Over at My Cousin House!



Every summer since the age of 12 me and my cousin Robert have always been around each other. From going to the same elementary school to high school and are first jobs working together. Sometimes I spent the whole summer at his house. I only live 2 streets from his house. And now that we are both 18 years old, we drink, smoke weed and we even fucked our cousin Deborah! Let me explain!

My aunty Joanne (Robert mother) at age 55 still has it all, big boobs, big butt, pretty face nice lips and sexy as hell to be her age. And I sometime I think she’s crazy because after she take a shower, she would walk around the house with nothing on but a bath robe not even tied up and it will be open as she walks through the house and we can see her “BIG ASS TITTIES WITH THEM BIG BLACK NIPPLES BOUNCING AROUNDS AND HER HAIRY PUSSY” Sometimes she would look at us, looking at her and she wouldn’t say anything but smile. Think she liked the attention she was getting from us. Robert’s mother owns a three-family house in which the first floor is rented by my cousin Dorothy (38) and her daughter Deborah (21) both look like they could also be sisters or twins.

They both have the same body shape, 5’ft 6″ in height, around 190lbs, Bra size is 38DDD, 30″ waist and an ass about 42″ wide each. And on the third floor was my cousin Jason of age (37) Robert’s older brother who was returning to active duty in Hawaii. So, with his permission we normally hung out and smoked weed up there.

Since aunty Joanne was always working and hanging out with her co-workers, Me and Robert were always hanging downstairs with Dorothy and Deborah on the first floor because they were more like us, and they liked to smoke and drink. (Peachtree snaps mixed with orange juice) Is their favorite mix. We played card games like spades, crazy 8 and a game called 500. Most of all, me and Robert get to see a lot of titties and big asses though out the day.

Since we all were family, they didn’t care what they wore while we played card games. They didn’t have on a bra’s, cause their titties would move or bounce when they made a quick movement and some leggings shorts that’s showed “BIG FAT PUSSY LIPS PRINT AND THAT BIG FAT ASS IN BACK”. Sometimes they wore wife beaters, and we could see more tit flesh and nipple print, me and Robert never thought about anything but getting to look at them big titties and ass whenever we can. That made our day!

My aunt Joanne and my cousin Dorothy got Me, Robert and Deborah together in the living room to let us know that this weekend, her and Dorothy were going to Washington, Dc with the church on a fellowship and they wouldn’t be back until Sunday night. So, no parties and don’t burn down my house Ok! I’m going to treat you like young adults and not have anyone watch you. Ok! Deborah is in charge, cause she’s the oldest and listens to what she says and does what she says do, or you too will be in big trouble Robert and Jack! I Mean it!! Here’s $300 for food and what even you all need.

Now it’s Friday and Aunt Joanne and Cousin Deborah are loading their luggage in the church parking lot on the coach bus, and we are in the church parking lot talking to fellow church members, Robert said! I hope they hurry up. I need to smoke, Me too! I spoke. Deborah said that she wants to smoke too.

The bus was loaded with all the luggage and church members. My aunt Joanne and cousin Dorothy said their goodbyes and gave us hugs and kisses and remembered NO! parties and don’t burn down no house!! Have fun!

So, we all got in the car, Deborah was driving, Robert in the front passenger seat and me in back. “Let’s stop at the package store and pick up some drinks for tonight,” said Deborah! Sounds good to me, I said. Let’s go to the weed spot and get some more for the weekend, ok said Deborah!

When arriving at the house, we got all the goodie out the car, and went inside to prepare for our eventful night. I started rolling up the blunts for us, Robert and Deborah were in the kitchen making mixed drinks and I heard Deborah tell Robert to stop! not know! I wonder what that was all about!

As I was rolling the blunts, Robert came in and sat down next to me and said, YO! I have something to tell you, but you can’t ever tell ANYONE! WHAT I’M ABOUT TO TELL YOU! I said OK! I won’t. Robert said, A few weeks ago I was drinking with Dorothy and Deborah and playing some cards with them, and things got out of hand.

Deborah was not as drunk as her mother, but she was close to it, Dorothy was slurring her words and almost fell out of the chair and then she said, she was feeling hot and took off the t-shit YYYOOOO!!!!!! I look at Deborah and she look at me, like what the fuck is she doing, Ma! put your shirt back on! l Look over at Dorothy and them titties were Huge!!! Nipples thick!!! Robert, stop looking at my mother like that! You know she’s drunk and not knowing what she’s doing.

My dick got hard quick, and Deborah hurried up and got up to cover her mother up, now turn around! so I can put back on her shirt, So I did! özbek gaziantep escort but before I took another quick look at them. The shirt was back on, and Deborah needed help to move her mother to her room and asked if I would help. I said yes! I got up so quick and forgot that I had an erection in my basketball shorts, Deborah saw my erection and her eyes got big, come on help me, she heavy and I can hold her up by myself.

So, I hurried over and grabbed her and put her arm around my neck and my arm around her waist and we guided her through the hallway to her room. On the way to her room with my dick hard leading the way, Deborah was already in the room getting the bed ready for her mother, When I enter the room, her eyes got big again, she was looking straight at my hard dick leading the way, Lay her down here! Deborah said, As I was laying her down, she slip out of my hands hit the bed hard and her legs open wide and her shirt came up to her stomach and I can see her “FAT PUSSY LIPS” because she had no hair down there, She was clean! “Why is she not wearing panties or shorts,” said Deborah!

Staring at it made my dick even harder and it jump a few times in my shorts and Deborah seen it jump. Stop staring and pull her shirt down Robert. I pulled her shirt down real slow to get a better look, “Hurried up and do it” When I looked up and saw Deborah nipples had hardened up, I said! I’m not the only one who is hard now!!! Shut up! and let’s get out of her room.

As we walk out of her room Deborah brush up against me and her nipples poke the side of my arm and her hand brushed up against my hard-on and I swear I felt her finger trace the length of my dick. I followed behind her wounding if she had on any panties looking at her big ass sway from side to side. Damn! my cousin ass is BIG!!!

So, Deborah! you still want to play cards and drink a little, she looks at me and said,

Does that thing of yours ever go down? It’s been like that for about 30 minutes. It does! I said but with a little help. I’m not touching that thing of yours’s, are you crazy! We are cousins and we don’t mess with each other like that! No incest! I said, its only incest if we had sex you know! You know you like what you see, I saw you looking at it a few times and your eyes said different.

I see your nipples are still hard also, so help me, help you! Nobody will know, and I won’t say anything to anyone, it will be our little secret. Debora said, you better not say a word to anyone even if I don’t know them, even if they live in another country! NO ONE!!!

I’m sitting on the couch, Deborah got up and walk over to me, sitting down next to me on my left and was staring at my dick. Dose it hurt. Me! No, do you want me to take it out for you to get a better look at it? Yes, she said! YOOO! Jack! I couldn’t believe this shit! she wanted to look at it, so I stood up, pull down my shorts and my dick was sticking straight out, she said, damn! It didn’t look that big in your shorts and it’s very long and thick. How big is it? I told her that I never measured it, hold on she said, I’ll be back.

YOOO! jack, she came back with measuring tape, like the ones they use for making clothes in stuff, and a small white tube. She started from my base of my dick were my balls at and measured to the top of my dick. It was 8 1/2 inches long, and she wrap it around my dick for the thickness of it, and she said it’s 4 1/2 in circumference. Damn, cousin! I didn’t know you were packing at big dick like that!

She grabbed my dick with her right hand and started playing with it. She tried to wrap her fingers around it, but she couldn’t. She said she wanted to jerk me off and she had a tube of KY jelly to put on my dick for lubrication. I said! can I rub on your titties while you jerk me off? she said yea! Jack, I was in heaven, I wasn’t dreaming, it was the real deal.

Are cousins! is about to jerk me off in the Livingroom, while her mother is pasted out in her room and I get to feel on her titties, what else can happen tonight!

She started putting the KY jelly on the top of my dick and as gravity took its course, it ran down the shaft on my dick to my balls. She grabbed my dick and started with a down and up motion until my dick was fully coated and started twisting also as she was going up and down. That shit felt so good Jack! I had forgot about her titties at that time so I took my left arm and put it around her neck she got a little closer me to and now my hand was resting on her left tit, and I can feel how hard her nipples were.

Her nipples, Jack! was puffy as hell about 2 inches long. I started pulling on them, twisting them and she let out a soft moan and said Damn! That feels good. I said your hands also feels good on my dick, don’t stop. She started to jerk me off a little faster and I started pumping into her grip she had on me!!

Don’t forget about the other tit, it needs some attention to, I said no problem. I was able to reach her right gaziantep özbek escort tit and was doing the same as I was doing the left one.

She was gripping my dick a little hard and still pumping it up and down with some twisting. My head roll back on the couch, and I said OH’ FUCK, IM ABOUT TO CUM!!!

With her left hand, she reached down and felt between her legs and said, I’m so wet with you playing with my titties like that, look how wet I am. She showed me her left hand and all her fingers were dripping from her wetness. She said open your mouth, and she put one finger right in my mouth! I want you to taste me. Jack, that pussy taste sweet as hell.

I opened my mouth, and she added a second one in my mouth! They tasted so sweet to me that I started sucking on them. When she took them out, I told her that I was about to Cum, and she got up and set down in front on me between my legs and said she wanted me to cum on her titties. OK’ HERE IT CUUUUUMMMMM!!!

I shot about 6 loads of cum onto her titties covering them up, look like white paint had spilled over her. She spoke! Oh’ FUCK COUSIN, that was a lot of cum that came out of you and you’re still hard!!!

Yes! I said, can I taste that sweet pussy of yours’s, YES, she said. She told me to lie on the floor and she would straddle my face, as she stood over me and started to sit down her knees on each side of my head and lower her pussy onto my mouth.

Her pussy lips started to open on its own and what a site to see. Pussy juice was dripping on my face and when my tongue met her pussy, she let out a loud, “OMG, O MY FUCKING GOOD, YOUR TONGUE FEELS REAL GOOD GOING IN MY PUSSY. KEEP IT JUST LIKE THAT COUSIN!!!!

YO, JACK! She started moving her hips like she was fucking my mouth. I tried sticking my tongue out as far as I can. She was moaning with her mouth closed, she was whispering to me, “GET THAT TOUNGE DEEP IN MY PUSSY, I WANT TO CUMM ALL OVER YOUR FACE! That’s when I found her clit and began sucking it hard, she started shaking and trembling and said, oh’ Cousin Robert what are you trying to Do!!! To Me!!!!!

Her thighs tighten around my head, and she leans over and put her hands on my head and said Cousin, I never felt anything in the world like this, this is amazing, then all of a sudden she said that she was about to cum, and started humping my face again like before. She kept saying I’M CUMMINGS, I’M CUMMINGS, I’M CUMMINGS.

“PUSSY JUICE ALL OVER MY FACE! I was tasting that sweet pussy juice all over again I tried sucking it all out. She was so out of it that she said something crazy! Your goanna like this one jack!!! She said word or word,” I THOUGHT NOBODY CAN EAT PUSSY AS GOOD AS, WAITE FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT! SHE SAID AUN-TY CAROL!!!!!!!


OOPS’ SHE SAID! I DIDN’T MEAN TO SAY IT OUT LOUD. Well, I still heard it with your thighs over my ears. I heard it all, you’re going to have to tell me about that, but now I want my big dick in the sweet pussy of yours’s.

So, as she was getting up off me and the floor, Pussy juice was dripping out of her pussy on to my chest. Her legs were shaking, and she had to hold on to the couch for balance. I told her it’s her turn to lay on the floor and I’ll put down the couch cushions for support. As she laid down, I positioned myself between her legs. She said hold on and started to open her legs wide and grab her feet and position her feet behind her head and did the other leg the same.

Jack said, “So you’re telling me! That cousin Deborah can put both her feet behind head and hold that position. With a big smile on my face! Yes, she can Cousin.

She said go in nice and slow, I don’t know if I can take all that dick. I said let me put some Ky jelly on it and started to enter that sweet pussy of hers. As soon as the head touched her pussy hole and started to stretch her out, she said, Dame! I can feel it stretching my pussy out, go slow and easy.

I was looking at my dick entering her pussy and how her pussy was stretching out to accommodate my girth and that my dick inched in a little at a time, I can see her face in a little pain, so I just let my dick sit in her pussy so she can get used to it. I had pulled out a little and back in a little. Every time I did that my dick went in a little more and more. She said what little you have in my pussy feels good, can’t wait for the full length of it.

I had about 5 inches in her, and just started work with that. 5 in, 5 out, I had a rhythm going and she was enjoying that. Oh’ COUSIN! keep that rhythm up it feels SO GOOD. 5 in, 5 out, 5 in, 5 out!!! She started moaning hard!!! She started squeezing her titties pulling on her nipples. She pulled her nipples stretching her titties from her body.

I felt my dick going in deeper and deeper in her pussy. She said I can feel that dick deep in me, feels like it in my stomach! Next thing I knew my balls were slapping her ass, my full length was in her working her good, I gaziantep özbek escort bayan was fucking her hard with long stroke She said I was hitting her G-SPOT AND IT FEEL AMAZING COUSIN, KEEP GOING I’M ABOUT TO CUMM, AND CUMMM HARD! She had released her legs from behind her head and wrap them around my waist as far as she can, I grab her shoulders with my hand and was pounding into her like she never been fucked. I looked at the time and it was almost 3am, Damn! When we put her mother to bed it was like 11pm. that night, so we been at this for at least 3 hours.

She was tapping me on my chest saying, she was about to CUMM any minute now and I was fucking her with all I got. Then she released her legs from around me and they were spread eagle up in the air and she SCREAMED I’M CUMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Out of nowhere She started to “SQUIRTING SO HARD IT PUSH MY DICK OUT AND SHE SQUIRTED ALL OVER MY CHEST!!!! Water sprayed everywhere, on the couch, floor and some made it on top of the coffee table that we pushed to the side. She was shaking nonstop for about 10 minutes or so. I tried to crest her, but she didn’t want to be touched at that time.

Back to reality, the reason I was able to tell Jack this story so long is because, when we all got back home from the church it was only 11am in the morning, and after Making the drinks for tonight. We put them in the cooler and Jack rolled up about 10 blunts for later. Deborah said, when she finished up in the kitchen, she was going to call some of her girlfriends and get them out the way so they don’t call later tonight while we have our small family party, and she was going to take a shower and then a nap. So that’s why she is not bothering us, and a can tell the story to Jack and it’s only 3pm now.

Back to telling Jack what happened next!

Deborah came to, she asked for a towel to dry herself off, and what had happened. Deborah! I said, I think you passed out from squirting so much! I’ve squirted, she asked. Yes, u did! On me, on the floor and some got in top of the coffee table over there. She said that she had never squirted before in her life. I said, I’ve only seen women squirting like that while watching porn. And now that I know you can do that, I Can’t wait for you to squirt again.

Deborah said, we must hurry up and straight up the Livingroom before my mother wakes up. She will kill both of us if she finds out what we did. Ok,

So, Jack, tonight! we both are going to fuck.

cousin Deborah, just follow my lead. I said, Ok! With a big smile on my face.

It around 8:30pm, and Deborah came into the Livingroom where me and jack was chilling’ smoking some weed and watching a basketball game. Deborah said, it’s about that time I’ll get the drinks ready, and you too can meet me in the kitchen and bring the playing card with you.

Jack grabs the playing card and the blunts he rolled. We all sat around the table and me and jack noticed that Deborah had on no bra, because when she moves her titties would move also, they were hitting each other and moving in different direction under her shirt. Jack looked at me and smiled, I had smiled back at jack.

What are you smiling about? Deborah said! Jack said! Can u believe we have the whole house to are self for the weekend and its only Friday. Jack! light up a blunt and pass it around cuss!, diss that good shit, that Cheech and Chong shit! Shit that makes you forget what you’re doing shit!

Robert said, “Let’s play a drinking game with the playing cards for a while. We put the whole deck in the middle of the table and we each take a turn to grab how many cards you want and the one with the lowest card must take a shot of Peachtree. Deborah said, I brought something special for tonight, Let’s use this for the shots. She goes into the fridge and pulls out a bottle of E&J VSOP! The big bottle! Me and Jack said? O’SHIIITTT!!! AT THE SAME DAME TIME!!!

Deborah said, I thought you would say that!! and started laughing. The game started, Jack said he would keep a total on how many shots we all took, it now 10:05pm we were all little tipsy form the drinking game. I had 10 shots, Jack had 10 shots, but Deborah had 12 shots and with that we had smoked 6 blunts. We all were feeling high and tipsy. Let’s all go into the Livingroom and get comfortable on the couch, Deborah said!

Robert! Take the Peachtree and orange juice mixture out of the fridge and 3 cups and bring it. with you. Ok, Debs! Deborah said debs. Where that came from, it’s short for Deborah, She said that she likes that, That’s my new nickname for now on.

We all started to enter the Livingroom when deb’s decided that she sit in the middle of the couch and us too on each ends. We had enough room just about, but our thighs were touching while sitting down, Ok I’ll pour the drinks and someone light up a blunt.

An hour into smoking and drinking and now it’s about 11:30pm now, And we couldn’t find a good movie to watch, So deb’s took the remote, Started channel surfing and stop on a channel where a man and lady were having sex.

When Deb’s leans over and reaches for her drink on the table in front of her, I look over at Jack, He looks over at me. It surprised the hell out of us both and we just smiled at each other. Man! he was fucking her hard with long strokes in the doggie position. She was taking all his dick and her titties was just swaying in all directions.

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