Over the Couch


You have had a productive but long workday. You want to relax or at least have fun. You put your things away and think to yourself how you might achieve relaxing. After a few minutes thought you decide to text me and invite me over. You know I am always fun.

You know you will not have to wait long but it feels like hours before you hear the knock on your door. You open it and invite me in. My day has been long too, but I don’t bother telling you. I sit down on the couch, and we begin to chat about nothing in particular. You sit next to me, laughing at my little jokes and starting to relax a bit.

It takes you a moment to realize that my hand has found itself on your thigh, touching you and caressing your leg. You were hoping that this might be the reason of my visit. You move your hand on top of mine and guide it a little further up your leg. Our eyes seem to lock as our conversation stops quite abruptly.

I lean in closer to you and kiss your lips. The passion in our embrace is obvious to both of us. I press you against the couch as I lean a little closer to you. My finger continues playing with your clit. You can’t help but whimper a little as the pleasure courses around your body. You do your best to undo your pants and begin to pull them down. I get your hint. My hand moves to help yours.

With your pants now on the floor you look up at me with a little playful wonder, seeing what I might do next. I cannot help but look at your stunning body for a moment longer. You decide to take the initiative and begin to undo my pants. I don’t need much encouragement. It only takes a moment for them to fall on the floor. My dick is exposed for you. You want it in you, and you know you will get it.

I have to lean down a little to kiss you. We make out with great fervour for at least a few minutes. You can feel me trying to hold you closer to me. I pull your body just a little off the couch and twist your body escort bayan bursa around. Our kissing stops as your back turns on me. I grab your hips and pull you into a position I want you to be. With your body on the side of the couch and your legs hanging over, you know you are well braced for what will come next.

With your head leaning on the seat of the couch you feel my hands start to travel around your hips. I grab your butt a little and hold you closer. You cannot quite see what is going on, but you can feel the tip of my dick caressing your pussy, teasing you, trying to get you really wet for me. I gently slide myself into you. You breathe in deeply as the feeling grows within you. You can feel me sliding gently, slowly into you, my hands holding your hips.

With your feet touching the floor and your hips high in the air you are in the perfect position for me to go deeply into you. The anticipation builds within you. You have been thinking about doggy style for a while now and seems like you will be getting it today. I gently push my shaft deep into you. You cannot help but gasp as the pleasure starts to take you over.

My speed is so slow, and I just seem to keep going deeper into you. You hold your arm against the seat to try and hold yourself up for me. I hold myself a moment deep between your legs, pussy beginning to drip. Slowly I begin to pull myself out, rubbing every part of you as my shaft travels through you. The feeling of the tip of my cock gently caressing the lips of your pussy urges your desire for me even further.

I don’t quite pull my cock out before you feel me push into you again. I go slowly, gently, deeply. You feel every aspect of your pussy touched by my bulging cock. You cannot help but let out a little whimper of pleasure. My hands grip your hips tightly, though my fingers begin to travel around your figure a little, maybe trying to find a way to hold bursa sinirsiz eskort myself closer to you.

You try to push yourself a little closer to me, leaning toward me, feeling me go a little deeper into you. Once again, I begin to pull myself out again. I move slowly, but it seems that I must be getting even harder. I feel like I am taking up every millimetre of space within you. Once again, my tip brushes your pussy almost all the way out.

You feel my fingers grip your hips as I push back in once again. Your voice stirs as you feel me touching your every little part. You cannot help but notice that I am not needing to try as hard, you are so wet, it is really easy. My body presses against you as I go as far into you as I possibly can. I even pull you a little closer with my hands as you try to push closer to me. I am so deep within you.

I begin to pull myself out again, but this time it has come to your attention that my speed has increased a little. Maybe I am enjoying myself so much that I cannot help but let my animal instincts begin to take over. You don’t really care why; you just love the feeling sliding up through you. I nearly pull myself out again, but I quickly begin to push back into you. This time though, it is obvious that I am going faster. Maybe it is an attempt to go a little deeper into you.

You don’t care why, all you can really feel is my dick sliding down into you, plunging deeper into your body. You can feel the force of me against you as I push myself against your hips. You must move your arm a bit to brace yourself for the next time. I am certainly getting faster. You can feel the tip of me sliding up and down, up and down into you, seeming to shake the very fabric of your body. You cannot help but yelp as my impacts get stronger against you.

You try your best to hold yourself against me. Each time I push into you, that escort bayan seems to get a little harder. You can feel my hands gripping tightly, both holding you up and pulling me deeper into you. You can feel the sweat on my hands as my pace builds even further. Sweat begins to pour from your forehead too as the passion builds inside you.

With each thrust you face seems to bury into the seat a little more. The cushion may even fall off soon, but you don’t care, your attention is mostly to the feeling sliding up and down your body. Your pussy seems to be dripping like a broken tap, each shove stirring you closer to breaking entirely.

I lean forward into you, maybe trying to go deeper. You feel one hand slide into your hair. I grip your hair tightly and pull your head up a little. I kiss your neck wildly. You can feel the passion in each thrust, with each kiss I try to give you. You push your body up as best you can, holding yourself up to me as I pull your head back. My other hand travels around your body. I hold you close to me, almost fully embraced as each shove finds little parts of your body you were unaware of.

One hand grips your breast as I pull you closer to me. Your nipple feels my fingers grabbing you. Lips on your neck, one hand in your hair, the other on you front, all helping me steer myself further, further, further into you. You want to burst; you cannot help but burst in pleasure. You let out a roar of orgasm with all the feelings meeting somewhere in the middle.

You cannot help but almost fall into my arm underneath you. You try to hold yourself up as my dick keeps pounding in you. Each time I push you seem almost to fall forward. You can do little to hold yourself up, relying mostly on my grip. Your body crashes like a wave as another orgasm rushes around you.

It seems chaotic all our movement as your orgasm takes control of you. “I cannot hold it anymore, babe” I almost shout at you. I am trying to hold on that little bit more. “Then don’t” you gasp as the last ripples of your orgasm fall all through you. I push once, twice, going deepest into you. My third push finishes with the warmth of my cum shooting against you. I grip your hair even tighter as my cum rattles within you.

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