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Autumn Falls

Ann came in from the heat of the day, peeling off her clothes one by one, not that she had more than three pieces thereof, all told. She came to where I was sitting eating popcorn and enjoying a movie. She had only been gone for a quarter of an hour, but the heat was enough to cause her clothes to be soaked in sweat. I had no such problem, not having put on a single thread of clothing since morning. She promptly sat in my lap, kissing me hungrily. Her hand wrapped around my cock. This attack had me erect and ready within minutes. My hands squeezing her beautiful boobs, I felt my cock being stood upright so that she could impale herself on my manhood.

“Jeez, what have you been doing in the horse stalls? You’re as wet as the Nile back in our native land!”

“Heather was clambering all over the mares, his huge cock dangling to a length of nearly three foot. I could not get back soon enough to have this one!” she said. By now she had managed to swallow all but two inches of my fucking tool.

The weather here suited the nude lifestyle down to a ‘t’. We lived within a fifteen-minute drive of a nudist resort. In the four years since we had joined we had become well-established members as well as highly respected. People erroneously equate being nude with sex; nothing could be further from the truth. Allow me to digress for a moment and take you with me to the monthly Roast Evening.



We originally came from the eastern seaboard of Africa, where we were born and grew up. The fact of our parents being siblings made it certain that we knew each other almost from infancy. However our parents were not very loving between themselves. Petty rivalries grew up between Ann’s siblings and mine based on vague notions we knew nothing of as kids. What kept brother and sister (our parents) apart was never much talked about.

Whenever Ann came to visit our common grandmother, whose house was behind ours, she would stay for some days, or sometimes nearly a week. I become quite fond of my cousin so that we both enjoyed her stay with Grandmother. I now suspect that her fondness of visiting shifted at one point from the old lady. Ann probably came under the guise of being with her, but really wanted to spend time with me, although at such a tender age she may not have mastered that level of dissimulation. My father probably never picked up on his son’s fondness for his sister’s daughter. Neither did my mother. When kurtköy escort I played ‘show me yours, and I show you mine’ it was Ann’s smooth hairless pussy that I touched. We hid in a shamba amongst maize plants where she hiked up her school uniform, but did not take down her panties. She demanded that I show her mine first. So badly did I want to see her private place that I complied. She held my little doodle, exclaiming. Then she pulled down her panties and let me look at hers. The first half-lemon tits I saw with were my sweet cousin’s. But soon after this my uncle, their elder brother, influenced her mother to sell off her quarter-acre plot to go and settle in far-away Kiserian where she could find two acres for the same value. So my cousin went out of my life that way. I have no way of knowing whether my parents were given the same pitch by my uncle or what transpired. At any rate, a little later he moved away himself but we stayed on in the village.

We met at one or other family function after this, but Ann was deeply immersed in raising her three sons as a single mother. I, too had married in the meanwhile so we behaved as if we did not remember our early childhood games with each other. By now, too, grownup notions against close family liaisons had been ingrained. Thus passed two decades of our lives. I next met her son at a garage owned by another cousin, who had employed him. Much water had passed under the bridge; my marriage had come apart at the seams; I was working as IT director at an international school; and I drove a top-of-the-line Volvo. The second or third time I met my cousin once removed, I went away with snatches of memories, long dormant in my mind, struggling to come to the fore. I felt a distant desire to see my once-beloved cousin.

The next time I visited the garage I asked her son for her number, which he availed to me without hesitation. My desire to see her again had grown to a powerful drive. Thus I did not take any time in using that number. She was excited to hear from me and the drive grew yet more. A week and a half later, during school holidays, I was in Matasian with a choir I was coaching. That day we were recording a program for a local radio station. After we were done I dismissed the choir members and drove the six or so kilometres to Ann’s home. Her directions turned out to be very exact.

As soon as she saw me she came at me with her arms outstretched. I too, was ready for a hug. We clutched each other for long moments, aydıntepe escort while I rubbed her cheeks with my hand. I then pulled her a little from me so we could look into each other’s faces. Her eyes were very tender; mine may have been filled with the warmth I had been feeling for her since we talked. We clasped each other tightly again. I kissed her forehead and she drew a ragged breath and held me yet tighter. All our childhood fondness erupted, in those first few moments, into adult sex appeal.

Finally we were able to break contact and she served me a meal prepared “with you in mind”. We talked all afternoon and into the evening, as her sons’ children came back from school and came to see their much-loved grandmother. They were introduced to a grandfather they hadn’t previously known. Ann’s middle son then came home and he, too came to wish us. It made me feel really old to be addressed by a grown man as ‘uncle’! It was already dark by this time. Reluctantly we parted with promises of “every good thing is repeatable.” We both knew it would take no more than a week before we held each other in that lover’s embrace.

Over phone messages we explored our feelings. She admitted a harking back to our pre-adolescent fumblings. We agreed that though our love was technically incest, we would be destroying nothing at our advanced age. I also had kids to call me grandfather. For sure we would not dare expose what we were doing, but our attraction towards each other had become all-consuming.

“So many years ago we started something but did not know enough to bring it to completion.” I launched into the subject.

“Something deep down tells me that all men are self-seeking bastards, yet I am very curious to see whether what my spirit says about you is true.”

“Oh, and what does it backbite me to you about?”

She laughed. “Can’t you be serious even for a moment, my dear?”

“I am dead serious, darling!” It was the first time I had called her anything endearing.

“I feel your manners mark you out as a different type of man from the father of my boys, or other men who have crossed my path. You make me feel so valued. I have never felt important to a man. You are the first.”

Indeed before that week expired, I was in her house one afternoon. This time we allowed those long-buried feelings to surface. I hugged her close, kissed her forehead, while rubbing her cheeks. Her breath became short. I felt the way open to kiss her lips, which tuzla içmeler escort she opened to admit me. She hardly ever wore a bra at home so I had unfettered access to her boobs. I twirled the nipples before lifting her top to get at her naked tits.

“Oooo!” she moaned. She rubbed her groin against me, stoking the fires of lust to uncontrollable levels. I wanted her, she wanted me. Before we knew it we were on the sofa, in a mad rush to remove our clothes.

“Forbidden love. Maybe that is why its so sweet,” said I.

Her only response was to reach down, find my cock and bring it smartly to her cunt lips. Once I was past the outer lips I found my cousin was very wet for me. She was hungry for my loving. I gave her the full length, causing her to moan loudly. Without pause I gave her several long strokes, bringing myself to the brink of climax. She herself smashed into Terminal Orgasm with such speed that I was left aghast. I gave a diminuendo to my fucking as she roared her arrival. The gentle movement kept it all going while helping me to cool my fires. I wanted to give her multiple orgasms.

Without making myself any more vigorous I pushed at her cervical entrance while pulsing the stem of the cock. She was overtaken by the second orgasm right after the first one. Two or three long strokes later I pulled gently out of her, but before she could voice her question, my mouth was at her pussy. I licked her lips, and felt her hands on the sides of my head.

“What are you doing? That is dirty. Please let me wipe myself first!”

This told me that she had never been eaten and would not allow me to return if I moved my mouth from her pussy. I stiffened my neck and licked at her minora, a few lashes of the tongue.

“Ssssss…aaaah! My God, stop, stop!” But her hold on my head had loosened. I went higher up her slit and lashed her clit. I felt a seismic eruption of her body. I drove home my advantage by licking that clit faster and faster, then pulling it all into my mouth. Her body stiffened like a corpse.

“Aiiiiieeee! Sweetie, sweetie, swerrrrieee!” This orgasm was stronger than the previous ones and lasted a long time. While it spent itself I moved my mouth against her wet flesh gently. Her moans dropped in pitch and I increased my activity. She screamed again. I sucked her clit into the mouth, while the tongue kept busy on it. She came the fourth time, twisting her body violently. This time no complete word escaped her lips beyond a single long syllable. I stuck my tongue into her hole and desisted from further movement, blowing my breath against her distended lips with a farting sound. I felt her shake with silent laughter. I lay my head sideways against her thigh and allowed her to cool.

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