his life.”

I went up to her and kissed her. “You can even do most of the sucking.”

She only swallowed but stopped trying to get her pants from me.

Over the next few minutes we both put on our bra’s and panties.

“Just do what I tell you to and it’ll be just fine.” I told her. I remember from our night with John and Jason she actually liked having me take control. Sure she was drunk then but it still seemed to be working now, even without the alcohol.

I held her hand while we waited for Bob, sitting in the office. My hart was pounding with excitement and I jumped when I finally heard the knock on the back door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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