Other Fun with My “Gifted” Wife

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This is a continuation of my adventures with my “gifted wife”.

One of my greatest loves is to swallow my wife’s cock and make her cum. I can do this anytime she is around and often do. Rarely a morning goes by that I do not wake her up with my mouth on her cock. Many times, she makes me stop long enough for her to relieve her morning piss hard-on, and other times she’ll let me dive right in.

This morning she was in a particularly randy mood and before I could get between her legs, she straddled my chest pinning my arms under her knees. She laid her long cock across my face. I proceeded to lick the underside eliciting a soft moan from her. She slid back far enough to allow the head to enter my mouth and I hungrily slurped and sucked it. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me forward sliding more of her into my mouth.

With her help I bobbed my head as best I could. She was close and I knew I would soon get my reward. As I felt her cock begin to swell, she pulled out all but the head and began to stroke her shaft as I sucked whatever I could get my lips around.

“Oh shit!” was all she said as I felt the first shot hit the roof of my mouth.

I swallowed that and five more blasts before she pulled her shrinking member out of my mouth and got off of me.

“Let’s shower.” She says and heads towards the bathroom.

I got off the bed and followed her, my own erection leading the way. Once under the warm water we begin to soap each other up. I pay special attention to her large firm breasts that sit high on her chest. Soaping up these lovely globes is always a pleasure for both of us. Her nipples harden at my touch and beg to be chewed on.

Once she has rinsed off the soap I do just that. Taking first the left nipple and then the right stiff nipple into my mouth causes another familiar reaction. She again begins to get hard and I feel it rising and pressing against my thigh. Eventually she is fully erect and we are sword fighting, bouncing our cocks against each other. I continue to suck on her nipples and massage the rest of her breasts, while she is slowly caressing my cock. I am thrusting into her hand hoping for the release that will soon come from her expert caresses.

She pulls me closer to her and grabs both of our cocks and rubs them together, stroking them as if they were one big appendage. This is an incredibly erotic feeling and soon enough I feel my balls begin to tighten up ready for release. Sensing I am close My wife picks up the pace and within seconds I begin to shoot ropes of cum onto her cock. With my hips still bucking as I come down from my climax she continues to stroke us together until I deflate and she lets go.

“That’s quite a mess you’ve made on me Bill!” she comments.

“I know, you always make me come hard!” I respond.

“I think you should clean me up.”

Knowing she did not mean with soap. I gladly knelt down in front of her and proceed to lick all of my spunk form her engorged member. When I have cleaned it all up I begin to really get into it sucking her length into my mouth. She enjoys this for a few minutes, then pulls out of my mouth saying. “Let’s save that for later, we have some running to do and need to get going, the stores close early today.”

We finish showering and start to get dressed. My wife puts on an outfit consisting of a pair of panties and a short skirt, this outfit really won’t hide her secret if one were to look closely, but as I was to find out that was part of the plan. To finish off her ensemble, she adds a blouse with a whispy thin bra, her large nipples were clearly visible through thin material. She wanted to be looked at and with what she was wearing she would get her wish.

She grabbed her purse and keys and we headed to the garage where she decided that since it was a nice day we should take the convertible. I knew we were in for a fun day, as the main reason she bought the convertible was to indulge her exhibitionist fantasies.

She tells me to drive so she can sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Let’s go into the city, I like the mall there better than ours.”

I steer the car towards the freeway and soon we are traveling down the road at highway speeds. My wife loves to flash the truckers as we go by and I had a feeling that she would be doing just that today. Sure enough, a long line of trucks appear up ahead and she unbuttons her blouse.

“Slow down as we pass.”

As we pull alongside the truckers window I ease up, my wife turns to flash her tits we look up to see a very beautiful woman driving the truck. Not one to pass up an opportunity I kept the car on pace with the truck and the driver got a good long look. My wife did not shy away at all; in fact she began to pull on her nipples elongating them with her fingers.

The driver gave a long blast on her horn as my wife gave her show. I told you earlier that my wife wore a really short skirt, and her moving around in the seat had caused it to side up her Pendik Sınırsız Escort thighs far enough that her cock was almost visible. When she turned to sit back down it must have been too much for her thin panties because suddenly she was flapping in the breeze.

The lady trucker’s eyes grew large when she noticed this and she gave an extra blast on her horn for the added show. We are traveling down the interstate at 65mph, my wife has her tits out and is also showing her beautiful 8 inch cock to the world. I can see the lust in the trucker’s eyes, she rolls down her window and asks us to pull over at the next rest stop with her.

“No thanks!” my wife replies and tells me to speed up. Our little car easily pulls away and we leave the trucker to fantasize about what it would have been like.

My wife had never shown “herself” in public like that and I was sure she would be embarrassed; however, she was just the opposite. She was literally bouncing in her seat talking about what just happened.

She reached over and took my hand off the gear shift and placed on her swollen cock saying “feel how hard that made me!”

She was hard as a rock and since my hand was already in place I began to stroke her shaft. As I did this she leaned back in her seat and enjoyed the ride. Our exit appeared on the horizon so I stopped stroking her and focused on driving.

“I’m so close, we need to find a place so you can finish me off!”

I turned off on the exit ramp and she tucked herself back in her skirt although it would have been obvious to anyone who looked that something was different about her. The Mall is right next to the highway, but I wanted to let her stew for a while so I took the long way around to the parking garage.

I entered the garage and began the slow process looking for a spot. It was dark inside so my wife, being impatient hiked her skirt up once again and pulled her panties to the side releasing her swollen organ.

“Hurry up and park, I don’t care where, I just need to cum!” she said insistently.

Feeling that I had teased her long enough, I pulled into an open space at the end of the garage.

No sooner had I turned off the engine than she was almost standing up in her seat pointing her angry cock at my face. She sat down on the rear deck of the car and wagged her cock at me. I dove right in and swallowed her down.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” she kept repeating.

In minutes I knew I had her on the edge so I reached up and gave a tug on her big balls. That did it; she arched her back, drove the rest of the way down my throat and exploded. I nearly gagged at the force of her spunk entering my gut. I pulled my head back a bit so I could focus on just the last few inches. I continued to massage her balls as I drained the last drops from her.

“Oh wow! That was great; I haven’t cum like that since what, a couple of hours ago?” She laughed.

She had started to lie back on the car when we heard voices, so she quickly sat up and pulled her skirt down and rearranged herself so she could walk. Just as she stepped out of the car a couple of girls walked by, giggling as they looked at us.

“Do you think they saw?” I asked.

“I sure hope so!”

I raised the roof and locked the car and we headed off to do some shopping. As soon as we got in the elevator my wife reached up and wiped something off of my face, “This may be one reason they were giggling.” she said and she showed me a large dollop of come that had been on my cheek until now. Then she slid her finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped out into the mall.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Where else, shoe shopping of course.”

Another one of her favorite things to do was flash shoe sales people, men or women, just to see their reaction when they noticed something extra “down there.”

The store we ventured into specialized in the exotic, having the largest selection of FMPs around. We wandered around for a little until a young college age man walked up and asked if he could be of assistance.

“Sure, I’d like to try these on.” handing him shoes she had seen on a table.

She told him her size and sat down in a chair to wait for his return. I like to stand away where I can watch the facial expressions so I can tell her later. The salesman returned with a couple of boxes and sat down in front my wife on one of those little stools you see in shoe stores. He pulled the first pair out and proceeded slip one on her foot. As he did this he seemed to try and lift her foot a little higher than seemed necessary.

My wife and I realized together that he was trying to get her to show some crotch. She was only too happy to oblige him, as he lifted her foot; she opened her legs a little. The look on his face was priceless, he looked at her crotch, up at her face, then to her ample chest and stiff nipples and then back down to her crotch, then slowly back up to her face.

“Something wrong?” Pendik Suriyeli Escort She asked with a smirk.

“N,n,no, nothing ma’am” he responded, stuttering as he spoke.

He finally got the shoe on her foot and she stood up. It was obvious to anyone who cared to look that there was something extra under her mini-skirt. The clerk still had a dumbfounded look on his face and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her bulge.

“I’ll take them!” My wife said to the clerk snapping him back to reality.

He proceeded to box up the shoes and led her to the cash register. As she paid, I left the store and waited for her outside in the mall commons. When she finally walked up to me we both burst into laughter making comments about the clerk’s reaction.

“I need a new dress to go with my new shoes, let’s go to my favorite dress store.”

Grabbing my arm she led the way through the mall. The reason it was her favorite store had nothing to do with the merchandise they sold, but because of the dressing rooms. They were not the small closets you normally get, this store had large rooms with a full-length mirrors and a chair in the corner. I usually accompanied her inside and watched her try on different pieces of clothing.

On many occasions visits to this store ended in a sexual encounter and I had the feeling today would be no different. We were greeted by a cute little sales person as we entered the store. My wife seemed to take an instant liking to her and allowed her to show off some of the latest fashions.

My wife picked a few outfits and said she wanted to try them on. As the clerk opened the dressing room and my wife asked her if she could pick out a couple of bras and bring them back. The clerk enquired about her size and proudly my wife replied that she was a 38DD. The clerk seemed impressed as she was probably lucky to have a “B” cup.

As she left, my wife closed the door and proceeded to get out of her clothes so she could try on the new items. She had just removed her top when there was a soft knock on the door.

“I found some bras I think would look good on you.” The salesgirl said softly.

“Bring them in.” My wife replied.

As she opened the door our salesgirl stopped and stared at my wife’s large but firm breasts. Snapping out of her stare she handed over 3 bras of different colors.

“Do these have matching panties?” my wife asked.

“I’ll go see.”

This whole time she could not seem to quit staring and her chest.

“Just bring them on in when you find them.”

I noticed that my wife’s nipples were very hard; she was excited and obviously enjoying herself.

“You’re bad.” I told her.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

As soon as she hears the door latch, she lowers her skirt and underwear together; this leaves her completely naked except for her new shoes. She is hard as a rock and dripping pre-come. She steps over to the chair I am sitting in and wiggles her hips in front of me causing her cock to wag back and forth.

“Want some?”

“As soon as the salesgirl drops off the underwear she is getting I’ll gladly take care of this.” I say while grabbing her considerable erection.

Just as I have my hand is fully wrapped around her shaft, the door opens, we both turn to look and see our salesgirl stopped dead in her tracks with her mouth wide open.

“Come in and close the door honey, I don’t want everyone to see!”

As if in a trance, the girl slowly closes the door and walks forward.

“Is it real?” she slowly asks.

“100 percent all me!”

My hand is still on her cock so I spice things up a little by sliding my hand down her length.

“Ooh.” slips from the clerks lips.

Slowly I continue to jack my wife off, all the while our salesgirl is mesmerized. I look up to my wife and give her a wink, then lean forward and stick my tongue out and give her a lick. I swear the clerk licked her lips at the same time. Keeping my eyes on her I open my mouth and slowly take the bulbous head into my mouth, a moan escapes from my wife and seems to snap the clerk awake.

As I am doing this my wife asks. “What’s your name sweetheart?”

“Emily, but my friends call me Em.” She tells us, then asks. “Are you going to suck her off?”

“That’s the plan, would you like to watch? I ask.

Slowly, she walks closer while nodding her head.

“Have you ever seen one before?” my wife asks.

“I have touched my boyfriend’s penis, but it’s not near as big as yours. I didn’t think they got that big!”

When she was standing next to us she looked down and said “Can I touch it?”

“Of course you can, touch it, stroke it, play with it all you want.” My wife tells her.

Her small hand reaches out and slowly circles my wife’s engorged member. I lean back to give her more room. The clerk has small hands and they were barely able to fit around her girth. With her other hand she reaches down and slowly hefts her balls.

“You Pendik İranlı Escort are so much bigger than my boyfriend. Can I watch while you make her cum?” Em asks me.

“Sure, you can watch, you can help, you can do whatever you want.”

I slide off the chair and onto my knees in front of my wife and so does the sales girl. We are both staring at the purple stick protruding from my wife’s groin; I lean in and take the head into my mouth. Both my wife and the clerk moan quite loudly.

Slowly I work my way down the length until I have my nose buried in pubic hair.

“I can’t believe you got that all in your mouth!” Em comments.

“He’s had plenty of practice honey; he’s been sucking me off for 20 years now!”

Emily started asking question in rapid fire, “Do you come a lot?” “Does he swallow your stuff? “Do you stick it in his butt?”

I took her cock out of my mouth to answer the questions, but my wife would have none of it. She put her hands on the back of my head and pushed herself all the way in.

“I’ll tell her all about it.” She tells me. “The quantity of come is directly related to the size of the balls, as you have noticed mine are quite large, so yes I can cum a lot. He swallows everything I give him unless I am feeling extra randy and decide to shoot it all over his face.”

“I’d like to see that some time.” Em says.

“And yes I stick it up his butt, quite regularly! As a matter of fact I did it just last night,”

As I continue to deep throat my wife the clerk reaches up and fondles my wife’s hefty balls. I can sense she is close and as her balls draw up the clerk seems to realize this too. “Are you going to cum?”

“Very soon.”

“Oooh, I want to see it shoot, do it on his face like you talked about.”

My wife’s cock begins to swell and I know it will not be long before she begins to ejaculate. I slowly slide my mouth to the end leaving only the head between my lips. I flatten my tongue on the sensitive underside and she loses it, I barely get my mouth off of her as the first shot flies out and lands on my cheek. Emily, watching in awe, lets out a little shriek as she sees my wife unload her copious sperm onto my face. Three more shots land on my face before I take her back into my mouth to finish her off.

My wife is bucking her hips, still spasming from her orgasm as I continue to suck on her softening prick. One last time I swallow her to the base then slowly let her slip from my mouth. I turn to the clerk and open my mouth slightly to show her that I still have some of her spunk on my tongue, then close my mouth and swallow it down. Our young salesgirl slowly shivers in what can only be an orgasm of her own.

Her eyes were glassed over and she has that certain far away look. She finally came back to earth and said,

Emily excitedly announces “That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen, I wish I could see more!” Then added, “Let me go get you a towel, don’t do anything until I get back.” then she left.

Moments later Em returned and quickly slipped into the dressing room with a towel. I was still on my knees and my wife was just putting on the last of her clothes as she walked up to me and gently wiped the cum from my face. She handed my wife a piece of paper with her name and phone number on it saying,

“I would love to see this again and maybe even join in if you guys would let me, call me sometime if you want.”

My wife finished getting dressed while Em grabbed up our items and told us she would be waiting at the counter for us.

We paid for our items and told Emily that we would be in touch and will definitely ask for her next time we are in the store.

Grabbing our bags we head to the car. Racing home, the garage door is barely closed before we are both naked and arguing over who gets to fuck who first.

My wife finally agrees that I deserved to cum first since I have gone the longest today without an orgasm.

Flipping her short skirt up and over her ass cheeks, she bends over the hood of her car and wiggles her ass at me. Her large cock is hanging down between her legs swinging and growing as she shakes her hips.

I drop to me knees behind her and drive my tongue into her ass.

“Yes, yes, fuck yes!” she exclaims.

Pulling back I flatten my tongue and slobber all over her puckered anus.

Once I feel that she is sufficiently wet and ready, I point my erection at her dark target. I press in slowly, but she is obviously pretty horned up, so she slams herself back into me fully impaling herself on my rigid cock.

“Fuck me stud! Pound my ass like the slut I am!” she encourages.

If anything, I can follow directions pretty well. Grabbing tight to her hips I begin a rapid assault on her backdoor. I am thrusting in and out at a frantic pace, both of our heavy balls are swinging against each other almost painfully.

Her cock is now fully erect and steady leaking fluid onto the hood of the car, running off the shiny paint and pooling on the floor below. I take one hand from her hip and grab her cock using it as leverage while I fuck her.

“Your cock feels so good, keep pounding me deep.”

I cannot hold on too long and after a couple of minutes I feel the familiar tingling in my nuts signaling an impending orgasm.

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