Original Angels Ch. 40

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


It was a not so typical Friday night. Melinda had called to confirm that her sister was coming up for the weekend and we planned to get together at our home on Saturday. Sue and Candi and I had played golf earlier in the day and we decided to get together for dinner in the evening. That’s where all the fun began…

Actually our golf game had been a lot of fun too. Both Sue and Candi had worn skirts without panties and Ralph and I had negotiated a bet that involved oral sex acts as a payoff on every hole. We received teasing blowjobs after holes one and two. We were worried that if we allowed them to suck us to completion that we’d never make it through the front nine! Then when they won the third hole we had to duck down low in our golf carts and eat their pussies. It didn’t really seem so bad to lose a hole. And so it went for the entire round.

Ralph and Sandi couldn’t make it for dinner, but that was OK. I’m used to being the only guy in a crowd of women and I kind of like it that way. We took Teri and Tracy with us and we all had a good time. Our dinner conversation recounted the day on the golf course. Trish and the girls got a big kick out of it and I could tell by the looks on the faces of some of the diners near our table that they were also either being entertained or disgusted by our raucous tales and laughter. I was also enjoying watching all of the touching and flirting that was going on between all of the women at my table. I could tell that it was going to be a fun night.

When we finally finished dessert and got up to leave the restaurant I noticed everyone watching us on the way out and I was as proud as I could be to be in the presence of five hot women. On the sidewalk outside, Candi and Trish were sharing a hot passionate kiss while the tourists walked by trying not to stare. Sue and Teri and Tracy were all hugging and touching each other while I brought up the car.

The passion continued when we got home. Trish suggested that we should all sit in the Jacuzzi together. I made a pot of coffee while everyone stripped and got into the tub. By the time I got outside they were all so engrossed in their conversations and flirting, they hardly noticed me. Trish and Candi had paired off again and Tracy and Teri were mauling Sue.

I could see Trish fingering Candi’s pussy under the bubbling water. Candi was leaning back and allowing Trish to do whatever she wanted. Tracy and Teri each had one of Sue’s hard nipples in their mouths and Sue was hugging them and guiding their heads with her hands. I sat across from them all and just watched the erotic scene as it played out.

Sue was sighing and as she opened her eyes and saw me she commented. ‘You know Rob, I had forgotten how erotic sex can be with teenagers. My friend visited me last year and her daughter stayed with me for a few days while her mom attended a conference in Flagstaff. Those days and nights with Kay were so much fun, and I had almost forgotten about them. Would you mind if I spent the night here tonight? I think Teri and Tracy and I need to have a night together.’

I nodded my head and started to answer when Trish interrupted me. ‘I was just thinking that it would be nice if Candi could stay here too. Rob, you wouldn’t mind sharing our bed with Candi, would you?’

What could I say? The thought of having both Trish and Candi in my bed was very exciting. Their identical clit rings and their obvious attraction to each other was more than enough reason to say ‘Hell yes! I mean yes, I think it’s a great idea!’

‘Good.’ Said Trish, ‘Let’s go to bed right now. I want to kiss and suck on Candi all night.’

Sue tapped the girls lightly and said, ‘C’mon you two. Let’s get dried off and get down to some serious lovemaking. I think there’s a few things we can all learn from each other.’

Teri let go of her lip lock on Sue’s nipple. She looked up and asked, ‘Sue do you like to be fucked with a strap on?’

Sue looked slightly startled by Teri’s question but then replied, ‘Oh yeah! Will you do that to me tonight?’

Teri’s eyes brightened. ‘Oh yes! I love doing it! I’ll make you cum so hard! You’ll be begging for more!’

Again Sue looked slightly startled by Teri’s bluntness, but then she realized that this was no ordinary teenager. Tracy looked up at her and smiled. ‘C’mon Sue, I want to make love to you too. You have such a hot body and I love the way you touch me.’

We all got up out of the water and toweled off as we made our way toward the house. Inside the door we all exchanged kisses goodnight and then headed off to our respective bedrooms. In our room Trish and Candi still couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I pulled the covers down on the bed and they just fell on the mattress, embracing and kissing each other passionately. I tried to figure out how I could join in, but they were so involved and tangled up with each other I decided it would be best to just watch for a while. I found myself stroking fixbet my cock as it stiffened with the ongoing show.

I was resigned to just stand there and observe when Candi looked up and spotted me slowly masturbating.

‘Oh God! We’ve left you out of the fun!’ she cried. ”Rob, don’t just stand there. Stick that thing in me! I want to feel you both making me cum.’

She was lying on top of Trish and they were grinding their pussies together as they kissed and bit each other. I could see that they were both very wet and that I would have no trouble slipping inside either of them. I went for Candi first. I knelt between her legs and leaned down to lick her wet asshole. She pushed her butt back into my face and I jabbed my tongue into her tight brown hole. She tasted sweet with just a hint of the chlorine from the spa. Then I stood up on my knees and placed my cock at the entrance to her hot wet pussy. When she felt it there she pushed back and I sunk it deep inside. I fell forward and started to pump her.

‘Oh yeah!’ she said as she arched he back. ‘Oh yeah Trish! Bite my nipple! Umm, yeah, that feels so good!’

It only took a couple of minutes and I unloaded into Candi’s pussy. Trish had it timed just right too, and Candi was cumming like a wild woman. Her cries were unintelligible, but the meaning was clear. She was experiencing a fantastic orgasm.

When I finished I rolled off of them and Trish rolled Candi onto her side. Then she crawled down and put her face between Candi’s legs. She started to lick my cum as it oozed out of her lover. I could see her nibbling and playing with Candi’s clit ring too. I tried to take note since I’m sure that she was using the technique that she enjoys most.

I volunteered to go and get some coffee.

‘I’ll take a glass of ice water.’ Candi said as she allowed Trish to continue eating her cum filled pussy.

I walked out to the kitchen. The house was almost quiet. I could hear sounds coming from Tracy’s room and I just had to investigate. As I walked down the hall the sounds got louder and I could tell that I was hearing Sue moaning and I imagined that I knew why. My thought was confirmed when I peeked in. Sue was on her back and Teri was between her legs wearing her favorite sex toy. She was pounding the strap on dildo into Sue’s hot pussy. And Sue was loving it but her sighs of lustful pleasure were muffled slightly since Tracy was sitting on her face.

I stood watching for over a minute before Teri looked up and saw me. She rolled her eyes and tipped her head signaling me to come in and join them. I stepped in the room and admired the tangled bodies on Tracy’s bed. Teri held out her hand and as I stepped closer she wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me to her. Then she leaned over and took it in her mouth. She slowed her pace on Sue for a moment and then picked it up again while she pumped me with her mouth. Tracy was watching us, and the grin on her face told me that she loved the group sex with her sister and Sue and me.

From beneath Tracy we heard Sue crying, ‘Oh yes! Teri! Oh God, I’m cumming!’

Teri dropped my cock and returned to her focus on Sue’s orgasm. Tracy reached for me and I knelt on the bed to get closer to her. She put my dick in her mouth and started sucking. She leaned forward enough that she was no longer grinding her gash on Sue’s face.

Now Sue’s cries were loud and clear. ‘Oh God Teri! Yes! Ohhhhh! Ahhh! Oh yes!’

Hearing Sue expressing her delight with Teri and her toy was too much for me and I erupted into Tracy’s mouth. She swallowed it all.

‘Oh yeah Tracy. God you’re good!’ I held her face in my hand until I had shot my last drop down her gullet.

When she released me I collapsed on the bed next to Sue. Tracy dismounted her and laid down beside us. Teri pulled out and crawled up on top of me.

Sue looked at me and smiled. ‘Jesus Rob, these two are wild animals! Who taught them how to fuck like this?’

I thought for a moment before I responded. ‘I think it’s a natural talent that they inherited from their mother.’

‘God they’re unbelievable! Do you guys make love like this every night? Or is this a special kind of thing?’

Tracy answered with such a beautiful reply. ‘Making love and enjoying sex with Rob and Mom is always special, whether we do it every day or just once a week. But Mom and Rob have helped us to learn and understand how to please each other. A lot of my friends at school are sneaking around and having sex in their cars and stuff, because they have to keep it a secret from their parents. We don’t have to hide, and there’s no guilt in what we do. It’s just another way of showing how much we love and trust each other.’

‘Tracy, you and Teri are the most mature and incredible teenagers I’ve ever known. And you are a credit to your parents. Rob, you and Trish should be very proud of these two young ladies. And I know you are.’

I just smiled and took it all in, knowing that she was fixbet giriş right.

‘Speaking of your mom,’ I said, ‘I better get back. I promised that I’d bring some coffee for those two lovebirds. They might have given up and started round two without me!’

Sue laughed. ‘You guys are too much! Do you mind if I just stay here and kiss and nibble on these two hot babes?’

I kissed them all. ‘Have a good night. Wanna go out for breakfast in the morning?’

Teri and Tracy nodded. Sue chuckled as she said, ‘Fine with me if I can still walk by then!’

I got up and walked back into the kitchen. I fixed a tray with two cups of coffee and a glass of ice water. In the bedroom I found Trish and Candi relaxing in each other’s arms, talking and giggling like two schoolgirls.

‘So did you get a little sidetracked in the kitchen?’ Trish teased.

‘No.’ I replied. ‘I heard some strange sounds on the other side of the house and figured I better investigate.’

‘Anything we need to be afraid of?’ Joked Candi.

‘No. Not unless you have a fear of teenagers wearing strap-on penises.’

Both girls laughed. Now it was Candi’s turn express her amazement at our family dynamics.

‘Trish do you mean to tell me that your daughter is in there screwing my friend Sue while we’re in here fucking with Rob?’

‘Well I could tell you that, or you could go and see for yourself. But if Rob says that’s what’s happening, then it probably is.’

‘Oh, by the way,’ I added, ‘I asked them if they want to go out for breakfast in the morning. Teri and Tracy said yes, of course, and Sue said it was OK as long as she can still walk.’

We all laughed and Trish patted the bed beside her. ‘Come here.’ She said, ‘I think we need to work up our appetites!’

I got on the bed between the two women and allowed them to cover me with kisses while I wrapped my arms around them. I fucked them both again before I collapsed from shear exhaustion and either fainted or just fell asleep. Whichever it was, I don’t recall. The sun was coming up when I opened my eyes again. I glanced over and saw Candi lying on my right. Her breasts were softly rising and falling with her breathing. Her belly is flat like Trish’s and actually appears sunken when she lies on her back. Her mons was slightly elevated and with her knees bent, her legs were partially open. She looked so peaceful and vulnerable. I felt my morning stiffy stirring. Then I felt Trish’s hand grasping it. I turned my head to see her open eyes.

‘She looks sexy, doesn’t she?’ Trish asked.


‘Does she turn you on?’

‘Of course. Does she turn you on too?’

Trish grinned. ‘Yeah, she’s really hot. We just kind of connect. She knows just where to touch me.’

I looked at her questioningly. Was she saying Candi turned her on more than me? Trish realized what I was thinking.

‘Almost as good as you do.’ She added.

I felt my smile returning. Then I felt Trish squeezing my dick with a little more passion. Then without saying anything else she mounted me and stuffed my cock into her pussy. She leaned down and we kissed while she fucked me slowly.

The only sounds were our moans and the sucking sound of my penis in her wet vagina. But it was enough to wake Candi. I thought I felt her moving beside me but my suspicion was confirmed when she joined our kiss. I reached my arm out and she curled into it. My hand fell on her ass and I gently stroked it. Her skin was smooth and warm as was her mouth and her kiss. Trish’s rocking got me worked up and I told her I was going to cum. I let go and felt the warm rush as my sperm filled Trish’s tunnel.

We continued our three-way kiss while Trish gently rocked back and forth on my happy tool. Suddenly Candi broke away. Something had startled her. She turned her head to see Sue kneeling between her legs and smiling up at her as she licked her warm pussy. Trish and I looked and saw Teri and Tracy standing at the foot of the bed as well.

We all began to shift our positions. It started with Candi rolling over onto her back to allow Sue easier access. Then Tracy knelt between my legs and pulled my cock out of her mother’s pussy. She put it in her mouth and licked my cum that was still oozing from the tip. Trish rolled off of me and Teri assumed the same position that Sue had on Candi so that she could eat her mother’s freshly fucked cunt. The excitement of watching all of the lesbian sex beside me kept me hard and Tracy had plenty of my cock to suck on. Sue and Teri proved to be experts at satisfying their partners and as we all heard Trish and Candi sighing and crying on the edge of their orgasms, I started to cum again in Tracy’s mouth.

‘Oh God Tracy! I’m cumming!’

‘Oh yeah baby.’ Trish moaned. ‘Oh Teri that feels so good!’

‘Mmm’ I heard Candi, ‘Oh yeah Sue! Oh yes! Yes!’

The feeling was incredible and enhanced by the sounds of us all cumming at the same time. The bed was crowded, but we all cuddled together as we enjoyed the afterglow of our morning orgy. We all lay quietly for a few moments. Finally Trish broke the silence.

‘I think I need to take a shower. Anyone care to join me?’

‘Mmm, yeah.’ I said. ‘I think we all need to do that.’

‘Me too.’ Candi added.

Sue looked at Tracy and Teri. She smiled and winked at them as she said, ‘I guess we have to wait for the second shift.’

Slowly we all rolled out of bed. Tracy volunteered to make a pot of coffee. Sue went with her as the rest of us headed for the shower. Teri opened the linen closet and took out six fresh towels while Trish turned on the water. Candi followed her into the stall and I joined them a moment later. We were busy lathering each other. Trish commented that I was in need of a shave. I agreed and stepped back from the spray to allow her to spread lather all over my cock and balls. Candi watched closely as Trish expertly removed all of the stubble from my pubic area.

When she had finished Candi put her hand on me and felt the smoothness. ‘Wow Trish, you really did that well. Will you do me too?’

Trish smiled and licked her lips. ‘Oh yeah, come closer baby.’

She pulled Candi close to her and they kissed. Then she pushed her away and sat her down on the seat in the shower. Candi opened her legs and Trish knelt down to apply the lather. She carefully shaved her entire vaginal area and then rinsed it clean. Then she stood up and quickly shaved herself. Candi and I were busy fingering each other and kissing as the water fell over our naked bodies.

As we stepped out of the shower Teri was there to hand us each a towel. We began to dry ourselves off and Tracy reappeared with Sue and a tray with a pot of coffee and six mugs. They poured for us all and then as Teri turned on the water again, they all got in the shower for round two.

I was standing at my sink shaving and watching the three in the shower in the mirror as they washed and poked and probed each other. It was rather stimulating to observe and as I finished rinsing my face, I realized that my cock was beginning to stiffen again. I wasn’t the only one to notice it either. While Trish was standing and drying her hair, Candi came over and fondled my package.

‘You just seem to keep coming back for more.’ She said as she kissed and licked my ear.

I stood there allowing her to slowly pump my cock in her fist. Then she let go and came around and faced me as she hoisted herself up onto the marble vanity top. She opened her legs and used her fingers to spread her lips apart, exposing the inner pink hole of her freshly shaved vagina.

‘C’mon honey, ‘she said, ‘fill me with that hot rod!

I complied and stood close to her as I stuffed my shaft up into her hole. Trish had put down the hair dryer and stood watching. I heard the shower water being turned off and saw the others stepping out of the stall. For a moment I was fearful that I might go soft while we were the center of so much attention. But my fears were soon gone as I was bathed in the velvety softness of Candi’s inner cavern. That together with her hard body writhing in my hands and her sexy voice egging me on.

‘Oh yeah baby. Mmm you feel so good inside me. Oh yeah, pull on my ring.’

I pinched her clit ring between my thumb and finger and tugged on it gently. She moved even closer and wiggled her ass on the countertop.

Trish came over and put her hand on my shoulder encouraging me more. I heard Teri commenting. ‘Mom, Rob sure knows a lot of different ways to fuck, doesn’t he? Do you like watching him like this?’

‘Yes I do honey. He’s so handsome and sexy. He’s fun to watch isn’t he?’

Tracy had moved over behind me with Sue close by her side. She took a bottle of moisturizer from my cabinet and put some on her hands. I heard her whisper to Sue. ‘Watch this. I know how to make him cum like crazy.’

I felt her hand between my legs and then her finger began to probe my ass. I knew what was coming and I carefully spread my legs to allow her access. She has a magic touch and she pushed her finger deep into my butt. She rocked with me as I continued to pump my cock into Candi.

I was enjoying all of the attention and the sounds and the feelings and Candi was urging me the most, letting me know that she was close to cumming. Hearing that, Tracy began to rotate her finger inside my ass and I lost it.

‘Oh God! Oh yeah Tracy! Oh Candi, I’m gonna cum.’

‘Yeah baby, shoot it in me. Oh yes! Pull on my ring! Mmm…’

I felt the throbbing of my orgasm. I doubted that it was very potent, considering that I had already cum twice this morning. But the feeling was still strong and I kept up my pumping as long as I could. When I could no longer do it I let go of her clit ring and grabbed the vanity top to keep myself from falling. Suddenly my legs were weak and I pulled out of Candi’s cunt. She was still cumming and Trish grabbed her clit and massaged it until her orgasm subsided. Tracy slowly withdrew her finger from my ass.

Sue was the first to speak. ‘You guys are the most incredible family I’ve ever known! You should write a book about your life. It would be a best seller.’

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