Onesie is the Loneliest Number

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I guess it was my fault. My parent’s divorce after thirty years of a seemingly happy marriage; all stemming from what was an innocent birthday present and a series of events. But I’m jumping the gun; let me start from the start.

Only a week prior to my mother’s 50th birthday I was wandering (as per usual, alone) a local shopping mall in a search for an appropriate present. Not my ideal Saturday morning activities, there was at least some excitement as I ventured into the womenswear section of the department store and witnessed what looked like the apprehension of a middle aged shoplifter. A young security guard leading the offending woman away quickly.

“She was stealing,” a female voice startled me from behind and I turned to see an attractive sales assistant shelving bras.

“Oh, they’re never what you think they’ll look like,” I remarked and the girl smiled.

“No, which is why I’ve got my eye on you,” she flirted and it was then I who grinned.

“I promise, I’m not stealing women’s underwear,” I far too quickly responded and felt myself blush at the possible creepiness of the comment.

She didn’t seem to mind and even proffered a laugh which heartened me.

“But seriously, can I help you with anything?” She offered.

“Maybe. I need a present for my Mom,” I admitted. We were standing essentially in the middle of the lingerie department and the girl looked around with an almost startled look on her face. “I mean NOT lingerie; pajamas or something?” I quickly added.

“Oh, of course,” she acknowledged and gestured to follow her. “Maybe something like this?” She ran her hand down the white satin of a teddy and I grimaced looking at the short length, the lace around the bust.

“Yeah, for my mom though?” I questioned and the girl laughed.

“Mmm, maybe you’re right. Well winter is approaching, what about something a little warmer?”

She led me to a section with more appropriate sleepwear for a son buying for his mother. Long nightdresses, flannel pajamas, dressing gowns and although thankfully less sexy, they were also pretty boring.

Obviously noting my lack of enthusiasm she gestured toward a rack of onesies. “We just got these in,” she explained, holding out the arm of a pink one and prompting me to touch. “Don’t they feel nice? And they’re super cute. I’m sure your mom would love it!”

It was true, the material was alluring to the touch and as my finger accidentally brushed hers I felt a spark of attraction; letting go I had to admit I was getting pretty aroused.

“My boyfriend bought me a similar one last year, they’re so warm!” She immediately deflated my aspirations of a romantic tryst. But I agreed that it would be a suitable fit for my mother and asked if one could be wrapped; choosing the pink. A supplemental gift of some perfume rounded my spend up to $150 and although a little more than I usually spent on a present for Mom, I figured she was worth it! I unfortunately left the store alone.


I made it home around midday and secreted my purchases away in my room before heading to the kitchen to make lunch. Dad was in the process of making a list in preparation of Mom’s birthday get together, extra food and alcohol with my sister and her family making the trek down from the North of the state.

“I’m just doing the numbers for next Saturday Jake,” Dad stated. “Are you bringing anyone?”

I thought of the girl at the department store as I slumped down at the kitchen table with my sandwich.

“Ugh, no I don’t think so,” I miserably responded and out of the blue received a kiss upon my cheek from behind.

“Don’t worry Sweetheart,” Mom cheered as she rounded the table and headed for the fridge. “You’ll find someone soon. It’ll happen when you least expect it!”

Now I wasn’t one to openly perve on women. Let me just state that outright. And certainly not the women in my family. But I had to admit as I watched Mom walk from the dining table across our large kitchen, my eyes were openly glued to her ass. Was it what she wore? Possibly. Obviously returning from her regular post-lunch walk, she was in her exercise gear but not the clothing she usually donned.

Mom for the past year had been doing a lot to lose weight. Regular exercising; a gym membership and healthy eating, to a point where Dad and I had essentially by default been forced to become vegetarians. But I was used to seeing her in her baggy sweat pants and loose t-shirts. Whether she had just desired a change or felt her body had reached a state where she was comfortable showing it off, I didn’t know, but the difference was stark.

A blue tank top sat above orange leggings so tight they seemed painted on. Clasping her still sizeable rear, the material vanished into the crack between her buttocks, a dark crevice a fingertip would easily disappear into if ran along. Or a cock? I allowed my mind to envisage, immediately scolding myself for contemplating. Bending forward to retrieve a water bottle from a lower shelf, I watched fixbet as the lump of pussy appeared between her slightly spread thighs, unable to tear my eyes away from the sight though fully aware it was my mom I was ogling.

“You still drink bourbon?” Dad asked and startled I wrenched my gaze from her, looking at Dad as he in turn tracked where my own eyes had been fixed. I felt my face redden as he looked back at me from where Mom was turning from the fridge. I struggled to swallow my mouthful as I figured he’d discovered I’d been looking at Mom’s ass.

“See something in there we need?” He followed up, seemingly oblivious of what in fact I’d been staring at.

“What? Ah, no. Bourbon? Yeah,” I managed to change the focus and nodding he went back to his list.

“I don’t know how you drink that smelly stuff,” Mom contributed. “You know it’s full of sugar.”

Her speaking allowed me to look directly at her again, the front of her ensemble as tantalising as the rear. Lifting the water bottle to her mouth she took a long draught, spilling a dribble down her chin in the process. “Oh goodness,” she complained as her hand rose to wipe the trickle from her breast.

The action was innocent. Mere seconds before I’d not have paid any attention, but dressed in her obviously newly purchased attire, I was mesmerised. Her hand almost seductively (to my eyes) swept across one breast, her fingers pressing hard against her fitted top and the bra beneath. Were her boobs bigger? Was it just the overall loss of weight that accentuated them? I managed to answer her queries with something like, ‘I enjoy the taste’ and her attention went back upon my father.

It was a blessing, allowing me to surreptitiously examine the remainder of her body. Yes, my mother’s body. A gap of skin between her leggings and sports top. Pale flesh, previously unexposed to the ending summer sun. Next year would she be so hesitant to reveal her body now that she’d come so far? Further down I scanned and there it was. The mound of Venus. Twenty two years living under the same roof and never had I surveyed that particular landscape. The pronounced bulge of a pussy. My mother’s pussy. The triangle formed at her groin having a Bermuda-like ability to draw my eyes, lose myself in its beauty.

“You’ll be having gin I suppose Jude,” Dad muttered to my mother.

“Ooh yes please,” Mom agreed, placing down her bottle and using an elastic spun around her wrist to tie her hair back in a pony tail. She was beautiful! A small damp patch of sweat on her top below her shaved armpit only making her more endearing. I wondered how she smelled; how she tasted?

“Jake!” My father banged the surface of the table and I snapped out of my delusion. “For the second time, do you want Coke?”

They were both looking at me and I again felt myself blush. “Um yeah, that’d be good,” I managed to mumble and Mom smiled before I buried my face in my sandwich.

“So do we invite the neighbors?” Dad grumbled, clearly not in favour. “I say no, but this house is a democracy, so?”

“And I vote yes,” Mom contradicted. “So It’s up to you Jake.”

I rose my eyes again up my mother’s body, then her lips, her rosy cheeks and searching eyes.

“Ah, yes. I guess,” siding with my mother. “Um, I’m just gonna go to my room to finish this,” I excused myself, lifting my plate and trying to extract myself from their (her) presence as quickly as possible.

“What’s gotten into him?” I heard Dad ask my mother and risking one look back I unfortunately found her eyes following my retreat, a bemused expression on her face.

Did she know? Was she aware I’d been admiring her body? My life would be over!

It wasn’t until I reached my room that I became aware of my erection. My sweat pants did nothing to hide it; a tower of (dare I say it?) considerable size, jutting from the grey cotton/polyester blend at my groin.

“Your mother! Seriously?” I challenged myself in the reflection of my mirror before setting my plate down on my desk and slumping into the chair. “God, I need a girlfriend!” I mocked myself before relenting and lowering the front of my pants.

I’d barely managed a number of strokes before the gentlest knock on the door as it swung open.

A blur of blue and orange in the corner of my eye as I spun in my seat, frantically attempting to cover my erection with my t-shirt as Mom took half a step inside my room.

“Ooh, what are you doing?” She had the nerve to ask.

“What? Nothing! Mom, you can’t knock?” I stalled and diverted.

“I did,” she defended as I ridiculously lifted my sandwich to my mouth in a casual attempt to make it seem I hadn’t indeed been masturbating. Even from my peripheral vision I could feel her eyes lift from the still exposed area of skin on my hip, my tightly held t-shirt providing only limited coverage.

“Your father wants to know if you want hamburgers or hotdogs?” She continued.

I managed to finish my mouthful and with my cock too fixbet giriş slowly losing its rigidity, I swung around in the chair to face her. Front on, it at least wasn’t as obvious my pants were half off, my burning face though surely giving the game away. We both knew what I’d been doing but to her credit, apart from her initial question, she was handling it rather well. I however wasn’t so professional.

She’d taken her half step back. Leaning against the doorframe for support or was it to frame her beauty? For that’s how she looked. Beautiful. Just gazing on my mother in her tighter than tight active wear had my cock again rising, the arm holding my shirt in place surreptitiously creeping across to shield the swelling.

“I don’t mind, it’s your party,” I answered. “You decide.”

There was a moment of silence between us, Mom shifting her weight onto the other leg which accentuated her hip. She focussed on the doorframe for a second where her hand lay, caressing the wood before turning back to me.

“Maybe I’ll be naughty for once and have a big hot dog,” she mischievously smiled. “It is my birthday, what do you think?”

Was she toying with me? Was it flirting, innocent or otherwise? My interaction with the girl in the department store had proven to me I was useless at interpreting signals, and this was my mother! There was no way. But was that a hint of a blush that colored her cheeks?

“I think you should get whatever you want on your birthday,” I reasoned, risking a scan of her body from her Skechers up her tights and over the mound of pussy, the twin mounds of breast, to rest on her gorgeous face.

“Then a hot dog it is!” She laughed as she reached out for the door, turning to leave the room.

I relaxed and checked out her ass a second time right as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Don’t get it on your sandwich!” She blatantly stated as the door closed behind her and she was gone.

My mouth dried up instantly. I thought I’d been blushing before, it was nothing like I did then. I looked down at my t-shirt and my erection was clearly pressing through the material and to my horror, a wet patch of pre-cum had soaked through. I was aghast. She knew. She knew everything. That I’d been masturbating. That I was still hard whilst we talked. Did she know the reason I was in such a state? That it had been her. Was she playing on it with the hot dog references? Had Dad even prompted her to come and ask me to begin with?

I wrenched my t-shirt over my head and walked in front of the mirror, my pants dropping below my erection. And was I erect! So hard, the term ‘rock’ came to mind. I took myself in hand and stroked my length. ‘Don’t get it on your sandwich!’ She’d said. My mother was talking about my cum! Was this normal in families and I was just misreading? It didn’t seem that way. Something entirely weird and extremely exciting had just happened, and as I came into my other hand I closed my eyes and pictured her standing before me. And it was glorious.


Sheepish. Is how I’d describe our relationship over the next few days. Nothing out of the ordinary occurring but a general feeling of uncertainty between us. A palpable awkwardness. I don’t deny I took every opportunity to admire her beauty, I could describe every item of clothing she wore for a five day stretch, and that extended to her underwear.

I felt a great shame the first time I did it. Seeing her panties on the top of the laundry hamper and lifting them in my hands. In the past I’d mocked those that engaged in such behaviour, raising the delicate material to my face and inhaling the gusset. But in my own circumstance it seemed totally justified. I was honouring her. Praying to an idol as I breathed in her scent, the dampness against my lips and on two occasions, still warm. I felt them a gift; from mother to son. That she’d left them there for me alone. And was it possible she had? Always on top. Separated from the rest of her clothing. I’d never noticed them prior to that week, or was it because I’d never looked? For them; at her?


It had been a couple of months since my older sister Hannah and her family had visited and it was nice to see them again. Especially my niece and nephew who were growing exponentially.

“No girlfriend yet? Aren’t you lonely?” Hannah ribbed me over the loud music as she offered me one of her beers.

“Oh leave him alone Hannah,” Mom quickly defended me. “Your baby brother could get any girl he wanted, he just chooses to stay at home with his mother. Isn’t that right Darling?” She stated as her hand squeezed my thigh above the knee.

It was such a strange moment. Any other time in my life Mom’s joke would’ve brushed by me without thought. With the altercation in my bedroom a week previous however, the physical contact combined with the suggestive comment had me blushing like a schoolgirl. I’d already had a fair bit to drink and feeling emboldened, played along with the two women in my life.

“Actually Hannah, I’m kinda seeing someone,” I lied catching them both off guard and seeing surprise in especially my mother’s face. “Yeah it’s not really official just yet and she’s a little older than me but things are looking good.”

Dad interrupted our conversation, coming out of the house with an armful of collected presents and Mom unfortunately removed her hand from my leg, I, immediately wondering if the two were related.

“Presents before we eat, what do you say Judith?” Dad asked my mother and the few other family members and a couple of invited neighbors also present gathered around.

“We’ll talk about this mystery woman later,” Mom took the time to whisper to me before she answered my father with an emphatic ‘yes!’


“Oh that’s another one from me,” I admitted, having forgotten to label my gifts as Mom squeezed the wrapping of her pajamas. The presence of the kiss she’d given me on receiving her perfume still lingered on my cheek as I watched her unwrap the parcel.

“Oh it’s, it’s,” she struggled to work out what she was pulling out of the wrapping before she had the onesie out entirely. “Oh it’s a…what is it?” She asked, her brow furrowing.

It wasn’t the reaction I’d been hoping for and I immediately realized I wouldn’t win the ‘best present’ award. (‘Worst’ was sewn up by Dad who actually seemed despondent when Mom wasn’t enthused by the iron and matching board. Yes, seriously.)

“Oh God Mom,” my sister intervened. “It’s a onesie, you sleep in it. They’re actually really comfy.”

I smiled at Hannah in thanks who rolled her eyes at our Mother’s ignorance as Mom turned the item of clothing over in her hands.

“Oh it’s got one of those flappy things on the bottom!” Mom pushed her hand through the buttoned flap on the seat of the onesie. “Someone will have to assist me when I go to the toilet!” She laughed and those assembled joined her.

Not me, I was now picturing her wearing it. All week I’d regretted buying the onesie, thinking I should’ve bought her something sexy, on occasion contemplating returning it. I was glad I hadn’t. My focus at the time more on the sales assistant than the onesie, little did I know how alluring the purchase would turn out to be.

“I’m just joking Honey,” Mom leaned in and again kissed my cheek, her lips cool, her breath warm with a hint of gin. “I love it. I’ll wear it to bed tonight!”

My cock swelled.


The party went late, my sister and the kids staying with her husband’s family, leaving around midnight with the other guests. Dad attempted a drunken clean-up but seemed to be doing more harm than good and after a few minutes, Mom dragged him to bed along with her. I sat outside for a long while nursing my bourbon and coke, looking at the stars and contemplating life which just left me feeling depressed. What had I been thinking was going to happen? Mom and I would fuck? I actually laughed out loud at how preposterous was the proposition. You need a girlfriend Jake, I told myself as I thought of my sister’s family, Mom and Dad probably already asleep beside each other. I raised my glass to the moon and downed the last of the alcohol before picking myself up and heading inside for bed.

Tossing, turning. It was no good, sleep wouldn’t come. Giving it another twenty minutes, I conceded and headed back to the scene of the party in only boxer shorts and a t-shirt to at least do something productive and tidy up a little outside. On my second return to the kitchen with a handful of paper plates, Mom entered from the hallway.

I’d never seen a woman look as cute. She was wearing the onesie, the attached hood up over her head and a broad smile on her face.

“I was wondering where you were, I went to your room to show you,” Mom held out her arms to signify the onesie. “I love it Jake, it’s so warm!”

I scanned her body from top to toe and back, the pajamas seemingly a perfect fit for her shape. She’d left the few buttons on the front undone which revealed a large amount of her chest and it was obvious she wore nothing underneath. Did that extend to her panties, I wondered?

“I’m glad you like it,” I smiled, remaining cool. “I thought you’d be asleep.”

“Your father is. But I remembered I need to hear about this mystery woman!” Mom remarked, alluding to my lie earlier in the night I’d forgotten about telling.

“Oh,” I fidgeted and turned my face from her enquiring eyes. “Yeah I kinda lied. Just to get Hannah off my back,” I explained.

“Hmm, okay,” Mom acknowledged but fixed me with a sceptical look when I again caught her gaze.

I went to the sink and poured myself a glass of water, offering Mom one in the process to which she declined.

“Oh no thank you Darling, I’ll be up all night,” she detailed. “Actually that’s something you can help me with.”

I choked on the last mouthful of water.


In explanation she turned her bottom towards me, presenting the buttoned up flap on her rear.

“Remember I said I’d need help going to the toilet?” She coyly stated. “Would you?”

My heart began beating rapidly and I did my best to remain calm on the exterior, like it was just a normal thing.

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