Pam’s Here All Week



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Pam Prescott was spending two weeks of her summer vacation with her mother and father at the same campground her family had gone to ever since she could remember, and while that had been okay when her brother and sister were part of the group, her older sister had married and her brother was now out of the nest with his own apartment.

Pam was hoping that that this summer would be different since she was now 18 years old and hoped she could be trusted to stay home by herself, allowing her parents to go to this godforsaken place out in the middle of nowhere by themselves since they seemed to be so crazy about it.

That plan about being responsible enough to be left home by herself derailed when on the first day of summer vacation Pam’s mother came home from work in the middle of the day to find her not-so-little girl in a very compromising position.

“She was on her knees behind the garage,” Pam remembered Mom telling her Aunt Fran on the phone after threatening Pam to tell her father when he got home. “Sucking on this boy’s penis! Can you imagine if it was Don that caught her instead of me?”

“Mom,” Pam had whined after his mother finished airing the family’s dirty laundry to her blabbermouth sister yet again, and tried explaining that she was 18 now and not her “little girl” anymore either. “Besides, it’s 1980 not 1880.”

“Morals are never out of date,” Pam’s mother had said. “You get a reputation and you never lose it.”

Pam was tempted to ask her mother how it was that her older sister was born 5 months after her parents got married, like she couldn’t have figured out even if she hadn’t been a whiz at math, but decided to drop it.

“You will go with us Pamela,” Mom decided as she used her full first name as she often did when mad. “Besides, it’s a family tradition. Years from now you’ll look back and cherish these trips.”

Maybe, Pam mused, but not soon. It was just a blow job and only her second ever so you don’t get a reputation from giving head twice in your life. Besides, she had stayed a virgin until she was 18, a record in Barneveld, New York and technically she still considered herself a virgin, refusing to count 15 seconds of intercourse with Eric Young as sex.

That was how long he had lasted before groaning and filling his condom with semen after laying on Pam and thrusting a half dozen times and climbing off like he thought he was a conquering hero.

“Thanks Pam,” Eric had said afterward, not even offering to help her off the ground before running back into the senior prom breakfast to tell his friends all about it.

“It didn’t hurt,” Pam had told her best friend who was waiting for her in back of the school.

“You’re lucky,” her friend said.

“I didn’t even feel it,” Pam said, and that was true.

“Well at least you don’t have to worry about dying a virgin now,” her chum concluded.

“I wasn’t worried about it,” Pam mumbled, “Especially if that’s all there is to it. I like necking better.”

The guy she got caught giving head to behind the garage might have been her second lay because Pam had been impressed with his style. He had a car and a job and was an older man, 20.

Pam wasn’t exactly brimming with self-confidence, her insecurities coming mostly for being overweight most of her life, but she had made inroads in that regard in the last year by shedding about 30 pounds, leaving her now only about 20 pounds overweight.

“You look healthy,” was what Mom said about her baby daughter before they went camping, buying her a bathing suit that made her look as frumpy as she did herself. “Just a little baby fat. Besides, your weight doesn’t seem to scare the guys away, does it?”

“Mom?” Pam had whined, already tired of being reminded about her behind-the-garage dalliance, and she was wrong anyway because they boys liked the skinny girls and only paid attention to the rest when they had no other options.

“You know I met your father at a camping trip,” Mom reminded her before they left. “You never know, but for heavens sake use your head and keep your pants on.”


“That creepy guy is back again today.”

“Yeah, I saw him. Saw you talking to him,” Pam replied to the girl who had introduced herself yesterday. “He looks a little like the guy on Magnum P.I. I think.”

“Like you’re kidding, right?”

For practically the entire day yesterday Pam had stood out in the lake’s swimming area with the water level just above her waist, sparing her trouble of trying to hide her belly which the plain one-piece bathing suit did little to hide. Although it was nothing like the gut that jiggled around in past summers the very presence of the baby fat still bothered Pam.

Especially when their were other girls around like the dippy blonde who had decided to escort gaziantep bayan haberleri make nice with her yesterday, probably because there was nobody else around. Skinny and pretty, Pam figured the blonde was hoping that standing around her would make her look better.

She was an idiot but at least it was better than having nobody to talk to, but the blonde and her family was leaving tomorrow morning so once again Pam would be all alone unless you wanted to count who the blonde had referred to as “the creepy guy”.

He wasn’t that creepy, Pam thought as he looked over at the guy who was looking at the two of them from the other side of the roped off area, but then again Pam knew what she meant. The guy had this grin that looked like that cartoon character Snidley Whiplash, and he had winked at Pam several times when swimming nearby although he hadn’t said a word.

“What did he do, hit on you?” Pam asked, already figuring she knew the answer to that but she was wrong.

“No, actually he asked about you,” the blonde said.


“Yeah, he asked if we were sisters, like we look it,” the blonde commented. “Then he asked me if we were like lovers!”

“Oh geez,” Pam replied.

“I told him no and said I was leaving tomorrow anyway but he asked if you were leaving too and I told him no, Pam’s staying all week.”

“Oh man, you told him my name?”

“Yeah, kinda slipped out,” the blonde admitted. “But then he asked me how old you were and I told him you were jail bait, like 15 or something.”

“Why did you tell him that?” Pam asked.

“I figured he would stay away from you then,” the blonde answered. “Thought I was doing you a favor. He’s so creepy and he’s like old enough to be your father or even grandfather.”

“Yeah, I guess. Thanks.”

“I don’t think he believed me anyway because after I told him that you were a kid he said that was bullshit,” the blonde said. “He said something about no way you being a kid on account of the size of your rack – those are creepy’s words not mine. He was asking what size bra you wore, like I would know.”

“He’s all yours anyway,” the blonde giggled before saying good bye because tomorrow she’d be back in Utica where in the blonde’s words, “There are lots of cute guys there. Nice to meet you anyway Pam.”

“Yeah, same here,” Pam said and then struggled to remember the girl’s name, having only thought of her as the blonde. “Have a good summer.”

Pam watched the shapely girl in the bikini she wished she could get away with wearing walk onto shore, and then Pam looked over at the creepy guy, expecting to catch him watching the blonde but he wasn’t.

Instead he was looking over at her while grinning that grin again, and that made Pam duck down into the water, taking a few steps out into the lake so the higher level would cover more of her.


“Hello Pam,” said the man who had slowly made his way over to where the teen was standing, and the girl was shocked at how deep the guy’s voice, sort of like a disc jockey at her favorite radio station. “That is your name, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Pam croaked as the water lapped at her collarbone.

“That was what your friend said it was.”

“She wasn’t my friend – just somebody I met up here,” Pam explained.

“Yeah, she was no friend because I could tell she was trying to keep me away from you,” he said while moving a little closer. “She kept throwing herself at me but I kept telling her I wasn’t interested. You were the one I wanted to get to know.”

“Me?” Why?”

“Why? Because you are just about the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Ever since I saw you a couple of days ago you’re about all I’ve been thinking of.”

“Are you trying to be funny, mister?” Pam asked, shield her eyes from the sun so she could look at the guy.

“No Pam, I’m not, and you can call me Lance. That’s my name, not my nickname although that would work too if you know what I mean,” the man said. “You want to take a hike with me later? Get to really know each other?”

“Huh? Mister, you’re old enough to be my Dad.”

“49, but I don’t look it, do I Pam?” Lance said as he flexed his muscles and puffed up his chest. “Nice body right?”

“I guess but…”

“Speaking of nice bodies, I don’t blame you for staying out her in the water. It’s probably boring to have a bunch of immature guys drooling on you all the time if you just want to relax on the beach and catch some rays.”

Pam shook her head, wondering what drugs this Lance was on because it was rare that any boys gave her anything but the time of day.

“You ever do any dancing Pam?” Lance was asking, breaking Pam out of her woolgathering, having been accidentally staring at this gold necklace the guy had around his neck, maybe because it stood out so much against the black hair that covered his chest.

“Dancing? Yeah, I like to dance.”

“I mean professionally,” Lance corrected. “You know, at gentlemen’s clubs?”

“Huh? You escort gaziantep hikayeleri mean strip clubs?” Pam said and snorted a laugh. “Who’s going to pay money to see me at one of those places?”

“You’re kidding right? With those torpedoes of yours?” Lance scoffed. “Those babies are real too right?”

“Real?” Pam asked. “Well yeah but…”

“Thought so. Fake tits are the worst. You must be at least a D cup – probably double D. Am I right?”

“I don’t know mister.”

“Lance, remember? I’m usually a good judge of things like that, although I’d be happy to measure you,” he said with a wink. “Yeah, no wonder your friend Amy kept checking you out whenever you weren’t looking.”

“Amy?” Pam asked and then it struck her that Amy was that blonde’s name. “Oh, she wasn’t my friend and I seriously doubt that she was checking me out. She had a great body.”

“She was a silly kid with a girl’s body. Might be okay for kids but real men like real women with women’s bodies, like yours. That’s why I thought maybe you two were lovers because she was always around you staring at your breasts.”

“I think you’re crazy,” Pam said.

“Crazy about Pam,” he said with another wink. “Lance knows what Lance digs and Lance digs you. We could make some beautiful music together.”

“I serious doubt it.”

“Are they sensitive?” Lance persisted. “Your breasts I mean. Your nipples really press out into that suit like they’re going to rip the fabric. You like them played with rough?”

“I can’t believe you say things like this to somebody you don’t even know,” Pam sniffed.

“Lance says out loud what other guys only think about,” he explained. “With me you don’t have to wonder what I’m thinking about because I’ll tell you, and I’m telling you that I want you and I’m going to have you. It’s meant to be, you and me. Lance and Pam making sweet love.”

“As if.”

“You can’t feel it? I could sense it from across the pond. It’s like kismet.”

“What’s that?”

“Fate. Fate brought me here to this place. We are destined to be together. I came up here to get away from hot women drooling over me but now look. You’re at campsite 73 right?”

“What? How do you know that?”

“Told you I’ve been keeping my eye on you. You looked so sexy walking up that hill to your campsite with that nice round butt wiggling and those great legs.”

“I know what I look like. You’re being a wise ass,” Pam snapped. “I’m fat.”

“Nonsense, you’re a nicely rounded woman and in all the right places too,” Lance said. “I’m betting your measurements are something like 44-28-46, and those are a real woman’s dimensions. Even though you try to hide it all in that bathing suit.”

“My Mom, she picked it out for me,” Pam said with a shrug.

“Figure. You should get one like your friend’s with the clam-shell top,” Lance said. “I’d like to see you it that, because unlike Amy you’ve got a lot to put in it.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Why do you keep asking me that? Everything I tell you is the true. I’m crazy about you and when we get together I’ll prove it to you. Ever make love to somebody built like me? You know what I’m talking about. Amy couldn’t keep her eyes off of it when she cornered me over by the lifeguard’s chair so even if you didn’t see me I’m sure she told you all about it.”

“Mister – Lance, that Amy is not my friend,” Pam said. “I had even forgotten her name, and she never said anything to me about you except that you gave her the creeps.”

“Funny. Guess she was really hurt when I brushed her off,” Lance said. “After she got a eye full of what I’m packing she told me she would do anything for some of it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Walk with me,” Lance said as he started wading toward the beach, walking backwards to keep facing Pam as he beckoned her to follow him. “You don’t have to get out of the water. Just come this way a bit until we get in shallower water. That’s it.”

“Now do you know what I’m talking about?” Lance said with an arrogant expression as he watched Pam’s eyes go down to where the water level was just above his knees, chuckling when he saw the girl’s expression at seeing the obscene bulge that snaked over to the side of his swim trunks.

“You like that don’t you Pam? I had a feeling you like the big cocks,” Lance said to the girl. “A big beautiful woman like you needs a real piece of meat to satisfy her. And look at you. You’ve got big nipples, don’t you? They really popped out.”

Pam broke out of her trance and shook her head while walking backwards out to deeper water with the man following her until Pam got out to where her shoulders were under water.

“Cat got your tongue Pam?”

“No. You like showing girls your boner?”

“Boner?” Lance scoffed. “Erection? I wasn’t hard, but I would have been if I had kept staring at your body much longer. You’ve got an amazing body. Besides those incredible tits I’ll bet you’ve got a really hairy pussy too, don’t you Pam?”


“I escort gaziantep bayan ilanları could tell by checking out your armpits,” Lance explained, and Pam’s hands came down from where they were brushing her hair back. “The way the five o’clock shadow covers your armpits so densely.”


“Plus the elastic of the leg opening of your suit had turned over and some of that beautiful dark brown pubic hair peeked out just now,” Lance explained after he saw the teen look at him like he was a psychic. “Don’t you dare trim it later either. Lance loves a nice thick bush. Your friend Amy? The way the bottom of her suit was cut you could tell see didn’t have much hair down there at all. Probably just peach fuzz.”

“Look – Lance,” Pam said. “You’re probably a nice guy and all but…”

“I am a nice guy Pam, and you’re going to find out before you leave this campground,” he said confidently. “You’re also going to leave this place a completely different girl. Eleven inches in case you’re wondering.”


“You know what I’m talking about. My cock,” Lance said. “Oh, I could claim it’s a foot long when it’s hard but I don’t believe in lying to my women. Bet you never had one nearly that big before, but don’t worry, it fits perfectly everywhere. You’d be surprised how a woman’s body can adapt even to something like that after a while, so it’s nothing to be scared of.”

“I’m not scared of anything,” Pam mumbled unconvincingly.

“Want to hold it?” Lance said as he took a step towards Pam. “Nobody can see under the water. I know I’m a bit of a freak but I also know I’ve got what a lot of women can’t get enough of. Go ahead and see how you’ve been cheated up until now. Feel how big a real man can be.”

A few seconds later Pam was flailing around after having stepped back too far and inadvertently gone into water over her head after stumbling, her arms waving and her face going under until she was being grabbed and pulled back onto her feet to where the water wasn’t so deep.

“We’re okay!” Lance was yelling as he waved to the lifeguard who had jumped up out of his chair after he had heard Pam yell and seen the splashing out at the perimeter of the swimming area. “Just horsing around.”

“There, you’re always safe in my hands Pam,” Lance was saying as he reached around from behind Pam and cupped her breasts under the water. “Nobody can see. Mmm…they feel even better than they look.”

“Please,” Pam said as she pulled away after Lance had groped her breasts for a few seconds. “Are you happy now?”

“Not nearly as happy as I’m going to be,” Lance said. “Give me your hand. It’s okay. Nobody can see.”

“That woman over there – she…” Pam started to say before Lance brought her hand down and put it on his cock, which was freed of the trunks that he had subtly tugged down to his knees under the water.

Pam gasped when the man wrapped his hand around hers and squeezed his manhood, an organ which was getting hard in her fist.

“What are you…”

“That’s it squeeze it,” Lance directed. “Just stand there and talk like nothing is going on down there. Nice. Run your hand up and down the shaft. Never felt one that big before, have you? I can tell by the look on your face.”

“Just keep holding it,” Lance was saying while under the water he was thrusting his hips into Pam’s hand. “Feel it throb?”

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Pam choked.

“Making you?” Lance said as he thrust a little harder while the veins in his neck started to throb as much as his cock was in the grip of a girl whose hand was now there by it’s own choice. “Little more.”

“Uh – uh – uh – cumming,” Lance was grunting soon after, and Pam closed her eyes are she felt his dick in her hand pulsate several times before beginning to go limp.

“Ahh…” Lance sighed as he felt Pam milking his now flaccid cock. “Haven’t had a hand-job in years but that was as good as it gets.”

Pam let go of the man’s organ and stepped away, aware that it wasn’t only the sun that was responsible for the color of her cheeks.

“You liked it too,” Lance was saying now and laughed when Pam shook her head. “Where do you sleep at your site? In the pop-up or in the Coleman dome tent on the other side of the fire pit?”

“The tent – how do you…”

“Who’s in the pop-up? Your parents?” Lance asked and after Pam nodded he asked whether she was the only one in the tent.

“Yes. Used to be for all us kids but my brother and sister are grown and gone.”

“Perfect,” Lance said. “I’m going to come visit you tonight Pam.”

“Are you kidding? My father would kill you if he caught you!”

“Well I’m not going to come over there whistling and snapping my fingers,” Lance said with a grin. “I’ll just come over for a chat. Maybe pay you back for what you just did for me. Don’t worry, I’m good at this. I’m a detective.”

“You are?”

“You’ll see. Talk to you later babe.”

Pam watched as Lance waded slowly towards the shore with his trunks back in place, the black hair on his back and his legs plastered against his bronze skin. Maybe not exactly like Tom Selleck, Pam mused before asking herself what she had gotten herself into.


“Want to come into town with me Pam?” Mrs. Prescott asked her daughter when she finally got back to their campsite after of day of swimming. “I need a couple of things at the store and I figured you might like to…”

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